WordPress Wapuu: History & 120+ Stunning WordCamp Avatars

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WordPress Wapuu

Have you just come across the WordPress Wapuu and wondered what the buzz is all about? If yes, then stay right here.

From its humble origins to the creation of over 120 stunning WordCamp avatars, Wapuu has become an indispensable part of the WordPress community. Prepare to be amazed as we unravel the story behind the smiling Wapuu and its incredible evolution.

In this journey, we’ll delve into the enchanting history of WordPress Wapuu. And unveil not just one or two but over 120 stunning avatars gracing the WordPress community.

So, whether you’re a WordPress fan or just want to explore more about this adorable little mascot, keep reading!

What is a WordPress Wapuu? (Introduction)

Wapuu is an unofficial but very beloved mascot of the WordPress community

In other words, Wapuu is a special character or symbol created to embody the spirit of WordPress events such as meetups, WordCamps, brands, and even personal projects.

Wapuu Unveiled in Japan 2011

WordPress Wapuu’s journey began on February 19, 2011, during WordCamp Fukuoka. Initially designed as a mascot to promote WordPress in Japan by Kazuko Kaneuchi, it didn’t stop at that.

Wapuu’s popularity soared, and it soon became a beloved symbol worldwide. No matter where you go in a WordPress community event, you’re sure to find a Wapuu somewhere.

Let’s see some facts.

  • Over 120 Wapuu avatars have been created for WordCamps (WordPress conferences) around the world. (Find the list below!)
  • Hundreds of more Wapuus have been designed by various WordPress communities, businesses, and individuals for different uses.
  • WordCamps in the United States have created 17 Wapuus, the most by any single country (from its beginning in 2011 until 2023).
  • Japan is a close second with 15 unique Wapuu designs.

The original Wapuu featured the mascot character hugging the WordPress logo. Over time, it has evolved as WordPress users globally personalized it to reflect their local communities. This evolution has given rise to a varied collection of Wapuus, each with its own unique story.

For example, Chao Phraya Boat Wapuu is for WordCamp Asia 2023. It represents the iconic Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. Also, embodies the spirit of the city with its vibrant colors and boat design.

Chao Phraya Boat Wapuu from WordCamp Asia 2023
Chao Phraya Boat Wapuu of WordCamp Asia

At its core, Wapuu is more than just a cute and playful character. It’s a symbol of creativity, innovation, and collaboration. 

Now, let’s explore Wapuu’s evolution and discover the heartwarming stories behind its many forms. 

History of WordPress Wapuu – The Origin

From its humble beginnings at WordCamp Fukuoka in 2011, Wapuu’s journey has been extraordinary. Indeed, it mirrors the vibrant evolution of the WordPress platform itself.

Now, let’s check out the Wapuu’s origin story in the timeline below.

April, 2009

At the WordCamp Tokyo 2009 afterparty, Matt Mullenweg looked for ways to promote WordPress in Japan. Someone suggested creating a mascot, and he liked the idea.

May, 2009

Naoko Takano, a Japanese community manager, was brought in by Automattic to make the mascot idea a reality.

Sometime Later

The admins of including Naoko chose Kazuko Kaneuchi as the illustrator for the mascot.

May 12, 2010

Kazuko submitted the first drafts of the mascot, which included 12 unique illustrations.

Sometime Later

The admins of chose option “E” from Kazuko’s drafts as the final mascot, now known as Wapuu.

February 19, 2011

Wapuu was unveiled as the official character for WordPress Japan at WordCamp Fukuoka 2011.

August 2, 2011

The Japanese WordPress community conducted a poll to name the mascot. 530 participated in the voting.

August 12, 2011

“Wapuu” was chosen as the mascot’s name.


Wapuu is a beloved symbol for WordPress users worldwide, modified by hundreds to represent their local communities under GPLv2 or later.

So, that’s it!

From 2009 to 2011, the Wapuu was in the making. From 2011 onward, it’s traveled the world!

Before we move ahead, let us add a fact on how the Japanese WordPress community suggested the mascot idea.

Thanks to Firefox’s popular Foxkeh mascot!

