Mesmerize Theme Review 2022 – Is it Good for Your Website?

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Mesmerize Theme Review

Are you looking for an honest Mesmerize theme review? Are you unsure whether to use it on your site or not? If yes, then this article will make everything crystal clear for you, just keep on scrolling till the end. 

Developed by Extend Themes, Mesmerize the name itself reveals a lot. Statistically speaking, the theme has been installed on 40K+ sites to date. And it has a perfect rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

So, does that mean you can trust this theme blindfolded? Or, does this theme stand true to its name for real? 

Here, we’ll reveal everything you need to know about the Mesmerize theme. In this detailed review, we’ll be covering its features, installation, pricing, customization, support, and many more.

So, without any further ado, let’s dig in!

A. Mesmerize Theme Overview

The first thing you need to know is that Mesmerize is a powerful multipurpose WordPress theme. And that means you can use it to create any type of website including personal blogs, businesses, eCommerce shops, or niche-based sites. 

Mesmerize Free WordPress Themes

The best part is using Mesmerize, you can build your preferred site without sweating much. It offers a simple user interface for designing your website with ease and no coding is required! So, even if you’re a non-tech savvy person, building sites is something you can do on your own.

Another impressive thing we found is the inclusion of predesigned content sections. This way, building a site is not only easy but fast too. With the help of these sections, you can create pages in no time. 

To obtain a truly unique design, you’ll get plenty of customization options. You can make all the changes through the WordPress customizer.

Most importantly, this theme comes up with a responsive design. As a result, your site will look beautiful on all the screen sizes or devices. Hence it enhances the user experience.

The core theme is free of cost, and you can download it from the theme’s directory. Meanwhile, to grab your hands on more advanced features, you’ve to buy a premium license

B. Outstanding Features of Mesmerize Theme

To stand apart from your competitors, you need a theme that’s rich in features. The developers of this theme are well and truly aware of this fact; as they’ve included tons of handy features. 

Alright, now let’s get to know them from a close angle. 

1. 18 Ready to Use Starter Templates

Building sites from the scratch can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. But it isn’t a problem at all with Mesmerize as the theme gives you access to the 18 beautifully crafted templates. 

These included templates cover a range of niches or industries, truly living up to the name of multipurpose. For example, — agency, business, products, services, and eCommerce.

Mesmerize Pre-designed Sites
Mesmerize Pre-designed Sites

You can import any likable template with a single click. And replace the content with yours, that’s it. 

However, if you’re a free user, then there’s a downfall, i.e. you’ll have access to only a few templates. It isn’t the same with the premium users as they can import all the 18 demos. 

2. 100+ Predesigned Content Sections

Mesmerize gives you tremendous designing superpowers. Not only limited to the ready-made templates, it even includes pre-designed content sections. By adding desired content sections, you can build pages super quickly.

Mesmerize Theme Pre-designed Sections
Mesmerize Theme Pre-designed Sections

There are tons of page sections available like about, team, testimonials, contact; more than 100’s in number. You can edit the content of each section and customize its layout so that it matches your vision.

Not only that, but you can even toggle the visibility in the primary menu with a click of a button. For instance, to make a section named ‘Contact’ appear in the header menu, all it requires is a single click.

Mesmerize Theme Page Section Options
Mesmerize Theme Page Section Options

The free version of Mesmerize gives you access to a total of 30 ready-made content sections. To unlock the rest, you need to purchase the pro version.

3. Highly Customizable Design

Making changes to your WordPress theme is crucial for your site to be noticeable among the crowd. Thereby customization is also an equally important aspect.

Mesmerize Theme Customization Options
Mesmerize Theme Customization Options

With Mesmerize, you can change every aspect of the theme, be it menus, navigation, blog settings, etc. And all that from a single place, i.e. WordPress customizer. 

You can simply click on any element and edit directly in the customizer while seeing all the results live. For more customization capabilities, you need to upgrade to the premium version. 

4. Multiple Header Design Options

As a site owner, you want your site to be as captivating as you can. To catch the attention of visitors and retain them for a longer duration is one of the primary goals. Mesmerize gives you that possibility to a large extent. 

And what we mean by that is it offers multiple headers presets. This way, you can change the default look of your header section by choosing one of the designs.

Mesmerize Theme Header Designs Option
Mesmerize Theme Header Designs Option
Mesmerize Theme Multiple Header Preset
Mesmerize Theme Multiple Header Preset

In the free version, you’ll get a total of 5 headers presets. To access the remaining i.e. 18 more, you need to purchase the premium license. 

