7 Best Travel Booking Plugins For WordPress 2023 (Free + Paid)

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Best Travel Booking Plugins For WordPress (Free + Paid)

Are you looking for the best travel booking plugins for WordPress? If yes, then you’ve landed on the right place to find the perfect WordPress travel booking plugin suitable for your website.

Today, WordPress remains the go-to platform for building powerful and feature-rich websites. The delivery of a seamless booking experience for customers is crucial for the travel and hospitality industries.

Whether you operate a charming B&B or oversee a chain of luxury hotels, new WordPress travel booking plugins await. Discover top options, free and paid, to assist your choice, matching your needs and budget, in this comprehensive guide.

Join us as we explore the best travel booking plugins, whether you’re looking to upgrade your system or trying online reservations for the first time. These tools can enhance your WordPress-powered travel business in 2023.

Let’s begin!

How to Choose the Best Travel Booking Plugins for WordPress?

Before we go through the list, there are things you need to consider before choosing the best travel booking plugin. Below, we’ve listed the major key steps to consider while choosing the best WordPress travel booking plugins. 

  • Customization – Opt for a plugin that allows customization to match your website’s design and branding.
  • Booking and Payment Options – Check if the plugin supports multiple booking options and various payment gateways for convenience.
  • Security – Prioritize plugins with robust security features to protect sensitive customer data and payments.
  • Mobile Responsiveness – Ensure the plugin provides a seamless booking experience on mobile devices.
  • Integration – If you use other software or services (e.g., CRM, email marketing), then ensure the plugin can integrate seamlessly with them.

Thus, these are a few considerations while selecting the best travel booking plugin for your WordPress website. 

There are some other factors like ratings, last updates, active installations, and more. Please check our guide on how to choose the best WordPress plugins!

7 Best Travel Booking Plugins for WordPress 2023

Now, let’s look at the list of the best travel booking plugins for WordPress with a detailed description, features, and pricing. So, go through each plugin and select one that suits your needs and budget.

1. WP Travel Engine

WP Travel Engine is a feature-rich and simple-to-use free WordPress travel booking plugin. It has everything you need to create a full-fledged travel booking website and start selling.

WP Travel Engine – Best Travel Booking Plugin For WordPress

To begin, it lets you add departure dates and times to all the tours. Indeed, you can also create different travel packages, such as budget-friendly, luxury, etc. Even more, your guests can search for the tours according to their travel dates and book them.

Further, it comes with many add-ons to extend your website’s features and offer a smooth booking experience to your guests. Such as a currency converter, trips embedder, Zapier integration, and more.

You have the flexibility to establish an initial payment for tours. This allows guests to make a partial upfront payment when booking and settle the remaining amount at a later time.

Key Features:

  • Effortlessly manage itineraries, destinations, pricing, and guest payments on your website.
  • Offers group discounts that can help increase revenue by increasing the average order value (AOV).
  • Tracks guests’ booking journey, monitoring visited pages and time spent before their reservation.
  • Comes with advanced search features that empower guests to quickly search tours according to their needs.
  • A comprehensive progress bar that visually represents how much progress a guest has made towards booking a tour.
  • Increase AOV by offering guests extra services like airport transfers and room upgrades.
  • Also, it automatically creates tour brochures (PDF) that guests can download and read offline.


WP Travel Engine is a freemium plugin that offers both free and premium versions. You can download its free version right from the official WordPress plugins directory. 

Meanwhile, its premium version has 3 pricing packages:

  • Personal – Costs $99.50/year for 1 site. Includes partial payment, user history, form editor, advanced itinerary builder, trip review, etc.
  • Travel Agency – Costs $199.50/year for 1 site. Includes per-trip emails, trip embedder, group discount, file downloads, email support,  and so on.
  • Development Company – Costs $299.50/year for 10 sites. Includes email customizer, extra services social proof, legal documents, trip weather forecast, and more.

2. WP Travel

WP Travel is the best travel booking plugin for WordPress. It’s a perfect SEO-friendly and scalable WordPress travel system that lets you create customized itineraries and travel packages on the fly. 

WP Travel – Best Travel Booking Plugin For WordPress

With this, you can customize every aspect of your travel agency’s offerings. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with your website to provide a smooth booking experience and customized tour and trekking packages. 