Foxhet Mascot
Foxhet Mascot

Inspired by that, the Japanese WordPress community thought it was time for WordPress to have its own mascot as well. And hence Wapuu was born!

Read the detailed account of the birth of Wapuu here.

Evolution of WordPress Wapuu Over Time

Wapuu, the WordPress mascot, has evolved alongside the platform, reflecting the growth of WordPress and local communities.

For example, if you look at the Wapuu of Japan, they have adopted their cultural elements to design Wappus for each WordCamp. 

Calligrapher WapuuWordCamp Tokyo 2015Embodies the Japanese artistry style implemented in writing, design, code, etc.
Ogi WapuuWordCamp Tokyo 2016Wears Japanese men’s attire like an Eboshi hat and Sensu which is a Japanese-style foldable hand fan.
With WapuuWordCamp Tokyo 2017This Wapuu talks about the future with its futuristic look holding a ball full of humans and aliens onboard.
Evolution Of Japan Wapuu Designs
Evolution Of Japan Wapuu Designs

Besides this, there is no limitation to the number of Wappus you can design for each WordCamp. 

As WordPress continues to evolve, so too will Wapuu. 

It’ll remain a testament to the dynamic nature of the WordPress community. Adapting to new challenges, embracing new ideas, and continuing to unite WordPress enthusiasts worldwide.

List of Stunning WordCamp Wapuus

Here’s a list of all the Wappu designs that we’ve found from all the available website sources until now. 

If we’ve missed any of the WordCamp Wapuus, then please don’t hesitate to tell us in the comment below. We’ll be happy to add them here. 

Now, let’s check out the Wapuus here that are sure to delight and inspire you.

Wapuus from Major Flagship WordCamps 

The Wapuus at flagship WordCamps embody the event’s spirit and theme, symbolizing the WordPress community’s identity. 

It serves as a playful mascot, engaging attendees and reflecting the WordPress ecosystem’s creativity and collaboration. 

Let’s take a look at them!

I. WordCamp US –  6 Wapuu Variations (2015 – 2023)

Wapuus of WordCamp US
Wapuus of WordCamp US
Benpuu WordCamp US 2015Benpuu is a fresh variation of the WordCamp Wapuus, showcasing his stylish attire and cherished book.
WordCamp US 2018WordCamp US 2018It’s a creative Wapuu with long hair and a headband along with a guitar. 
Wapuu LouieWordCamp US 2019Louie embodies baseball, mirroring the St. Louis Cardinals (an American professional baseball team based in St. Louis.)
WCUS 2021 Wapuu WordCamp US 2021It wears a backpack, and a WordPress cap, and holds the WCUS roadmap while exploring a National Park.
SurferPuuWordCamp US 2022It represents the Birch Aquarium, public outreach center for the renowned Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego.
GeorgiPuuWordCamp US 2023GeorgiPuu has bright rainbow colors that make it look lively. Also, this Wapuu wears festive clothing with vibrant colors.
Wapuus of WordCamp US

II. WordCamp Europe –  4 Wapuu Avatars (2020 – 2023)

Wapuu Designs Of WordCamp Europe
Wapuu Designs Of WordCamp Europe
Okaeri WapuuWordCamp Europe 2020It welcomes you with a warm “Okaeri” greeting, symbolizing the essence of connection in the WordPress community.
Oh, hello Wapuu! WordCamp Europe 2021Oh, hello Wapuu! is a friendly and outgoing Wapuu who loves to meet new people and build relationships. 
GalitoWordCamp Europe 2022Galito is inspired by the Barcelos Rooster, a symbol of Portugal’s love of life and embodying faith, honesty, justice, and luck.
WAthenaWordCamp Europe 2023Wathena Wapuu showcases the WordPress logo on a blue background, representing wisdom and crafts.
Wapuus of WordCamp Europe

III. WordCamp Asia – 2 Wapuu Designs (2020-2023)

Wapuus Of WordCamp Asia
Wapuus Of WordCamp Asia
Tuk-tuk WapuuWordCamp Asia 2020Embodies the spirit of knowledge sharing and liveliness in bustling Bangkok, with a vibrant red Tuk-tuk symbolizing speed and fun.
Chao Phraya Boat Wapuu WordCamp Asia 2023As a 2020 series, 3 Wapuu rides the Chao Phraya River. Plus, it’s adorned with WCA (WordPress Community Asia) colors and logo.
Wapuus of WordCamp Asia

Continent Wise Wapuu Designs

Now we’ll go through all the Wapuus available until now. Here, we’ll list them as per the Continent. So, let’s check them out.

