24 Best Gutenberg Block Plugins for WordPress 2022 (Mostly Free)

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WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Plugins

Are you looking for the best WordPress Gutenberg block plugins for custom blocks? Then, you’re in the right place.

Gutenberg is the new WordPress editor that provides a new way of editing content using blocks. In fact, the Gutenberg editor is also called the ‘block editor’ as it’s fully based on blocks. 

Gutenberg editor by default provides a set of content blocks. But they may not be enough if you want to build custom designs for your pages. Hence, to add new blocks, you need Gutenberg block plugins.

Hence, in this article, we’ll show you a number of the most popular WordPress Gutenberg block plugins that are currently available on the market.

Let’s start.

What are WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugins?

WordPress Gutenberg block editor is a completely new WordPress editor that lets you create your content in a much more intuitive way.

It lets you create visually appealing blog posts and pages much like page builder tools. Using a system of blocks, you can add or remove blocks in your content.

Using this, you can add content in the form of blocks anywhere on the screen. For example, if you want to add a single image to your page, then you can use the ‘Image’ block. Likewise, you can add text content with the ‘Paragraph’ block, ‘Heading’ with the ‘Headings’ block, etc. 

Gutenberg Editor (WordPress Block Editor)
Gutenberg Editor (WordPress Block Editor)

But the default blocks are limited in number. If you need more of them, then you should add external plugins for that. Such plugins that provide additional blocks for the Gutenberg editor are Gutenberg plugins or the WordPress block plugins. 

In a nutshell, they’re the plugins that help to extend the features and functionalities of the WordPress Gutenberg editor. 

Now let’s look at some of the best WordPress Gutenberg block plugins.

24 Best WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugins 2022

1. Stackable

Stackable is a popular WordPress Gutenberg block plugin that offers powerful custom blocks. It includes 20+ extremely easy-to-use blocks for Gutenberg such as Container, Testimonial, Video Popup, Team Member, and more.

Stackable WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugin

In addition, it offers premade block patterns, UI kits, and more. Hence, you can design beautiful pages in WordPress easily within minutes.

The best thing about Stackable is that you can enable or disable the blocks as your need. It means that you can enable only the blocks you will actually use and disable others.

Enable or Disable Blocks Feature on Stackable Gutenberg Plugin
Enable or Disable Blocks Feature on Stackable Plugin

As a result, you won’t get overwhelmed with too many blocks. And, also avoid the slow-loading editor issue which you might get with some other block plugins. Hence, we’re also using Stackable on SiteSaga!

Key Features:


It’s a freemium plugin i.e. has both free and premium options. You can easily get the free version from the official repository of Hence, you can install it on your site right from the dashboard.

Similarly, the premium version is available in 4 pricing plans.

  • Personal: $49 per year for a single site.
  • Business: $99 per year for 3 sites.
  • Agency: $149 per year for unlimited sites.
  • Agency Lifetime: $499 one-time payment for unlimited sites.

2. Kadence Blocks

If you want to create compelling content with beautiful design, right from your native WordPress editor, then Kadence Blocks is the perfect tool. It comes with a bundle of useful custom blocks that help you add more functionality to your content editor.

Kadence Blocks WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugin

Kadence Blocks as you might have guessed is developed by the same team behind the popular theme Kadence. Hence, it’s perfect with the Kadence theme but you can also use it with other themes.

Regardless, Kadence theme with Kadence Blocks will provide a complete solution to create your website beautifully and easily.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Gallery Block – Allow you to add photo galleries in a grid, carousel, masonry, or slider form.
  • Row Layout Block – Comes with 1-6 columns and can add any other blocks inside it.
  • Accordion Block – Let you create beautiful accordions within your content.
  • Advanced Heading Block – This allows you to add up to 5 buttons side by side.
  • Icon Block – Let’s you add an SVG right from your page.


It’s a freemium plugin i.e. has both free and premium options. You can get the free version from Also, you can install it on your site right from the dashboard.

Likewise, the premium version comes in 4 pricing plans.

  • Kadence Blocks Pro: $69 with unlimited site access, one-year support and updates, custom pro blocks, and more.
  • Essential Bundle: $129 with unlimited site access, one-year support and updates, and more.
  • Full Bundle: $199 with unlimited site access, one-year support, updates, Kadence Blocks Pro, Kadence Cloud, etc.
  • Lifetime Full Bundle: $649 that comes with everything on other plans.

