9 Best WordPress Instagram Feed Plugins 2023 (Free + Paid)

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Best WordPress Instagram Feed Plugins

Are you in search of the best WordPress Instagram feed plugins? If yes, then stay right here.

In the busy online world, making social media part of your website is important to keep people interested. Whether you run a small business or want to be an influencer, having an interesting Instagram feed can help bring in and keep visitors.

When it comes to WordPress, integrating Instagram feeds can significantly boost the visual appeal and interactivity of your site. To make it simpler, there are special plugins that help you easily add Instagram stuff to your WordPress site.

In this article, we’ve already prepared a list of the best WordPress Instagram feed plugins. So, go through them and pick a suitable plugin that fulfills your needs. 

Now, let’s begin!

Summary of Best WordPress Instagram Feed Plugins

Here, have a quick peek at the summary of the best WordPress Instagram Feed plugins for your website. 

Instagram Feed PluginsFree VersionStarting PriceExclusive Features
Instagram Feed by Smash BalloonYes$49 per year– Infinitely Load More
– Multiple Instagram Feeds
SpotlightYes$39 per year– Free Pre-Designed Templates
– Unlimited Instagram Accounts
WP Social NinjaYes$44 per year– Shoppable Feed
– Carousel Settings
Social Feed GalleryYes$49 per year– Image Popup
– Highlight Posts
Easy Social FeedYes$32.37 per year– Videos Gallery
– Animate Filters

What are the Benefits of Adding an Instagram Feed to Your Website?

Adding an Instagram feed to your website offers numerous advantages. It enhances visual appeal with high-quality, dynamic content. This leads to increased user engagement and longer time spent on your site. 

Moreover, you can showcase user-generated content, cross-promote your website and Instagram, and reinforce your brand identity.

Here are some of the benefits of adding an Instagram feed to your WordPress website:

  • Adding an Instagram feed to your website boosts visual appeal, leveraging your high-quality posts for a more engaging and attractive web presence.
  • Displaying user-generated content from Instagram on your website provides social proof, boosting your brand’s credibility. It shows potential customers how current users engage with your products or services.
  • Cross-promotion between your website and Instagram can attract new followers and visitors. Website visitors may discover and follow your Instagram, while your Instagram followers may explore your website for additional information.
  • Using Instagram for marketing? Integrating an Instagram feed increases conversions, directing users to product pages and boosting sales.
  • Integrating an Instagram feed adds dynamism to your site, showcasing real-time updates from your account. It is ideal for those with frequent posts like product launches or events.
  • Interesting content, such as Instagram feeds, can make people stay on your website longer. This can lower bounce rates and might even help your website’s SEO.
  • Incorporating an Instagram feed is an affordable way to add engaging content to your website without complex design work.

Ensure seamless integration, responsive design, and regular high-quality content updates for your Instagram feed on your website. Also, prioritize user privacy and data security during the integration process.

We’re now reviewing the 9 best WordPress Instagram feed plugins for 2023. So let’s get rolling!

9 Best WordPress Instagram Feed Plugins 2023

We’ve picked out the best WordPress Instagram feed plugins for 2023. Check out each plugin’s description, features, and prices to find the one that works best for you.

1. Instagram Feed by Smash Balloon

Instagram Feed by Smash Balloon is one of the best Instagram feed plugins used by over 1.7 million websites. It seamlessly integrates into WordPress and offers a free version with impressive features.

Instagram Feed by Smash Balloon

Upgrading to the Pro version provides users with extra benefits, such as multiple layout choices, including masonry grids and carousels, among others. This enhanced version offers a range of features to enhance your Instagram feed.

The Pro version of the plugin allows you to create multiple Instagram feeds from various sources, including hashtags. It also offers shoppable feeds, a lightbox popup, and social sharing buttons.

You can effortlessly add your Instagram feed to posts or pages through the block editor or sidebar widget. The plugin even supports Instagram Stories and Reels display.

Instagram Feed by Smash Balloon's Demo
Instagram Feed by Smash Balloon’s Demo

The plugin offers a smart feed cache and backup feature, which helps maintain your site’s speed and functionality. This feature ensures that your Instagram photos continue to display on your site, even if Instagram’s API experiences downtime.

Hence, it’s a valuable tool for enhancing your website with dynamic and engaging Instagram content.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to display as many feeds as you like, either on the same page or throughout your site.
  • Helps you embed your Instagram content directly into your web page.
  • Includes a site health check integration to ensure you know when there are issues preventing your feeds from updating on the site.
  • Easily combine multiple types of feeds into a single one, such as multiple profiles, a profile and a hashtag, a tagged feed and a profile, etc.
  • Provides you granular control over what’s displayed in your feeds, with tons of easy built in customization options.