Asia – 44 Wapuus Since 2011 to 2023

I. Japan – 15 Wapuu Designs (2011 – 2023)

WordCamp Japan Wapuu Designs
WordCamp Japan Wapuu Designs
Wapuu WordCamp Tokyo 2011It’s a simple character with a yellow round body, representing the WordPress logo, showcasing a blend of WordPress and Japanese culture.
TawapuuWordCamp Tokyo 2012A friendly and outgoing Wapuu who loves to meet new people and learn new things.
Kabuki Wapuu
WordCamp Tokyo 2013It celebrates the Japanese traditional theatre of Kabuki, wearing a traditional Kabuki costume.
Robo Wapuu WordCamp Tokyo 2014A futuristic Wapuu with robotic faces flying on a rocket with mechanical wings. Holding the WordPress logo and talking about the future of WordPress.
Kansai WapuuWordCamp Kansai 2014Showcases a blue flame, symbolize the “lamp of experience and knowledge,” which is the theme for WordCamp.
Calligrapher WapuuWordCamp Tokyo 2015Celebrates the essence of writing, design, code, and theme of this year’s WordCamp “More Publishing.”
Ogi Wapuu
WordCamp Tokyo 2016Wearing a traditional Eboshi hat and holding onto a “Sensu” Japanese-style foldable hand fan, represents the traditional Japanese accessories. 
3D Wapuu
WordCamp Kansai 2016This Wapuu took on a three-dimensional form in a creative and innovative way.
With Wapuu
WordCamp Tokyo 2017This Wapuu depicts that it’s taking everyone to the future. You can see the Wappu holding on to the ball where everyone is boarded
En Wapuu WordCamp Kyoto 2017It embodies an arc-like roundness in Wapuu’s back and tail, ultimately resulting in the distinct design of En Wapuu.
WordCamp Osaka 2018Dressed in a blue Fundoshi (Japanese men’s outerwear), a Kasa hat, and Geta footwear, represent traditional Japanese clothing.
Ogijima Wapuu
WordCamp Ogijima 2018Ogijima has 2 Wapuus, one Wapuu holding the Ogijima lighthouse, and the other one on the top of the lighthouse.
Rock Wapuu
WordCamp Tokyo 2018This Wappu wears a black and red earring, puts a guitar on the back, and raises one hand with the WordPress band.
Connect Wapuu
WordCamp Tokyo 2019Represents WordCamp Tokyo theme “Connect”. Symbolizes the idea of the Gutenberg Block editor in WordPress 5.0.
Meon Wapuu
WordCamp Ogijima 2020The Meon Wapuu of this year looks like a ship. This Wapuu represents a marine taxi driver who maintains cruisers on Ogijima.

