Wix vs Bluehost – Which is Better for Your Next Website?

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Wix vs Bluehost

Do you want to know the differences between Wix vs Bluehost? If you’re unsure what’s the use of these two platforms, then don’t go anywhere.

Every beginner gets a little bit overwhelmed when setting up a website for the first time. You’ll find different hosting services and website builders out there, and it can be tough to know where to begin! 

However, two potential platforms available currently are Bluehost and Wix. Both these platforms come with a wide range of services to help you build and grow your website.

Now choosing whether Wix or Bluehost is right for you’ll mostly depend on your goals and objectives. 

To help you out, we came up with this comparison article to state the differences between Wix vs Bluehost. So, go through their features, integrations, cost, and support.

Now, let’s dive in!

A. What is Wix? – A Brief Introduction

Wix is an all-in-one platform that allows you to create your websites without dealing with any coding lines. It comes with a range of powerful tools and features needed for effective website creation, customization, hosting, marketing, and promotion.

Unlike Bluehost, Wix is a self-hosted solution that doesn’t require any external hosting plan. Since it provides its own hosting on cloud servers.

Wix Website Builder
Wix Website Builder

Wix was founded back in 2006. Since that time, it has been able to earn itself a reputation and currently powers over 4 million websites. Hence, you can use this website builder for the development of diverse project types – both personal and business. 

As mentioned above, Wix is a fully hosted platform and provides everything needed to build a website. Moreover, it offers a free subdomain that looks like

Similarly, Wix offers a dedicated eCommerce website builder called Wix eCommerce. It allows you to launch, run, and scale your online store with advanced eCommerce features.

Indeed, it provides high-end blogging and eCommerce features, a stunning template collection, and diverse promotion tools. Its powerful drag-and-drop tool allows you to build your website by selecting over 500 themes and customizing them as you like.

With the power of artificial intelligence, Wix’s ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) allows you to build a website exactly how you like. Basically, it’ll simply ask you a few questions and it’ll auto-generate the most appropriate website for you.

Wix allows you to create almost any type of website, including personal blogs, magazine websites, eCommerce stores, portfolios, and the list goes on. In addition, Wix also offers Wix SEO Wizard, logo maker, customer management, analytics, SSL certificates, etc.

B. What is Bluehost? – A Brief Introduction

Bluehost is a web hosting solution that allows you to build your dream website with advanced performance. It’s one of the best web hosting services that provide hosting solutions for different CMS platforms.

Moreover, Bluehost was launched back in 2003 by Matt Heaton and now it hosts over 2 million websites. Today, this company is owned by Endurance International Group.

Bluehost Hosting Service
Bluehost Website Hosting

As primarily, Wix is a popular website builder. However, in the case of Bluehost, it’s more of a web hosting provider. Nevertheless, Bluehost does provide other features for users to take advantage of. 

To your surprise, with the powerful combination of hosting and website builder tools, Bluehost becomes an all-in-one website provider! It gives you everything you need for building and growing your website.

Nonetheless, Bluehost does offer different types of hosting solutions to choose to run your website. Some of its web hosting solutions are:

Similarly, it comes with an extensive range of features and tools to host any kind of web project. Along with that, you’ll get high-end eCommerce apps, business add-ons, powerful customer support options, and reasonable pricing solutions.

Similarly, it comes with an extensive range of features and tools to host any kind of web project. Along with that, you’ll get high-end eCommerce apps, business add-ons, powerful customer support options, and reasonable pricing solutions.

Over time, Bluehost has been the #1 recommended hosting service for WordPress. Aside from that, you get a free domain, a free SSL certificate, unmetered traffic, unlimited bandwidth, and so on. In a nutshell, Bluehost is a trusted hosting provider and one of the most popular services in its niche.

To learn more in detail, here’s our complete review of Bluehost.

C. Quick Comparison Between Wix vs Bluehost

If you need to compare the two right away, then here is a quick side-by-side comparison. Have a glance!

