21 Best Storybrand Website Examples for Inspiration 2022

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Best Storybrand Website Examples

Are you eager to know some of the best storybrand website examples for inspiration? If yes, then you’ve landed precisely on the right page. 

These days, every business wants its website to stand out and deliver a strong message about its brand. They aim for great conversion rates, an engaging user experience, along with an appealing website.

And that’s exactly where story branding comes into play. Since websites that use story branding facilitate a good user experience and boost turnover rates.

Hence, keeping that in mind, we’ve compiled a handpicked list of some of the best storybrand website examples. This can serve as a valuable reference for creating your storybrand website.

Now, let’s dig in!

What is a Storybrand Website? 

Before moving further, let’s explore a bit about what the storybrand website actually is.

Taking a look at its history, StoryBrand is a framework designed to assist firms in organizing their primary marketing message. It was developed by Donald Miller and published in his book Building a StoryBrand in 2017.

Introducing Storybrand Website
Introducing Storybrand Website

Simply, you can understand a storybrand website as such a website that effectively connects with the audience and markets a good or service.

Precisely, it employs the basic structure of a good story. That includes characters, emotions, issues, direction, and a solution. All to persuade the site visitors to purchase the product or service.

Thus, a story branding website is a marketing tactic. It provides a framework to follow when designing your primary website to create a brand story.

Why Do You Need a Storybrand Website?

The following are some of the main justifications for why you require a storybrand website:

  • Connects you with your prospects and customers, which may lead to higher conversion.
  • Eliminates confusion, clarifies your message, and encourages your audience to take the appropriate next action.
  • Deliberately draw attention to the qualities that set you apart. Additionally, this makes it easier for you to outperform your rivals.
  • Serves as the easiest method to bridge the gap, show honesty, and foster more sincere interactions with site visitors.
  • Makes all the difference when it comes to exposing your brand to your ideal fit or prospects.

Having said that, let’s get into the list of best storybrand website examples.

21 Best Storybrand Website Examples for Inspiration 2022

Below, we’ve listed some of the best storybrand website examples out there that you can use as inspiration to create your website. Now go check them out!

1. The Friday Habit

The Friday Habit Storybrand Website

The Friday Habit is a productivity-focused podcast website that clearly conveys the issues its customers are concerned with. 

The founders of this website Benjamin and Mark put themselves in the position of their target audience. Especially by using phrases like “we know how hard it can be to make your business a priority.” Along with that, it uses a call to action button like ‘Listen to the Podcast’.

  • Niche Covered: Businesses, Productivity, and Self-Help.
  • Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, Business People, and Learners.
  • Social Media Channels: YouTube and Apple Podcasts
  • Visit Website: The Friday Habit

2. Kathy Washburn

Kathy Washburn Website

Kathy Washburn is a life coach who offers speaking engagements, team-building exercises, and individual coaching to cancer survivors.

Her website is an appealing and artistic representation of her personality. Further, this makes it apparent what Kathy does. Additionally, she employs a theme with an attractive touch, simple navigation, and a clear subscription message.

  • Niche Covered: Psychology, Coaching, Training, and Speaking.
  • Target Audience: Cancer Survivors and Individuals seeking help.
  • Social Media Handle: LinkedIn
  • Visit Website: Kathy Washburn

3. ZenFounder

Zenfounder Storybrand Website Examples

Founded by Sherry Walling, ZenFounder is quite an interesting and lively website that has employed story branding. It provides various advisory services, podcasts, and other resources. Consequently, this aids entrepreneurs in succeeding in both business and life. And this website has precisely portrayed that.

  • Niche Covered: Consulting, Podcast, Books, Articles.
  • Target Audience: Entrepreneurs
  • Social Media Handle: Twitter and Facebook 
  • Visit Website: ZenFounder

4. Ox and Pine

Ox and Pine Storybrand Website Example

Ox and Pine is an eCommerce website created by Stephanie. Before launching her firm in 2014, she spent years learning leatherworking and bookbinding. She now sells leather-related products on her website. This website employs a hero section with call-to-action buttons and social proof to create an ideal brand story.

