Promote Your Products & Services Online via SiteSaga Blog

Are you looking for a platform to promote your products and services online? If yes, then you have just found a perfect platform! Yes, we are offering some valuable marketing opportunities here on the SiteSaga blog.

What Type of Products or Services are Accepted?

SiteSaga is a blog about website making. Hence, we promote products and services useful for website creation, security, speed, SEO, marketing, etc.

Hence, you can apply if your product is one of the following:

If you are offering any product helpful for websites and want us to promote it, then please see the available PAID PROMOTION options below and contact us!

1) Placement in a List Article

We have many list articles on our blog ranging from domain and hosting services, website builders, WordPress themes, and plugins collections. Check them out here! 

Do you think a product of yours can make a great addition to one of the articles above or any list article on our blog? If yes, your product also can be on that list! 

Please send us your product details by filling up the form below! 

2) Detailed Review and Guide 

We also write detailed reviews and guides on excellent products or services built around the website technology. For example, check the following review articles for your reference!

If you want us to create a full review like these, then you will need to avail us of your product or service (full license of a minimum of six months). We’ll use it just like another customer and write our findings clearly, and unbiasedly!

Please send us your product details by filling up the form below! 

Pick a Suitable Promotional Plan & Apply Using the Form!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon! 🙂

Also, check the following sections to learn more information!

What is the Next Step After Submitting the Request?

Our editorial team will rigorously review the product and let you know if it’s a quality product that we can recommend to our readers! The next step is payment and publication! 

  • For product placement requests: We’ll inform you about the placement position and the price via email. Placement pricing starts from $100. 
  • For paid review requests: We’ll inform you about the price via email. Paid review pricing starts from $350. 

We’ll notify you about the acceptance of your product via email as soon as possible.

*** If you don’t receive an email reply within 1 month of your application, then please consider that our blog is NOT the right platform for the promotion of your product! 

What Benefits do You Get from Our Paid Promotion Plans?

When you choose to do a paid promotion with us, here are some benefits you will get:

  • If you choose to do a paid review of your product, then we will include the same product free of cost on one of our list articles wherever it’s suitable. 
  • You will get the opportunity to introduce your product to an entirely new audience. 
  • The product/ service reviews will remain permanently in our blog archives unless you (product’s author) stop providing updates or the product is reported as having security issues or having a ‘very poor’ user experience.
  • The product/ service review article will be regularly updated by our team as long as it is on our blog. You may contact us if any new features are added to your product. Yes, we will not abandon the article!
  • You will earn a dofollow backlink pointing to your product’s support/ documentation/ help page.
  • We have some more blogs in our network, so we can help you get published on them too.
  • The cost of doing a paid review with us is comparatively cheaper than other blogs.

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