Wix vs Bluehost BluehostWix 
Overall Rating(G2 Review)3.6/5 (239)4.2/5 (1554)
Ease of Use4/54.5/5
Value for Money4.5/54.5/5
Design and CustomizationLimitless customizationQuick and easy, but still stylish
PricingStarts at $2.95 per monthFree plan; price starts at $4.50/month
Cheapest Plan FeaturesFree domain for one year; 50 GB storage; Unmetered bandwidth; WordPress website builder.Free domain for one year;3 GB storage;2 GB bandwidth; Drag-and-drop site builder.
eCommerce FeaturesInclude shopping cart functionality, payment options integration, product management system, etc.Includes discount coupons, purchase funnel, top email campaign, custom metadata, etc.
SEOHas a team of SEO experts. Compatible with WP SEO pluginsBuilt-in SEO features with useful guidelines on how to set up the required parameters and reach the required result.
Help and SupportLive Chat, phone, email, WordPress assistants, and ticketing system.Huge Knowledge Base, priority support, and ticketing system.

D. Wix vs Bluehost – Features Comparison

The website platforms such as Wix and Bluehost come with rich features that can ease a website owner’s job. Besides, both solutions provide all the necessary tools required for successful results. Now, let’s compare Wix and Bluehost in terms of the core website builder features.

#1 Ease of Use

First, we’ll be looking at how easy it is to build a website. Here, we’ll compare both Wix and Bluehost on the ease of using them to build and host a website.

So, let’s start!

Is Wix Easy to Use?

Wix allows you to build any kind of website you want to create. It lets you create everything from a portfolio and resume to an eCommerce store.

The best thing is that once you’ve decided on your niche, it gives you two options for creating your website – Wix Editor and Wix ADI.

Wix Editor uses a powerful drag-and-drop tool that helps you easily build your website the way you want in real-time. With this editor, it’ll allow you to choose a template and customize it yourself.

Similarly, Wix ADI uses artificial intelligence to help its users generate a website. This second option is quite easier-to-use and beginner-friendly.

Getting Started with Wix
Getting Started with Wix

Wix ADI will generate a website based on a few questions about the type of website you’re creating and the features you want in it. However, this option won’t give you much room for personalization at the beginning.

The only good with Wix ADI is that it’ll generate your website in just a few clicks. Whereas with Wix Editor, you’ll get over 800+ templates to choose from and start customizing the design right away.

In addition, managing your website through Wix is quite easy as designing it. The Wix dashboard has everything right there for you from connecting your free domain to implementing SEO best practices.

Even more, Wix will help to host your website for you. So you won’t have to set that part up and focus on other important stuff. However, unlike Bluehost, Wix doesn’t come with as many server resources (like bandwidth and storage).

Nevertheless, Wix is one of the best website builders with ease of use and an unbeatable all-in-one package.

Is Bluehost Easy to Use?

To be honest, Bluehost is much more of a hosting provider, not a website builder. At the same time, it also comes with a WordPress-optimized server solution. With this, you can take the advantage of WordPress functionality for the fastest and easiest WordPress site building.

Unlike Wix, many beginners may not be confident enough to use WordPress on their own. As it comes with a slight learning curve that may take some time to be used to. 

Get Started with Bluehost
Get Started with Bluehost

Keeping this in mind, Bluehost offers a great solution to the problem with managed WordPress plans. In this, you’ll get all the resources and tools to create a website that’s uniquely your own.

As Bluehost has seamless integration with WordPress CMS so you don’t have to handle any setup. It comes with an automatic WordPress installation that installs the latest and most secure version of WordPress. 

To your ease, the hosting provider will take care of the system and plugin updates. You just need to make sure the feature is included in your plan.

Since Bluehost is 100% WordPress-compatible, you’ll get the same dashboard as in WordPress. You’ll find that the control panel is fully integrated with your website. This will make it easier to create new posts, and pages, add elements, customize the structure, etc.

As we know that WordPress gives ultimate freedom in terms of web development when used with Bluehost. It lets you edit HTML/CSS to implement the design or functionality of your own. 

Having said all that, you’ll still have to register a domain name and connect it to your account. Indeed, you’ll have to install the necessary plugins as well, as no WordPress theme comes with pre-installed apps.

Therefore, Bluehost is a comprehensive hosting provider that offers many hosting solutions and a domain registration service. 