  • Niche Covered: Leather Products like Accessories, Wallets, Bags, Hats, etc. 
  • Target Audience: Customers who use Leather products.
  • Social Media Handle: Facebook and Instagram
  • Visit Website: Ox and Pine

5. Speech Sisters

Speech Sisters Website Example

The two speech therapists sisters Brooke & Bridget collectively created the Speech Sisters website. It focuses on various speech courses that can help parents to make their babies talk. 

Moreover, you can easily find the available courses right from the navigation menu. It also has testimonials from the parents who joined the course explaining the effectiveness of the learnings. Consequently, this has helped the brand to build trust in its story branding.

  • Niche Covered: Online Speech and Language Courses. 
  • Target Audience: Parents of Babies and Toddlers
  • Social Media Handle: Facebook and Instagram
  • Visit Website: Speech Sisters

6. Building Champions

Building Champions Website

Building Champions helps people, teams, and entire organizations realize their leadership potential. All through customized coaching solutions. 

This website has great potential with a fun and inviting layout with a vibrant color scheme. At the same time, it’s entertaining and portrays usefulness. It allows potential clients to quickly learn about who they are, what they do, and how to contact them.

  • Niche Covered: Coaching, Workshop, Podcast, and Books.
  • Target Audience: Leaders, Teams, and Organizations
  • Social Media Handle: Twitter and Facebook
  • Visit Website: Building Champions

7. The Restore Network

The Restore Network Website Example

Under the executive direction of Katie Myette, The Restore Network is a privately run firm. It has long worked with child welfare organizations and court personnel.

This website has a striking image connecting the direct cause of the foundation’s efforts with the outcomes. Anyone can find clear information on what they do and why it is important. Further, expressing the all-important StoryBrand website message.

8. DuraDry

Duradry Storybrand Website Example

DuraDry is an eCommerce website that sells its main skin care products with its 3-step system module. It has quite a catchy title that helps to instantly connect with the targeted prospects. Further, its call to action button is clearly highlighted which makes the site visitors move forward to the second step. 

  • Niche Covered: eCommerce website focused on Skin Care products.
  • Target Audience: Customers seeking sweat marks treatment.
  • Social Media Handle: Instagram and TikTok
  • Visit Website: DuraDry

9. Motivated Mornings

Motivated Mornings Website

Motivated Mornings is a virtual coworking group that aims to increase employee productivity. You can find all the standard story branding elements on this site. Such as laying out the problem, providing the audience with a strategy, and calling the customer. This makes it a wonderful example of the StoryBoard structure in action.

  • Niche Covered: Accountability, Community, and Productivity coaching.
  • Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, Artists, Students, and Professionals.
  • Social Media Handle: Facebook and Instagram
  • Visit Website: Motivated Mornings

10. The Happy Sleeper

The Happy Sleeper Website

The Happy Sleeper is a website that sells on-demand sleep courses. It was founded by two Psychotherapists, Julie and Heather. 

This website crafts a basic, successful brand story narrative by explaining new parents’ problems in bullet points. Plus, it doesn’t fill the page with advertising. Moreover, it has a simple layout, relaxing color palette, and appealing appearance that makes it stand out from the rest. 

  • Niche Covered: Sleep Classes, Consults, Books, and Workshops.
  • Target Audience: Parents of babies.
  • Social Media Handle: Instagram
  • Visit Website: The Happy Sleeper

11. Rob Jinks Photography

Rob Jinks Photography

Rob Jinks Photography captures important moments in a wedding, engagement, and family photography. This website is both elegant and daring. It adheres to the StoryBrand concept to connect with its audience and focus on its objectives. 

It exhibits Rob’s excellent work while also clearly outlining his services. Furthermore, the call-to-action button makes it perfectly clear how to request pricing and availability.

  • Niche Covered: Wedding, Elopement, and Family Photography.
  • Target Audience: Couples
  • Social Media Handle: Facebook
  • Visit Website: Rob Jinks Photography

12. Cutting Edge Catering

Cutting Edge Catering Storybrand Website Example

Cutting Edge Catering is another live storybrand website that you can check out that prioritizes its customers. Precisely, it’s a quality catering website for weddings and events.

For instance, you can consider their wedding-related section on their website. They entirely concentrated on the most essential person at any wedding, the bride, on the wedding page. This particular section helps you feel loved, relaxed, and ready to enjoy your day stress-free. Consequently, resulting in more conversion rates.