5. Video and Slideshow Backgrounds

To mesmerize your viewers, the theme includes video and slideshow backgrounds. It will help to increase the charm of your site. 

Mesmerize allows you to enable the slideshow and video background options through the WordPress customizer. According to your preference, you’ll get the respective settings for each of them.

Mesmerize Video and Slideshow Backgrounds
Mesmerize Video and Slideshow Backgrounds

Adding new slideshow images, control over slide duration, effect speed, etc. is something you’ll get in the slideshow background options. Talking of video background options, you’ll have the ability to include self-hosted video (MP4) or external video. 

6. Extensive Color and Typography Options

Extensive color and typography options is a feature that’s only accessible by premium purchasers. Free users can only change the background color, not their site’s typography. 

Upgrading to the pro version gives you the power to do much more. To be more specific, it gives you the ability to customize colors of elements such as buttons, icons, text, etc. 

Along with that, you can customize every single aspect of your site’s typography like font family, size, weight, etc.

Besides that, it even allows you to search and add new web fonts to your site. There are altogether 600+ Google Fonts available in the paid version.

Also, the entire Font Awesome icon library is available in this theme. So, users won’t have to stress out too much looking for icons.

7. WooCommerce Support

Another fascinating thing about this theme is the WooCommerce support. It means you can rely on the Mesmerize theme for building an eCommerce website.

Mesmerize Theme WooCommerce Ready
Mesmerize Theme WooCommerce Ready

Basically, it includes tons of thoughtfully designed eCommerce pages (product list, product details, cart, checkout, etc). And this makes it possible for you to create an online store in minutes.

However, these eCommerce-based templates are available in only the premium version. 

8. Multilanguage Ready

To reach a global mass audience, your site should support multiple languages. Mesmerize theme makes this wish come true.

This theme works well with multilingual plugins like WPML and Polylang. And as a result, you can create multiple versions of your site in various languages. It’s a good way to boost the traffic on your site as well. 

9. Responsive and Mobile Friendly

There has been a rapid growth of people browsing the internet with mobile devices. In such a scenario, the theme you pick should be responsive and mobile-friendly as a must. Otherwise, you’ll lose a lot of traffic for sure.

Luckily, the Mesmerize theme has covered this portion as well. Each element is designed to look beautiful on mobile and other devices by default. 

Mesmerize Theme Responsive Design
Mesmerize Theme Responsive Design

Other than that, it has a different navigation system that’s optimized for mobile devices.

To sum up, your site will adapt as well as appear elegantly on all the screen sizes.

10. In-built Google Maps Integration

Your customers or web visitors should find your business with ease. To achieve that, the best option is; to add a Google map to your site. 

Using the map on your site, your customers or visitors will get directions to your business. Or, in other words, they’ll know exactly where your business is located. 

You’ll see this Google map section inside the ‘Contact’ block. But sadly, it isn’t available for free users.

Mesmerize Theme Google Maps Integration
Mesmerize Theme Google Maps Integration

11. Pricing Section

Are you looking to sell products or services? If yes, then Mesmerize has got your back. 

Using pricing table sections, you can clearly show customers the benefits of buying a product or service. To be more clear, customers can see the overall cost of your product. So they have an exact idea of what they are buying.

Mesmerize Theme Pricing Section
Mesmerize Theme Pricing Section

Meanwhile, these pricing sections can only be accessed by premium purchasers. 

12. Photo Gallery 

As the name speaks, photo gallery sections are ideal for displaying images to highlight your business. Most importantly, it’s a great way to attract visitors to your site. 

Mesmerize offers altogether 2 different gallery sections, which you can use by upgrading to the paid version.

Mesmerize Theme Gallery Section
Mesmerize Theme Gallery Section

With that, let’s move forward to the next section of the review, i.e. installation and customization.

C. How to Install and Customize the Mesmerize Theme?

In this section, we’ll have an insight into the installation and customization process of the Mesmerize theme. Following this guide, you’ll be able to use this theme on your own. So, follow along with us.

Installing the Mesmerize Theme

Till now, you might’ve got to know that Mesmerize is a freemium theme. Meaning, it’s available on both the free and paid versions. 

Here, we’ll show you the installation process of both versions of Mesmerize theme.

To install the free version of the Mesmerize theme, you need to log in to your WordPress site first.