The Winner – Wix

In comparison to Bluehost, Wix is much easier to use! As it comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop tool. With that, it requires absolutely no prior knowledge, and all of the technical stuff – including hosting – is taken care of for you.

#2 Third-Party Apps and Extensions 

Next, check out the integration of plugins and third-party apps in Wix and Bluehost platforms.

What Apps and Extensions Do Wix Integrate With?

To your surprise, Wix integrates with numerous versatile third-party apps and extensions. It comes with a couple of hundreds of plugins and calls them applications. These all apps are available in the Wix App Market

Unlike WordPress, Wix is not an open-source platform. Therefore, third-party developers cannot contribute to adding their applications to the app store. Hence, only the core team from Wix can add the applications to the store.

Wix App Market
Wix App Market

Inside the app market, you’ll find many free and paid widgets and extensions. According to your website specialization, you may pick those you need for your website. 

Since all the applications are only built by professionals, it comes in a limited number. Having said that, it’s still secure and reliable in comparison to most of the Bluehost extensions.

You’ll find a range of apps that varies from calendars, maps, and galleries to payment options, shipping and taxing apps, drop shipping, and more. Hence, one must be careful when choosing what application is suitable for their type of website.

Inside the app store, you can find the apps based on the following features and categories:

  • Sell Online – Wix Stores, Printify, Price Table, CJDropshipping
  • Services & Events – Events Calendar, Event Viewer, Google Event Calendar
  • Marketing & SEO – Simple Affiliate, Deepcrawl for Wix, Instagram Feed, Visitor Analytics
  • Design Elements – Countdown Timer, Located Map, Wix FAQ, Currency Converter
  • Communication – Constant Contact Form, Tidio, Trustpilot Reviews

Does Bluehost Integrate with Popular WordPress Plugins and Tools?

Bluehost comes with its own marketplace filled with applications and widgets ready to install with a click. It helps you enhance the functionality of your website. 

Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with a variety of strong extensions and site-enhancement tools. For instance, Jetpack, PayPal, Yoast SEO, Elementor, Instagram, and more.

Bluehost Integration with Plugins and Tools: Bluehost vs WordPress
Bluehost Integration with Plugins and Tools

In addition, it allows you to add as many features as you want to your website. For instance, you can add reservations, events calendar, chatbot, SEO and so much more. 

Other than that, you’ll find several free and paid website themes available in the Bluehost marketplace. Also, with the combination of WordPress itself, it seamlessly integrates with tons of  WordPress plugins.

The Winner – Bluehost

In a nutshell, Bluehost offers decent integrations and extensions on its hosting package. Especially when combined with WordPress, it offers an infinite number of plugins and extensions. Thus, Bluehost wins over Wix in this comparison.

#3 Theme Design and Customization Options

No doubt, creating a website from scratch is a challenge. Fortunately, website builders come with pre-made templates that simplify the website development process.

Thus, let’s get down to our business of comparing it to the design options battle of Wix vs Bluehost.

Does Wix Offer Different Templates for Any Website Type?

When it comes to theme design, Wix offers over 800 different templates for any website type. With Wix ADI, you can get 100% mobile-responsive websites. Meanwhile, with Wix editor, you’ll get mobile-friendly websites as well as edit the mobile version without affecting the original playout. 

Most of the templates come with pre-installed add-ons and apps based on the template you choose. When you’re working with Wix Editor, it allows you to add any new widget you want with no limits. Whereas in Wix ADI, you’ll have to work with a set of features offered by the system.

Wix Templates
Wix Templates

Wix also allows you to preview the website before it gets published and goes live on the internet. In this way, you can find out how your website looks on mobile and desktop devices. 

Apart from Wix ADI and Wix Editor, Wix has a newly launched website-building tool called Editor X mode. This is a high-end creation platform that combines cutting-edge responsive design with smooth drag and drop. However, Wix Editor X is still in Beta mode and will be fully launched in near future.

Likewise, when we look into Wix themes and templates, you’ll find different features integrated into them. For instance, currently, it has 14 options, including parallax, zoom, animation, rotate, scroll effect, and more.