Nevertheless, it accepts payments securely through popular payment gateways, making transactions hassle-free. Also, it lets you add tax to the price of the trips if you wish or if that falls under your company policy.

Likewise, you can also show Google Maps for each trip on your travel booking site. This will allow your front-end user to see the location of the trip.

Key Features:

  • You can create an unlimited number of tour packages. You can add every detail needed for a trip, like description, itinerary builder, price, sales price, duration, gallery, and more.
  • Users can find their required itineraries by filtering or using an easy search form.
  • It comes with an in-built booking stat that helps you generate the report from different date ranges, types, and locations.
  • Has a very easy and simple travel booking system that users can fill up very quickly and get more bookings from.
  • Cut-off time for booking trips feature allows its users to set up a trip within a specific period of time.
  • Provides practical travel information that helps you choose the perfect tour and helps you plan ahead.
  • Also, you can book or reserve trips directly on the website’s page without needing external booking pages.


WP Travel is a free WordPress plugin. You can find it in the official WordPress plugin directory, so you can easily install it from your dashboard.

Likewise, it also comes with a WP Travel Pro that has more advanced features and dedicated support. With the pro version, you’ll get unlimited trips, group discounts, currency exchange rates, trip weather, itinerary PDF downloads, etc.

  • Personal (1 Site) –  $99.99/year.
  • Plus (5 Sites) – $199.99/year.
  • Expert (25 Sites) – $599.99/year.

3. WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments

WooCommerce Booking and Appointments, a top WordPress travel plugin, transforms your time, products, or services into bookable resources seamlessly. It easily integrates and enhances WooCommerce websites with a straightforward booking solution for all businesses and service providers.

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments

Similarly, users can select a fixed number of days to book by selecting a start date. For instance, it’s perfect for online courses, event ticket booking, etc. Also, it allows them to select one available day to book.

Additionally, you can restrict your customers from booking at the last minute. It lets you set a time limit until customers can book before a booking starts.

Meanwhile, it offers a customizable booking forms option. In this way, you can create custom forms to capture necessary information from customers.

Key Features:

  • It allows users to book multiple days or multiple appointments at a time.
  • You can set a minimum and maximum booking duration; for instance: customers can book a minimum of 2 days upto 8 days.
  • Includes dynamic total booking cost calculation based on the number of days or time slots selected.
  • Enable email notifications to users and admin for new bookings, confirmations, and cancellations.
  • Let you capture additional information from the users by enabling the Booking Notes field.
  • Allows to create staff and manage their availability and costs using the Assets Feature.
  • Also, it offers multiple bookings for the same time slot.


WooCommerce Booking and Appointments is a premium plugin that’s available in three pricing tiers:

  • Single Site License – Costs $99 per year for one site.
  • 5-Site License – Costs $149 per year usable for up to five sites.
  • 25-Site License – Costs $259 per year usable for an unlimited number of sites.

With all the above-mentioned plans, you’ll get one year of support and updates. Plus, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the product.

4. Travelpayouts

Another straightforward and user-friendly WordPress travel booking plugin is Travelpayouts. It offers a wide selection of affordable travel services, such as hotels, flights, vehicle rentals, insurance, and more. 

Travelpayouts - Best Travel Booking Plugins For WordPress

Your blog can be enhanced with Travelpayouts’ educational widgets, which include maps of hotels, well-traveled routes, flights, and more. Additionally, they can plan and plan their own vacation in real time. This will gradually increase your income. 

With this plugin, you may utilize 11 different customizable tables in addition to the two tables for hotels. Travel bloggers, as well as websites for travel and tour companies, may find Travelpayouts to be a very good solution.

Key Features:

  • Offers you a hotel widget as well as a popular flight destination widget.
  • Allows your customer to search low-cost flights and with that maps are provided as well.
  • Provides you with two tables for hotel prices and information.
  • Also, offers search forums to its users.


Well, Travelpayouts is a completely free plugin that you can download from the official repository.

5. MotoPress Hotel Booking

MotoPress Hotel Booking is the best WordPress travel booking plugin. It’s quite simple and quite easy to use and perfect for everyone. Hence, it’s ideal for hospitality businesses of all sizes and types: hotels, vacation rentals, apartments, hostels, and more.

