10 Best WooCommerce Themes for 2020 [Most are FREE]

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Best WooCommerce Themes and Templates

Do you ever wonder what the best WooCommerce themes for 2020 are? Perhaps you’ve been wondering about taking your business online, but don’t know where to begin? Well, we at SiteSaga have compiled a list of what we believe to be the best WooCommerce themes!

In this list, you’ll get an overview of each theme, including all of the theme’s features. You’ll also get to know if this particular theme will suit your online store. Best of all, many of the themes listed here are free!

So what are we waiting for?

How to Choose the Best WooCommerce Theme?

Of course, not everyone is going to be satisfied with the same thing. Different people and companies have different needs. Thats why, before picking a theme, you should think carefully about the following things:

1. Ease of use

If you’re a real beginner when it comes to web design and coding, then this will be important for you. Not all WooCommerce themes are equally easy to use, as usually if a theme has a lot of features, it’s gonna be harder to use. You’ll have to strike a balance between the features you want, and how many you can actually handle.

2. Specific features

One of the most important things to look out for are specific features. Some themes are created with a certain business in mind, whether it be clothes, or books, or anything else. 

So of course, your website building experience will be a lot better if you use a theme made with your business in mind.

3. Size and speed

If you want a really fast loading website, then you’ll have to opt for a theme that takes really low storage space. For example, if you want an emergency website, or something that someone might need to access on a short notice.

4. Pricing

Like we said, most of the themes listed here are free! But usually, these aren’t as feature rich, or as intuitive as paid themes. Thats why, if you want a really flashy website, you might have to shell out a few bucks. 

5. Support

If you’re a beginner, you might need some help getting the theme up and running, and to use its features. That’s why many paid themes offer you support, in case you need it. You can call, and they’ll answer all of your queries. This is usually not available on free themes.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get right into our list!

10 Best WooCommerce Themes for 2020:

1. Flatsome

Flatsome WooCommerce Theme
– Flatsome

It is a very beginner-oriented theme, allowing for newbies to create amazing online stores. With an intuitive design, and easy to learn interface, it’s no wonder that Flatsome is popular.

 It’s a multipurpose theme too, so you don’t necessarily have to use it for an online store. It works well for anything from blogs to company sites. It does, however, have excellent WooCommerce integration, which puts it on our list as a top contender.

Main Features:

  1. Front end editor, which allows you to edit your website without having to look at any code.
  2. Drag and drop page builder allows you to easily create a webpage from scratch.
  3. 6 months of free support on purchase.
  4. If you use two or more elements over and over, you can combine them into a block, for easy access.
  5. Works quite well and good speed optimization.
  6. Built-in slider, so you don’t need any plugins.

Bottom line: This theme is really good starting point for beginners who don’t really need any niche features.

Price: $59.00/ year.

2. Porto

Proto WooCommerce Theme
– Proto

Proto is one of multipurpose themes that’s built with WooCommerce in mind. It boasts many features that can help anyone set up the eCommerce store they’ve wanted.

Porto also comes with full Elementor compatibility, which is an added bonus for building your website. Porto has an easy to learn and responsive design, which is probably why it works great for beginners and professionals alike. It also has a very large number of customization options.

Main Features:

  1. Large library of templates and layouts for almost any need.
  2. Work on any device, from computer to smartphone.
  3. Offers you the option to create multiple online stores with ease.
  4. Proper optimization for performance and speed.
  5. Has a lot of ready-made demos and layouts available.

Bottom line: This theme is a very versatile theme and compatible with any sort of website and eCommerce.


3. Storefront

Storefront WooCommerce Theme
– Storefront

As the name implies, this theme is all about making an online store. Not many blog features, or company website features. This theme has everything you need to give your customers immersive online shopping experience.

It offers many customization options, specialized for an online store. All of the features are very responsive.

Main Features:

  1. It has endless customization options, so you can make your website match your brand’s color scheme.
  2. It has a clean, straightforward design for ease of use.
  3. The storefront has templates and demos available even for the most niche businesses and products.
  4. It has options for you to access the code and alter it yourself.
  5. It works well on almost any kind of device.

Bottom line: Storefront is a straightforward and one of the best themes for WooCommerce. Therefore, it’s good for dedicated people, who have a bit of technical knowledge.

Price: Free!

4. Orchid Store

Orchid Store WooCommerce Theme
– Orchid Store

The Orchid Store is a theme that is made to work entirely with WooCommerce. It has an intuitive and dynamic design that’s easy to learn and has unlimited customization options.

You can create any kind of online shop, for any kind of product imaginable. Its design is also optimized for different scripts, including Arabic and other Semitic languages. 

Main Features:

  1. It operates completely on widgets, so adding and removing features is a breeze.
  2. It has a clean, and yes dynamic look, that balances performance and features.
  3. You can also extend the range of your store using Elementor website builder, which is recommended by the creators.
  4. It also improves upon existing WooCommerce features and designs, including new button designs, and fonts.
  5. Fully SEO optimized.