II. India – 14 Wapuu Avatars (2016- 2019)

Wapuus of WordCamp India
Wapuus of WordCamp India
WordCamp Nashik 2016Napuu, a blend of Nashik and Wapuu, embodies the city’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage.
Twin Napuus
WordCamp Nashik 2017Meet the Twin Napuus, Nashik’s special Wapuus who love to play the Dhol and Tasha to celebrate Nashik’s vibrant Dhol culture.
Ammu and Appu
WordCamp Kochi 2017Ammu is the girl Wapuu, representing Kerala’s culture, Appu, the boy wears traditional attire and both enjoy “WordPress coconut.”
Wapuu Saa
WordCamp Udaipur 2017Wappu Sa loves Rajasthan’s culture and heritage and wears a traditional Pagri (turban) which has many practical uses.
WordCamp Mumbai 2017Inspired by the dabbawalas. It brings a mix of WordPress goodness and local culture with a unique Marathi twist.
WordCamp Ahmedabad 2017WapuuBa is inspired by the festive spirit of Navratri. WapuuBha, represents the Amdavadi celebrations.
WordCamp Delhi 2017Represents Delhi passion, unity, and a global outlook, and has a positive vision and a lot of energy.
WordCamp Pune 2017Represents the vibrant culture of Maharashtra with her traditional attire, nose ring, and earrings.
Kaapu Bhai
WordCamp Kanpur 2017Kaapu Bhai is a Wapuu that represents Kanpur’s style with leather clothing, a mustache, and sunglasses.
WordCamp Ahmedabad 2018Wapuuji celebrates learning, sharing, and dancing, all while embracing the city’s rich heritage and royal culture.
Kaapu Bhai 
WordCamp Kanpur 2018Kaapu Bhai loves Banarasi Chai and Munna Samosa. He wears leather clothes and cool sunglasses.
WordCamp Nagpur 2018His name comes from the local dialect phrase “Hao Bhau,” which means “yes bro.”
DJ Wapuu
WordCamp Udaipur 2019Playing music at the Artist House venue with cool headphones and DJ control station, with fun at the event.
Wapuu Da
WordCamp Kolkata 2019Represents a typical Bengali Babu, who loves Roshogollas and is a symbol of Kolkata’s rich identity and culture.

III. Nepal – 2 Wapuu Variations (2018 – 2023)

Wapuudai (WordCamp Biratnagar 2018)

This Wapuu was created for the first WordCamp in Biratnagar. It wears a coat, gate, hat, shoes, and a traditional topi. It represents the unique spirit of the event.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018
Jhilkey (WordCamp Kathmandu 2023)

Jhilkey is a Wapuu that combines fun and tradition. It wears Nepalese clothes and has a unique look that shows how technology and culture can go together.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

IV. Thailand – 3 Wapuu Avatars (2017 – 2019)

Wapuu Thailand (WordCamp Bangkok 2017)

Wapuu Thailand, featured at WordCamp Bangkok 2017, represents the traditional Thai game “Kluay Stem Horse”. This is an effort to preserve and celebrate Thailand’s cultural heritage.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018
Wachu (WordCamp Bangkok 2018)

Wachu, the adorable mascot of WordCamp Bangkok 2018 was designed by May Maytanika. It brings a cheerful and vibrant presence to the event, 

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018
Hanuman Wapuu (WordCamp Bangkok 2019)

Hanuman Wapuu is a delightful fusion of Thai art and Wapuu cuteness inspired by the Thai classic masked play, Ramakien.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

V. Indonesia – 2 Wapuu Designs (2017 – 2019)

Wapuu Ondel-Ondel (WordCamp Jakarta 2017)

Wapuu Ondel-Ondel is based on the traditional Indonesian folk performance, Wayang Kulit, which features large, brightly colored puppets.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018
Wapuu Si Pitung (WordCamp Jakarta 2019)

Wapuu Si Pitung, a new Wapuu introduced at WordCamp Jakarta 2019, is based on the local legend of Si Pitung. It joins the many different and unique Wapuus from Indonesia.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

VI. Philippines – 4 Wapuu Variations (2017 – 2019)

Wapuus of WordCamp Phillippines
Wapuus of WordCamp Phillippines
Jeepney Wapuu
WordCamp Manila 2017Looks like Lapu-Lapu, a Filipino hero, and wearing a bandana and carrying Cebu’s famous lechon, which is a roasted pig.
Sorbetero Wapuu
WordCamp Manila 2018Celebrates sorbetes, a traditional Filipino ice cream sold by sorbeteros in Manila. It represents a part of Filipino culture.
Wapuu Lapu
WordCamp Cebu 2019Looks like Lapu-Lapu, a Filipino hero, wearing a bandana and carrying Cebu’s famous lechon, which is a roasted pig.
WordCamp Iloilo 2019This wapuu loves to eat siopao, a Filipino steamed bun. Siopuu represents the Ilonggo people, known for being chill and festive.