 Afterward, you’ll reach the WordPress dashboard. And from there, you can install the theme with a few clicks.

WordPress Dashboard Admin Area
WordPress Dashboard

We’ll show you how it’s done! 

Once you reach your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes.

Going to themes in WordPress Dashboard
Go To Appearance > Themes

With that, you’ll be redirected to another page. From there, simply click on the ‘Add New’ button.

Adding New Theme in WordPress Dashboard
Add New Theme

Then search for ‘Mesmerize’ in the search field situated at the top right-hand side of the page. Once it arrives, click on the Install button.

Search and Install Mesmerize
Search and Install Mesmerize

Lastly, the moment the installation gets completed, click on the Activate button. 

That’s it! You’ve successfully installed the free version of Mesmerize theme on your WordPress site. 

Installing the Mesmerize Pro Theme

The installation process of the premium version is slightly different. But it isn’t that complicated. 

First of all, to purchase the Mesmerize Pro, you’ve to visit the Extend Theme’s landing page. There you’ll see a Pricing menu, click on it, and you’ll be shown the pricing options.

Mesmerize Theme Pricing Option
Mesmerize Theme Pricing Option

There are 3 pricing plans available, select one of them and click on the Buy Now button.

Choose a Mesmerize Pricing Plan
Choose a Mesmerize Pricing Plan

In this way, you can purchase the theme and download the zip file on your local PC.

Once you do that, the next step is to install the theme. To do that, go to your WordPress dashboard. 

And from there, navigate to Appearance > Themes. Then, click on the Add New button.

Once you do that, you’ll see an Upload Theme button, click on it.

Upload Mesmerize Pro with a Click
Upload Mesmerize Pro with a Click

After that, you’ve to click on the Choose File option. There you’ve to select the theme’s zip file which you’ve downloaded.

Select Zip File of the Theme
Select Zip File of the Theme

Once the downloaded zip file is uploaded, you’ll need to click on the Install button and then Activate the theme.

In this way, you can install and activate both free as well as the pro versions of Mesmerize theme easily and quickly.

Getting Started with the Mesmerize Theme

Before customizing, you’re recommended to install a few WordPress plugins. These are necessary if you want to import demo sites. You’ll get an automatic notification to install these plugins whenever you look to import a specific demo.

The Mesmerize Companion plugin is the first one that adds drag-and-drop functionality. Secondly, there is the Contact Form by WPForms plugin. And it’s useful for the theme’s contact section.

If you’re a premium purchaser, then you’ve to install one additional plugin named Mailchimp for WordPress. And it comes in handy for the one-page express subscribe sections.

You can install and activate all these plugins by navigating to Appearance > Mesmerize Info.

Navigate to Appearance > Mesmerize Info
Navigate to Appearance > Mesmerize Info

Customizing the Mesmerize Theme

Earlier, we talked about the vast customization possibilities that it provides. Now, it’s time to see that in action! 

To customize, go to Appearance > Customize.

Navigate to Appearance>Customize
Navigate to Appearance>Customize

i) Navigation

On this navigation tab, you’ll find settings for:

Top Bar: From here, you can enable or disable the top bar. By enabling the top bar you’ll get options, including background type, color, and height. Furthermore, you can set the type of information that you want to display on the top bar left and right.

Front-Page Navigation: Inside of it, you’ll get various front-page navigation options. You can enable/disable stick to the top, boxed navigation, navigation bottom border, and transparent navbar. Other than that, you can change the navigation bar type or style.

Mesmerize Navigation Settings
Mesmerize Navigation Settings

Inner Page Navigation: Enable/disable front page navigation style, stick to the top, boxed navigation, navigation bottom border, and transparent navbar. You can set the navigation bar type and style as well. Plus, you’ll get navigation menu settings. 

And that allows you to personalize the colors of the normal and sticky menu. Besides that, you can change the navigation typography like font family, variant, font size, etc.

Mobile (Offscreen) Navigation: It allows you to enable/disable navigation on tablets and desktops. Also, you can tweak offscreen menu button settings such as managing button sticky and normal color. 

There is also an offscreen navbar setting where you can set the colors of the navbar. Lastly, you can enable/disable offscreen nav bar social icons.

