70+ Blog Website Examples – Get Inspired from Popular Blogs in 2022

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Best Website Examples to Get Inspiration

Are you looking for the best blog website examples? Or, looking for inspiration to start your blog? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Just go through this article to check out the successful blog websites. 

We’re aware of business websites and online shopping websites. But if you want to start a website, then it doesn’t only have to be about business. You can also create a blog website to share your daily life, interests, and more. 

So, you can simply decide what you want to write on your blog website. Therefore, we’ve handpicked some popular and successful blog website examples for your inspiration. 

Now, let’s get started!

What is a Blog Website? Why Do You Need to Create a Blog?

Before moving forward with our list of popular blog website examples, let’s know what a blog means.

A blog website is mainly for sharing information and entertainment. However, you can also use these websites for career marketing. Also, if you launch your blog website, then it’ll benefit your portfolio and your career. 

What is a Blog Website?

Moreover, your blog website offers you several opportunities to explore your creative side. Whether you’re writing about your hobbies or traveling stories, you get to explore your creativity through the corner of the internet. Therefore, starting a blog website is a perfect way to showcase your creativity.

Now, let’s discuss the reasons you need to create a blog.

  • Share information: Blogging usually helps share information on a given topic with your targeted audience. As time passes, you can become an expert on a specific topic. 
  • Generate Income: This is the most crucial reason. You can monetize your blog website by selecting a profitable niche that requires building a target audience.  
  • Attract Visitors: Blogging can undoubtedly attract visitors. It gives information about your business or related field. This helps to turn those visitors into leads. 
  • Cultivate Online Community: Engaging with an online community of readers with similar interests is easier. Along with that, you can grow your audience quickly as well.

Having said this, let’s dive into the 70+ best WordPress blog website examples in 2022. 

70+ Blog Website Examples to Get Inspired from Popular Blogs in 2022

In this article, we’ve handpicked the 71 best blog website examples to get inspired from popular blogs in 2022.

We’ve further categorized them into 13 types: Technology & Marketing, Personal, Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle, Health and Fitness, Food, Photography, Wedding, DIY, Education, and Business.

A. Technology & Marketing Blog Website Examples

1. SiteSaga

SiteSaga Technology Blog Website Example

SiteSaga is a free online resource that helps you create a successful website. It’s run by a team of passionate web developers, marketing experts, and bloggers. 

Moreover, this website offers easy tutorials, step-by-step guides, and in-depth articles about creating a website. Also, you’ll find tested ways to monetize your website and make money online. 

  • Topics Covered: Guides on creating a website, multiple site platforms (mainly WordPress), web hosting services, and lots more. 
  • Target Audience/ Main Readers: WordPress website developers, bloggers, etc. 
  • Popular Article/Post on the Blog: Most Popular Types of Blogs (With Examples).
  • Facebook: SiteSaga
  • Twitter: @SiteSaga
  • Visit the Blog: SiteSaga

2. Semrush Blog

Semrush Marketing Blog Website Example

Semrush Blog is an online visibility management and content marketing SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. It’s serving over 143 countries with 10 million users. 

Additionally, this platform allows marketing professionals to build, manage, and measure campaigns throughout all channels. Therefore, it’s your digital mentor, analytics buddy, and a compass to beginner marketers.

3. Tech Savvy Mama

Tech Savvy Mama Parenting Blog Website Example

Leticia is a teacher, mother, and founder of the award-winning blog website Tech Savvy Mama. It was founded in 2008, and since then, this blog website has been helping parents navigate parenting in this digital world. 

She also provides real-life parenting experiences to motivate parents on various things. Mainly, it’s to foster a love of science, technology, engineering, and math in their children.

4. Wired

Wired News Blog Website Example

Wired is an excellent source of information and ideas about how technology is changing worldwide. Basically, it provides information on how technology affects every aspect of our lives, from culture, business, science to design. 

Moreover, this blog website posts the news in different categories like popular, recent, latest videos, or even topic wise. You can also connect to this website through a subscription.

5. WPBeginner

WPBeginner WordPress Resource Blog Website

Sayed Balkhi has been the founder of WPBeginner since 2006. WPBeginner is the largest and most free WordPress resource website for beginners.

This website aims to offer helpful WordPress tutorials that are simple to understand. Also, the articles and tutorials are helpful even for small businesses, bloggers, and non-tech WordPress website owners.

