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13 Most Popular Types of Blogs in 2021 (With Examples)

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Most Popular Types of Blogs on the Web

Want to know what are the most popular types of blogs in 2021? Wondering what kind of blog should you start?

If you want to know what’s working and taking all the traffic from the search engines, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve brought together the 13 best types of blogs that are popular in 2021 and have the potential for a consistent audience throughout.

There are different types of blogs you can find on the internet. Some are focused on creativity, while others are focused on marketing a product. You can write and have a blog on any topic, but choosing a good niche can help you go a long way.

This article will help you clear your uncertainty and give a guide on what type of blog is actually working on the internet.

What Should You Blog About?

Blogs are mostly about writing articles, sharing ideas, solving problems, etc., mostly in text form. Blogging is a great way to express what you’re passionate about. Be it your daily life, parenting, or technology and finance. Not to mention, you can promote your favorite products and services, and earn money online from affiliate marketing.

When starting out in blogging, it can be quite hard to be committed and stay focused. But blogging is very rewarding and fun when you absolutely love what you’re writing about.

New Blog Ideas
New Blog Ideas to Begin With

Therefore, before all else, having a good niche that works for you is crucial for enjoying your time while working to maintain and keep a blog. Writing about what you love and enjoy keeps your content interesting and genuine.

But it’s not that simple as it sounds. One simple example can a confusion between 2 niche blogs you’re interested in. How to choose one? In such a case, you might need to check the potentials of each niche and choose the one most rewarding.

Hence, it’s really important you take some time to do research and decide on your blog’s niche. And, to help you decide what you should blog about, we created this guide on the most popular blog types.

But if you’ve already decided on your blog niche, start it right away!

Let’s begin!

The Most Popular Types of Blogs in 2021

Here, we’ll present the top, trending, and popular blog types with examples. As stated above, these are blogs that get the most traffic and make money. Now, let’s get onto the list.

1. Personal Blog

In the early days of blogging, all blogs were personal blogs. Blogging actually started as a way of keeping personal journals online. Since then, the idea of blogs has evolved a lot, yet they’re still personal blogs and people love them. 

Personal blogs are types of blogs that people create to share their experiences, adventures, and daily life with their audience. People use personal blogs to discuss their routine, everyday life, and their unique experiences like a journey to exotic places.

A personal blog tends to entertain and influence people with positive stories and look at life from different perspectives. People with the ability to capture the dramatic aspect of life and bring out appealing stories are good with this type.

Personal blogs include plenty of videos, photos along with their content. Personal bloggers are mainly those who can squeeze the enjoyment of their life and engage their viewers with very visual blogs.

Here’re some examples of the popular personal blogs you can find on the internet: 

Gates Notes Personal Blogs
Gates Notes (Example of Personal Blog)

Many of the personal blogs grow quite well, engaging tons of audiences. Such blogs eventually become business blogs making good money for bloggers. 

If you also want to share your personal experiences and ideas, then starting a personal blog may be a great idea. 

2. Business Blog

A Business Blog is a very professional blog that is built with a business purpose. Corporate agencies, industries, and companies create business blogs to communicate with their customers, give information about their products, and advertise about them.

A business blog is actually a very broad category that can also include the other types of blogs described here. 

For example, a personal blog can be called a business blog if the blogger creates marketing content and makes money out of it. Also, technology blogs, fashion blogs, etc. fall under the business blog category if they advertise products and earn money. 

Here’re some of the popular business blogs available on the web:

Mashable Business Blogs
Mashable (Example of Business Blog)

There are many approaches to making a business blog. Some companies build a separate blog for their business, while many companies add a blog to their existing business website. Nowadays, the blog seems to be an integral part of all business websites. 

In case you’re busy developing products, then you can also accept guest posts from other writers. Guest writers can provide you articles for some money or recognition they may get when their article is published on an established business site like yours.

But, to build a business blog, you don’t always have to own a business of your own. Rather you can build a blog and write about different types of business. There are blogs that provide viewers with information on what is happening in the business world. 

If you also want to make a business blog, then right now is the perfect time to start. 

Not sure how to get started? 

Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to start a website

3. Technology Blog

Technology blogs are types of blogs that provide readers with information on a particular kind of technology or a variety. It is a great way to share your expertise on any technical subject.