Site logo: You can manage the front page logo color and typography. Not only that, it gives you control over the inner page logo color and typography.

ii) Hero

Up next we’ve got a hero tab inside of it you’ll get customization options like:

Mesmerize Hero Settings
Mesmerize Hero Settings

Front Page Hero: From here, you can set the hero type to simple, slider, or custom slider. Also, you can select the background type and enable/disable other background options. Besides that, you can change the content layout, content spacing, mobile content spacing, etc.

Inner Pages Hero: First and foremost, you can set the background type. Secondly, you can enable/disable color background options. Lastly, you can change the text alignment and content spacing.

iii) Page Content

Mesmerize Page Content Option
Mesmerize Page Content Option

Inside it, you’ll get predesigned page sections that you can add to your site. There are altogether 16 different sections. Such as overlap able, about, features, content, call to action, counters, gallery, portfolio, pricing, testimonials, clients, etc.

Depending on the free and premium user, you’ll get access to fewer or more page sections. Meaning, in the free version, you have limited page sections. On the other hand, upgrading to the paid version gives you full access. 

iv) Footer Settings

Mesmerize Footer Settings
Mesmerize Footer Settings
Mesmerize Footer Background Settings
Mesmerize Footer Background Settings

Footer is located at the bottom of each page that contains general information. Inside this footer settings tab, you’ll get various options. For example, you can change the footer template and copyright text. Moreover, you can set the footer background type, footer spacing, and footer colors.

v) Blog Settings

Mesmerize Blog Settings
Mesmerize Blog Settings

The blog settings option lets you enable/disable post featured images as hero and blog sidebar. Also, enable/disable post title in post page, post meta, and highlight the first post. Additionally, you can set the post per row items. 

Besides that, you can customize the placeholder background color and enable/disable the thumbnail placeholder.

vi) General Settings

On this general settings tab, you’ll find settings for:

Site Identity: The first setting is Site Identity. Here, you can place the logo, define the max height of the logo, and the dark logo. In addition to that, you can add the site title, tagline, and site icon. 

Colors: Colors play an integral role in the site’s appearance. This option allows you to set the primary and secondary colors. Alongside that, you can select color3, color4, color5, and color6. You can even add a new theme color and fix the background color.

Mesmerize General Settings
Mesmerize General Settings

Typography: With this option, you can manage and add new web fonts to your site. Other than that, you can set default elements typography (General, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6). You can change the font family, variant, font size, line height, etc of these elements. 

Background Image: You can set the background image with this option.

Homepage Settings: This option gives you the freedom to choose what’s displayed on the homepage of your site. You can set the homepage to be static or display your latest posts. 

Additional CSS: Techy users can make use of this option to the fullest. You can add your own CSS codes to customize the look and feel of your site. 

Manage Custom Widgets Areas: This option allows you to add new custom widgets areas.

Optimization: It gives you the option to install and activate the Autoptimize plugin. And it helps to improve your site speed. By clicking the install button, the plugin gets installed on your site. And after that, you can apply the recommended settings.

vii) Menus

Mesmerize Menus
Mesmerize Menus

This option allows you to create a new menu and assign it to a location. Moreover, you can add menu items similar to links to pages and categories. Basically, your theme can display menus in up to 4 locations, and you can view them all.

viii) Widgets

Mesmerize Widgets
Mesmerize Widgets

You can view all the widget areas-related information from this option. And it guides you on how to edit the existing widgets. 

ix) WooCommerce Options

This option recommends you install the WooCommerce plugin first. You require this plugin to create your online store. Or, in other words, it turns your WordPress site into a fully functional eCommerce store.

To install this plugin, navigate to Plugins > Add New.

Add New Plugin
Add New Plugin

From there, search for WooCommerce, once it pops up, click on the Install button.

Search and Install WooCommerce Plugin
Search and Install WooCommerce Plugin

Once the installation gets completed, click on the Activate button to activate the plugin. 

After doing that you’ll be getting additional options to customize the shop fully. These options are:

Mesmerize WooCommerce Options
Mesmerize WooCommerce Options

Colors: From here, you can set the primary color, secondary color, rating stars color, and sale badge color.

Product List Options: With this option, you can manage all the shop page settings, related product settings, and upsell product settings. Plus, you can set the cross-sell product list to display.

General Options: You can enable/disable the cart button in the menu and on the product page set product image. Furthermore, you can set the shop and product detail header.

x) WooCommerce 

Inside of WooCommerce, you’ll be getting the settings such as:

Mesmerize WooCommerce Settings
Mesmerize WooCommerce Settings

Store Notice: From here, you can enable/disable store notice. This store notice text can be used to display events or promotions. 