Bottom line: Orchid Store is perfect for people who want a simple website building experience, and are focused on WooCommerce.

Price: Free!

5. GutenShop

GutenShop WooCommerce Theme
– GutenShop

“Guten” in German means good. And this theme is very good indeed! Optimized for making an online shop, this theme boasts of a light minimalist design.

That means that although it might not look as flashy, this theme has insanely fast loading speeds, and works on even the slowest internet connections. It is also made so that you can have a one page store, without any additional pages.

Main Features:

  1. A lightweight, speedy design.
  2. Multiple ways to simplistically display your products, like grids.
  3. Full SEO optimization, so that your website shows up on the top of Google searches.
  4. You can also make a blog on the side, or a business page.

Bottom line: GutenShop is a fast, responsive, and simple theme used to make lightning-quick websites.

Price: Free!

6. Xstore

Xstore WooCommerce Theme
– Xstore

It is possibly the most feature-rich of the themes that are solely geared towards WooCommerce. Xstore is a very versatile theme, having features for any sort of shop.

Xstore has been well received by many millions of customers, and for good reason! It offers you just about everything for an online shop. Also, it works well with other major plugins,

Main Features:

  1. It has over 90 shop designs ready to go.
  2. Xstore works well with Elementor as well as WPBakery for page building.
  3. It offers you 10 premium widgets to boost your creative potential.
  4. You also get additional plugins, like Yellow Pencil Editor and Subscriptio WooCommerce for free!

Bottom line: Xtheme is perfect for those who want, and can handle, a feature rich WooCommerce theme.

Price: $39.00

7. Arcade

Arcade WooCommerce Theme
– Arcade

Nowadays, with video games becoming more popular than ever, there is an obvious demand for more video games. That’s where Arcade comes in. It’s the perfect theme for you to create a gaming themed online store, for stuff like selling your own platforms and video games

Arcade is a child theme of Storefront. What is a child theme, you may ask? Well, imagine you have a cordless drill. This would be the parent theme. Now, a child theme would be an attachment. You can add it onto the parent theme, and it’ll add certain functions and design changes. It’s also not possible to have 2 child themes active at once.

As such, to use Arcade, you’ll first need to have Storefront.

Main Features:

  1. It adds many features to the core functions of the Storefront theme.
  2. You can categorize games into certain genres.
  3. You can offer recommended games to customers based on what games they’ve bought.

Bottom line: Arcade is very well suited for making a video game store, but not much else.

8. Astra

Astra WooCommerce Theme
– Astra

A multipurpose theme, Astra can be integrated with WooCommerce to create an immersive online store. Although it isn’t made for WooCommerce specifically, it certainly excels in the creation of online stores.

Astra is probably the fastest growing brand out there, and it’s no wonder why. With so many things to choose from, it’s certainly an all rounder.

Main Features:

  1. It can be modified without ever having to see a bit of code.
  2. Although it’s feature rich, it’s also built with speed and efficiency in mind.
  3. It has plenty of prebuilt websites ready for you to use.
  4. It uses a mere 50KB of data, which is a lot less than most other themes.

Bottom line: Astra is a great theme regardless of whether you want to use it for WooCommerce, or something else. It does lack some specialization features, however.

Price: Free!

9. WoonderShop

WoonderShop WooCommerce Theme
– WoonderShop

It is a theme that has everything that an online store needs. It has three different design choices, an elegant layout, and more features than you can use.

WoonderShop, as the name implies, is an online store theme for WooCommerce. However, it’s a bit on the technical end when it comes to using it. Of course that means that anyone who can code will use it very well. But it does have a learning curve for beginners.

Main Features:

  1. It has a built in currency converter at checkout, saving you and customers the hassle of converting it themselves.
  2. WoonderShop automatically displays products that are bought together, which encourages customers to buy.
  3. It has a very clean design that allows customers to focus on shopping.
  4. It works with all kinds of devices.

Bottom like: This plugin is good for those of you who have a bit of technical skill, and can use that to craft the perfect site.

Price: $79.00

10. Online Shop

Online Shop WooCommerce Theme
– Online Shop

The name, Online Shop, is really self-explanatory. It’s a theme that was specifically made to help you create an online website. And it’s really good at that too. From fashion products to books, and even coffee, you can sell anything with this theme.

Online Shop theme is really easy to use, with a clean and easy to learn design. It also has a lot of advanced features that take a bit of learning to master. Needless to say, the possibilities here are endless.

Main Features:

  1. Has plenty of advanced features that you can use if you have the know-how.
  2. Built using widgets, so you can edit your website easily.
  3. You can also create a blog section for your website.
  4. It also has quite a few premade page layouts for you to pick from.

Bottom line: This is a really feature-rich theme for those of you who can reap the benefits of learning how to use the advanced features.

Pricing: Free!


Here, we’ve presented to you 10 free WooCommerce themes. Most of these themes are free to use, and all of them work beautifully.

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Did you find this list useful? Let us know in the comments, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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