6. WPEntire

WPEntire WordPress Blog Website Example

WPEntire is a trusted WordPress technology company that provides information on SEO, website performance, etc. It also delivers ideas related to search engines, WordPress plugins, and themes.

Further, you can check the popular and newest articles on the website in various categories. Moreover, there’s a deal and discount option, where you’ll find discounted prices on the plugins and themes.

7. WPExplorer

WPExplorer Blog Website Example

If you want to learn about WordPress and discover its best free plugin and themes, then WPExplorer is the ideal website. AJ Clarke is the owner and creator of WPExplorer, founded in October 2010.

Also, this blog website offers several blogging guides, WordPress tutorials, marketing tips, and many more. Moreover, it has a news section, where you can find sales and deals occasionally offered by WordPress.

8. HubSpot Blog

HubSpot News Blog Example Website

HubSpot is a CRM (Customer Relation Management) platform that helps your company from marketing to sales and handling customers. It was founded in 2004 by fellow graduate students Brian and Dharmesh.

Here, you’ll find articles on marketing plans, tips for searching for jobs, and interview answers. As well as, you’ll find resources on what small business SEO is.

9. Unbounce Blog

Unbounce Conversion Intelligence Blog Website

Unbounce Blog is a platform that’ll assist you in converting your visitors into leads, sales, and customers. It was started in 2009 by Rick Perreault to create a better experience for online marketers.

Now, Unbounce has a team of over 215 members and powers over 1.5 billion conversions worldwide. It’s also one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Canada.

10. Awario Blog

Awario Social Media Marketer Blog Website

Awario Blog is an innovative project to change the world of social media analytics. Also, the brand focuses on providing insights on customers, markets, and competitors through SEO analysis.

In addition, you can find tips and guides on helpful topics. Such as running successful marketing campaigns, information regarding marketing tools, SEO optimization tips, and more.

11. Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer Tech Advertiser Blog Website

Jon Loomer is one of the best examples of personal blogs that specializes in advanced meta advertising. Furthermore, the blogger heavily focuses on Facebook advertising.

He has various content on the website, like webinars, podcasts, marketing tutorials, and many more. Also, you can sign up for the newsletter and become a part of more than 100,000 marketers.

12. Mari Smith Blog

Marie Smith Blog Website Example

Mari Smith Blog is founded by Mari Smith, who specializes in Facebook marketing and other digital marketing services.

Also, she’s an expert and provides consultation and training in Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger marketing for SMBs and brands. Also, you can find excellent content on topics like social media marketing, digital marketing tips, and more.

13. TechCrunch

Tech Crunch Tech News Blog Website

TechCrunch is a technology-based online news service provider founded in 2005 by Archimedes Ventures and later acquired by AOL. Also, they publish their content in multiple languages.

You can find news about the latest technology, startups, and more. Also, you can find detailed blogs on the inner workings of tech companies, the whole product development process, etc.

Check out the benefits of blogging for marketing and business from our blog here!

B. Personal Blog Website Examples

14. My Wife Quit Her Job

My Wife Quit Her Job Successful Personal Blog Website

My Wife Quit Her Job was founded in 2004 by a highly recognized influencer Steve Chou and his wife. Also, this blog website was featured in Forbes, Inc, The New York Times, Entrepreneur, and MSNBC.

The author of this website offers tutorials and guides on starting an online store. You can learn from the strategies used by the author himself to start and run his WoCommerce business.

15. Bill Gates

Bill Gates News Blog website

Bill Gates is one of the most prominent technology pioneers of our time. He started his philanthropy journey after establishing the Bill and Melinda Foundation.

His blog ‘GateNotes’ focuses and shines light upon issues impacting human lives. There are topics covering hunger, health, education, climate change, and many more.

16. Tim Ferris Blog

Tim Ferriss Personal Blog

Tim Ferris is an early-stage tech investor and advisor in Uber, Facebook, Shopify, Duolingo, Alibaba, and over 50 other companies. He’s also the author of the best5 #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers, including “The 4-Hour Workweek”.

Moreover, you’ll find articles on various categories on his blog, including interviews. You can also listen to his podcast via the link on his website.

