17 Best WordPress Themes for Consulting Business 2022

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Best Consulting Business WordPress Themes

Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for consulting business? If yes, then you’ve landed precisely on the right page!

Adding a WordPress theme for consulting businesses helps you effectively display your services quickly and easily to understand. It also helps you to get in touch with your current clients and lets your potential clients learn about your services.

Fortunately, we’ve got a sea of suggestions on the search result pages. So, finding the one that suits your requirements is a hassle. 

In this article, we’ve hand-picked some of the best WordPress themes for consulting business available in the marketplace. So, stick with us till the end! 

What to Look for in WordPress Themes for Consulting Business?

Before moving on to the list of themes, be sure to check out some of the factors you should look for.

  • Display Services In the Spotlight: It’s essential to display your services in a highlighted way like on the home page. So, your customers can easily access them. 
  • Bookings and Scheduling: Manual scheduling makes it difficult to track the appointment of each customer. Thus, ensure that the theme comes with an online calendar to pick a time and date.
  • Testimonials and Reviews: This is a must-factor to have on your theme. Client testimonials build trust with your prospects so they won’t hesitate to buy your service.
  • Responsive: Your selected theme should be responsive so that customers can view and book your services regardless of any devices.
  • Customizable: The theme must be highly-customizable. So, you can make necessary changes, add designs, and styles to make it appear as your site.

Other additional features are compatibility, cost, latest update, ratings, reviews, etc. to choose one of the best WordPress themes for consulting business.

For more details, check out our articles on how to choose the best WordPress themes for your site.

17 Best WordPress Themes for Consulting Business 2022

We’ve narrowed down the best WordPress themes for consulting business in 2022. So, go through the description, features, and pricing of each plugin to select the most suitable one for you!

1. Astra

Astra is a multipurpose WordPress theme that also offers templates for various types of consulting business. You can choose from 230+ ready-to-import optimized websites that come with all of the required sections. 

Astra-Consulting - Best WordPress Themes for Consulting Business

With this theme, you can display your services in the most perfect place, i.e., on the home page. You can include the logo or image, title of services, and short as well as long descriptions of your services. And, not forgetting to include the ratings on each service. 

Moreover, it also comes with blog layout options. So, you can include a blog page on your website that keeps your customers updated. There are elements like layout options, date boxes, related posts, infinite loading, post paginations, etc.

Key Features of Astra:

  • Gives you complete control over the global design options like color palette, header content, footer, layout, clone/delete elements, etc. 
  • Display your services in a responsive grid layout where you’ll get full control over columns, button settings, and more.
  • Allows your customers to book a free consulting call. 
  • Include client results and testimonials after using your services to build new customers’ trust. 
  • Capture user attention with trendy services and offer them discounts on specific events.
  • Create a custom header and footer using your favorite page builder and enable them on the entire website or a specific page.


Astra theme comes with both free and paid versions. You can download its free version from or its official website. Alternatively, you can directly install it from the WordPress dashboard.

Meanwhile, the premium version comes with 3 pricing plans in Astra with additional features: 

  • Astra Pro Plan: Costs $47/year. Includes mega menu, sticky header, and global color palettes. advance blog layouts, custom layouts & hooks, etc.
  • Essential Bundle Plan: Costs $137/year. Includes 180+ premium templates, WP Portfolio Plugin, etc., and all features of the Astra Pro plan.
  • Growth Bundle Plan: Costs $187/year. Includes Convert Pro, Schema plugin, etc., and also all features of the Essential Bundle Plan.

If you’re still confused regarding this theme, then make sure to click our article on Astra theme review!

2. Consulting

Consulting is one of the best WordPress themes for consulting business that allows you to create a modern website. With 100+ pre-built pages & templates and 120+ content blocks, you can build any consulting website like finance, corporate, business, etc. 

Consulting WordPress Theme

Further, you can also create events and display details on any page. With its built-in BookIt plugin, you can even add a calendar for booking capabilities and allow your customers to book appointments.

In addition, it comes with a smart yet simple tool Cost Calculator which helps your customers with a price estimation. Whenever your customers choose the services, they will receive information about services and product costs in a convenient manner.

