WholesaleX Review – Great Plugin for WooCommerce Wholesale Sites

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WholesaleX WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin

Looking for an honest review of the WholesaleX WooCommerce wholesale plugin? If yes, then stay right here.

In today’s fast-paced digital age, businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to streamline their operations and improve efficiency. WooCommerce is a popular eCommerce platform among business owners that makes it easy to sell products online

However, if you’re selling wholesale products, then you need a plugin that can help you manage your wholesale customers and orders. No doubt, WholesaleX is the ultimate WooCommerce wholesale plugin that you can rely on. 

But is it really as great as the hype? Well, this review article tells you all you need to know about the WholesaleX WooCommeerce wholesale plugin. 

Here, we’ll take a closer look at WholesaleX and its features. Along with its pricing, support options, and pros and cons. Let’s dig in!

Overall Rating

WholesaleX is a powerful and feature-rich WooCommerce wholesale plugin. It has a lot to offer, including tiered pricing, dynamic pricing, tax exemption, order management, and much more!

Did you know, it scores an amazing 5 out of 5 stars (4 user reviews) on the plugin repository?

WholesaleX WooCommerce Whoelsale Plugin
WholesaleX WooCommerce Plugin

Overall, we would give WholesaleX a solid 4.9 out of 5 stars. We deducted the remaining 0.1 rating because the plugin is relatively new. And some features are quite advanced for beginners.

However, we believe that WholesaleX is a great option for businesses of all sizes that are looking to sell wholesale products online.

We recommend trying the free version of WholesaleX first to see if it meets your needs. If you like it, then you can upgrade to a premium plan to unlock all of the features.

Pros and Cons of WholesaleX

Before continuing, let’s take a quick look at the positive and negative aspects of the WholesaleX WooCommerce wholesale plugin. 

Pros of WholesaleX

  • Easy to use and set up. Its settings are well-organized and easy to understand, even for beginners.
  • Offers a wide range of features, including wholesale pricing, customer segmentation, bulk discounts, and so much more.
  • Integrates with WooCommerce and other popular plugins. Such as WooCommerce Shipping, WooCommerce Tax, and more. 
  • Comes with a free version to try out the plugin before you opt for the premium version.
  • Provides excellent customer support. Includes detailed documentation that can help you with any configuration issues.
  • Available in multiple languages. This makes it easy to sell wholesale products to customers around the world.
  • Regularly updated with new features and bug fixes. This ensures that you are always using the latest version of the plugin.

Cons of WholesaleX

  • Its premium version plans can be expensive for beginners.
  • Some features are a bit technical to configure. Especially for the more advanced features, such as customer segmentation and bulk discounts.
  • Not as many features as some other WooCommerce wholesale plugins.

Having said that, let’s proceed with the brief introduction now!

A. What is WholesaleX? – Understanding the Plugin

WholesaleX is a robust WooCommerce plugin that makes it easy to sell wholesale products on your online store. It’s best known as ‘All in One Wholesale Solution for WooCommerce’

It offers a wide range of features that can help you manage your wholesale customers. What’s more, you can set discount policies, wholesale registration forms, user roles, bulk orders, and so much more!

Overview of WholesaleX WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin
Overview of WholesaleX WooCommerce Plugin

On top of that, it’s very easy to use. The plugin has a clean interface that makes it easy to set up and manage your wholesale business. Plus, it integrates perfectly with WooCommerce. This makes it the right fit for all kinds of users. 

Moreover, WholesaleX is available in both free and paid versions. While the free version is limited in features. So you may need to upgrade to the premium version for full functionality.

Quick Insight on WholesaleX Plugin - WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin
Quick Insight on WholesaleX Plugin

In addition, WholesaleX has a great support team. They are always available to answer your questions and help you troubleshoot any problems.

Overall, WholesaleX is a powerful tool that can help you expand and streamline your wholesale eCommerce operations. It’s tailored to meet the unique demands of wholesale businesses. Ultimately, making it a valuable asset for any wholesaler.

Having said that, let’s learn about its features in-depth in the next section!