VII. Sri Lanka – 1 Wapuu Avatar (2017)

Yakapuu (WordCamp Colombo 2017)

Yakapuu wears a “Gini Jala Raksha” mask, which is a traditional Sri Lankan mask that represents ancient warriors. This is a way to honor Sri Lanka’s rich cultural heritage.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

VIII. Malaysia  – 1 Wapuu Avatar (2018)

Durian Wapuu (WordCamp Kuala Lumpur 2018)

The Durian Wapuu is named after the durian fruit, which is a native fruit of Southeast Asia. It’s also featured on a variety of WordPress merchandise, such as t-shirts, stickers, and mugs.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

IX. Taiwan – 1 Wapuu Avatar (2018)

Lion Dance Wapuu (WordCamp Taipei 2018)

WordCamp Taipei 2018’s mascot, Wapuu, is a unique mix of WordPress and Taiwanese culture. It’s inspired by the lion dance, a popular Taiwanese tradition, and represents the vibrant spirit of the event.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

X. China – 1 Wapuu Avatar (2019)

Drakong Wapuu (WordCamp Hong Kong 2019)

Drakong Wapuu is a Wapuu that looks like a flying dragon. It represents the spirit of Hong Kong and celebrates the return of WordCamp to the city after 10 years.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

Europe –  43 Wapuus Since 2015 to 2023

United Kingdom – 10 Wapuu Avatars

WordCamp United Kingdom Wapuu Designs
WordCamp United Kingdom Wapuu Designs
WordCamp Manchester 2015Wapuubee is a unique fusion of the iconic Wapuu character and The Manchester Worker Bee by Andonette Wilkinson.
Edinburgh’s Wapuu
WordCamp Edinburgh 2015Wears a Tartan hat and skirt made of Tartan, symbolizing the culture of Edinburgh.
Brighton Wapuu and Sid
WordCamp Brighton 2016It’s a symbol of diversity and inclusion that has a bird, a lolly, and a shovel in the red bucket.
WordCamp Lancaster 2016Expresses its Lancaster County farm, holding a Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign used in ornaments buildings, and clothing.
WordCamp Edinburgh 2017Wapuunicorn with a magical WordPress Orb of Web-Platform Power.
Worker Bee Wapuu
WordCamp Manchester 2018Features a bright yellow antenna on its head and colorful wings, embodying the dedication of WordPress enthusiasts.
One Wapuu Band
WordCamp London 2018Celebration of London’s rich music ecosystem through exceptional visual design at WordCamp London.
Pearly Kings and QueensWordCamp London 2019Pearly Kings and Queens are inspired by London’s Pearlies, wears suits and hats covered in mother-of-pearl buttons.
GrafuuWordCamp Bristol 2019Is holding a spray can and is ready to create beautiful street art. It celebrates Bristol’s famous street art scene.
GlasgoWapuuWordCamp Glasgow 2020Looks a lot like a haggis, a traditional Scottish dish, became popular at WordCamp Glasgow 2020.

Spain – 7 Wapuu Avatars

WordCamp Spain Wapuu Avatars
WordCamp Spain Wapuu Avatars
León WuapurroWordCamp Zaragoza 2018It is a playful lion wearing the traditional costume of the Aragon region of Spain.
WPGranada FajalauzaWordCamp Granada 2018Its design is inspired by taracea and Fajalauza ceramics, which are traditional crafts of the city.
WapumagoGCWordCamp Las Palmas De Gran Canaria 2018Looks like a pilgrim wearing traditional Canarian clothing celebrating the rich heritage of the Canary Islands.
WapuuPaca and WapuuPacoWordCamp Sevilla 2019WapuuPaco is a Southern, code-focused Wapuu that wears flip-flops and has a “Keep Calm” attitude.
WapaaWordCamp Valencia 2019Inspired by the city’s iconic oranges. It symbolizes joy and good vibes at the event.
Wappu PeregrinoWordCamp Galicia 2021Wapuu Peregrino is a WordPress mascot that looks like a pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago. It represents the unique journey to Galicia.
Wapuu Pepe and Wapuu Pepa
WordCamp Seville 2021Pepa and Pepe are adventurous and love the city. They show people around the city all the WordCamp events.