Key Features of Consulting:

  • Able to choose how to display your services, case studies, testimonials, and much more,
  • A highly customizable theme that lets you change header layout, color skins, button styles, sliders, animation effects, etc.
  • Comes with 50+ unique one-click demos. Further, you can quickly import the one you like.
  • Allows you to create custom widget and sidebars and embed it anywhere on your site.
  • Add multiple locations on Google Maps and your website if your business has more than 1 location.
  • It’s RTL (Right to Left) support and 8 ready translations as it’s 100% WPML compatible. 


Consulting theme is a premium theme that costs $59 to purchase its regular license. It comes with 6 months of support and for 12 months of extended support, it costs $76.63

3. Kadence

Kadence theme allows you to quickly launch your consulting business website using its starter templates. You can simply import them, build new pages with drop-in-ready sections, and start customizing them quickly. 

Kadence-Agency - Best WordPress Themes for Consulting Business

Moreover, you can control your website layout down to the pixel using its settings. Along with that, it gives you the freedom to set site-wide options for pages, posts, and even custom post types. Thus, you can choose from wide, narrow, or sidebar layouts with a single click.

Further, it allows you to create the perfect header and responsive footer for your site using its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. You can use a header and footer on your entire site or even on a specific page of your site.

Key Features of Kadence:

  • Easily add social media icons to your header and footer that lets your website visitors link with your community.
  • Allows you to enable, style, and choose a location for a scroll to the top arrow for your website.
  • Display the logo of your clients by simply changing the logos that are built-in within the starter templates.
  • Comes with a one-click performance boost that preloads CSS in the header and calls that CSS when required.
  • Built-in sections like displaying services, testimonials, stunning contact us sections, and much more.
  • Create beautiful hero sections that overlap your content and give your site a flow by using a transparent header.


Kadence theme is a freemium theme that comes with both free and paid versions. You can download the free version of this theme from or from its official website.

Meanwhile, the premium version comes with 2 pricing plans in Kadence

  • Essential Bundle Plan: Costs $129 in the first year and renews at $149/year. Includes unlimited sites, Kadence Theme Pro, pro starter templates, etc.
  • Full Bundle Plan: Costs $199 in the first year and renews at $219/year. Includes unlimited sites, custom fonts, 1-year support & updates, etc.

4. Divi

Divi is yet another multipurpose WordPress theme that offers various templates for consulting businesses as well. It provides you with dozens of unique page elements and thousands of design options while giving you full control. 

Divi-Business-Consultant WordPress Theme

In addition, you can display all of your services in an organized way for your consulting business. Also, you can include services, titles, short descriptions, icons, and much more in a list format. This makes users learn and explore your services immediately.

Further, it comes with templates that have an in-built blog section. Or, you’ll be able to add a blog section on your landing pages where you can include highlighted articles in a grid format. 

Key Features of Divi:

  • With any coding, you can add, delete, and even move elements around on the front end of your site. 
  • Create stunning hover effects using hover options to include interactive elements. 
  • Allows you to easily undo, redo, and travel through your entire editing history. 
  • Give your page depth by creating customized drop shadows with full control over the shadow’s size, position, color, intensity, etc.
  • Able to use global elements and website-wide design options to control the appearance of your entire site.
  • Comes with advanced display conditions that apply advanced display logic to any element. So, you can hide/display elements based on a set of conditions.


Divi is a premium theme that comes with 2 pricing plans: 

  • Yearly Access Plan: Costs $89/year. Including product updates, premium support, unlimited website usage, hundreds of website packs, and more.
  • Lifetime Access Plan: Costs $249, one-time payment. Including lifetime premium support, hundreds of website packs, unlimited website usage, etc.

5. Avada

Avada is one of the best-selling WordPress themes ideal for beginners, business owners, marketers, and professionals. With its 89 pre-built websites, you can simply import them with a few clicks and customize them to suit your requirements.

Avada Theme - Consulting Business

Moreover, you can also change its color, layout, typography, and much more. On top of that, it’s packed with 120+ design elements which are highly flexible for any purpose. 

Most importantly, it provides a complete package for consulting businesses as well. There are different built-in sections like displaying your services, case studies, testimonials, call-to-action buttons, contact forms, and more.