Indeed, not knowing which design you should choose to achieve what you want can be a little confusing. Therefore, one must choose the appropriate templates and modes that work on your project development.

How Easy is It To Customize the Website with Bluehost?

Unlike Wix, Bluehost doesn’t come with ready-made themes and templates itself. However, for different CMS, you can get full access to the marketplace with thousands of themes. These include WordPress, OpenCart, Drupal, Weebly, and Joomla.

However, Bluehost is found to be used most often with WordPress. When Bluehost is integrated with WordPress, you’ll indeed be backed with many features to build your website.

Create WordPress Site Option in Bluehost Dashboard
Create a WordPress Site Option in Bluehost Dashboard

Among those, you can find tons of free and premium themes in the Bluehost marketplace. You’ll get access to free templates as part of your Bluehost plan. 

Similarly, premium WordPress themes cost somewhere around $30 and $150 depending on the layout. In fact, most of the themes you get with Bluehost are mobile-responsive. However, you must preview the themes before installing them.

Having said that, it gives complete freedom in terms of web designing and programming. Indeed, you can edit template code to get an additional button, resize the header, and more. However, to do so, you must require deep coding experience.

Also, it offers custom templates for creating various websites. Now you just need to pick any of them that suits your style and start building your site. 

For example, Bluehost website builder lets you choose from hundreds of free and paid WordPress themes. Thus, Bluehost is highly integrated with themes and gives good customization options.

Winner – Wix

In a nutshell, Wix websites are easier to design and come with their own website templates. However, Bluehost requires more advanced knowledge and doesn’t come with its own ready-made themes and templates.

#4 Website Security

Alongside, helping set up your website, these platforms must also protect your and your audience’s information online. Therefore, let’s compare the website security measures between Wix and Bluehost.

Is Wix Secure for Building a Website?

Unlike Bluehost, Wix is a fully-hosted platform. Therefore, it guarantees to take care of all the hosting and other management for your website. 

Wix is packed with many security features that are handled by the Wix team themselves. It takes responsibility for managing updates, and backups and securing your site. As a result, their users can remain worry-free and focus on other more important developmental processes.

Wix Security
Wix Security

Alongside that, each Wix plan comes with a free SSL certificate. It assures you to protect your website with HTTPS which secures the data from attackers or hackers. 

Indeed, it uses SSL/TLS security to protect your website. This is for every online store if they want to protect their customers’ online transaction details.

With all these security features, you still need to handle the login and two-factor authentication (2FA) on your own. Hence, for that, you can find extensions or other third-party integrations that will take care of it.

Is Bluehost Secure to Host a Website?

Bluehost is one of the most affordable WordPress hosting solutions. Having said that, it doesn’t compromise when it comes to website security. Bluehost is packed with some advanced security features that we’ll look down below.

The very first thing is that it provides free SSL certificates to build customers’ trust and improve rankings. It also allows you to buy premium SSL for more advanced security. With that, it also uses Cloudflare CDN service that stores static content of your website.

Bluehost Security Features: WordPress vs Bluehost
Bluehost Security Features

Alongside that, it includes DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) and anti-spam protection to prevent attacks and spam on your site. In fact, it lets you take daily, weekly, and monthly backups. 

Similarly, if you want daily automatic backups, then you can buy a paid add-on CodeGuard for $2.99/mo on starting plans. Also, you can add SiteLock ($2.99/mo) to the monitoring and prevention function for malicious attacks.

Moreover, it offers developer-friendly features like SSH access, email account filters, blacklist IPs, etc. Besides that, it also includes a firewall, image optimization, automatic WordPress updates, and more.

Winner – Tie

​​Both Wix and Bluehost are equally capable of keeping your website secure. They have advanced tools to secure your site and keep your visitors safe. Hence, in this case, both of them are neck to neck and get one point each.

#5 eCommerce Features

Are you planning to sell a product or open an eCommerce website? Thankfully, both Bluehost hosting and Wix website builder do come with incredible eCommerce features.

So, let’s compare Wix vs Bluehost to see which platform offers the best eCommerce features.

How to Create an eCommerce Website Using Wix?

To your surprise, Wix comes with a dedicated eCommerce website builder called Wix eCommerce. This allows you to launch, run, and scale your online store with advanced eCommerce features.