3. Spectra

Spectra is a beautiful and powerful WordPress block plugin that lets you design stunning websites. Previously known as ‘Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg’, it’s one of the most widely used Gutenberg block plugins.

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

The plugin comes with a growing library of powerful Gutenberg blocks for building and designing stunning websites. You just have to simply pick your favorite blocks and then see your beautiful website build in minutes. 

Key Features:

  • Provides everything that you need for building a website with the Gutenberg editor.
  • Helps you build faster and better-performing websites.
  • Comes with over 15+ Gutenberg blocks that include infobox, price list, testimonial, multi buttons, blockquote, FAQ schema, etc.
  • Provides built-in support for Astra theme and all their starter websites.
  • Also, comes with an extensive knowledge base. 


This is a 100% free plugin available at’s official plugin directory.

4. GenerateBlocks

If you want to add versatility to your editor without bloating your website, then GenerateBlocks is one for you. Designed by the same team behind the GeneratePress theme, it lets you build beautiful designs with precision controls.

GenerateBlocks WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugin

Unlike other Gutenberg block plugins, it comes with only 5 WordPress blocks. They’re Container, Grid, Headline, Button, and Buttons. However, each block comes with lots of settings so you can make cool pages by combining default WordPress blocks and their blocks.

Key Features:

  • You can add background images and control their size and position.
  • Allows you to adjust padding, margins, and borders for pixel precision control.
  • It lets you use your custom SVG icons in your buttons and headlines.
  • Also, works well with any WordPress theme you choose.


You can get this plugin for free from the official WordPress Plugin directory. Also, its premium version is available on its official website with 3 pricing plans.

  • Personal: $39 yearly for a single site that comes with 150+ pro templates, build local templates, global styles, etc.
  • Plus: $69 yearly for 10 sites, which comes with everything from the Personal plan.
  • Professional: $99 yearly for 250 sites and everything from the Personal and Plus plan.

5. Getwid

Getwid is a free Gutenberg block plugin that comes with 40+ unique blocks to widen the library of existing core WordPress blocks. These content blocks are multipurpose and can be applicable for websites of any kind like eCommerce, blogs, businesses, etc.

Getwid WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugin

Likewise, you can use it to create beautiful landing pages and display products in the most professional way. At the same time, it comes with 35+ pre-made Gutenberg designs that make it easier to get started. Also, this plugin works with any popular WordPress theme.

Key Features:

  • Offers free design kits for developers to speed up their daily workflow.
  • It’s a multifunctional static and dynamic block for Gutenberg editors.
  • Provides extensive customization panels in WordPress blocks.
  • You can add any number of blocks without slowing down or bloating your website.
  • Also, comes with free WordPress starter themes for Getwid blocks.


You can get this plugin for free from the official WordPress Plugin directory.

6. PostX

PostX is a powerful WordPress post grid plugin that lets you add the latest post blocks, post lists, and popular posts to your website. It gives you complete control of these blocks so that you can create stunning and beautiful grid sections.

PostX Gutenberg Blocks For Post Grid

Similarly, PostX is a highly customizable plugin that lets anyone create grid sections inside your Gutenberg editor with ease. Besides that, it comes with many ready-made block designs and templates that can be used immediately.

 Key Features:

  • Provides visually editable Gutenberg post blocks. 
  • You can convert any blocks into shortcodes.
  • Comes with rich block options. 
  • Well integrated with the Elementor page builder plugin.
  • Also, compatible with the WPML plugin.


It comes with both free and premium versions. The free version is available at Also, you can get the Premium version from its official website in 3 pricing plans.

  • 1 Site License: $49 per year with 1 domain license, 1 year of support, 1 year of updates, and all pro features.
  • Unlimited Sites License: $84 per year with unlimited license and everything from 1 Site License plan.
  • 5 Sites Licence: $79 per year with 5 domain licenses and everything from other plans.

Learn more about features and how to use this plugin here – PostX full review.

7. Otter Blocks

Otter Blocks is a lightweight WordPress block plugin that brings extra Gutenberg blocks to your website. It’s a collection of dynamic page building blocks and templates for the WordPress block editor. Likewise, it helps you create complex pages for your businesses, eCommerce, marketing, personal blogs, and much more.