Germany – 8 Wapuu Variations

WordCamp Germany wapuu Designs
WordCamp Germany wapuu Designs
WapuualaafWordCamp Cologne 2015Wapuualaaf wears a traditional carnival hat and has a big belly from drinking Kölsch beer.
Wapuu The BERWordCamp Berlin 2015It is excited about the Janze Chose event in November, and it thanks Martin Janz and Eurotext for their support.
FrapuuWordCamp Frankfurt 2016It loves to drink cider and write poems on Sachsenhäuser Berg, a hill with a panoramic view of the city.
Nuremberg Wapuus WordCamp Nuremberg 2016 They are inspired by the real Nuremberg Castle and have helpful companions.
Cologne Wappus
WordCamp Cologne 2017Based on the characters from the famous Hänneschen-Theater in Cologne, reflects the warm and welcoming Cologne spirit.
The Düsseldorf WapuuWordCamp Düsseldorf 2019It represents the spirit of Düsseldorf, which is known for its friendly people and relaxed atmosphere.
WCSTG WapuusWordCamp Stuttgart 2019Based on the city’s unique traditions, such as Maultaschen, Kehrwoche, Spätzle, and local TV icons.
Peace Rider WapuuWordCamp Osnabrück 2019It symbolizes the Peace of Westphalia negotiations during the Thirty Years’ War.

France – 4 Wapuu Variations

Wapuus of WordCamp France
Wapuus of WordCamp France
AugusteWordCamp  Bordeaux 2017Holds a Cannelés which is a small French pastry. It also carries blue grapes symbolizing love for good wines from Bordeaux.
DanyWordCamp Lille 2018Dany, the Wapuu of WordCamp Lille 2018 wears a hat, gloves, and scarf while holding a snow globe representing the winter of Lille.
TitiWordCamp Paris 2018Titi the official mascot of WordCamp Paris holds a ball with the Eiffel Tower inside, symbolizing the attraction of Paris.
Biarritz WapuuWordCamp Biarritz 2023Represents a cool place loved by surfers everywhere, with awesome waves and a cool surfer vibe.

Italy – 4 Wapuu Designs

Wapuus of WordCamp Italy
Wapuus of WordCamp Italy
Wapuus Maximus MeridiusWordCamp Rome 2017Representing the Roman community. Since then, it has been their mascot for all WordPress events held in the city.
LiotruuWordCamp Catania 2019Wears a special hat called “Coppola” from Sicily, and hugs the WordPress logo.
Benvenuto SpaghettuuWordCamp Italia 2020Wears a strainer as a hat and holds a fork full of spaghetti. Representing one of the iconic foods of Italy.
Italy WapuusWordCamp Italy 2022Spaghettuu II and Margherituu is an addition symbolizing the essence of the Italian community and food.

Bulgaria – 3 Wapuu Variations

WordPress Bulgaria Wapuu Designs
WordPress Bulgaria Wapuu Designs
Sofia WapuusWordCamp Sofia 2017Has 4 Wapuus dressed in Bulgarian traditional clothing, holds flag, hugs the Saint Sofia statue. And fourth holds a stone plate with the Bulgarian coat of arms.
Varna WapuusWordCamp Varna 20174 Wappus, one dressed as a marine, ship captain, and fishman. And one in a snorkeling suit.
Plovdiv WapuusWordCamp Plovdiv 20194 Wapuus, each Wapuu has a unique look and personality, showcasing Plovdiv’s culture and history.

Serbia – 1 Wapuu Design

Wappujlo (WordCamp Belgrade 2015)

Meet Wapuujlo, who wears a traditional Serbian hat called šajkača and holds a plum. Which is a symbol of Serbia, showcasing a blend of Serbian tradition with WordPress.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

Russia – 1 Wapuu Avatar

Wapuushkin (WordCamp Russia 2015)

Wapuushkin is a cool mascot with a cap on his head, and he’s playing the Balalaika, a Russian-stringed musical instrument.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

Finland – 1 Wapuu Design

Näsinneula’s Wapuu (WordCamp Finland 2023)

The Wapuu of WordCamp Finland loves to climb the tall tower called Näsinneula in Finland. Enjoy the amazing views of the city and the beautiful surroundings.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

Ireland – 1 Wapuu Avatar

Dublin Wapuu (WordCamp Dublin 2019)

The Wapuu of Dublin is inspired by the rich tradition of great writers in Dublin and throughout Ireland. It symbolizes the connection between code, poetry, and writers, followed by WordPress’ tagline, “Code is poetry.”