13. High Voltage Leadership

High Voltage Leadership Website Example

Founded by Lindsay White, High Voltage Leadership employs StoryBranding designs. To be precise, it includes the usage of a photograph of the company’s CEO. This is wonderful since it adds a personal touch and gives the impression that they are interacting with you.

  • Niche Covered: Leadership, Positive Intelligence, Coaching, and Podcast. 
  • Target Audience: Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
  • Social Media Handle: Facebook and Instagram
  • Visit Website: High Voltage Leadership

14. Made to Impact

Made to Impact Website

Made to Impact is a unique employee benefits program that encourages employees to save money and plan their financial life. 

The website employs an aesthetically beautiful ‘block’ arrangement to demonstrate the program’s benefits. Furthermore, in the ‘Program Benefits’ section of the website, the story exactly is portrayed as why to join the program. Other than that, the CTAs are built with simple colors, short content, and bordered buttons.

15. Murphy Marketing

Murphy Marketing Storybrand Website Example

Murphy Marketing is a marketing-focused website created by StorySite and Katie Lantukh. It provides copywriting services for large corporations. 

This website is user-friendly and modern, effectively communicating their services and displaying their work. You can easily find out about their services, work, and related blogs right from the navigation. Not to mention, it has quite a catchy call-to-action button to book an appointment. 

16. Axiom Virtual Tours

Axiom Virtual Tours Website

Axiom Virtual Tours develops virtual tours and image photography to assist realtors and brokerages in marketing their properties. It was founded by Heidi Braun, Bruce Fuller, and Belind Fuller.

This website interestingly highlights their advanced virtual technology. Further, it makes booking a tour easy for potential clients. Also, you can find easy site navigation along with a clear message of services offered, mission, clients testimonial, and working process. Ultimately, creating a perfect brand story.

  • Niche Covered: Virtual Technology, Photography, and Property Marketing.
  • Target Audience: Real-estate Agents, and Brokers.
  • Social Media Handle: Facebook
  • Visit Website: Axiom Virtual Tours

17. Organic Traditions

Organic Traditions Storybrand Website

Organic Traditions is an eCommerce website that follows the storybrand structure to sell its goods. You can find various recipes that you can follow using their products to create scrumptious delicacies. Also, the ‘Shop by’ section in its navigation helps you explore the collection of all superfoods easily. 

  • Niche Covered: Organic Food Products, and Recipes.
  • Target Audience: Consumers and Individuals
  • Social Media Handle: Facebook and Twitter
  • Visit Website: Organic Traditions

18. The Perk

The Perk Website

The Perk delivers coaching and training to elevate a team’s trust and performance from adequate to excellent. Leah Roe is the founder of this website and is a leadership coach and culture consultant.

This website is presented in a colorful, engaging manner that clearly promotes its services while also displaying its brand personality. Further, it has a compelling call-to-action button that persuades visitors to take their next step.

  • Niche Covered: Coaching and Training.
  • Target Audience: Team and Individuals
  • Social Media Handle: LinkedIn
  • Visit Website: The Perk

19. Executive Impact

Executive Impact Storybrand Website Examples

Executive Impact is concerned with the development of leaders and the formation of leadership dream teams. 

This website’s problem section briefly covers a few challenges that leaders confront and can identify with in need of solutions for. This communicates to them that Executive Impact understands their issues and is likely to have the solutions they require.

20. Adorn Nashville

Adorn Nashville Website Example

Adorn Nashville serves brides in finding the right wedding gown. Its Hero segment has a lovely film of a bride in a variety of outfits. Moreover, the tag reads, “Find the dress you’ll remember forever.” This immediately grabs the page visitor’s attention and prompts them to arrange an appointment or see the designers.

21. Thrive Couples Counseling

Thrive Couples Counselling Storybrand Website Example

Thrive Couples Counseling is another website that smartly follows the story branding structure in its website. Its solution section understands that relationships are complex. And, further, present how they can assist and show up their statement using a trust-building clip from a counselor.

And that’s it with the list of best storybrand website examples. Now, let’s move forward to the following tutorial.

How to Create Your Storybrand Website? (Step-by-Step Guide)

You’ll be glad to know that you don’t need to hire a web developer to create a website from scratch. With the help of various website builders, it’s quite simple to create one on your own. In fact, these website builders are extremely adaptable because of advancement and regular updates.