Product Catalog: This option allows you to choose what to display on the main shop and the product category pages. Plus, you can even set default product sorting and products per row. 

Product Images: With this option, you can set main image width, thumbnail width, and thumbnail cropping. 

Checkout: This option allows you to customize the appearance of the WooCommerce checkout. 

Now, it’s time to check out how to import the demo sites of the Mesmerize theme. 

D. Importing Mesmerize Demo Sites

Here, we’ll show you how to import the starter templates that this theme offers. But before diving in, make sure that you’ve installed and activated the Mesmerize theme

If all is well, then let’s proceed. First and foremost, go to Appearance > Customize.

Navigate to Appearance>Customize
Navigate to Appearance > Customize

There you’ll see a menu named Import Predesigned Sites, click on it.

Go to Pre-designed Sites Section
Go to Pre-designed Sites Section

In the library, you’ll find tons of ready-made templates available. Each of these templates has free and premium options for different types of websites. 

It has demo sites specifically for agencies, businesses, and eCommerce purposes. Among the different ready-made templates, choose one for your site. 

List of Mesmerize Pre-designed Sites
List of Mesmerize Pre-designed Sites

You can also see the preview of the template with the Preview option. Once you decide on the one you want for your site, click on the Import button.

Import a Mesmerize Demo Site
Import a Mesmerize Demo Site

After waiting for a few seconds, you’ll see the demo imported successfully message. 

Furthermore, you can also have a preview of the page by clicking on the See the result button.

Preview the Demo Site with a Click
Preview the Demo Site with a Click

E. Mesmerize Theme Support

Support is another key aspect that you should keep an eye on in a WordPress theme. Yes, Mesmerize is a beginner-friendly theme but still, you might face problems while using it. And this is why the role of the support team becomes so critical as they save you from trouble. 

Let’s talk deeply about the customer support options you’ll get with Mesmerize. You can view the theme’s support forum on On the official website of Mesmerize, you’ll see a Support menu.

Mesmerize Theme Support

There lies a lot of support options that are beneficial from the user’s perspective. Mesmerize features an open support ticket where you’ll get speedy support from the theme developers. For that, you’ve to fill in information like name, email, subject, and message in the support section.

The most useful option is the knowledge base. This is where you’ll find all the documentation that helps you learn more about this theme. 

For premium users, there’s a member area. So you can ask your queries easily by logging in. They claim that they reply to support issues in less than 1 business day.

F. Mesmerize Theme Pricing

Now, it’s time to reveal the Mesmerize theme’s pricing. As you already know it’s a freemium theme. You can download the free version of the theme from 

The free version is enough if you’re looking to create a beautiful blog, portfolio, or small business site. However, if you’re serious and want no design limits, then the premium plan is what you need. 

And thankfully, it isn’t that costly either so you don’t have to think twice about it.

Mesmerize Theme Pricing

As you can see, it consists of 3 pricing plans. These plans are categorized based on the number of sites that you can create. Each of them offers 1 year of support and updates for the yearly purchase. Meanwhile, in the lifetime purchase, you’ll receive a lifetime of support and updates.

  • Personal: $79/year, All Pro features, priority support, 1 site license. For lifetime use, you can purchase it for $199.
  • Business: $99/year, All Pro features, priority support, 5 sites license. For a one-time payment, it will cost you $299.
  • Agency: $199/year, All Pro features, priority support, unlimited sites license. Lifetime purchase costs you $599.

If you found Mesmerize Pro not impressive at all, then they’ll refund your purchase. Basically, it offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. 

For yearly purchasers, after a year your website will still work. And you’ll have access to the pro features too. But you’ve to renew it if you still want to receive security updates and support. And they confess that continuous renewals receive a 20% discount. 

G. Pros and Cons of the Mesmerize Theme

Till now, we’ve only praised this theme so far. Before picking a theme, you deserve to know all the good and bad portions of it. Keeping that in mind, we’ve listed some of the pros and cons that we’ve found.

Pros of the Mesmerize Theme

  • Live editing inside the customizer.
  • Tons of predesigned content sections.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Includes bulks of header presets.
  • The theme is fully responsive.
  • It’s compatible with WooCommerce.
  • They offer a lifetime plan too.
  • Frequently updated.