Instagram Feed by Smash Balloon is a freemium WordPress plugin. So, you’ll find both free and premium price options to choose from. The free plugin is ready to install from your admin dashboard. Or you can download it from the plugin repository.

For exclusive features, you can visit its website and pick one of the following pricing schemes:

  • Personal – $49 per year, 1 site, multiple feed layouts, hashtag feeds, etc.
  • Business – $99 per year, Personal features, 5 sites, carousels/slideshows, visual moderation system, etc.
  • Developer – $149 per year, Business features, 25 sites, GDPR compliant, priority support, etc.

2. Spotlight

Spotlight is a unique Instagram plugin that transforms your feed into an image gallery seamlessly integrated into your website. This approach allows you to showcase Instagram images directly on your site, helping reduce loading times and resource usage. 


Furthermore, Spotlight offers a high level of customization, allowing you to tailor your feed’s appearance, post order, number of columns, width, height, padding, and text size. 

You can even add features like an account header and a Follow button for a more interactive experience. The plugin supports multiple accounts, and you can display feeds using shortcodes for widgets. 

Spotlight's Demo
Spotlight’s Demo

In summary, Spotlight offers a versatile and user-friendly way to blend Instagram content seamlessly with your website’s design.

Key Features:

  • Helps to set up keyword and phrase filters to only show the posts that you want.
  • You can exclude photos, videos, and reels that don’t fit into a specific Instagram feed.
  • Create a bio link page directly on your website and take full control over your domain, page design, and more.
  • You can launch a hashtag campaign and display your followers’ best posts to create a gallery with user-generated content.
  • Comes with keyboard navigation and image alt tags, making it fully accessible.


Spotlight is a completely free Instagram feed plugin for WordPress. Hence, you can easily install it right on your dashboard or download it from the plugin directory.

Moreover, you can purchase a premium plan from its site for growing needs. The pricing plans are

  • Essential – $39 per year for 1 site license, unlimited Instagram feeds, 12+ professionally designed templates, and more.
  • Pro –  $359 per year for 1 site license, Javascript API, automated linking from hashtags, slider layout, etc.
  • Performance – $99 per year for 1 site license, account analytics, media management, Google Analytics, etc.

3. WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja is one of the versatile WordPress Instagram Feed plugins. It seamlessly integrates social feeds, user reviews, and chat widgets into your website, enhancing your brand’s online presence. 

WP Social Ninja WordPress Instagram Feed Plugin

Likewise, it provides user-friendly customization options. These options help you create a design that matches your desired style for feeds, reviews, and social chats.

This tool makes customization a breeze. Users can tailor the design to their liking, ensuring seamless blending of social feeds, review sections, and chat features.

The best part is this plugin integrates with different social media platforms including Instagram and is easy to install. After you install and activate it, you can easily link many platforms with just a few clicks.

WP Social Ninja's Demo
WP Social Ninja’s Demo

WP Social Ninja makes it easier to boost your website’s interaction and engagement. It’s a valuable tool for brands seeking to expand their online presence and build stronger connections with their audience.

Give WP Social Ninja a try and discover how it can help make your brand’s website more interactive and engaging.

Key Features:

  • It allows you to display Instagram feeds with multiple user accounts on your site without any hassle.
  • You can give your Instagram feeds a brightening look with tons of built-in stylish customization options.
  • Allows you to cache the data it receives from Instagram to speed up the website.
  • Let’s show or hide your Instagram posts and display feeds automatically on your website.
  • You can open your Instagram feeds with the original Instagram post or open it with a popup box on your site.


WP Social Ninja is a freemium WordPress Instagram feed plugin. The free plugin is downloadable from the plugin directory or directly install it on your dashboard.

Moreover, there are 3 premium pricing plans of the plugin that you can purchase. They are:

  • Single License – $44 per year, 1 domain license.
  • Agency License – Costs $149 per year,  25 domain licenses.
  • Unlimited License – $249 per year, unlimited domain license.

4. Social Feed Gallery

Social Feed Gallery is a versatile Instagram plugin known for its extensive customization options. It allows users to connect multiple Instagram profiles and create unique feeds for each one. 