Indeed, it lets you sell your products on multiple platforms like online storefronts, Amazon, Instagram, etc. And the best part is, you can manage all of them from a single dashboard.

Wix eCommerce Platform
Wix eCommerce Website Builder

As Wix is a fully-hosted platform. You don’t have to worry about anything whether it’s putting up a hosting service or anything else. Just like any other website builder, you can easily sign up at Wix and start building your dream store.

Nevertheless, you can grow your business through email marketing, social posts, Facebook ads, as well as client management. 

Lastly, Wix is a great website builder that lets you easily build your eCommerce website. It takes care of most tasks, so you can focus on growing your business.

How to Launch an eCommerce Website on Bluehost?

Bluehost comes with a powerful eCommerce hosting solution for WordPress. And that’s Bluehost WooCommerce hosting. It offers a bunch of functions necessary to build, manage, and promote your online store.

Besides that, it provides you with robust tools and capabilities for WordPress and WooCommerce. For example, you get integrated shopping cart functionality, payment options, a built-in product management system, multi-channel inventory, and so forth. 

Bluehost WooCommerce Hosting: Bluehost vs WordPress
Bluehost WooCommerce Hosting

Nevertheless, you can easily manage your inventory, apply taxes, and conduct secure payments. Indeed, it allows you to seamlessly complete shopping transactions online for your customers.

Besides, you can find various add-ons and extensions within the Bluehost marketplace. Such as FedEx shipping, Xero, WooSliders, etc. Using these features and capabilities, you can build and grow your eCommerce website.

The Winner – Bluehost

In terms of eCommerce, Bluehost offers more extensive options. Bluehost comes to its full potential when integrated with WordPress and WooCommerce. Although Wix is a super eCommerce builder, Bluehost is a much more reliable, flexible, and secure hosting solution.

E. How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website? Wix vs Bluehost

Frankly speaking, one of the most important criteria for choosing a website builder depends on its pricing. You should purchase the suitable plan only if the pricing is under your radar otherwise not. Therefore, you’d always be looking for an affordable option out there in the market.  

So, in that regard, let’s see which one is cheaper between Wix and Bluehost. Now, let’s dig in!

Pricing Plans of Wix 

The great news is HERE! Wix allows you to create your very first website for free. For that, all you’ve to do is create a Wix account and you’re ready to go. 

Wix provides you with everything that you need to create a stunning website, including free web hosting. With its free plan, you’ll get a free domain, 500MB storage, 500MB bandwidth, and Wix ads.

However, if you want some advanced features and want to remove Wix ads to appear on every webpage, then you’ve to upgrade to premium plans. You should upgrade to its premium plans if you want to run a successful business or an eCommerce store. 

Precisely, the Wix premium version comes with two different plan types to choose from. Let’s explore it in detail.

Website Plans 

This Wix plan is perfect if you want to build and present a website that looks professional. The pricing plans are as follows:

Wix Website Plans
Wix Website Plans
  • Connect Domain – $4.50/month. Includes custom domain, free SSL certificate, a bandwidth of 1 GB, storage space of 500 MB, and 24/7 customer care. 
  • Combo – $8.50/month, includes free domain for 1 year, 2 GB bandwidth, 3 GB storage space, and 24/7 customer care.
  • Unlimited – $12.50/month. Comes with no Wix ads, unlimited bandwidth, 10 GB storage space, and 1 video hour.
  • VIP – $24.50/month. Get 35 GB storage space, 5 video hours, and priority customer care.

Business and eCommerce Plans

Similarly, this premium plan is appropriate if you wish to start, grow, and expand your business. The pricing plans are as follows:

Wix Business & eCommerce Plans
Wix Business & eCommerce Plans
  • Business Basic – $17/month, includes secure online payments, custom domain, free domain for 1 year, 20 GB storage space, and no Wix ads.
  • Unlimited – $25/month, custom domain, free domain for 1 year, unlimited bandwidth, 35 GB storage space.
  • VIP – $35/month. Includes unlimited bandwidth, 50 GB storage space, unlimited video hours, and priority customer care.