There is a huge community of technology. People are always searching for new tech-related stuff and there’re always new inventions. In this growing technology-dependent world, technology blogs are the way to go.

There is a massive bundle of subjects for technology bloggers to write about. Some technology blogs are bound on a particular subject while some cover a variety of topics.

You can write about new and upcoming technology in the market, review them, and suggest them to the readers. Not to forget, list posts featuring a collection of the best products and services are very popular.

Some technology blogs are focused on helping readers on how to get the most of technology and how to operate it. For example, our blog SiteSaga educates readers about website technology and how to make websites for themselves

Here’re some examples of technology blogs you can find on the internet:

TechCrunch Blog for Technology Information
TechCrunch (Example of Technology Blog)

If you have a great connection with technology and can share your knowledge, then a technology blog is for you.

4. Fashion Blog

Fashion blogs are one of the most popular types of blogs on the internet. Style and fashion are huge subject matter.

Since people are always trying to get with the trend and be fashionably good, these blogs get good recognition. Fashion bloggers are very famous and get easily recognized for their content.

These blogs are especially for those creative minds with an eye for fashion, fashion trends, and style. The fashion world is up and rising, so the content never does down.

Here’re some examples of popular fashion blogs you can find on the internet: 

Elle Fashion Blog
Elle Fashion Blog

If you’re also a passionate fashionista and want to share your ideas, then starting a fashion blog might just help get the name, fame, and money you want.

One quick tip: Don’t forget to add social sharing to your blog. Let your audience share your blog articles on social media. It’ll help you get more readers!

5. Health and Fitness Blog

People like to keep fit and healthy. This desire for people to stay healthy and fit has given rise to many blogs and articles on health and fitness. Health and Fitness blogs have been a trend from the very beginning.

These types of blogs cover important topics like health and general fitness. Those with a background in training athletes or being professional trainers find it very easy to get into these blogs.

From a blog on guide to maintaining a healthy life to workouts and exercises for achieving a dream body, these blogs can have them all. People with good experience and background can get a lot from these blogs.

People rely on the internet for advice to stay fit and healthy. That is a great opportunity for the instructor to have a fitness blog. You can create content about diet and nutrition, workouts, supplements, and more.

Sharing information on how to maintain good health or how to stay fit with some extra informational videos can help the blog grow big.

Here’re some examples of the popular health and fitness blogs you can find on the internet:

The Fitnessista Health and Fitness Blogs
The Fitnessista (Example of Fitness Blog)

If you’re a professional nutritionist or trainer, then why not start a health blog today?

6. Food Blog

Food blogs are one of the most popular blogs that have stayed about for a long time and it’s not here to go very soon. This is the hub of gathering for every kind of reader. Just everyone loves food.

Writing food blogs provides an excellent platform for anyone who is interested in recipes, ingredients, eating healthy, fine dining, or simply eating. You can share your own recipes or other popular ones, and earn your living.

The content to write about is almost everlasting too. These blogs can be about exploring local cuisine or much more exotic and unique dining. You can write about your experience with food or a recipe.

According to the target audience, the content can vary from simple recipes to narrow topics like baking, diet recipes, desserts, and more. There are many successful food blogs that write on particular aspects of cooking and some that are focused on exploring different foods.

There are many possibilities and with dedication, you can really get good starting out on a food blog. You can turn it into a marketing blog for your own restaurant or work with a sponsor.

Food blogs are really doing well and are going to stay for a long time. 

Here’re some examples of popular food blogs you can find on the internet:

theGundruk Food Blogs
theGundruk (Example of Food Blog)

If you’re really enthusiastic about food blogging, then it’s the right time to start a food blog.

7. Sports Blog

Sports are a great source of entertainment and there is no lack of sports fans around the world. Fans are always in search of a good blog to learn about the current happenings in the sports world.

Sports blogs can focus on a particular sport or all sports in general.

Sports blogs can include a lot of things and there is lots of content to write on. These blogs provide information about the latest sports events all over the world. And established blogs also include some paid content for a team.

Here’re some examples of popular sports blogs you can find on the internet:

SportsBlog (Example of Sports Blog)

If you’re an expert in a particular sport or you love to learn and keep up with sports news, then a sports blog is the right thing to get started in.