Social Feed Gallery

Each feed is assigned a shortcode, and there are four styles to choose from when displaying your photos. You have control over how many posts to showcase and the number of columns in your gallery.

It allows you to filter your WordPress feed with specific hashtags, making it easier to display the Instagram content you want. This filtering option ensures that only content with particular hashtags is displayed on your website. 

This filter option ensures that only content with particular hashtags is displayed on your website.

Social Feed Gallery's Demo
Social Feed Gallery’s Demo

Social Feed Gallery streamlines the process by providing a simple authentication procedure where users only need to confirm access. This makes it hassle-free to link your Instagram account with your website.

This plugin provides ample flexibility for tailoring your Instagram feed to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to highlight posts in your feed using a set pattern, specific post IDs, or choosing a specific hashtag in the caption.
  • Display photos and videos from your feed in a pop-up gallery-box letting users view your content without leaving your site.
  • You can customize the colors of the Instagram Feed with a custom background, padding, and a rounded border.
  • Choose your favorite built-in layout and showcase your feed in different ways – carousel, masonry, grid.
  • It uses a backup caching system to make sure your feed is always displayed even if there’s a problem with the Instagram API.


Social Feed Gallery is a freemium WordPress plugin with both free and premium plans. The free plugin is in the plugin repository. Also, you can install it directly on the dashboard.

Moreover, there are 3 premium pricing plans of the plugin that you can purchase. They are:

  • Personal – $49 per year, $89 for a lifetime, 1 site.
  • Agency – Costs $99 per year, $189 for a lifetime, 5 site activations.
  • Developer – $149 per year, $299 for lifetime use, unlimited site activations.

5. Easy Social Feed

Easy Social Feed is the most popular social media plugin. It helps to simplify the process of adding SEO-friendly dynamic content from your Facebook or Instagram account to your website. 

Easy Social Feed

Likewise, it remains 100% up-to-date and seamlessly works with the latest WordPress version, ensuring a smooth experience for users.

With over 60,000 websites, it lets you showcase Instagram photos and videos that are responsive, SEO-friendly, and easily customizable. You can display them in a page, post, or sidebar.

Similarly, you can personalize your post or photo feed using their live customizer. This allows you to adjust layouts, padding, image effects, and more. With the live customizer, you can see the changes happening in real-time, eliminating the need for guesswork.

Easy Social Feed's Demo
Easy Social Feed’s Demo

There’s no restriction on the number of feeds you can showcase on your site, and our shortcode and widgets operate independently. This means you can add feeds from multiple pages at your convenience, wherever you like.

Lastly, it stores posts, images, and other Instagram content in a cache, reducing external requests and speeding up page loading. This helps enhance the overall browsing experience for your site visitors.

Key Features:

  • It’s fully customizable. You can customize the layout and look and feel using the WP Customizer in real-time.
  • Allows you to select layouts for your photos feed in full-width, half-width and masonry.
  • You can create different styles for your feed. This is useful when you want to show it on the page and also in the footer or sidebar.
  • Make your photos look better with fun filters like greyscale, saturate, sepia, hue, invert, and brightness.
  • Show images, videos, and albums in a popup, allowing users to stay on your site, and easily navigate through post images.


Easy Social Feed is a freemium plugin that offers both free and premium versions. You can download its free version right from the official WordPress plugins directory. 

Meanwhile, its premium version has 3 pricing packages:

  • One Site – $32.37/annually and $82.17/one-time payment.
  • 10 Sites – $73.87/annually and $165.17/one-time payment.
  • Unlimited Sites – $131.97/annually and $331.17/one-time payment.

All the above-mentioned premium plans include shoppable feed, visual moderation, advanced popup, image filters, carousel, etc.

6. Social Media Feed

Social Media Feed is the best WordPress Instagram feed plugin designed for blogs and websites. It boasts lightning-fast loading times, making it ideal for enhancing the visual appeal of your site. 

Social Media Feed – Best WordPress Instagram Feed Plugins

This plugin offers a user-friendly experience with minimal configuration requirements, allowing you to set it up in seconds. The shortcode generator simplifies the process of displaying multiple profiles on various pages and posts. Its elegant and responsive design ensures compatibility with all devices upon the first visit. 

The Instagram Gallery plugin presents your profile image and a follow button. It also displays your profile statistics, including the total posts, followers, followings, along with your profile description.

Configuration settings provide options to customize gallery rows, columns, image limits for preview, and image spacing between grid images. These settings also activate features such as icons appearing on image hover and captions displaying on image mouse hover. 