Otter Page Builder Blocks & Extensions For Gutenberg

Using its Section block you can create innovative layouts that improve readability and enhance visual appeal. It includes more than 10 WordPress blocks such as Google Maps, About Author, Sharing Icons, Button Group, and more. 

Key Features:

  • Beginner-friendly and easy-to-use.
  • Build stunning web pages with drag and drop efficiency.
  • Comes with more than 50+ different templates for building your website quickly and efficiently.
  • Also, gives you full control over the style and appearance of every block.


Otter Blocks is a free plugin available at

8. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a custom Gutenberg blocks plugin that provides all the essential blocks for creating better and more engaging content. This plugin is perfect for bloggers and marketers as it makes it easier for creating content with Gutenberg.

Ultimate Blocks

Unlike others, it’s quite easy to use and anyone can use it without any technical knowledge.  Besides that, it comes with 18 awesome blocks such as an image slider, testimonial countdown, divider, and more. 

Key Features:

  • Free to use.
  • beginner-friendly.
  • You can enable/disable individual blocks as your requirement.
  • Comes with built-in code optimization for speed.
  •  Also, highly optimized for SEO.


This is also a free plugin that is available in the official plugin directory of

9. PublishPress Blocks

PublishPress Blocks is a really good WordPress block plugin that gives you more control over the WordPress block editor. Using this Gutenberg, you can build any kind of professional website without wasting any time. This plugin helps to improve the overall experience of using WordPress block editor by adding extra block features.

PublishPress Blocks and Gutenberg Editor Plugin

Besides that, this plugin contains over 20 powerful blocks for your Gutenberg editor. Unlike other plugins, it’s extremely simple and easy to get started with. Moreover, it comes with a wide plethora of different blocks – accordion, gallery, video, image slider, list, tabs, and many more.

Key Features:

  • Helps to create custom CSS styles for blocks. 
  • Comes with 24 different layout options for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  • Allows you to enable and disable any blocks that are not in use.
  • Includes WooCommerce Products and latest Posts blocks for displaying your latest post and WooCommerce products.
  • Also, provides advanced block control options for activating blocks as per user roles.


You can get this plugin for free from the official WordPress Plugin directory. Also, you can purchase the premium version from its official website which is available in 3 pricing plans.

  • One site: $49
  • Five Sites: $99
  • Unlimited Sites: $199

10. Gutentor

Gutentor is another WordPress page building block plugin that helps you create your website more beautifully and quickly. It comes with an advanced yet easy drag-and-drop WordPress page builder for Gutenberg. You can create any kind of design very easily and without any coding required. 

Gutentor WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugin

Gutentor Blocks has tried to categorize its content blocks into 5 different types – Elements, Modules, Posts, Terms, and Widgets. Each type contains different Gutenberg blocks that you need for building your website. Additionally, it’s a lightweight WordPress plugin that is optimized perfectly for speed and performance. 

Key Features:

  • Provides a ready-to-use demo design library to help you kick start your website.
  • Comes with a video popup option in the background to create eye catchy visuals.
  • Advanced all-in-one typography options.
  • Offers highly customizable design options for every element inside blocks.
  • Also, it’s fully responsive for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.


Gutenor is a free WordPress Gutenberg plugin available at the official repository of

11. Genesis Blocks 

Genesis Blocks is a popular WordPress block plugin from StudioPress. It comes with a collection of page building blocks for the WordPress Gutenberg block editor. Indeed, it gives you more control to create and launch any kind of website you want. 

Genesis Blocks

Additionally, it offers 12+ advanced Gutenberg blocks, 4 pre-built full-page layouts, and 8 pre-built page sections. Hence, it helps you create compelling content faster without slowing down your website at all.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a huge library of page sections and full-page layouts.
  • Highly customizable and responsive at the same time. 
  • All of the blocks come with built-in Google AMP support.
  • Also, comes with detailed documentation and tutorials.


Genesis Blocks comes with both free and pro versions. You can get the free version from

Likewise, its premium version costs $360/year and gets access to Genesis Framework and 35+ StudioPress child themes.