Key Features of Avada:

  • Gives you complete control over the entire layout, website width, content area, and sidebars. 
  • Its dynamic content functionality lets you create a unique page and post layouts for your website.
  • Integration with WooCommerce allows you to set up an online store within your consulting business.
  • Allows you to enable or disable headers, footers, sliders, sidebars, backgrounds, etc. per page or post.
  • Save unique page layouts so you can reuse them on other posts or pages.
  • Include the brands and companies you’ve worked with to build your client’s trust. 


Avada being a premium theme costs $69 to purchase. It comes with future updates and 6 months of support.

Check out our article on Avada review for detailed information on the Avada theme!

6. Corzo

Corzo is a premium WordPress theme that is specifically designed for consulting businesses including various industries like financial, corporate, etc. It comes with intuitive and amazing in-house page builder options, unlike other themes that use 3rd party page builders.

Corzo - Best WordPress Themes for Consulting Business

Further, its page builder comes with 70+ items and 60+ prebuilt pages. Additionally, there are 600+ theme options. These options can turn your site into unlimited possibilities like changing headers, picking colors, selecting fonts, etc.

Moreover, you can also provide brief statistics about your company on your landing pages. Such as giving details on the number of lifetime clients, the number of clients in the current year, new projects, etc.

Key Features of Corzo:

  • Save the custom templates for the blocks that are frequently used throughout the site.
  • Comes with a 20+ header style that you can switch to suit your style easily.
  • Compatible with major plugins like WooCommerce, WPML, Yoast SEO, etc.
  • Allows you to create individual sidebars for each page easily or put multiple sidebars on each page.
  • Choose from 15 blog layouts to include a blog section on your website for frequent updates. 
  • Unleash your limitations using the 11 hover styles on your gallery which has 6 gallery layout options.


Corzo theme is a premium theme that costs $49 to purchase its regular license. Also, it comes with future updates and 6 months of support.

7. Creote

Creote is one of the stunning WordPress themes for consulting business and corporate. It’s intended for startups, consultancy businesses, and companies engaged in finance, consulting, investing, etc.

Creote - Best WordPress Themes for Consulting Business

Moreover, it’ll assist you in creating an impressive website with the help of an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Along with that, it comes with useful blocks that are ready-to-use like portfolio pages, blogs, testimonials, buttons, sliders, etc.

Moreover, you’ll be able to display your services wonderfully. Because, there are lots of elements that you can use like headers, borders, icons, hover effects, and much more. You can include titles, descriptions, and even a few posters side-wise. 

Key Features of Creote:

  • Use its demo layout or create your own from scratch using Elementor page builder.
  • 100% fluid responsive which means your website will fit on any device size perfectly. 
  • Created unlimited sidebars for each specific page or post. 
  • Allows you to add Google Maps where you can locate multiple locations of the physical store of your company. 
  • Comes with an advanced typography option where you can choose from 600+ font families. 
  • Able to use count-down elements to create urgency among your visitors to use certain services. 


To purchase the regular license of the Creote theme, it costs $35 as it’s a premium theme. 

8. OceanWP

Looking for a multipurpose WordPress theme to build your website with ease? If yes, then here we go!

OceanWP being a multipurpose WordPress theme comes with demo templates for consulting businesses. You can launch your website with one click by importing the demo templates and quickly customizing them.

OceanWP Theme - Consulting

Moreover, you can display your services in a grid format where you can define the number of rows and columns. Also, there are various animation effects that you can utilize. Such as each of your services will pop up one by one which appears to be interactive.

Key Features of OceanWP:

  • Select from 7 entirely free header styles, including the transparent header, or create a custom header.
  • Allows you to assign different logos for normal, large, and mobile screens with additional controls and options.
  • Comes with advanced WooCommerce features like shop and product page styling, off-canvas filter, regular or multi-step checkout, etc.
  • Able to choose the search page layout and adjust the number of search results or simply pick out the search source.
  • Permit the content to be shared along with your social media profiles.
  • Regardless of the settings in the theme customizer, choose the page layout for every page or post.


There are both free and premium versions of the OceanWP theme. You can download its free version from the official WordPress themes directory

However, you can upgrade to the premium version for an additional feature which comes with 3 pricing plans: 

  • Personal Plan: Costs $27/year for 3 websites. It includes 7 free extensions, 14 premium extensions, 15 free demons, 210 pro demos, etc.
  • Business Plan: Costs $44/year for 6 websites. It includes the Elementor sections library, Flaticon direct icon import, Freepik direct image import, etc.
  • Agency Plan: Costs $79/year for 50 websites. It includes 12 months of VIP customer support, getting featured in the newsletter, and more.