MotoPress Hotel Booking

This WP hotel booking plugin enables you to create versatile vacation rental listings and booking websites. It supports diverse payment methods, inventory management, and custom policies for a comprehensive booking experience.

In addition, you can enable its real-time property search functionality. It also displays availability calendars for individual rooms and properties.

Indeed, it improves the guest experience with customized search filters in the booking widget for location, accommodation types, and pricing. This simplifies sorting and helps guests quickly find the ideal offers among multiple properties.

Key Features:

  • Effortlessly manage numerous properties or optimize for single-unit accommodations, whether it’s a hotel with many rooms or a single villa.
  • Allows you to display structured property details: description, a photo gallery, amenities, services, max occupancy, property size, and more.
  • Has a smart search algorithm that recommends the best set of accommodations depending on the number of guests.
  • Set minimum and maximum stay periods for all or individual accommodations, and fixed departure and arrival times.
  • Allows you to add mandatory fees, accommodation taxes, service taxes, and fee taxes to the accommodation rate.
  • Easily modify initial booking information – dates, services, rates, and accommodations—add, remove, or replace properties as needed.
  • Also, create appointments of any duration, add flexible staff schedules, and start accepting online bookings.


MotoPress Hotel Booking is a freemium plugin, you can get the free version from the plugin directory. 

Or, you can get the pro version on its official website. It comes in 2 pricing plans:

  • Single Site – $99.00
  • Unlimited Sites – $199.00

On both plans, you’ll get automatic bookings synchronization, property updates, additional built-in payment gateways, priority support, and more.

6. Tour Master

Tour Master is a simple WordPress plugin for online travel booking. It comes with the most complete tour and room booking management system. Thus, it’s perfect for tour operators, travel agencies, hotels, resorts, and more.

Tour Master – Best Travel Booking Plugin For WordPress

Likewise, you can create multi-currency options. And lets you set the fixed rate that you want it to change automatically.

Further, it lets your customers book multiple rooms at the same time without having to make a booking one by one.

Key Features:

  • It allows you to set the tour to be available for only one time or make it recurring.
  • Provide flexible pricing options where you can choose between Fixed Prices or Variable Prices.
  • Let’s set the coupon code, coupon amount, coupon expiration date, and type of discount as a percentage or specific credit amount.
  • Dedicated customer dashboard that allows you to view previous or pending bookings, invoices, receipts, and save wishlist.
  • Choose upto three methods of payment – Paypal, Credit Card via (Stripe,, and bank transfer.
  • You can choose the Room Base pricing for the tour; its price depends on the hotel room amount.


Tour Master is a premium plugin that’s available for $45 with 6 months of support. Or, you can get extended support of 12 months for an extra $15

7. WooTour

WooTour is one of the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress travel booking plugins. It lets you create tours, travel, appointments, and events and manage your online booking system easily.

WooTour – Best Travel Booking Plugin For WordPress

Additionally, it comes with a built-in plugin layout and style that helps you sell tours and products directly from your website. In fact, you can set three different options to set price and sale price for adults, children, and infants.

Key Features:

  • Send email notification to the user when booking or booking success or cancel.
  • Allows the admin to limit the number of tickets for each tour and each date.
  • It supports PayPal, Stripe, and a lot of payment gateways with add-ons.
  • Also, the admin can create tours and manage orders easily via WooCommerce.
  • Allows visitors to register accounts and book online.


WooTour is a premium plugin available for $49 with 6 months of support. You can further extend the support for up to 12 months at $16.50.


That’s all. Here, we enlisted the best travel booking plugin for WordPress in 2023. So, we hope that you get to select the best online booking tool that can simplify the user experience.

All of these travel booking plugins are great for WordPress sites. However, if you want us to recommend it, then we’ll say WP Travel. Since it can help you generate stunning and elegant SEO-friendly travel websites within minutes.

Please feel free to comment below if you have any further queries about the best travel booking plugin for WordPress. We’ll do our best to respond as soon as we can.

Also, let us know which best travel booking plugin for WordPress are you going to choose from the list. In fact, you can share your top favorite pick in the comments section below

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