12. Qubely

If you’re looking for a fully-established Gutenberg block toolkit, then Qubely is the best option. It comes with plenty of custom blocks, predefined sections, and starter packs for building attractive web pages. You get this plugin in both a free core version and a premium version with more features.  

Qubely Advanced Gutenberg Blocks

Moreover, Qubely comes with 20+ custom Gutenberg blocks, 120+ readymade sections, and many layout bundles for creating websites in minutes. Some of the advanced Gutenberg blocks include row, button, Google map, counter, heading, timeline, post grid, and more. Hence, Qubely blocks are highly functional and rich in features. 

Key Features:

  • Comes with a rich library of pre-designed sections that can be used as blocks on the Gutenberg editor.
  • You get multiple combinations of columns. 
  • Allow you to adjust the column size by flexibly dragging the columns.
  • You get device-specific responsive controls.
  • Also, you have full control over the typography.


Qubely comes with both free and premium versions. The Premium version comes with 2 pricing plans Annual and Lifetime.

Annual plan comes in 3 tiers:

  • Individual: $39 per year for 1 site license with 1 year of updates and 1 free installation service.
  • Freelancers: $59 per year for 5 sites with 1-year updates and 2 free installation services.
  • Agencies: $99 per year for an unlimited site license with 1-year updates, priority email support, and 5 free installation services.

Lifetime plan also comes in 3 tiers:

  • Individual: $299 with one-time payment comes with 1 site license, lifetime updates, 1 free installation service, and more.
  • Freelancers: $399 with a one-time payment for 5 site licenses,5 free installation services, and everything from the Individual plan.
  • Agencies: $599 with a one-time payment, unlimited site licenses, lifetime updates, 10 free installation services, and many more.

13. CoBlocks

CoBlocks is a popular WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugin that helps to enhance your Gutenberg editor with more options. It includes the most innovative collection of page-building WordPress blocks to give a true page builder experience for Gutenberg.

CoBlocks WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugin

At the same time, its innovative block system makes it easier to create stunning web pages and even entire websites. Likewise, you can style your websites with innovative blocks like Sharp Divider, Collage Gallery, and Event Blocks. Also, it lets you change fonts, add margin and padding, pick colors, and more.

Key Features:

  • Powerful yet lightweight plugin.
  • Allows you to design web pages with enticing typography elements.
  • Comes with a companion theme called Go that has a Gutenberg-first design.
  • Also, developer-friendly.


This plugin is 100% free to use. You can simply download it from’s official plugin repository.

14. Essential Blocks for Gutenberg

Essential Blocks for Gutenberg is a free WordPress Gutenberg block plugin from WPDevelopers, the same team behind the Essential Addons for Elementor. This helps to add power to your page and post builder. By using their blocks you can make your next WordPress page and post-design, easier and prettier. 

Essential Blocks

You can enhance your Gutenberg experience by using their 20+ creative blocks that add power to your WordPress editor. Likewise, you can enable/disable individual blocks for faster and smoother page loading.  Besides that, you get endless customization options for designing your blocks without any single line of code.  

Key Features:

  • Comes with pixel perfect design that is responsive to all types of devices.
  • Regularly updates for better compatibility and new features. 
  • Compatible with any popular WordPress themes.
  • 100% translation ready.
  • Also, provides fast and friendly support.


Essential Blocks for Gutenberg is completely free to use. You can either download it from, or from your WordPress dashboard.

15. Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library

Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library helps you to create professional content layouts for your website in a minute. Also, it offers you with free starter template to get you started. You can use the pattern importer to include the pages and section layouts you like in your existing website.

Reponsive Gutenberg Blocks Library

Therefore, you can choose your favorite templates to launch your website in no time. you can also pick any advanced blocks with completely customizable settings to make your creative templates.

Key Features:

  • This plugin comes with 40+ creative blocks for Gutenberg.
  • You can create fantastic landing pages without a line of code.
  • Also, the user interface of each block is plain and has a simple user interface.
  • It offers a pricing list block, using which you can design a beautiful and comprehensive pricing list of your goods, service, etc.
  • Social Blocks allows you to stream Instagram content directly to your WordPress website.


This plugin is available for free on the official plugin repository of Or, you can also download it directly from your WordPress dashboard.

16. GutenBee

GutenBee is yet another free Gutenberg block for the new WordPress editor. It comes with a collection of elegant WordPress blocks that helps you enhance your editing experience. The best part is that it vastly extends the potential of the new editor experience.