Social Media Feed's Demo
Social Media Feed’s Demo

Additionally, they let you add links to Instagram on each image and make sure the gallery works in the sidebar and footer widgets.

Key Features:

  • Provides gallery image display limit over 200.
  • Allows you to add captions on images/photos.
  • You can manage spacing between images/photos.
  • Offers 5 gallery layout templates.
  • Comes with lightbox controls colors.


Social Media Feed is a freemium plugin that offers both free and premium versions. You can download its free version right from the official WordPress plugins directory. 

Meanwhile, its premium version cost $39 for one-time payment. With that, it includes Instagram album, sharing icon, custom CSS, load more button, and Instagram links setting.

7. Elfsight Instagram Feed

Elfsight’s Instagram Feed is a flexible plugin for WordPress. It gives you 12 color options to make your Instagram feed look good. This plugin allows you to showcase photos, hashtags, usernames, and URLs to boost visitor engagement.

Elfsight's Instagram Feed

To get started, you’ll need to set up an account and create a widget on Elfsight’s website. After you’ve completed those steps, you can smoothly connect it to your WordPress site. Simply go to the block editor panel and add the Social Feed block.

It’s important to mention that Elfsight’s Instagram Feed doesn’t have a free version. However, you have the option to try out its Free Plan to test all the features before you commit to a paid plan.

Furthermore, their paid plans offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. This provides reassurance when you’re making a purchase.

Elfsight's Instagram Feed's Demo
Elfsight’s Instagram Feed’s Demo

To sum it up, Elfsight’s Instagram Feed has lots of features you can customize, but it doesn’t have a free version. It’s easy to use and gives you a money-back guarantee, so it’s a good pick to improve Instagram on your WordPress site.

Key Features:

  • Encourage action from your users by making your Instagram Feed Shoppable with built-in buttons that link to products and pages.
  • It makes your content look amazing with a popup mode that showcases photos, plays videos, and offers various post elements to display.
  • Adjust widget size on the go, with automatic height adaptation for optimal proportions and mobile-friendly content.
  • Customize the content grid by changing the number of columns, rows, posts per page, and spacing to fit your preferences.
  • Select from predefined post templates to customize how your posts appear, whether it’s a minimalist tile template or a detailed classic template.


Elfsight’s Instagram Feed is a premium plugin with 4 pricing plans on its official website. 

  • Free Plan – Free forever. However, it’s best only for testing purposes and development. Includes 5 sources, 1 widger, and 200 views. 
  • Basic Plan – Costs $5 per year, 15 sources, 3 widgets, and 5,000 views.
  • Pro Plan – Costs $10 per year, 45 sources, 9 widgets, and 50,000 views.
  • Premium Plan – Costs $20 per year, 105 sources, 21 widgets, and 150,000 views.

8. WPZOOM Instagram Widget for WordPress

Elevate your website with Instagram Widget by WPZOOM, a user-friendly WordPress widget. It’s designed to seamlessly integrate your outstanding Instagram feed, enhancing your site’s visual appeal and user experience.

Instagram Widget by WPZOOM

With this versatile tool, you can effortlessly showcase your most recent Instagram posts anywhere on your website. Whether you prefer a one, two, or three-column layout or a full-width gallery for your footer section, it provides design flexibility.

This widget’s flexibility enables simple customization of the design through CSS, ensuring seamless integration with your website’s appearance. Adding this widget to your site is straightforward, enhancing the overall user experience with an extra feature.

Before getting started, it’s a good idea to understand how to authorize your Instagram profile with a simple process. Once you’ve completed this step, you can effortlessly bring your well-loved Instagram feed to your fabulous WordPress blog. 

Instagram Widget by WPZOOM's Demo
Instagram Widget by WPZOOM’s Demo

With this widget, you can effortlessly blend your Instagram content into your website, infusing it with vibrant visuals that reflect your brand’s identity. This enhances your site’s appeal and engagement. 

Discover the benefits of Instagram Widget by WPZOOM for improving your website’s look and how users engage with it.

Key Features:

  • Easily integrate your Instagram Feeds into posts or pages and enhance your online community engagement.
  • Offers easy customization for displaying Instagram feeds on your WordPress site, with flexibility in grid layout and column options.
  • Quickly link multiple Instagram accounts and set up separate feeds for each, with the option to configure them individually.
  • With its Lightbox feature, people can see your Instagram posts on your site, making it easier to look at your feed and maybe follow you on Instagram.
  • You can put your Instagram feeds in various spots on your site, using the shortcode even in page builders like Elementor or Beaver Builder.