  • Highlighted Topic: Podcast of Tim Ferris Show, interviews, etc. 
  • Popular Content: Podcast – The Tim Ferris Show
  • Facebook: Tim Ferris
  • Twitter: @tferris

17. Marieke van de Rakt

Marieke Van De Rakt Personal Bio Blog Website

Dr. Marieke van de Rakt is the Head of Strategy at Yoast and has a Ph.D. in Social Science. And she runs the blog, that talks about her bio, news, publications, etc.

In this blog, you’ll learn about her life as an entrepreneur, CEO, and CMO. Plus, you’ll get to know what’s new in Yoast. Also, she’ll tell stories about how to do the proper branding.

18. KafleG

KafleG Personal WordPress Blog Website Example

KafleG is a personal blog of Sandilya Kafle, who is a WordPress theme and plugin developer by profession. He is an active member of the WordPress community and is a core team member of the theme review team.

In his blog, you’ll find articles on WordPress products, reviews, top lists, and more. So, you can visit the blog and learn a lot about WordPress and its advantages.

19. Camila Coelho

Camila Coelho Fashion Beauty and Travel Blog Website

Camila Coelho is a blog that widely focuses on topics like destinations, fashion, beauty, travel, and many more. Also, there’s a detailed section that emphasizes seasonal fashion.

Another  detailed beauty section includes numerous tips and guides. Furthermore, the blog is helpful for women releases in comparison to male readers.

Also, check the benefits of personal blogging from our comprehensive article!

C. Travel Blog Website Examples

20. The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad Solo Travel Blog

The Blonde Abroad is a blog founded by Kiki from California to inspire solo female travelers. After a stressful career in corporate wealth management, she embarked on her solo traveling journey. 

In addition, her travel blog includes tips on taking great videos and photographs, a list of destinations to explore, beauty tips, and many more.

21. Wandering Earl

Wandering Earl Travel Resource Blog Website

Wandering Earl is a personal travel blog of Derek. His travel stories expand over 100 countries and 6 continents.

In addition, he wants to inspire a lot of people who are in the dilemma of traveling. So, he started his tour company Wandering Earl Tours after getting a lot of requests from readers to organize the tours.

22. HoneyTrek

HoneyTrek Extraordinary Travel Blog

HoneyTrek is the blog of Mike and Annie Howard, which tells about their world’s longest honeymoon journey. They have been traveling the world for more than a decade.

Furthermore, they initially started the journey on a 7 continent trip to inspire people to travel. Also, they have published two books with all the stories of their journey.

23. P.S. I’m On My Way

P.S. I'm On My Way Travel Blog Website Example

P.S. I’m On My Way is the personal travel blog of Trisha, a Philippines native. She fell in love with traveling at 18 during her trip to Hong Kong with her siblings.

Moreover, it also mentions how in 2012, she quit her fashion school and traveled to Europe and Latin America without informing her mom. Later, she got hired by the Israel tourism board and started living in Aviv, leaving Hong Kong.

24. Anywhere We Roam

Anywhere We Roam Blog Website

Anywhere We Roam is a travel site founded by Mark and Paul, sharing their adventurous and curious traveling experiences. They started the blog to inspire travelers to untapped locations making traveling more sustainable, accessible, and a whole lot fun. You can find awesome guides, interviews, and photographs of some of the remote travel destinations.

25. This is Finland

This is Finland Blog Website

This is Finland is a tourism website produced by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. And it’s published by the Finland Promotional Board. This blog aims to nourish tourism in Finland by promoting culture and travel destinations.

In addition, the blog promotes businesses, arts, culture, and various facts about the country. For example, an article shares the recipes for Finland’s authentic food items.

26. Travels of Adam

Travel Of Adam Blog Website Example

Travels of Adam is a lifestyle blog for men and stylish travelers. Adam is a hipster travel blogger who once worked as a graphics designer.

After quitting his job, he started traveling the world and changed his life. You can find travel guides according to cities, hotels, museums, and many more.

27. Helen in Wonderlust

Hellen in Wonderlust Travel Blog

Helen in Wonderlust is a travel website that includes guides providing all the necessary information on traveling. The founder of this website Helen started her journey back in 2009 after quitting her corporate job.

She traveled all over Africa, traveling and working as a tour guide. She launched the website in 2013, intending to inspire people to travel to Africa.

To help you out, make sure to look into the best travel blog WordPress themes.

D. Fashion & Lifestyle Blog Website Examples

28. Vogue 

Vogue Fashion and Celebrity Lifestyle Blog Website

Vogue is a world-renowned media in fashion and lifestyle. They primarily focus on worldwide fashion trends and serve verified content to visitors. You can also learn about the latest celebrity fashion with the help of the blog.

