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15 Best Free Domain Name Generators For 2022 (Tested)

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Best Domain Name Generators

Are you looking for the best free domain name generators to find a creative and fun name for your website? Then, you’re here at the right place.

A domain name is a name or address of your site with which people can find your website on the internet. For example, our blog’s domain name is As it’s the medium for people to reach you, you need to choose a good domain that can represent your site perfectly.

With 362.3 million domain names already registered, picking a good domain name is difficult. Sometimes, you may come up with a good domain name, but later find out that it’s already taken. 

That’s when the domain name generator tools come in handy. These are online tools that suggest tons of domain name ideas based on your keywords. Also, they show whether the suggested domains are available or already taken. 

Here, we’ve handpicked the 15 best free domain name generators available online. Let’s explore!

How to Choose the Best Domain Name?

Choosing a domain name is as important as creating a website. That’s because people will be recognizing your business or your blog from your domain name. So, your domain name should be both easy to remember and brandable.

Now, let’s discuss some important points on how to choose the best domain.

i) Get a Short Domain Name.

Having a short domain name allows users to memorize and type in the domain name in the browser easily. So, it’s better to use short domain names, particularly under 15 letters.

ii) Make Your Domain Name Catchy and Easy to Remember.

Your domain name should be easy to remember because people simply try to memorize and type in the domain name to visit websites. So, if you have a complex name, then you’ll be losing your visitors. So, have a short but also catchy domain name.

iii) A Good Domain Name is Easy to Spell.

If you’ve got a domain name that is hard to spell, then your potential visitors may commit a spelling mistake and end up somewhere else. So, you’ll be losing your visitors. That’s why; always avoid using strange and complex words in domain names.

iv) Look for a Descriptive Domain Name.

Your domain name should give a hint of the services that your website provides. If it gives the users a hint on the purpose of the website, then there is more flow of traffic there. For example, looks more like a coffee place and is likely to get more visitors than

v) Always go for a .com Extension.

You should look for the strong .com extension when you register the domain name. The .com extension is the most common extension that people are likely to type .com naturally when they type in any domain. They try other extensions like .org, .net, .gov, etc. only if .com doesn’t work. So, it’s best to go with a .com domain.

vi) Avoid Numbers and Hyphens.

When typing the web address, people tend to forget the hyphen and end up somewhere else. And, numbers can confuse people with spellings. For example, you registered a domain name called but visitors might confuse it with

15 Best Free Domain Name Generators to Choose Best Names

Domain name generators are the online tools or name generating engines that suggest domain name ideas by processing the keyword you enter. Normally, domain name generators include these features:

  • Allow users to enter keyword(s) and display domain name suggestions.
  • Display whether the suggested domain names are available or already taken.
  • Provide a facility to buy domain names. (Usually by directing to other domain registrars.)

Now, let’s check out the best free 15 hand-picked site domain name generators.

1. Namecheap Domain Name Generator

When you’re looking for the best domain name generator, Namecheap Domain Name Generator is definitely the first place to go to get fresh ideas. That’s certainly because it’s also the best and cheapest domain name registrar

The combination is just perfect! Generate a cool domain name with its generator. And then register the domain right away on the same platform!

Namecheap provides quite easy domain research with its Beast Mode. This mode allows you to quickly search hundreds of domain names. Moreover, it provides a variety of options to search and filter the results of your domain name. 

Namecheap Domain Name Generator
Namecheap Domain Name Generator

To be specific, you can specify the keywords, pricing range, and click on transform options to create variations in your domain name. For example, let’s put ‘refreshment’ as a keyword here.

It also provides user-friendly prefix/suffix tools that will recommend innovative alternatives to expensive or registered names.

Namecheap Domain Name Results
Namecheap Domain Name Results

In addition, you can identify and select the top-level domain extensions of your choice. Also, you can choose domain extensions based on industry sectors such as academic, professional, business, etc.

As a result, this provides you with complete control over the domain name suggestions you generate. 

2. GoDaddy Domain Generator 

GoDaddy is one of the largest domain registrars, therefore it’s no surprise that they have one of the best domain name generators. 

In fact, its popularity comes from its simplicity to utilize this domain name generator. The top of the page features a simple search bar that invites users to choose their ideal domain name. 