Instagram Widget by WPZOOM plugin comes with both free and premium versions. You can download its free version from For the premium version, there are different pricing plans:

  • Starter –  $49/year for 1 site.
  • Professional – $69/year for 3 sites.
  • Business – $99/year for 10 sites.

All the above-mentioned premium plans provide you with 1 year of support and update, automatic updates, connect multiple accounts, responsive columns, and more.

9. Social Slider Feed

Social Slider Feed is a free WordPress Instagram plugin that effortlessly lets you add your 12 most recent Instagram images to your WordPress site or blog. It’s a great way to enhance your website’s visual appeal with a slider or thumbnail display.

Social Slider Feed

With this extension, you can display your Instagram content through a slider or thumbnails, giving your website visitors a more engaging experience. It’s a versatile addition to your site, fully responsive and compatible with modern web browsers.

You have the freedom to curate images from a public Instagram account or based on relevant hashtags. This widget is fully responsive, ensuring accessibility on various devices. 

Additionally, it’s compatible with all modern web browsers, providing a consistent user experience for all your visitors.

Social Slider Feed's Demo
Social Slider Feed’s Demo

Another handy feature of Social Slider Feed is that you can arrange images by popularity, date, or randomly. You don’t need an API key for the plugin, and it lets you link images to your Instagram profile, a custom URL, or no URL at all. 

Installing and activating this plugin is a breeze, taking only four simple steps to showcase your Instagram photos on your website.

Key Features:

  • See your feed’s photos and videos in a lovely pop-up lightbox, giving users a seamless experience without leaving your site.
  • Display Instagram feeds on your site without needing permission by using hashtags (just be sure to review Instagram’s rules for showing feeds without permission).
  • Connect and display several Instagram accounts, showcasing multiple feeds at once with no restrictions.
  • Adjustable layout options. Tailor the size, image count, columns, spacing, and more to your liking.
  • Display Instagram feeds on your site without needing permission. Simply enter a username and view the outcome.


Social Slider Feed comes with a free version to use but you can also upgrade it to the premium version.

  • Personal –  $29/year and $89 lifetime for 3 sites.
  • Business – $59/year and $169 lifetime for 6 sites.
  • Unlimited – $99/year and $299 lifetime for unlimited sites.

FAQs on Best WordPress Instagram Feed Plugins

Before we finish, we’ll address some of the questions you often ask about the best WordPress Instagram Feed plugins. If we missed your question, then feel free to ask it below, and we’ll get back to you!

1. What is the best WordPress Instagram Feed plugin?

With an impressive array of features, Smash Balloon plugin is perfect for business owners, marketers, bloggers, influencers, and agencies. It allows you to integrate Instagram content into your website to help grow your following, increase conversions, save time, or engage more with your users.

2. What are the benefits of using WordPress Instagram plugins?

Adding an Instagram feed to your website has multiple advantages. It can help reach a wider audience, gain more followers, gather data for ads, keep visitors engaged for longer, and boost sales.

3. Do WordPress plugins allow you to customize the appearance of Instagram feeds?

Yes, many Instagram plugins offer customization options to align your feed with your brand’s look. You can tweak the layout, choose from pre-designed themes, modify fonts, colors, apply filters, and more.

4. Can a WordPress Instagram feed enhance engagement on social media?

Yes, having a WordPress Instagram feed can boost your social media engagement. It allows folks to see and like your Instagram posts on your website, which can make your account stand out and get you more followers and likes.


So, we’ve come to an end! In this article, we’ve tried our best to shortlist some of the best WordPress Instagram feed plugins. We hope you like it!

In summary, WordPress Instagram feed plugins offer versatility for enhancing your site’s look and engagement. Whether you have a tight budget or are willing to invest, there’s a plugin to meet your needs. These tools empower bloggers, entrepreneurs, and content creators to easily integrate Instagram content, improving the user experience. 

If you’re confused, then we recommend using Smash Balloon As it’s a free plugin that is perfect for news or niche sites where you want to show visitors the latest happenings.

If you’re using any of these plugins for your website, then please share your experience in the comment section below. 

Still in confusion? Then, you can comment on them. We’ll try to help you to solve your dilemma.

Moreover, it’ll be of great help if you check out some of our blogs. They are the best WordPress image optimization plugins and the best WordPress cache plugins. Be sure to check them once.

Lastly, share our post on your social media platforms. Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more helpful articles.

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