Also, the blog closely follows the beauty industry. So, you can find various sections covering hairs, makeup, nails, skin, wellness, and many more.

29. ELLE

ELLE Fashion Blog Website

ELLE is a fashion blog that covers and writes about international fashion and beauty trends. Also, the blogsite heavily promotes black beauty. They have a special category with the name “State of Back Beauty.”

Additionally, you’ll get incredible shopping tips for shoes, bags, dresses, and many more. Also, you can subscribe to their newsletter to stay more updated about the site.

30. FashionBeans

FashionBeans Blog Website Example

FashionBeans is a men’s fashion blog website where you can find new styles and the latest fashion trends. In addition, the blog has a hairstyle section and other buying guides.

Furthermore, there are subtopics focusing on attachments like watches, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, etc. Moreover, you can subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated.

31. Corporette

Corporette Fashion Blog Website

Corporette is a women’s lifestyle and fashion blog that serves women who want to look stylish and professional at the same time. The site was launched by Kat Griffin in 2009 while working as a litigator in a Wall Street law firm. She now runs the site full-time.

You can find various categories in the blog like shopping guides for suits, heels, work, home wear, etc. In addition, many of her blogs give career advice to women.

32. Cup Of Joe

Cup Of Jo Daily Lifestyle Blog Examples

Cup of Joe is a daily women’s lifestyle magazine that focuses on topics like style, fashion, travel, etc. Also, the site has 4 million monthly visitors globally and donates part of its income to different foundations. Also, they have an all-women team that handles the blog.

Furthermore, there are different sections in the blogs. You’ll find the dating tips section fascinating in the Relationship category with best advice, breakup advice, etc.

33. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy example of lifestyle Blog Website

Apartment Therapy is a popular website that helps the audience to create their ideal home. Also, they have a 22 million monthly global audience and have received the prestigious Webby Award. The site was initially launched as “the apartment therapist” in 2001.

Furthermore, you can have house tours via videos that are on the blog site. Also, you can find blogs on “How To” on cleaning, packing, smart hacks, and many more. 

34. Bright Bazaar

Bright Bazaar Fashion and Lifestyle Blog Example

Bright Bazaar is a blog that focuses on interior design, travel, everyday style, and more. The blog owner, Will, has been working as a content creator since 2009. You can also subscribe to Smile Mail, a bi-weekly e-newsletter.

In addition, the lifestyle category covers life in New York City. You can follow detailed blogs and explore the city, about the seasons in the city, happening places, and more.

35. Rookie Moms


Rookie Moms is a parenting website that helps mothers (mothers-to-be) to help raise their children. Also, they provide all the guides and resources needed to raise children. It has been helping moms over a decade.

In addition, the website features tips and guides from experienced moms. Also, you can get all the help till your children reach pre-school. Furthermore, you can find baby gear like strollers, baby bassinet, rockers, and many more.

36. Color Me Courtney

Color Me Courtney - Blog Website Examples

Color me Courtney is a vibrant fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, and culture media company. It’s designed to inspire others to “Dress Outside the Lines”, promote self-confidence, celebrate inclusivity, and embrace the particular quirks that make you unique.

You can see different sections, which include style, adventure, lifestyle, reels, TikTok, shop, etc. Also, you can contact them for collaboration, blogging advice, queries, etc.

37. LoveAndLifeToolbox


LoveAndLifeToolbox is a trusted blog that contributes articles, tips, tools, and other resources related to emotional health and relationships. There are also online courses available for relationships, healthier and happier lives.

Moreover, you can purchase various books from its website under the “The Toolbox Store” menu. Along with that, you’re able to subscribe to its newsletter as well for updates.

38. The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman blog website consists of new content, including recipes, shopping tips, design ideas, style tips, beauty, and more. Not only that, but it also covers the stories of dogs, holidays,  ranch, husband of this site’s owner, etc.

Further, you can also check out “The Pioneer Woman Products” in its hamburger menu and surf through various products. Also, it lets you participate in giveaways or view its previous ones.

39. He Spoke Style

He Spoke Style - Blog Website Examples

He Spoke Style had established itself as a go-to online resource for high-quality men’s fashion. It includes clothing, footwear, accessories, and season categories for styles. 