Don’t worry, if you’re not happy with the platform, then they’ll refund your full money. Gladly, it offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Therefore, you can try any Wix Premium Plan for free. And if you’re not satisfied then, then you can cancel within 14 days and receive a full refund –– no questions asked. 

Even more, Wix supports and accepts all forms of payment such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners, American Express, etc.

Pricing Plans of Bluehost

Just like Wix, Bluehost offers different hosting options for you to choose from for websites. 

You’ll find three different types of web hosting solutions from Bluehost. They’re –

  • Shared hosting – For those who are looking to get started with a blog or a website, shared hosting is all that is required.
  • VPS hosting – VPS hosting is best suited for sites that are growing. For more control and more power, consider VPS hosting.
  • Dedicated hosting – Finally, it’s the most expensive out of all of the options available in Bluehost. This is for those who’ve huge demands in terms of power and speed.

Therefore, shared hosting will be sufficient if you’ve just started building your website. It’s one of the best hosting plans for WordPress as it provides everything to launch your very first WordPress site.

Nevertheless, with shared hosting plans, you’ll get 4 different options to choose from. So, let’s take a quick look at these:

Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans
Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans
  • Basic – Costs $2.95 per month annually billed and $4.95 per month for a 36-month plan. It’s suitable for one website. You get 10 GB SSD storage, custom themes, and a free domain.
  • Plus – This plan costs $5.45 per month annually billed and $7.45 per month if you go for a 36-month plan. This is suitable when you have unlimited sites to host. It includes 20 GB SSD storage, free CDN, and an SSL certificate.
  • Choice Plus – For $5.45 per month annually billed and $7.45 per month if you go for a 36-month plan. This plan includes unlimited websites, 40 GB SSD storage, free domain privacy, and free one-year automated backup.
  • Pro – This plan costs $13.95 per month annually billed and $18.95 per month if you go for a 36-month plan. With this plan, you’ll get a whole lot of extra features, which include a free dedicated IP, 100 GB SSD storage, a staging site, and more.

The Winner – Tie

Overall, both Wix and Bluehost will have to share one point with one another. Here, Wix is a website builder that is free to use as long as you want. This proves it to be more cost-effective as it’s an all-in-one platform that requires no additional purchases.

Similarly, Bluehost is a much more affordable hosting with better server capacity. Indeed, for building WordPress sites, Bluehost offers a dedicated hosting plan with free WordPress installation and automatic WordPress updates.

F. What are the Customer Support Options in Wix vs Bluehost?

When it comes to creating a website, it’s certainly tricky and overwhelming for even experienced developers and experts. Therefore, having a dedicated support team becomes absolutely essential in such situations.

So, make sure that when you’re choosing a website builder, it should offer first-rate customer service.

Alright then, let’s compare what customer support options are available on both platforms in this round of Wix vs Bluehost.

Customer Support in Wix

Looking at its supporting options, Wix seems to provide excellent 24/7 support to all its users. You can get yourself connected with them and receive service via phone, live chat, and ticket support, which all sounds great!

Above all, you can check out their Wix Help Center. It’s a huge library of documentation, tutorials, and guides, all right at your fingertip.

Wix Help Center
Wix Help Center

Even more, it comes with a huge active community of people helping out each other. You can join their community forum and find different questions answered from within the community. To be a part of their community, you just have to create a free Wix account and join the forum.

Similarly, if you’re someone who is new to website building then you can enroll yourself in their online course called Wix Learn. This will help you sharpen your website-building and designing skills with video courses and more. 

Indeed, Wix offers in-house support that you can reach to them via phone or email, or request a callback. Nevertheless, Wix has got a highly experienced support team ready to deal with your issues and troubles.

Customer Support in Bluehost

Talking about customer support options in Bluehost, then you can be totally assured. First things first, it gives 24/7 support to its users through various means.

You can directly contact their team via live chat, phone call, or webinar. Secondly, you can connect with the company from its social media handles.

Similarly, you can check out their Bluehost Knowledge Base which is a huge library of guides, articles, FAQs, and tutorials. Here, you can search for your queries and easily get answers to them. You can find solutions for server status, hosting, email, and more.