9. Blocksy

Blocksy is the most creative, blazing-fast, and supercharged free WordPress theme that is definitely suitable for consulting businesses. It basically offers starter sites that come with amazing built-in sections for businesses.

Blocksy-Business WordPress Theme

Moreover, this theme offers highly intuitive tools for altering and customizing each element of your website in real time. It gives you control over a variety of layout options including the header, footer, sidebar, pagination, and more.

Furthermore, you can display a list of your services and insert buttons like view prices, book appointments, get services, etc. This way, your visitors can instantly take action to receive your services. 

Key Features of Blocksy:

  • With the header builder and 9 header elements, you can build the header of your choice with advanced customization options.
  • Provides you the ability to manage and access color and background options to change and edit. 
  • Gives you the freedom to change the typography in each part of your site using Google Fonts and custom fonts.
  • Its live search options let you see the live results instantly as you type your query. 
  • Comes with various pagination types and options like standard, numbers, and load more.
  • Allows you to build page hero sections with parallax effects and more.


Blocksy theme has free as well as paid versions. You can download its free version from 

Whereas, you can upgrade to the paid version by choosing from 3 different pricing plans in Blocksy:

  • Personal Plan: Costs $35/year for 1 site license. Includes related posts module, newsletter subscribe, cookies notice, custom widgets, Google fonts, etc.
  • Professional Plan: Costs $49/year for 5 sites license. Includes trending posts module, custom post types support, WooCommerce support, content blocks, etc. 
  • Agency Plan: Costs $70/year for unlimited sites license. Includes post types extra, duplicate header items, gallery slider, off-canvas filter, etc. 

Wanna know full detail on the Blocksy theme? Then, check our article on Blocksy theme review!

10. Neve

Neve is a minimalist WordPress theme that allows you to create and grow your consulting business website easily.  It comes with 100+ ready-made websites. That you can quickly import with access to the starter sites library. 

Neve-Business-Consulting Theme

Moreover, you can create different sections or use its various in-built sections for your consulting business. Such as you can create a hero section and display your services with hover effects, icons, descriptions, learn more buttons, etc. Also, you can use its built-in testimonial section.

Additionally, you can change the colors of your website from one place and apply them on the entire website. Plus, it lets you create multiple color palettes and use them to create consistent designs across your website.

Key Features of Neve:

  • Enable to modify and re-design the header and footer of your website via drag-and-drop components. 
  • Choose whether you want the layout to be contained or full-width, and adjust the options
  • Include a blog page and create the layout for your blog with presets and flexible controls. 
  • With its live customizer, you can customize the way your website looks and see the changes in real-time. 
  • To maintain your Google ranking, it renders your website as native Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
  • Comes with a robust, adaptable, and user-friendly mega menu that is simple to personalize.


Neve is a freemium theme with both free and paid versions. Its free version can be downloaded from the official WordPress themes directory

To get additional features, you can upgrade to the premium version which has 3 pricing plans: 

  • Personal Plan: Costs $69/year for unlimited site usage. Includes header & footer booster, blog booster, custom layout & hooks, etc.
  • Business Plan: Costs $149/year for unlimited site usage. Includes WooCommerce booster, 110+ starter site templates, priority support, etc.
  • Agency Plan: Costs $259/year for unlimited site usage. Includes access to Neve Cloud, white label, VIP support, etc. 

By the way, don’t forget to look through the Neve WordPress theme review article for full detail!

11. Zeever

Wondering if there is a full-site editing WordPress theme for consulting businesses? If so, then we would like to recommend the Zeever theme. 

This theme is a modern, responsive, and elegant dark-style theme that fully supports WordPress full-site editing and the Gutenverse plugin. It’s one of the WordPress themes for consulting businesses that were built for individuals who want a stunning landing page. 

Zeever - Best WordPress Themes for Consulting Business

Additionally, its templates have both core and Gutenversoe block patterns ready. So, you can immediately start mixing and matching your template parts as you desire. Also, you can avoid starting from scratch by using the built-in templates.