It provides practical style advice, outfit ideas, product reviews, and trend analysis. Further, you can explore its “Articles” menu to keep up with the trendy things. It updates you with several things like gadgets, trends, lifestyle, etc. 

Next, also see if any of our best WordPress themes for fashion blogs help you get started!

E. Health and Fitness Blog Website Examples

40. MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal is a leading website that provides resources in nutrition tracking. In its blog, you can find different menus that include recipes, nutrition for sports, eating psychology, weight loss ways, essential fitness guides, etc.

Moreover, it also comes with inspirational success stories to attract your interest in fitness. You can also submit your own victory story to this website to inspire more people.

41. Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness

Yet another health and fitness blog Nerd Fitness contains various articles on healthy habits and different diet plans. You can check the “Free Articles” menu on their website, where even beginners can follow and plan their diet.

Moreover, you can get a private coach from this blog website. All you need to do is take a quiz, and you can decide within 60 seconds. And follow up with suitable exercise and customized diet plans.

42. Born Fitness Blog

Born Fitness Blog- Website Examples

Born Fitness Blog is intended to deliver better information tailored to your specific needs. It provides a simplified solution while offering hands-on assistance that makes health inclusive. 

Further, it has various categories like born fitness, fitness, nutrition, recipes, success stories, and wellness. Also, you can find the guide you want to enroll in and apply for coaching directly from the website.

43. Carrot ‘N’ Cake

Carrot 'N' Cake - Blog Site Examples

Carrot ‘N’ Cake blog shares information regarding nutrition and fitness via different ways. It includes posts, articles, podcasts, and so on.

Further, you can find different options in the “Blog” dropdown menu in this blog. It includes various categories such as weight loss posts, nutrition, recipes, colitis, etc. Hence, you can easily search the article on a specific topic with such easy categorization.

44. The Fitnessista Blog

The Fitnessista Blog

The Fitnessista Blog is a healthy lifestyle blog that focuses on quick workouts, simple recipes, wife and motherhood adventures. It also contains tons of articles on beauty and skincare DIY, guides on workouts, gluten-free foods, etc.

Moreover, this blog is beautifully designed and has used each and every section carefully. You can quickly explore small descriptions, useful articles, including ads in the sidebar. 

We also have a list of the best health blog WordPress themes for you to get started!

F. Food Blog Website Examples

45. Minimalist Baker

Minimalist baker - Blog Website Examples

Minimalist Baker blog website shares simple recipes that require 10 ingredients or less. You can search its recipes using filters like the season, special diet, cuisine, simple factor, ingredient, etc. 

You can also find a shop menu on its site to purchase items like kitchen essentials, pantry items, and more. Also, you can get its cookbook from Amazon, Powell’s Books, Indie Bound, and so on.

46. Pinch Of Yum

Pinch Of Yum

Pinch Of Yum strives to focus on the real foods and healthy dishes designed for everyday life. On the “Recipes” menu, you can find a lot of food recipes which include a variety of dishes from sweets to spicy. 

Also, go to the “Start Here” menu, and you get to search for recipes for any food items like pasta, vegan, healthy, etc. Or, you can view all the recipes and surf among them to find yours.    

47. Cookie and Kate

Cookie and Kate - Blog Website Examples

Cookie and Kate blog is dedicated to promoting healthy food. It focuses on real, sustainable cuisine and also satisfies the taste while nourishing the body. Mostly, it includes vegan recipes rather than having meat and stuff.

Also, you can buy its cookbook from different eCommerce websites. And, to shop its product, you can visit Amazon. You can also subscribe to this blog for new updates, posts, releases, and product launches.

48. Eater

Eater - Food Blog Website Examples

Eater is a go-to site for anyone interested in dining and drinking in America’s most major food cities. On the “Cities” option of the navbar, you can find various cities from which you can find special restaurants famous for special dishes.

Not only that, it includes homemade dishes with recipes and other cooking advice. Also, you can shop for different products on its website, such as wines, clothing merch, sticker, water bottles, etc.

49. Our Food Stories

Our Food Stories

Our Food Stories is a blog handled by Laura Muthesius & Nora Eisermann. They works as a food stylist and a photographer. They share various homemade recipes while presenting food in a stylish way with high-end images.

They also give you their home and studio tours, including design tales, especially the interior, home decors, kitchen decors, etc. Also, you can see their travel recipes and dinner stories as well.