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

Bucharest – 1 Wapuu Design

Clopuu (WordCamp Bucharest 2018)

Clopuu looks like a modern person and wears a hat that Romanian men traditionally wear. Plus, holds the flag of Romania, showing pride in the country.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

Kosice – 1 Wapuu Avatar

Hockeypuu (WordCamp Kosice 2019)

Hockeypuu is a friendly character, who represents a city in Slovakia called Kosice. This Wapuu wears a hockey jersey, holding a hockey stick with a cheerful smile.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

Portugal – 1 Wapuu Design

Xiruu (WordCamp Porto 2017)

Xiruu is a cool and friendly Wapuu of WordCamp Porto. It wears a brown hat and red scarf while munching on the WordPress logo.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

North America –  23 Wapuus Since 2016 to 2021

United States – 19 Wapuu Designs

Wapuus of WordCamp United States
Wapuus of WordCamp United States
Rochester’s WapuuWordCamp Rochester 2016Has a camera and is holding pictures of the First Federal Plaza building, Kodak Tower, Susan B. and Anthony House.
DC WapuusWordCamp Washington, DC 20173 Wapuus, Capitol Wapuu, Honest Abe Wapuu, then D.C. Flag Wapuu hugging the flog of D.C. 
Philly WapuusWordCamp Philly 2017Has a camera and is holding pictures of the First Federal Plaza building, Kodak Tower, Susan B., and Anthony House.
Cowboy WapuuWordCamp DFW Texas 2017Cowboy Wapuu is a friendly character with a cowboy hat, bandana, and boots, making him look like a cowboy.
Aviator Modern WapuuWordCamp Seattle 2017The Aviator Modern Wapuu is a fun character, combining a Wapuu with a pilot’s helmet and airplane wings.
Buffalo’s WapuuWordCamp Buffalo 2018The Wapuu of Buffalo is a cute design that holds buffalo wings. Representing the spirit and unique taste of Buffalo, New York.
FayapuuWordCamp Fayetteville 2018Fayapuu is a friendly Wapuu with a cute Wapuu with a Fayetteville-themed hat and glasses bringing fun.
WordCamp Phoenix WapuusWordCamp Phoenix 20182 Wapuus, one holding a WordPress logo and another on a plane. Showing the spirit of WordCamp and Phoenix.
Philly WapuusWordCamp Philly 20183 Wapuus, Patriot-puu with a flag, Girlscout-puu munching a cookie, and Zoo-puu, adventurous character.
Wapuus for PortlandWordCamp Portland Maine 2018All 3 Wapuus have horror features like the iconic vampire, clown, and twins.
BrownieWordCamp Rochester 2018, 2019, 2020Introduced in the year 2018 and has a friendly face. It’s brown in color and resembles a happy dessert.
Philly WapuusWordCamp Philly 20194 Wappus, PAFApuu, Canvaspuu, LOVEpuu, and Grittpuu.
ProngaloopWordCamp Santa Clarita 2019Holding on to the WordPress logo while seated on a spring sofa symbolizes fun of amusement.
YoduuWordCamp Sacramento 2019Inspired by the Star Wars character Yoda, bringing a touch of comic excitement to the WordPress community.
JawnPuuWordCamp Philly 2020Inspired by the Star Wars character Yoda, it brings a touch of comic excitement to the WordPress community.
SpeedyWordCamp Santa Clarita 2020Wapuu Speedy comes with a racing helmet, representing the spirit of speed and agility.
Accessipuu and BleepuuWordCamp Santa Clarita 2021Accessipuu represents accessibility, while Bleepuu is a fun purple color character focused on technology. 
Lowrider WapuuWordCamp Albuquerque 2018Represents the lively spirit of the city and its love for cars and creativity.
WapuulienWordCamp Albuquerque 2020The Wapuu Wapuulien is a cool and creative mascot. It’s a mix of Wapuu and an alien, making it fun and unique.