GutenBee WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugin

Likewise, GutenBee includes custom blocks such as accordion, container, banner, image box, justified gallery, slideshow, and more. In fact, it contains more than 25 Gutenberg blocks to help you create stunning websites. Also, it’s secure, stable, and easily updatable.

 Key Features:

  • Works well with all major WordPress themes.
  • 100% translation ready.
  • Provides 24/7 premium support.
  • Comes with detailed documentation and WordPress tutorials.
  • Also, SEO-optimized.


You can get this plugin for free from the official WordPress Plugin directory.

17. Blocks Kit

Blocks Kit is also a popular Gutenberg block for freelancers. It’s a Gutenberg blocks collection with unlimited possibilities to design a webpage. using this, you can build a professional, elegant website with very ease and without any code.

Blocks Kit Gutenberg Blocks for Freelancer

Moreover, it provides 10+ Gutenberg Blocks available as a start. Therefore, even beginners to freelance designers, developers, writers, and content creators can create awesome stuff with the new Gutenberg editor.

Key Features:

  • This plugin is highly optimized and performance-focused.
  • It also offers seamless interplay with the core Gutenberg Blocks.
  • Also, this plugin is cross-browser compatible.
  • You’ll have a huge array of attributes while designing blocks.


You can get this plugin from’s official plugin directory for free.

18. Blockspare

Blockspare is another beautiful page-building Gutenberg block plugin for WordPress. It includes an elegant set of WordPress blocks that helps you create any kind of website you want. 

Blockspare a Stunning Set of Gutenberg Blocks

Similarly, this plugin is very lightweight and intuitive to use with Gutenberg. It comes with advanced Gutenberg blocks such as container, call to action, carousel, post grid, shape divider, testimonial, etc. Besides that, it has great customization options that help you make your blocks look the way you want. 

Key Features:

  • Comes with lots of layout options to show your content beautifully.
  • Gives you outstanding control over typography at your fingertips.
  • Provides unlimited color options for your blocks and can set those sections as per your desire.
  • Also, comes with image masking color effects, and filters.


It comes with both free and premium versions. You can get the free version from

Also, you can get the premium version from its official website that comes in 2 pricing plans Annual and Lifetime. The annual plan costs $24.99 for the first installment afterward it costs $16.74 per year. Whereas, the lifetime plan costs a $74.99 one-time payment.

19. Meow Gallery

Unlike other Gutenberg block plugins, Meow Gallery focuses on one specific type of block – a gallery block. Specially it’s perfect for displaying polished and beautiful galleries for images. 

Meow Gallery WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugin

Similarly, this plugin is quite easy to use and can be used by anyone. Although it primarily focuses on one block, it still does a really good job of adding a gallery to your block editor.  

Key Features:

  • Comes with 4 different multiple layouts  – tiles, masonry, justified, and square.
  • Highly optimized for speed and performance.
  • Compatible with all major WordPress themes.
  • Also, provides quality customer support.


You can get this plugin for free from the official WordPress Plugin directory. Also, you can purchase the premium version from its official website which comes in 7 pricing plans.

  • Starter: $19 yearly for 1 website.
  • Standard: $24 yearly for 5 websites.
  • Professional: $32 yearly for 20 websites.
  • Standard (Lifetime): $69 for 5 websites.
  • Professional (Lifetime): $149 for 20 websites.
  • Developer (Lifetime): $199 for 500 websites.
  • Agency (Lifetime): $299 for 2500 websites.

20. Elementor Blocks for Gutenberg

Elementor Blocks for Gutenberg is an official block plugin created by Elementor page builder. It helps you easily add any Elementor templates into Gutenberg with just a single click.

Elementor Blocks for Gutenberg

Indeed, it’s the smartest way of combining both Elementor and Gutenberg for integrating more advanced layouts into Gutenberg. It provides you with over 300+ pre-designed blocks and 100+ pre-designed pages to choose from. Besides that, you can enable/disable the editor as per your wish.

 Key Features:

  • Innovative to use.
  • It allows you to add Elementor blocks and templates in any area inside Gutenberg.
  • You can customize your Elementor blocks with unlimited design options.
  • Allows you to preview the templates right inside the Gutenberg editor.
  • Also, provides RTL and multi-language support.