G. Photography Blog Website Examples

50. David duChemin

David duChemin - Photography Blog Website Examples

David deChemin is a world humanitarian assignment photographer, best-selling author, digital publisher, and international workshop. In his blog, David duChemin, you can see the experiences of a restless and adventurous life.

You can see amazing photographs from all 7 continents such as savannah, north, bear, fathoms, pilgrim, shepherd, etc. Also, you can purchase his books on his adventurous journey directly from the website.

51. Photofocus


Photofocus provides content from the most accomplished photographers, unique artists, and recognized business leaders in the photography industry. This blog gives you insights into original and educational content. 

Besides, it shows different tutorials on how to shoot different views and use different devices for photography. Also, there are product reviews that are related to photography materials.

52. Feature Shoot

Feature Shoot

Feature Shoot highlights the work of international emerging and established photographers who are transforming the medium through captivating, cutting-edge projects. You can see the current work in all genres of photography. 

Moreover, you can surf through the interviews of competent photographers, their journey, experiences, etc. Also, it provides different opportunities for photographers to win different competitions.

53. Photography Blog

Photography Blog

Photography Blog impartially reviews the latest products of photography resources. Along with that, it reports on movies, photography news, etc., and also compares products deciding which is the best one.

Moreover, this blog is the contribution of lots of competitive photographers. Therefore, the content it provides can give you an idea of which products to use from different angels for your photography stuff.

54. Joe McNally Photography Blog

Joe McNally Photography Blog

Joe McNally is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed photographer known for technically excellent photography. Therefore, on the Joe McNally Photography Blog, McNally shares different news and stories about photography. 

You can also check out different events, workshops, seminars, and lectures to participate in. Those events usually include ongoing tips and strategies for hands-on shooting, taking your skills to the next level.

H. Wedding Blog Website Examples

55. Junebug Weddings

Junebug Weddings - Blog Website Examples

Junebug Weddings blog comes with different tales and experiences of weddings. You can find different guides for the wedding, tips & tools, rehearsal, types of weddings, styles, decorations, etc. 

On top of that, you can simply search the vendors near you and plan out your wedding directly from this website. It includes all the planning checklists such as photographers, venues, videographers, florists, etc.

56. One Fab Day

One Fab Day - Wedding Blog Website Examples

One Fab Day is one of the popular wedding websites in Ireland with thousands of articles and hundreds of real wedding stories. It brings creative inspiration and ideas for brides & grooms, and DIY crafts and style guidance. 

Further, it also guides you to the best honeymoon spot across the world. They offer you some interesting and alternative honeymoon ideas within your budget.

57. Bridal Musings

Bridal Musings

Bridal Musings is a stylish wedding blog that updates you with beautiful, innovative ideas, inspiring photography, DIY projects, etc. This is the website where brides and grooms can come for advice on their rings, veils, shoes, dresses, etc.

On the “Planning” option of the navbar, you can find varieties of ideas for celebrating your wedding. It includes bachelorette party ideas, ceremony readings, expert advice, and so on.

I. DIY Blog Website Examples

58. Say Yes

Say Yes - DIY Blog Website Examples

Say Yes is one of the leading women’s lifestyle blogs that comes with unique ideas for DIY hacks. Their team of brilliant women comes up with the best quality content to share with you in different areas.

Moreover, you can find several DIY ideas categorized into the family, taste, home travel, etc. Also, it contains sponsored content, partnerships, and much more.

59. Remodelaholic


Remodelaholic blog is all about DIY that provides advice and assistance on how to complete a project for your home or family. You can mostly find remodeling projects with complete details.

It helps you to make improvements to your home within the budget by yourself and inspires you to create new spaces and remodel old ones. Furthermore, it comes with different color, decors, etc. that might suit your space.

60. Almost Makes Perfect

Almost Makes Perfect

Almost Makes Perfect is one of the best blog website examples for DIY, where you can find different things that you can do on your own. Such as temporary tattoos, painted circle shelves, dinnerware, craft supplies, etc.

Along with that, you can find the stories in different sections like interiors, motherhood, travel, style, printables, and more. Also, you can purchase items like kids faves, house faves, my product, etc. from the “Shop” section.

61. The House That Lars Built

The House That Lars Built

The House That Lars Built is another DIY blog website example where it not only shows the DIY process but also gives you different guides. It includes design, arts, decors, styles, interiors, etc.