Key Features of Zeever:

  • Comes with various animation effects for each block to make it more engaging. 
  • Use shape dividers to divide up your website into sections.
  • Allows you to create custom forms with a wide range of several fields for your site. 
  • Provides tons of fonts to choose from for advanced typography customization.
  • Built-in sections to display your list of services, completed works, testimonials, latest news, etc. 
  • Control the appearance of your page across all device sizes with ease from a single interface.


Zeever is a completely free theme to use which is the best part of using this theme. You can download it from or from its official website.

12. Consultio

Consultio is one of the ideal WordPress themes for consulting business, finance, and corporate. This business theme is fast and intuitive which allows you to create a beautiful website with some awesome features.

Consultio WordPress Theme

With 70+ stunning demo sites, you can quickly launch your websites. The demos also include content that you can import and start customizing. There, you can add your content on already-designed pages which makes it much simpler to set up your site.

On top of that, this theme is responsive and retina ready. Thus, you can customize the look of your website on different devices. So, your customers can get your services regardless of the screen sizes. 

Key Features of Consultio:

  • Comes with a header and footer builder to build the perfect header and footer for your website. 
  • Offers interactive elements like animation, transition, hover effects, carousel, and unique effects. 
  • The advanced typography option lets you select any of the Google web font libraries through a powerful theme options panel.
  • Integration with Contact Form 7 allows you to create custom forms instantly. 
  • Provides a sticky menu option so your users can access the menu even when scrolling down. 
  • Compatible with the most popular WordPress plugins that support multilingual layouts so you can translate your site to any language.


You can purchase the regular license of the Consultio theme at $69 as it’s a premium theme. 

13. Intime

Intime is an incredible theme that makes up to the list of the best WordPress themes for consulting business. This modern solution is packed with a large collection of beautifully designed homepages and inner page styles.

Intime Theme

With this theme, you can easily drag and drop elements, choose styles, and experiment around with the appearance of your website. Along with that, you can get an instant preview of any changes you make before going live. 

Moreover, you can insert Google Maps as well, locating all of your locations including branches and head office. Also, you can provide all the contact info of different branches which makes it easier for customers to contact their nearest branch.  

Key Features of Intime:

  • Comes with 14+ awesome demos whose content is easily importable.
  • Using its smooth transition effects, you can display your services in a more engaging way. 
  • Offers 55+ custom widgets that you can add anywhere on your website as per your need. 
  • Allows you to add a video background to any section on your site. 
  • Choose from 7+ header layout options that let you style your header. 
  • Integration with WPML enables the running of fully multilingual websites.


Intime theme is a premium theme that costs $59 to purchase its regular license.

14. Zakra

Zakra is one of the top-rated multipurpose WordPress themes that offers 80+ templates. Using one of those templates, you can create your dream consulting business website in a few easy steps.

Zakra-Business WordPress Theme

Furthermore, this theme provides a variety of elements in the header design. It comes with 3 header top bars with customizable sections and 2 header buttons. Along with that, you can choose from sticky and transparent headers. 

Additionally, Zakra offers versatile menu designs with basic and button-type menu styles. Every element including menu items, dropdown menus, mobile menus, toggle, etc. is easily customizable in possible ways.

Key Features of Zakra:

  • Provides grid, masonry, and list options to create a beautiful design with an advanced styling option for displaying your services. 
  • Design the footer of your choice using width-packed footer areas which enable 10+ column options.
  • Control over the site layout with a site container layout option like wide, boxed, and separate custom container width.
  • Packed with custom typography control that lets you configure color, font, size, weight, etc. 
  • Arrange the sidebar for your site in various ways and be able to add unlimited sidebars.
  • Comes with AMP optimized for improving the performance of the site in mobile browsing. 


You can download the free version of the Zakra theme from or from its official website.

Whereas, its premium version comes with 4 pricing options: 

  • Personal Plan: Costs $48.30/year, including 39+ free starter demos, 1 site license, 1 year of updates & dedicated support, etc.
  • Personal Plus Plan: Costs $62.30/year, including 44+ premium starter demos, 3 site licenses, 39+ free starter demos, etc.
  • Professional Plan: Costs $202.30/year, including 10 sites license, 44+ premium starter demos, 1 year of dedicated support, etc.
  • Developer Plan: Costs $209.30/year, including unlimited sites license, future plugins, companion for Elementor, etc.