As a result, creating any type of website is simple, including storybrand websites. So, in this section, we’ll briefly walk you through a quick tutorial on how to build a storybrand website.

Step 1: Choose the Right Website Platform for Your Storybrand Website

As mentioned earlier, there are many website builders out there in the market. Among them, we adore WordPress the most.

In a sentence, WordPress is the most potent CMS (Content Management System) and it runs more than 43% of websites on the internet. 

WordPress CMS Platform
WordPress CMS Platform

With the large selection of themes to design your storybrand, you can craft a layout that properly reflects your brand. Along with that, you can use various plugins to enhance the functioning of your storybrand website. 

Step 2: Purchase a Domain Name and Web Hosting

The next step is to purchase a domain name and web hosting. Simply put, a domain is a name that you want to give your storybrand website. For example, our website name is, which is our domain name.

Custom Domain Name Example (
Domain Name Example (

Similarly, hosting is a place where all your website files are kept. There are several trustworthy hosting service providers available. 

Bluehost Web Hosting Provider
Bluehost Web Hosting Provider

Nevertheless, Bluehost is one of the best hosting providers on the market with competitive pricing and superior features. Therefore, we strongly advise using them.

Step 3: Set Up Your Storybrand Website on WordPress

Following all the hosting-related process is completed, you’ll be routed to the WordPress login page. Whereby, you need to simply log in to your dashboard

WordPress Login Page
WordPress Login Page

Not to add, Bluehost automatically sets up WordPress for you. Therefore, you can avoid the headache of manual installation. So, you’ll have access to the WordPress admin dashboard right after the installation.

WordPress Dashboard Admin Area
WordPress Dashboard

Design Your Storybrand Website

The exciting part of creating your storybrand website now begins. As previously mentioned, you need a WordPress theme that’ll set out a framework or say layout for your storybrand website. 

Thankfully, there are various elegant and beautiful WordPress themes available in both free and paid versions. If you’d like us to recommend one, then we suggest using Astra. It’s one of the most well-liked versatile themes, perfect for building any kind of website. 

Astra Theme
Astra Theme

You might love to check out our Astra theme review for more information in-depth.

To install the theme, simply begin by searching for ‘Astra’ right from your WordPress dashboard. Then, ‘Install’ and ‘Activate’ it. 

Install Astra Theme
Install Astra Theme

Following that, you can precisely tailor the theme to match the vision of your storybrand the way you like. 

Do check our detailed tutorial guide on how to install a WordPress theme for rigorous guidance.

Enhance the Functionality of Your Storybrand Website

Now, you can install various WordPress plugins to enhance the functionality of your storybrand website.

For instance, you can use various contact form plugins like WPForms to create various kinds of forms. 

Adding Plugins
Install Necessary Plugins

Other than that, you can also integrate various email marketing tools to stay in touch with your site visitors. All to create the exact storybrand website that you’ve envisioned.

Do check our detailed tutorial guide on how to install a WordPress plugin for rigorous guidance.

Step 4: Add Your Content per Storybranding & Publish Your Site

Finally, the final step is to create specific and targeted content for your website visitors. To do so, navigate to Posts > Add New from the dashboard menu. 

Add New Post
Add New Post

Afterward, start adding the content. Again, remember to follow the story branding principles while adding content. It should answer majorly 3 key factors.

  • Interest – Does it pique the interest of prospects? Or make individuals wonder how your product or service will help them improve their lives?
  • Understanding – Can they believe you are the one who can serve them and solve their problem?
  • Commitment – Can your website content persuade a potential customer to take a risk buying your product or service?
Publish your Storybrand Website
Publish your Storybrand Website

Once you’re done, hit the ‘Publish’ button. And your storybrand website is ready to go!

For more rigorous and comprehensive guidance, you must definitely check out our article on how to create a website. This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide to creating your brand story website from scratch. 


And that’s it, folks! We’ve come to the end of our article best storybrand website examples for inspiration. 

Hopefully, we expect the above-mentioned storybrand website examples were fruitful to you serving you as a guide to creating your brand story website.

Do let us know which of the mentioned storybrand website examples inspired you the most in the comment section below. 

If you have any confusion regarding creating a site of your own, then do let us know without any hesitation. We’re happy to guide you out. 

You might like our other guide articles on digital marketing and email marketing to further finetune your storybrand website.

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