Canada – 3 Wapuu Avatars

White Hat Wapuu (WordCamp Calgary 2017)

The White Hat Wapuu is a cute character wearing a white cowboy hat, representing the friendly spirit of Calgary.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018
Lobster Wapuu (WordCamp Halifax 2017)

The Lobster Wapuu is the official mascot of WordCamp Halifax that holds the WordPress logo. This Wapuu represents the Halifax city, renowned for its grand lobster cuisine.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018
Wahoo Wapuu (WordCamp Calgary 2019)

The Wahoo Wapuu wears a cool yellow Wapuu with a white hat and red kerchief. While hugging the Saddledome, a gathering place for premier events in Calgary.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

Mexico – 1 Wapuu

Wapuu Mariachi (WordCamp Guadalajara 2019)

Wapuu Mariachi is a playful character inspired by the traditional Mexican music style, Mariachi. This Wapuu has a festive sombrero and a guitar, a representation of the Mariachi culture.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

South America –  2 Wapuus From 2018 to 2019

Brazil – 2 Wapuu Variations

Wapuu Sampa (WordCamp Sao Paulo 2019)

Wapuu Sampa represents a Motoboy, a hardworking person in Brazilian cities who delivers orders all day long. 

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018
Sao Paula Wapuus (WordCamp Sao Paulo 2019)

There are a total of 8 Wapuus for WordCamp Sao Paulo in 2019. While you’ll find some Wapuu as gifts at the WordCamp. Adding fun and excitement to the event.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

Africa –  3 Wapuus (2018 – 2019)

Nairobi – 1 Wapuu Design

Nairobi Wapuu (WordCamp Nairobi 2018)

The Nairobi Wapuu is a cute and friendly character that represents Nairobi with a cool safari hat and a big smile. Showing the warmth and welcoming nature of local people.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

Zimbabwe – 1 Wapuu Design

Harare Wapuu (WordCamp Harare 2019)

The Wapuu of Harare symbolizes the vibrant spirit and unity of the WordPress community in Zimbabwe. You’ll see the essence of collaboration and technological growth celebrated at the event.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

Nigeria Wapuu Design – 1 Wapuu Avatar

Ayántẹ̀rọ̀ (WordCamp Lagos 2018)

Wapuu Ayántẹ̀rọ̀ represents the rich cultural heritage of the Nigerian people. It also represents a fusion of WordPress symbolism with elements of Nigerian tradition.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

Australia –  1 Wapuu (2019)

Macquarie Wapuu Design – 1 Wappu Desich

Sandy (WordCamp Port Macquarie 2019)

Wapuu Sandy expresses the region’s coastal spirit and charm, with a vibrant color palette and design. Also symbolizes the unique beauty and energy of Port Macquarie, reflecting the event’s local essence.

Wapuudai WordCamp Biratnagar 2018

Future of Wapuu

As we look toward the future, the journey of WordPress Wapuu continues to unfold. The immense popularity and significance of Wapuu within the WordPress community suggest a bright and exciting path ahead. 

So, it’s likely that the future of Wapuu is bright, let’s see why!

  • Wapuu is changing a lot and becoming even more fun, making WordPress more exciting for everyone.
  • Every year, we get new Wapuu designs that show how creative and different the WordPress family can be.
  • Soon, Wapuu might move and make sounds, like in a cool video game, when we use WordPress at events.
  • The people who love WordPress are making sure Wapuu will always be a happy and important part of WordPress.

These are the things that make us believe that future Wappu will be more interesting.

Moreover, the future of Wapuu depends on the continued passion and dedication of the community. As long as individuals are inspired by WordPress and share their creativity, Wapuu will thrive. 


And, that’s all, folks! We’ve come to the end of our article on WordPress Wapuu, its history along with its stunning avatars

So, what’re you waiting for? Join us as we step into the future, where new Wapuu avatars await and the magic of WordPress continues to unfold.

And watch as Wapuu’s story unfolds, bringing joy, inspiration, and a touch of whimsy to the ever-growing WordPress family.

If you’ve found any WordCamp Wapuus missing, then do let us know in the comment section below. We’re happy to add them.

To discover additional variations of Wappus created by WordPress brands and individuals, be sure to visit

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