15. Consultix

Consultix is a powerful corporate, consulting, business, and financial WordPress theme with a ton of features. Also, building your website using this theme is much easier than one can ever imagine with the help of a theme customizer.


On top of that, it offers 30+ demo sites that you can quickly import and instantly start editing its styles and design. The best part is, you can also import its demo content on your website with just one click. 

Further, you can create an extravagant header and footer with the help of 6 header layouts and 4 footer layouts. You’ll be able to enable or disable different sections of the layout.

Key Features of Consultix:

  • Allows you to set the inner page banner on all of your pages and posts. 
  • Enable the insertion of widgets anywhere on your site and customize them accordingly. 
  • Comes with 28 custom elements that you can modify on your site without having to install additional plugins.
  • Provides maintenance and a coming soon page with a countdown timer option. 
  • With a built-in testimonial section, you can simply change the content and images of your reviewers. 


Consultix is a premium theme that costs $41 to purchase its regular license. 

16. Ekko

Looking for a comprehensive theme for your consulting business? Then, here we go!

Ekko offers an exciting and stylish design with over 50 demos for small consulting businesses or corporate companies. Along with that, it provides greater flexibility and allows you to create your layouts.

Ekko Theme

In addition, there are over 200 pre-built template blocks. Thus, you can mix and match elements of the demo versions to create your site from the ground up as well. Also, being able to directly import the template blocks onto your page avoids the hassle of coding. 

Key Features of Ekko:

  • Add new elements from 40+ content elements, alter their appearance, and watch your changes take effect right away.
  • Elements like hero images combined with white space, icons, and easy-to-read text for a sleek look. 
  • Set parallax backgrounds to any page section in seconds for buttery smooth parallax scrolling.
  • The lightbox gallery supports flicking to the next or previous image, spreading to zoom in, dragging to the pan, etc.
  • Offers a coming soon template to import and customize it using your own images and predefined theme elements. 
  • Fully compatible with WPML and also contains files that can be used to easily translate the theme without much hassle.


Being a premium theme, it costs $59 to purchase the regular license of the Ekko theme.

17. Avante

Avante is the last but not the least theme that makes up our list of WordPress themes for consulting business. This theme comes with responsive layouts built especially for consulting and other general businesses. 

Avante WordPress Theme

Therefore, you’ll get to choose from 9 homepages and 50+ predesigned templates for pages. All you need to do is simply surf through these templates and import the one suitable for your website. And the rest is the customization part.

On top of that, there is a built-in page that displays your business information, booking calendar, services, contact forms, etc. It also includes text, images, and videos on your website.

Key Features of Avante:

  • You can create multiple layouts on a single page by just dragging and dropping content modules. 
  • Integration with WordPress customizer enables modification of appearance settings in a live preview. 
  • Includes over 500+ Google fonts with all styles and font sizes, colors, weights, etc. 
  • Able to easily control the elements’ colors of your website using a color picker. 
  • Lets you apply the social share button to all pages with just one click. 
  • Enable the slideshow on the hover effect when you move the mouse over the gallery thumbnail. 


It costs $53 to purchase the regular license of the Avante theme as it’s a premium theme. 

With that, are you planning to create a consulting business website on your own? Then, be at ease now! Check out our comprehensive article on how to make a website to get a rigorous idea.


That’s all folks! We’ve arrived at the end of this article. 

We’ve discussed the 17 best WordPress themes for consulting business along with their features and pricing. 

Among the listed themes, we would like to recommend you the Astra theme. 

That’s because this multipurpose theme provides you with all the important features for creating your consulting business site. Most importantly, there are sections specifically built-in for consulting businesses like displaying services, ratings, testimonials, etc.

We hope this article helped you to find one of the best WordPress themes for consulting business in 2022. If you’re using any of these themes for your website, then please share your experience in the comment section below. 

Plus, if you’ve any more queries, then feel free to ask us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. And, share this article with your friends and colleagues. 

In case you have an appetite for these types of content, then do check our article on the best WordPress themes for blogs & the most customizable WordPress themes.

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