Bluehost Support Knowledge Base Page - Website Builders
Bluehost Support Knowledge Base Page

Other than that, you can learn about Bluehost by visiting its blog page. This will help you know even more about updates, changes, and other additional things.

Even if that’s not enough then, you can add additional WordPress support with a service called Blue Sky. This service lets you add WP Live Support to your hosting account and help you build and grow your website.

The Winner – Bluehost

Both Wix and Bluehost come with well-documented tutorials, FAQs, and videos. But somehow, Wix falls behind Bluehost in terms of providing more dedicated resources.

Whereas, Bluehost not only comes with a huge library of knowledge bases but also comes with a dedicated support service for WordPress.

G. Pros and Cons – Wix vs Bluehost

By far in the Wix vs Bluehost comparison, we’ve already found out the key difference between them and also looked into their pricing. Now, let’s explore even more with pros and cons. Starting with Wix –

Pros and Cons of Wix

Pros of Wix

  • Wix comes with an interactive drag-and-drop user interface that lets you easily create professional-looking websites in no time.
  • Comes with built-in SEO management functionality to help you optimize your website for search engines.
  • It comes with a fully-integrated blogging platform that lets you set up, manage and update blogs.
  • Unlike Bluehost, it’s much easier to use and lets you set up your professional website and run quickly.
  • Includes 500+ templates and everything you need to create an attractive and stylish website. 
  • Also, it also has a huge community of users with whom you can connect easily.

Cons of Wix

  • Unlike Bluehost, Wix doesn’t have powerful or secure server resources available.
  • Their basic plan includes Wix ads that are quite annoying.
  • For better technical assistance, you’ll have to sign up for a premium plan.
  • Plans are quite expensive than Bluehost.

Pros and Cons of Bluehost

Now, let’s look into the pros and cons of Bluehost.

Pros of Bluehost

  • Bluehost is an officially recommended hosting provider by
  • It comes with affordable pricing plans.
  • It guarantees to provide 99.9% uptime service.
  • With each Bluehost plan, you’ll get a free domain for one year.
  • Even more, it’s an easy-to-use and user-friendly platform.
  • Comes with unmetered bandwidth, SSL certificate, CDN service, and more.
  • Offers free website builder with multiple WordPress themes.
  • It implies a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.
  • Indeed, you can receive 24/7 customer support via chat and phone calls.

Cons of Bluehost

  • Many beginners will find its renewal prices to be expensive.
  • You won’t get any automatic backup option available in its starter plans. Instead, you need to purchase their add-on.
  • For premium WordPress templates, you’ll have to purchase higher-end plans.

H. Final Verdict – Which is Better for Your Next Website?

When it comes to the comparison between Wix and Bluehost, both platforms are quite similar, however, they offer different services. After all, one is a website builder primarily, and the other is a hosting solution primarily. 

Nevertheless, if you’re still stressing about which is a better solution, then let’s help you a bit more on this.

In short, if you’re looking to build a site from scratch and you don’t have much experience, then Wix is best for you. 

In Wix, you get more options in terms of templates and customization. Besides, it’s a powerful website builder that enables you to quickly build and run websites without compromising.

Nevertheless, if you would prefer WordPress to build your website then Bluehost is the best-suited hosting platform. It guarantees to offer quick load times and excellent performance. 

Moreover, in comparison to Wix, Bluehost is great in terms of scalability, integration, and flexibility. Also, it comes with a dedicated WooCommerce hosting solution for building eCommerce sites.

Lastly, it’s all up to you. Make sure to do good research before choosing your solution for your website. 


Now, that’s a wrap! We’re at the end of our comparison article on Wix vs Bluehost. So, we hope you understand their differences clearly.

Finally, we would like to say that both of these services are the best in their game. We hope this article helped you to know the differences between Wix and Bluehost.

If you have any further queries about Wix and Bluehost, then please leave a comment below. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Also, let us know which one you are going to choose from. You can share your pick in the comments section below. 

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Written By Aman Shrestha
Hello, my name is Aman Shrestha and I’m a full-time content writer. When it comes to writing, I think it’s a blend of creativity and curiosity that attracts me toward it.


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