12 Best Anti-Spam Comment Plugins for WordPress in 2021

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Anti-Spam Comment Plugins for WordPress

Are you on the lookout for the best anti-spam comment plugins for WordPress 2021?

Let’s say, you just built a website and now it’s finally up and running. And, it’s started to attract a lot of attention, and we mean a lot. But, you also noticed the increase of something else that wasn’t all that thrilling, spam comments.

Alas, comment spam is something nobody wants but everybody gets. As your site starts to grow more popular, spam does too. And, they can quickly mess up your site, making it look cluttered and unappealing. 

Removing all that spam manually can be quite a waste of time. It means you should consider putting some thought into adopting a capable anti-spam plan.

Fortunately, you can take the easy way out in WordPress. There are quite a number of WordPress anti-spam comment plugins  to protect your site.

What are WordPress Anti-Spam Comment Plugins?

The purpose of an anti-spam comment plugin is in its name itself. Simply put, it’s an extension developed for eliminating and reducing spam. It detects automated comment spam and filters them out so you don’t have to. 

It also does its job quite efficiently so that your users can comfortably browse through your site without the random reCAPTCHA or quiz popping up.

Now, you must be curious as to which plugins would be best for your website. Not to worry, our team has already taken the liberty of testing them and deciding which ones would be most useful.

 Below us, we’ve listed the 12 of the best WordPress comment anti-spam plugins. Using them will help you a great deal in clearing out unwelcome comments from your website. 

Let’s take a quick peek, shall we?

12 Best WordPress Anti-Spam Comment Plugins for 2021

1. Antispam Bee

Antispam Bee Free WordPress Anti-spam Plugin

Antispam Bee is a great plugin, not to mention it’ss free, and is packed with quite a number of features. It can be used on any kind of website and can block spam quite effectively.

After you’ve installed this plugin, it starts to let in only comments that are trustable and genuine. It creates a database with information it has gathered for several days and functions accordingly.


  • Approve commenters.
  • Block/ Allow commenters from a particular country
  • Compare database information with new comments so as to identify the spammers
  •  Notify admins about new spam
  •  Limit certain types of comment

2. Akismet Spam Protection

Akismet Spam Protection WordPress Plugin

Akismet Spam Protection is considered to be the best in its game. With over five million downloads, it brings a very high level of spam protection. It actually does come pre-installed on every WordPress website that is created, so all that’s left to do is to activate it.

This plugin is free to use, but only for personal and nonprofit websites. You’ll have to upgrade to its premium version and pay a small amount every month if you were to use it for a commercial website.


  • Automatically filters all present and incoming comments, taking out the ones that resemble spam
  • Shows the history of each and every comment, so the admin can easily spot comments that were once considered spam
  • Shows the URLs of the comment so as to reveal the concealed link
  • Admins can see how many comments are allowed per user 
  •  Discards spam that is labeled as being the worst in a matter of seconds, saving you space and speed

3. CleanTalk Spam Protection

Spam protection, AntiSpam, FireWall by CleanTalk

Judging by the fact that it has acquired over 2,000 five-star ratings to date, CleanTalk Spam Protection is one of the most well-rated plugins in the WordPress index. It is a simple yet powerful plugin and can be used by both beginners and experienced users.

It’s compatible with many tools and is easy to use. The plugin offers a 7 day trial where users can test it out and see if it’s useful or not. And if they find that they do, they can acquire its services for a very modest price.


  •  Puts up firewalls on your site
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Validates whether an email is valid or not
  • Directly blocks disposable and temporary emails.
  • Compatible with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU).

4.  WordPress Zero Spam

WordPress Zero Spam Plugin Free

WordPress Zero Spam has embraced the method of a completely stress-free way of protecting your sites from those spambots. It refuses to make your users go through the trouble of having to take quizzes or answer confusing captchas just to prove that they’re the real deal.

Using JavaScript, the plugin starts blocking 99.9% of incoming spam using the server and also has key validation to prevent bots from spamming.


  • Offers you the choice to block IPs automatically or manually
  • Can geolocate IP addresses to see where offenders are coming from
  • Can block entire countries, regions, zip/postal codes & cities that are deemed as threats
  • Includes multiple spam detection techniques
  • Holds third-party blacklist checks

5. WPBruiser

WP Bruiser No-Captcha Anti-spam Plugin WordPress

WPBruiser is a terrific WordPress anti-spam plugin. Previously known as Goodbye Captcha, it has come a long way to rank among the top anti-spam plugins. It’s both powerful and free, and you can adjust its settings according to how you like without much hassle.

This plugin also helps you to protect your contact forms, lost password forms, login forms, registration forms, and comments. It offers security alongside many extensions that you can use for your website’s stability.


  • Ability to set a specific number of characters for each comment
  • Can be switched to “Test Mode” – for testing
  • Anti Spam measures taken on signup pages, as well as login and password, reset page
  • Provides statistics, reports, maps, and charts with all blocked spam attempts
  • Invisible to the users (works in the background)

6. Stop WP Comment Spam

Stop WP Comment Spam

Stop WP Comment Spam is a plugin that can clean up your comment section in just a  few seconds. It gives you authority over pretty much everything, from automatically preventing and deleting all spam, to holding it for a set period of time so you can go through it yourself.