This is a 100% free plugin available at’s official repository.

21. Rise Blocks

Rise Blocks is a complete Gutenberg WordPress block plugin that helps you create awesome layouts for your website. It’s lightweight and follows a minimal approach but still, it’s powerful enough to create stunning websites. Indeed, it’s beginner-friendly and can be used with zero knowledge of coding.

Rise Blocks

Beyond that, you get tons of ready-to-use demo sites which are quite customizable and save your development time. With this, you get simple yet advanced Gutenberg blocks such as sliders, profile cards, sections, and more. Hence, it provides everything you need to build simple to complex websites.

 Key Features:

  • Provides flexible and powerful customization options.
  • Fast and friendly customer support.
  • Comes with responsive design and regular updates. 
  • Plus, this plugin is easy to set up.
  • Also, this plugin is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ready.


You can get this plugin for free from the official WordPress Plugin directory.

Also, if you want to get access to its premium features, you can purchase it from its official website. It comes in 4 pricing plans:

  • 1 site license: $39.99
  • 5 sites license: $49.99
  • Unlimited site license: $99.99
  • Unlimited site license + one-time payment: $199.99

22. Editor Plus

Editor Plus is the simple WordPress Gutenberg plugin that helps you easily create websites using the core Gutenberg block editor. This plugin is quite straightforward to use and provides all the necessities for building a stunning website.

Editor Plus Gutenberg Library and Toolkit

Indeed, this plugin is extremely lightweight and doesn’t bloat to slow down your website. Similarly, it comes with enhanced editing tools for easy customization of your website. Also, Editor Plus comes with supercharging blocks such as tab, rating, icon, accordion, countdown timer, toggle block, etc. 

 Key Features:

  • Provides custom CSS editor.
  • Comes with a huge template and pattern library.
  • Works with all the major WordPress themes.
  • Also, provide excellent support.


Editor Plus is 100% free to use. It’s available at’s official repository.

23. Premium Blocks for Gutenberg

If you’re looking for premium-feature within a free plan, then Premium Blocks for Gutenberg is the one. It helps you create beautiful and professional-looking websites using the new WordPress Gutenberg editor. It’s a reliable and easy-to-use plugin developed by the team of Leap 13

Premium Blocks for Gutenberg

With this, you get 12 different blocks that help you build your website without bloating it. Alongside that, it’s extremely easy to get started. As you just have to install it for free and it’s ready to go. 

 Key Features:

  • This plugin is intuitive to use.
  • Works perfectly with all major WordPress themes.
  • Moreover, this plugin is translation-ready.


This is a 100% free plugin available at’s official plugin directory.

24. ZeGuten

ZeGuten is a collection of blocks for Gutenberg that comes with an affordable range of blocks and layout options. It comes with multifunctional and SEO-optimized blocks for building any content with Gutenberg. Likewise, ZeGuten is extremely easy-to-use without having experience in coding.

ZeGuten Gutenberg Blocks

Besides, it currently has 20 blocks with more on the way. Some of the most notable blocks are banners, countdowns, carousels, tabs, sliders, pricing tables, image comparisons, and more. At the same time, it provides dozens of styling settings that let you style up your content as you need. 

Key Features:

  • Perfect for everyone, from beginners to experienced developers.
  • Comes with 5 post layouts to help you display your post dynamically.
  • Also, this theme is ultra-responsive.
  • You can create stylish backgrounds in a few clicks.
  • Also, requires no additional page builders. 


ZeGuten is a premium plugin that you can get for $37 from CodeCanyon with 6 months of support. You can also get an extended license of 12 months for an extra $12.


That’s about it. These are some lists of the 24 best WordPress Gutenberg block plugins for your website. We hope that you’ll agree with our list of the best WordPress custom block plugins.

Lastly, we would like to recommend two of our favorite WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins. The first one is Stackable as it’s free and it’s super easy-to-use and beginner-friendly. And, the second one is Kadence as it’s quite responsive and comes with tons of customizable options.

If you’ve any further queries about the WordPress Gutenberg block plugins for the website, then please leave a comment below. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. 

You may want to take a look at our list of best WordPress block themes for full site editing and also have a look at the top web hosting companies for your website.

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