Why not start your own sports blog now?

8. Travel Blog

Travel blogs are becoming more popular day by day. People are traveling more often and are always in search of tips, advice, and guides to get the most of the travel.

If you love to and you know a great way to describe your travel experience, then travel blogs might be the way to get started. In this competitive area, if you have a good travel log and a way to express it, then you can establish a good blog.

You can help other travelers to enjoy their travel to the fullest. Travelers are always looking for the best advice and tips so there is a lot of prospect in starting a travel blog.

You can promote certain packages and destinations and partner up with a travel agency too.

Here’re some examples of popular travel blogs you can find on the internet:

The Common Wanderer Travel Blog
The Common Wanderer (Example of Travel Blog)

If you love traveling and sharing your experiences, then you can start a great travel blog now.

9. Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle blogs are blogs of variety. They have different readers, looking for different types of content related to lifestyle. People have a curiosity about many cultures or lifestyles.

Because of this diverse topic that can be covered, your blog will never face a lack of content to write about. If you love sharing your own lifestyle and culture with the world, then you can probably write a great lifestyle blog.

Not just about yourself, you can also create blog posts about other people and their lifestyles. Cover stories that mainstream media ignores. This way, you’ll surely attract a huge audience.

Here’re some examples of popular lifestyle blogs you can find on the internet:

Say Yes Lifestyle Blogs
Say Yes (Example of Lifestyle Blog)

The best part of lifestyle blogs is that it can go side by side with travel or travel blogs. You can travel, enjoy your time in different places and cultures, and create a blog sharing your experiences there. That can make a great lifestyle blog.

Lifestyle bloggers get the opportunity to be a part of an organization that is working for the betterment of society. They can also work with many events and can explore the history of culture and place.

Lifestyle blogs are great for readers who enjoy reading about different cultures and places. Why not start building your own blog today?

10. Political Blog

Politics or political condition is perhaps a single topic that is on most people’s minds daily. Political blogs have a wide audience with different perspectives, so you have to be able to handle many backslashes.

Despite the probability of getting backslash on your content, political blogs have great potential. They have the most passionate audience so it almost guarantees constant traffic for good content.

Political blogs also work to provide people with different perspectives on a topic or also change the mind of the public. They cover news on politics, analysis of news, and news on political parties.

Many different political affiliates also hire their own blogging team. They write about the policies and plans to attract more people towards the representatives.

Here’re some examples of the popular political blogs you can find on the internet:

Political Wire Political Blog
Political Wire (Example of Political Blog)

These blogs can have a serious approach or a humorous approach. You can go with any approach; both are doing good and provide information to the public.

If you’re updated with politics and news and want to give out your perspective to the people, then a political blog is a great way.

Get started with your own politics blog now!

11. DIY Blog

Do It Yourself (DIY) is an activity of making or repairing things by yourself. People love being creative and handy in their free time. This is where DIY blogs come in which help people break out to their creative selves.

All types of blogs require creativity and should be entertaining. But DIY blogs are the next level, they are basically all about creativity and entertainment. These blogs are for those creative and artistic people.

DIY blogs have huge audiences that are looking to make the most of their time doing crafty works. They are there to enjoy the satisfaction of making or fixing your stuff. It helps to boost creativity in people.

The blog can be of any creativity or craftsmanship that you are an expert in. They can have many categories like arts and crafts, construction, wood-work, and many more.

So, if you’re a creative and crafty person who loves teaching people to be more creative, then DIY blogs are for you.

Many good DIY blogs tend to be focused on specific subjects. So, refine your craftsmanship and get started with DIY blogs.

Here’re some examples of the popular DIY blogs you can find on the web: 

Almost Makes Perfect DIY blog
Almost Makes Perfect (Example of DIY Blog)

If you want to share your DIY projects and ideas, then you should go for a DIY blog.

It’s the perfect time to get started!

12. Gaming Blog

Games and gaming have grown quite a lot in recent times. With many eSports events being organized, people are interested in gaming more than ever. Hence, this is a perfect time to start a gaming blog.

If you’re passionate about gaming and are constantly updated about the happenings in the gaming community, then you can establish a great blog on gaming.