All you need to do is simply enter some phrases that perfectly represent your business or idea. For instance, let’s type ‘online yoga’ in the search field. 

GoDaddy Domain Name Generator
GoDaddy Domain Name Generator

And now using various domain name prefixes and suffixes, GoDaddy Domain Generator will generate a list of related domain names. Furthermore, the list includes both generic top-level domains and variations on those names.

The domain name generator on GoDaddy also serves as a domain name checker, as it’ll never recommend a domain that is already in use. The best part is you can get this service without any cost. 

If you’re just getting started with domain names, then GoDaddy is an excellent place to start with a straightforward search and simple purchasing process.

3. Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify has developed the business name generator tool to find business name ideas. However, it actually generates available domain names with .com extensions. So, people use it to get attractive company name ideas.

You can start by entering the main keyword that you want on your domain name. And then, you’ll get hundreds of suggestions from it. How it works is, it pairs the keyword with another related word to form a 2-word domain name.

Let’s look at an example for domain name ideas related to ‘book store’.

Shopify Business Name Generator
Shopify Business Name Generator

You can check the availability of the domain name by just clicking on it. However, Shopify doesn’t let you buy only the domain name; it also wants you to use the domain name to create an online store by using the Shopify platform.

Learn more about Shopify and create a site on it!

Shopify Business Name Generator doesn’t provide filtering and sorting options. But still, it’s popular because it provides more creative and relatable domain name suggestions.

So, Shopify Business Name Generator is useful if you want more creative and relevant domain name ideas.

4. Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search was built in 2005 with the main aim of searching domain names faster. It allows you to input a single keyword and then it instantly generates all the possible domain names from it.

For example, if you are looking for a domain name related to health, then you can simply type the term ‘organic fruits’. After that, it comes up with all the possible domain names from the search.

Instant Domain Search Results
Instant Domain Search Results

You just need to enter a keyword and it will start to show results as soon as you start typing. From the example, we see that Instant Domain Name provides 3 lists of domain names.

  • All the domain names with the keyword followed by all the available extensions.
  • Domain names by pairing the keyword with random words, followed by .com extension.
  • Premium domain names with their prices.

You can check the status of any domain name by just clicking on it. It directs you to the GoDaddy website from where you can get the information about its price. For unavailable domain names, it gives you the domain name’s WHOIS information, the information about the owner of the domain name.

So, Instant Domain Search is best for browsing blog names faster.

5. Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is one of the free best domain name generators owned by a popular company named Automattic. The generator is based on an effective principle of using 2 words for a domain name. Some popular 2-word domain names include,,, and so on. 

Lean Domain Search takes a single keyword and then generates a 2-word domain name by pairing it with another word at the start or end. The word that comes before a keyword is called a prefix and the word that comes after the keyword is called a suffix.

Lean Domain Search always finds domain names with a .com extension. Let’s look at an example and understand how it works.

Lean Domain Search Results
– Lean Domain Search Results

In the above image, the generator shows a list with 2559 available domain names from the input keyword ‘housing’. You can now sort the result according to popularity, length, or alphabetical order. You can also filter the search result according to the suffix or prefix.

With Lean Domain Search, if you want to register a domain name, then you can simply click on it which gives you 2 options: 

1. Register and create a site or 2. Register with Bluehost. You can choose either one of them.

So, Lean Domain Search is suitable if you want a creative domain name with 2 words and a .com extension.

6. Search Domains 

Another most prominent domain registrar, has a built-in domain name generator. Since 2000, it has been a trusted source for consumers looking for the ideal domain name. 

Not to mention, the right domain generator helps to build the strong foundation of your online presence with a perfect domain name. Search Domains has an exclusive search bar where you can type in your keywords to generate relevant domain names. For instance, let’s type ‘summer dress’ in the search field and click on the search button. Search Results Search Results

Afterward, you’ll find a number of related domain names. Moreover, their algorithm aids in the discovery of fresh domain names that are immediately available for registration. You can also find premium domains for sale that are brandable and also match your keywords.

You can easily find all the top-level domain extensions (TLDs) using search domain tools. To be specific, you can search domains under .com, .net, .org, .tech, .me and .co extensions.   