Moreover, in its Shop section, you can purchase many different products and some DIY products. Further, you can learn drawings, DIY, arts, and more from its course section.

62. Collective Gen

Collective Gen - Blog Website Examples

Collective Gen is a blog founded by Geneva, a photographer, stylist, and content creator. Her blog  shares her thoughts and ideas regarding style, home, life, and travel.

Also, there are plenty of DIY projects for creative minds. It mainly focuses on upcycling the house, creating spaces, and decorating it with DIYs. Further, you can check its different categories like popular, essentials, zero waste, wellness, and much more.

J. Education Blog Website Examples

63. Ted Blog

TED Blog - Education Blog Website Examples

Ted Blog is one of the best educational blog website examples, where it looks for talks on a different field. Like technology, entertainment, design, science, business, global issues, the arts, and other topics.

You can find various news, lives, and much more on this blog site. Also, you can search any keyword, and the related news results will be available where mostly the live talks are included.

64. Harvard Gazette

Harvard Gazette

Harvard Gazette is the blog site that is the official news website for Harvard University. It covers campus life and events, university challenges, policies, innovations in science, teaching, and learning, and broader national and global concerns.

It also aids in the distribution of stories produced by the University affiliates. Therefore, students from all around the globe can be updated with the ongoing programs. 

65. TeachThought


TeachThought blog website has different articles on trendy topics like technology, mobile learning, personality development, critical thinking, and so on. It comes with categorized articles like popular, recent, critical thinking, project based, etc.

You can join a membership that comes in a various package from this blog site. There, you can learn the strategies, leadership, and research provided with various resources.

66. Edutopia

Edutopia - Blog Website Examples

Edutopia is another educational blog website example that provides a place for students, parents, teachers, administrators, policymakers, etc., an empowerment to improve education.

It shares information from sensitive to the most general topic. From this blog’s articles, you can find that students are engaged and that their voice matters, including their assessments. 

67. The Edvocate

The Edvocate

The Edvocate is devoted to education equity, reform, and innovation. Here, you can find many colleges and universities, programs, assessments, technology, leadership, and so on. 

Moreover, it comes with various product reviews of different educational apps. Also, you can quickly get access to those apps such as College GPA Calculator, High School GPA Calculator, etc.

K. Business Blog Website Examples

68. Mashable

Mashable - Business Blog

Mashable is a global media company that comes with a passionate blog website about culture, entertainment, and tech. You can get recent news of different industries with categorized section which makes easier to surf.

It offers smart, spirited coverage of stories along with various deals. Those deals offer some discounts while purchasing electronic devices. Plus, before purchasing, you can have details of the features and benefits of the device.

69. I Will Teach You How To Be Rich

I Will Teach You How To Be Rich

I Will Teach You How To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi comes with a lot of articles. Those articles guide how to be rich and utilize your money better. 

Along with that, it provides free resources that help grow your business, money, career, and productivity to live your rich life. Moreover, it has included various success stories which can inspire you to dream big and achieve more.

70. Copyblogger

Copyblogger - Business Blog Website Examples

Copyblogger is yet another business blog website that helps you enter in the world of content marketing. You can find various guides on how to start with content marketing and become successful in it.

Besides, you get to find certified content marketers on this site. So, you can hire a content marketer from the list it has provided for your company to create high-quality digital content.

  • Topics Covered: Guides on content marketing and provide certified content marketers to hire from.
  • Target Audience: Anyone who is interested in content marketing, the company that wants qualified digital content creators.
  • Post on the Blog: How to Overcome Writer’s Block with Neuroscience.
  • Visit the Blog: Copyblogger

71. Entrepreneur


Entrepreneur blog helps to build and grow new entrepreneurs’ businesses across Asia Pacific regions. It includes varieties of content in tech, wealth, and starting a business.

With this blog, you can gain vast knowledge and information while surfing through its articles. Besides, it also has included stories of successful women entrepreneurs with inspiring tales of their journey.

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That’s all, folks! We’ve arrived at the end of this article with the best blog website examples. 

We’ve discussed 70+ blog website examples to get you inspired for creating a new blog in 2022. Also, with their details like highlighted topics on their blog website, their social media accounts, and so on for more clear examples. 

Also, we hope this article helped you to find the best blog website examples. If you’ve more examples to add to our list, which is also a blog website, then please mention them in the comment section. 

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