Most gaming blogs are made by gamers and reviewers from gaming communities. There are lots of content to write about for a gaming blog. You can update people on new releases, reviews, and many more.

Gaming blogs not only cover the software part but some also focus on the hardware specs required to run the new triple-A games. There’s lots of content that can be written for a gaming blog.

Gaming blogs are well received and with a well-researched article, it can build a great reputation.

Here’re some examples of the popular gaming blogs you can find on the internet: 

Touch Arcade Gaming Blogs
TouchArcade (Example of Gaming Blog)

 If you’re into games and love sharing your gaming reviews, then a gaming blog is for you.

Why wait until you forget it? Start your gaming blog now!

13. Finance Blog

Finance is a very crucial thing to understand. A lot of people need help to manage their finance efficiently. The finance blogs do exactly that thing.

Finance blogs help provide information, tips, and tricks about how to manage your finance properly. This gives the finance blogger a huge audience as many people find this blog informational.

Some finance bloggers also provide personalized tips and knowledge and help them manage their finance. People with expertise in managing finance and getting the best of their money can get a huge reputation in finance blogs.

There are many topics to write on from how to manage income to how to save your money efficiently.

Here’re some examples of popular finance blogs you can find on the internet:

Money Under 30 Finance Blog
Money Under 30 (Example of Finance Blog)

These types of blogs have high traffic but also major competitions but, someone who can provide legit information can find their way to the top pretty soon.

If you have accurate knowledge, then a finance blog is for you. Start making your blog financial blog now!

How to Start a Blog? (Beginner’s Guide)

Nonetheless, writing is not only the thing to take care of when creating a blog. You need some level of expertise on the matter, unwavering passion, and the ability to do in-depth research to make a successful blog.

Not to mention, you’ll need a good blogging platform to get started. If you want a quick suggestion from us, then we suggest going with WordPress. It is the world’s most popular blogging platform used by over 35% of all the websites on the internet.

Creating a Blog in WordPress (Step-by-Step)

  • Step 1: Get a Domain Name and Hosting
    Domain name is the name of your blog, like for our blog. And web hosting is the storage location of your blog on the internet. The best way for beginners is to buy hosting top hosting providers like DreamHost which provides a free domain.
  • Step 2: Install WordPress
    This step is as easy as one-click if you bought web hosting from a high-quality company like DreamHost. You can find an ‘Install WordPress’ button in your hosting account panel. Just click there.
  • Step 4: Add Powerful Blogging Features with Plugins
    For more features, you can install plugins in WordPress. Plugins are the tools used to add extra functionalities to WordPress. You can pick some from our list of best plugins for blogs.
  • Step 5: Improve SEO, Security, and Start Marketing
    Your work is not complete even after you publish your blog online. First thing is to make it secure. Check our website security guide. Next, make it SEO-friendly for better ranking on search results and start marketing your content online.

If you need a more detailed guide, then please make sure to click the button below.

How to Make Money from Blogging?

No doubts, it’s the top question most new bloggers ask when starting out! Plus, there are some other questions too. How much money can I make from a blog? How to make money from home? Etc.

Well, you can make money from any type of blog. As much as you want to. Here, we’ll briefly talk about a few most popular ways.

  • Affiliate Marketing: It’s the technique wherein you promote other’s products from your blog in exchange for commission money. You’ll create blog posts about those products and add affiliate links (links to those products with your marketing ID) on your blog. When people buy them via your links, you’ll get some money as commission.
  • Place Advertisements on Your Blog: If your blog has a good amount of readers, then you can add ad banners on your site. You can show automatic ads from Google AdSense. Or place ads manually from the popular brands in your blogging niche.
  • Sell Your Own Products via Your Blog: Along with writing content, a lot of bloggers also have products of their own. For example, a food blogger may have some recipe guides. Tech or finance bloggers may have eBooks. With a simple plugin like WooCommerce, you can add a shop page on your blog and sell your products.

These are just some examples. If you want to learn more, then please check our complete guide on how to make money online.

Wrapping Up

We hope this helped you to find the most popular types of blogs to start this year. If you were curious about which to start out on then, hopefully, this helped.

We wish you the best on your journey of becoming a professional blogger. If you already have a blog of any of these types, then you can share your experiences by commenting below.

Also, check our guide on making blog’s speed faster and improving security.

Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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