7. Looka Business Name Generator 

Looka Business Name Generator is one of the best free business name generators in the market for getting various unique and catchy domain names for your business. 

Its handy name-length slider and extensive categories separate it from the rest of domain name generators. With it, you can generate a slew of new business names in seconds. 

Furthermore, it verifies domain availability, social handles, and even sees logo possibilities with a single click.

Looka Business Name Generator
Looka Business Name Generator

All you really have to do is type your keyword into the search box. For example, in the search field, let’s put ‘winter food’ here as a keyword. 

Then, it provides business names in a variety of ways such as creative names, traditional industry names, multi-word names, etc. Afterward, your only job is to pick the available domain that best suits you and register it.

You can also sort the results by filtering the keyword suggestions just beneath the search bar. Essentially, it provides your option to generate your business names based on an abstract concept or a specific industry. 

8. DomainTyper 

DomainTyper is one of the free best domain name generators available for generating creative domain names for your site.  It also provides you options to add or remove extensions, as well as to check the ones that interest you the most.

To get started, all you need to do is type a keyword in the search bar. So, let’s type ‘health’ here and it now generates a list of relevant domain names related to the keyword that you provided. DomainTyper gets its name from the fact that it makes suggestions as you type.

DomainTyper Name Generator
DomainTyper Name Generator

Moreover, they also recommend you use various domain hacks. You can also check the availability of that domain on various social media platforms. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

In addition, you can add any domain name they recommend to your favorites, double-check availability. You can also set a search phrase by hovering your cursor over it.

Besides, it also provides a direct link option to register the domain names generated by DomainTyper.

9. DomainWheel

DomainWheel is a fresh and popular domain name generator built by ThemeIsle, a marketplace for WordPress themes and plugins. It’s a modern domain name generator with a user-friendly and appealing design.

DomainWheel allows you to type keyword(s) and then, it comes up with a list of domain name ideas. It is well-known for suggesting synonyms and similar words for naming ideas which makes domain name searching more fun.

Here is an example of DomainWheel name suggestions with the keyword ‘Clothing Store’.

DomainWheel Domain Search Results
– DomainWheel Domain Search Results

DomainWheel generates names by using various algorithms i.e. combining your keyword with random words, replacing it with synonyms, using rhyming words, etc. to come up with catchy names. And, it also lets you choose extensions and then displays the domain names with those particular extensions.

To purchase the domain name, simply click on it. Then, it directs you to Bluehost’s official webpage, from where you can get a remarkable 60% discount on hosting and a free domain name.

So, DomainWheel is best for its ability to use synonyms, rhyming, and other related words to help you find a creative domain name.

10. Nameboy

Nameboy is one of the most popular and the oldest domain name generators that was established in 1999. It lets you enter up to 2 keywords and then it gives out a list of all suggested domain names.

With the given keywords, it generates 2 lists. They are:

  • Extensions: List of all the domain names with your keyword, followed by all the available extensions.
  • Generator: List of domain names by pairing the keyword with random words, followed by .com extension.
Nameboy Domain Search Results
– Nameboy Domain Search Results

For example, if you want a domain name related to music school, then simply type the keywords ‘music’ and ‘school’ in the search box. Then, it will display the list of suggested domain names from where you can choose one. It also allows you to inquire about WHOIS information of taken domain names.

After you find a suitable domain name from the list, if you want to register it, then simply click on it. It will then give you 2 domain registrar options: Bluehost (recommended) and You can register by choosing either one of them.

So, Nameboy is best for generating unique company and website names faster and inquiring about WHOIS information.

11. Panabee

Panabee is an all-in-one free blog name generator and domain search tool that is excellent for generating the best blog names. It asks you to input 2 keywords and gives out a list of possible domain names by manipulating the keyword in tons of different ways.

Panabee can derive a creative domain name from the keywords by mixing syllables, writing backward, dropping letters, adding prefix and suffix, and so on. It also suggests related terms and synonyms in case you don’t find any satisfactory domain names.

Let’s look at an example to see how Panabee works. The keyword ‘local wear’ is used here.