This plugin is free to use for all, be it a commercial, business, or personal blog. It doesn’t require any API keys. It also offers you the option of upgrading to Stop Spam Pro, where you can find additional features.


  •  Prevents automated spam bots
  • Stores spam comments for review for admin to go through later
  • Gets rid of spam comments after the agreed period of time
  • Gives admins the option for it to be unable to remove comment spam automatically if it’s desired
  • Can be utilized alongside other spam and security plugins without any problems

7. Titan Antispam & Security

Titan Anti Spam and Security WordPress Plugin

The Titan Antispam & Security plugin contains more than just anti-spam features. It’s basically like a mini bodyguard for your website. It boasts of over 200,000 active installs so you can lie easily knowing you are in good hands.

The plugin was formerly just a simple spam blocker, but after a recent huge update, it has successfully transformed into a security solution for all types of websites on WordPress. While it does have plenty of great features, it also offers an additional range of premium add-ons


  • Does not require a captcha
  • Has algorithms to ensure reliability and accuracy against spambots
  • Regular analysis of parameters allows you to find new spam behavior patterns.
  • Regularly releases updates to the anti-spam module.
  • Holds background checkmarks spam comments as spam and hides them on a site, thus improving user experience and increasing engagement.

8. WP Cerber

WP Cerber Security, Anti-spam & Malware Scan

Regarded as one of the best WordPress spam plugins, WP Cerber presents you with all the tools for deleting spam. It also makes your site stronger against any other threats that might appear out of the blue. 

This plugin gives you the power to recognize and destroy spam present on registration, contact, and comments forms. While it’s free to use, upgrading to its premium version offers you more functionality.


  • Limits login attempts if they seem doubtful
  • Logs users, bots, hackers and other suspicious activities.
  • Sends admin mobile and email notifications with a set of flexible filters.
  • Filter out and inspect activities by IP address, user, username or a particular activity.
  • Disable automatic redirection to the hidden login page.

9. Stop Spammers

Stop Spammers Plugin for Block Spam Users, Comments, and Emails

Among the many anti-spam plugins present in WordPress, Stop Spammers is somewhat known as a killer in its field. It adds security to your website that completely removes a ton of spam that might worry you, straight out of the box.

You can enjoy many features for free, like running informative tests and viewing activity. Tougher security is offered if you decide to upgrade to the premium version.


  • Hide admin notices permanently
  • Block/allow IPs, emails, and usernames manually
  • Allow users to request access and send an email when allowing list request is approved
  • Visitors blocked from entering the page until they sign in
  • Connect third-party spam defense services

10. Disable Comments

Disable Comments – Remove Comments & Protect From Spam

Disable Comments is a free plugin on WordPress that grants you the option of deleting comments on your site either by size or by category. It overrules all settings related to comments on your website while managing your comments accordingly.

If you own multiple websites that are going through spam trouble, it can easily get rid of the irrelevant comments on the entire network. It is not at all hard to use so you can rest assured.


  •  Stop spam comments entirely from the site with one click
  • Outgoing pingbacks are disabled.
  • Comment links are not visible for the admin
  • The “Discussion” settings page is hidden
  • The X-Pingback HTTP header is removed from all pages

11. WP Armour

WP Armour Honeypot Anti Spam for WordPress Comments Forms

WP Armor is a simple anti-spam plugin that doesn’t interrupt any users that are going through your site. It uses the honeypot anti-spam technique, giving no hassle to anyone except the spambots that have to go through the antispam filter.

Currently, spambots have been found unable to handle Javascript and here, the plugin has decided to use this fact to its advantage. It uses Javascript as its key anti-spam checker. After its activation, the anti-spam mechanism is enabled automatically.


  • Works for most of the forms and WordPress system, including registration and comments
  •  Is GDPR compliant
  • Unique honeypot field name generated for each WordPress installation.
  • Adds an extra level of antispam filter based on IPs
  •  Logs spam bot IPs.

12. NoSpamNX

NoSpamNX Plugin to Defend WordPress Site from Spam

NoSpamNX is a simple and straightforward anti-spam plugin. It does not offer as many options as other plugins do, which actually makes it easier for you to configure according to your needs.

This plugin pretty much focuses on one thing and one thing only, to remove spammers from where they are standing. It has been found to work best with all themes.


  • Easy to set up
  • False-positives are nearly very low in number
  • Does not require any extra field for user input
  • Does not require JavaScript, Cookies or Sessions
  • No Database queries except for a few WordPress Options


There you have it, a handpicked list of the specific plugins you’re looking for. We hope you had at least some fun going through it while also finding it informative. Hopefully, if one did manage to catch your eye, we are certain you’ll be able to use it with ease.

On a personal note, we would like to recommend the top names on our list, Akismet Spam Protection, and Antispam Bee. They’re famous both for being practical and simple.

And if you’re still confused about choosing a plugin, then please leave a comment below. We’ll try to get the right answers back to you as soon as we can.

Also, check out our articles on best malware removal plugins for WordPress and speed optimizer plugins.

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