Cons of the Mesmerize Theme

  • The free version gives you limited access to the starter templates.
  • Google Maps, Photo Gallery, and Pricing Table sections are only available for premium purchasers. 
  • Pretty basic WooCommerce functionalities (Not enough for creating a robust online shop).

H. Mesmerize Theme Alternatives

If Mesmerize didn’t impress you, then there are other better alternatives that you can go for. There are tons of brilliant themes on the market that can be a handy replacement for Mesmerize. So, let’s get to know them.

1. Astra

Astra WordPress Theme Free

Astra is a top-notch WordPress theme that’s been used on over 1 million websites to this date. With this theme, you’ll get hundreds of pre-built websites, allowing you to create any imaginable site. It’s built with performance in mind, making sure your site loads super fast. 

Not only your site will be super fast, but you have the power to make it exactly the way you want. And that’s possible with the help of the theme’s visual customizer. 

Besides that, it integrates with all the popular page builder plugins on the market. And as a result, designing your pages becomes extremely quick and easy.


Astra is a freemium (available on both the free and premium versions) theme. You can download the free version from the theme’s directory. For more functionalities, you can upgrade to Astra Pro. The paid version comes up in different pricing plans:

  • Astra Pro: $59/year, includes advance header builder, native AMP support, advanced blog layouts, product updates, premium support, unlimited website usage.
  • Essential Bundle: $276/year, includes 180+ premium starter templates, extensive training, product updates, premium support, unlimited website usage.
  • Growth Bundle: $523/year, includes all features of Essential Bundle, access to the future products, product updates, premium support, unlimited website usage.

2. Neve

Neve WordPress Theme Free

Neve is a highly customizable, multipurpose WordPress theme developed by Themeisle. It features tons of starter sites that are ideal for blogs, small businesses, startups, portfolios, eCommerce shops, etc. 

The theme is fully AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) optimized and responsive. It means Neve will look beautiful as well as load blazingly fast on mobile devices. 

Another important thing is its minimalist design. This way, users will have the attention on the most important content. Other than that, you can translate your site into multiple languages. 


Neve is available in both the free and paid versions. You can download the free version from the theme’s directory. Similarly, Neve Pro features 3 different pricing plans:

  • Personal: $69/year, includes header & footer booster, blog booster, 10+ premium blocks, unlimited sites license.
  • Business: $149/year, includes WooCommerce booster, 110+ premium starter templates, unlimited sites license, priority support.
  • Agency: $259/year, includes access to Neve cloud, white level, unlimited sites license, VIP support.

3. Blocksy

Blocksy WordPress Theme

Blocksy is another highly rated WordPress theme that’s lightweight. The theme works well with page builders like Gutenberg, Brizy, Elementor, and Beaver Builder. So, that means you can build your site in minutes without the coding skills required. 

One thing to note is that it’s built with the latest web technologies to offer you the smoothest experience. Most importantly, you can customize everything and see the results in real-time.

Additionally, it’s WooCommerce ready, so you can create your own online store without sweating much.


Blocksy comes up in both the free and premium versions. You can simply download the free version from the theme’s directory. For getting access to all the great features you need to buy a premium license. And it’s available on 3 different pricing plans:

  • Personal: $49/year, 1 site license.
  • Professional: $69/year, 5 sites license.
  • Agency: $99/year, unlimited site licenses.

I. Is it the Best Theme for Your WordPress Site? – Our Verdict

The time has arrived that you all have been waiting for. Here, we’ll reveal the answer to your most awaited question, i.e. is Mesmerize worthy for your WordPress site? 

We say yes, but hold on, there are a few things to be mindful of. The free version is ideal if you’re looking to create a portfolio or blog. For other purposes, we strictly recommend you to use Mesmerize Pro. 

With it, you’ll have more sections or pages on your hand and a whole new level of customization capabilities. 

To be truthful, spending a few pennies is what it requires from you to outclass your competitors.  


And that’s a wrap! So, in this article, we’ve done the Mesmerize WordPress theme review. We hope you liked it!

Coming to this stage, you’ve seen all the ins and outs of the Mesmerize theme. The developer team has tried their best to make it a quality theme, no doubts about that. 

Seeing from a close angle, the theme has several benefits. And at the same time lacks a bit in a few areas. 

However, analyzing every single piece, our final word is that; it’s worth giving a try.

Check out the comparison between WordPress vs Tumblr. Also, look out for the best WordPress block themes.

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Still, do you’ve any questions? Then leave a comment below.

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