Panabee Domain Name Generator
Panabee Domain Name Generator

Panabee gives you an option to filter the search result based on the extensions. Besides, it shows if the available domain name already has a social media username on Facebook and Twitter so that you can secure it.

To purchase the domain name, just click on the domain name that you prefer. Then, it takes you to the GoDaddy web page where you can look up prices and other information about the domain name.

So, Panabee is favorable if you are looking for domain names of short lengths.

12. DomainsBot

DomainsBot is a popular domain industry established in 2004 that offers not only domain name ideas, but also analytics, insights, and stats to the domain professionals. Besides, DomainsBot also provides a complete vision of the domain and hosting market.

DomainsBot provides easy domain research. You just need to enter keyword(s) and click the search button. Then, it comes up with a list of available domain name suggestions.

For example, if you want domain name suggestions related to the magazine, then just type the keyword ‘magazine’ and then click search.

DomainsBot Domain Search Results
– DomainsBot Domain Search Results

At first, it comes up with the list of available domain names with the same keyword, followed by all the available extensions. However, if your desired domain name is taken, then it also suggests names by adding random words with it, followed by the .com extension. It also helps you to shorten the list by using the available filters.

To buy a domain name, just click on the buy button next to the domain name. Then, you will come across a bunch of domain name registrars. You can choose anyone among them as you please.

So, DomainsBot is favorable for achieving a short list of domain names by the use of filters.

13. NameStation

NameStation is one of the free domain generators that allows you to get the best domain name ideas as well as host a naming contest and crowdsource name suggestions. Thus, it helps you with not only automated name suggestions but also with creative names from other people.

For generating names manually, you’ve to signup with your Gmail account. It then allows you to input keywords from which you get rich and creative domain names suggestions. In NameStation, you can choose the extension at the beginning of the search.

For example, if you want a domain name related to electronics, then you can just search for the keyword ‘electronics’ and add your desired extension.

Namestation Domain Name Generator
NameStation Domain Name Generator

After the search, a list of possible domain names comes up. The list has domain name ideas that may contain your keyword, a related word, or a combination of both. It also provides various filters to shorten your search results.

To register a domain name, you can simply click on the name that you pick. Then, it directs you to the GoDaddy official page, from where you can see pricing details and then proceed to buy.

So, NameStation is favorable if you want creative blog name ideas and want to host a naming contest. It’s also useful for domain and hosting professionals for stats and analysis of market trends of domains.

14. Wordoid

Wordoid is one of the best free domain name generators that suggests short and catchy words for your blog, website, or domain. It’s popular because it generates lots of creative and made-up words making it easier to name your website, business, or product.

Wordoid domain name generator requires you to fill in lots of parameters before searching domain names. Doing so shortens the list by removing unwanted names. The parameters are language, quality, keyword, word length, and availability. You can also choose the domain Registrar Company before the search. 

Let’s look at an example of a Wordoid domain name search for keyword ‘software’.

Wordoid Domain Name Generator
Wordoid Domain Name Generator

After you find the perfect domain name, you can head on to buying options by just clicking on it. Then, it directs you to the domain registrar that you have previously chosen before the search.

So, Wordoid is useful for short and catchy domain name ideas with creative made-up words.

15. DomainIt 

DomainIt is a domain registration and web-hosting company that generates domain names as well. In fact, it’s really a simple and lightweight tool to look for available domain names with .com, .net, .tv,  .cc, and more extensions. 

Like in other domain name generators, you can simply put your keywords in the Keyword search field. For example, let’s put ‘vibrant dress’ as a keyword here. 

Domainit Name Generator Search Results
DomainIt Search Results

By default, the adult name recommendation is turned off. You can match your term to the ‘location,’ ‘basic’, ‘similar’, and ‘creative’ levels. All you need to do is simply enable or disable these features. In addition, you can also set the maximum length of your domain name. 

Once you click on the Submit option, DomainIt generates various domain names as per the keyword and the various settings you provided. Then, you can pick and add the domain of your choice for further domain registration.


That’s all! We hope this article helped you to be familiar with the 15 Best Free Domain Name Generators. And, we also hope that you would pick an appropriate one and be able to use it.

If you want any help regarding the domain names and domain naming tools, then please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Also, do check out this article on the Best Domain Name Registrars of 2022.

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