B. Major Features and Highlights of WholesaleX

Earlier, we had a core understanding of WholesaleX. Now, it’s time to go over all of its features and highlights in detail. 

Bear in mind, WholesaleX is a freemium WordPress plugin. Thus, you’ll find both free and premium features. Let’s go!

1. Dynamic Pricing

If you’re selling wholesale products on your WooCommerce store, then the dynamic pricing feature of WholesaleX is a must-have. It can help you manage your wholesale business more effectively and efficiently.

Simply you can understand this feature as a pricing strategy that automatically adjusts prices based on a variety of factors. Such as the customer’s location, the time of day, or the quantity of the product being purchased.

Set Dynamic Pricing Rules - WholesaleX WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin
Set Dynamic Pricing Rules

So, with the customizable price structure, you can create different pricing rules for different customer groups. Like, you can offer a lower price to businesses that buy in bulk. Or a higher price to retailers that sell your products at a premium. 

Along with that, you can set up automatic discounts and promotions. Such as offering discounts to customers who place repeat orders or who refer new customers to your store.

2. Unlimited User Roles

Are you wondering if any plugins can help you create unlimited customer groups? Well, the WholesaleX plugin recognizes this and thereby presents you with its Unlimited User Roles feature. 

Now, you can create different customer groups for your wholesale and retail customers. As well as different types of wholesale customers such as distributors, retailers, and resellers. What’s more, you can define each customer group with its own set of permissions. 

Add Unlimited User Roles
Add Unlimited User Roles

For instance, you can create a customer group for distributors that gives them access to a special pricing tier to place bulk orders. Similarly, you can create a customer group for retailers that gives them access to a different pricing tier to place smaller orders.

This flexibility can help you maximize profits and cater to a wide range of customers. As a result, you can build B2B, B2C, or B2B and B2C hybrid stores in WooCommerce. All with this dynamic all-in-one WholesaleX plugin. 

3. Custom Form Builder

Another noteworthy highlight of the WholesaleX plugin is its Custom Form Builder. With that, you can create custom forms for your wholesale customers. And collect specific information such as contact information, shipping information, and purchase details.

WholesaleX Custom Form Builder Feature
WholesaleX Custom Form Builder Feature

For example, you can create a form that asks customers for their company name, contact information, and shipping address. Then, create a form that asks customers for their purchase details, such as the products they are ordering and the quantity of each product.

Therefore, WholesaleX’s Custom Form Builder feature is an absolute must if you offer wholesale goods in your store. As assists you in enhancing customer satisfaction, automating business procedures, and gathering the data you require from your wholesale clients.

4. Custom Bulk Order Form

Are you thinking about whether you can get a tailored form for bulk orders? Well, you’ll be glad to know that WholesaleX provides you with a Custom Bulk Order Form

This means you can easily let B2B customers generate bulk order lists so they can place orders right away. If they want to order them later, then they might keep them on purchase lists.

Insight into WholesaleX Bulk Order Form - WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin
Insight into WholesaleX Bulk Order Form

Since bulk order is a premium feature, all you’ve to do is turn on the add-on in the premium version. With that, you’ll see the Bulk Order Form and Purchase Lists on the My Account page of your wholesale store. 

Now, you can create a bulk order form along with category filter options, tag filter options, quantity selection, and more. With that, shoppers can easily find the proper in a minimum time frame and place their bulk orders.  

5. Dedicated Store Wallet

Do you know that WholesaleX comes with its own dedicated store wallet known as the ‘Wholesale X Wallet’? It’s best known to insist your shoppers use a digital wallet. 

The Store Wallet feature of WholesaleX allows you to create a dedicated store wallet for your wholesale customers. Your customers can then add funds and use them to purchase products from your WooCommerce store. 

Precisely, the Dedicated Store Wallet feature of WholesaleX can help you:

  • Improve the Customer Experience: Make it easier for them to track their spending and make purchases.
  • Reduce Fraud: Reduce the risk of fraud, as customers will not be able to use their store wallets to make purchases from other stores.
  • Automate Your Business Processes: Store wallet helps to automate the deposit and withdrawal of funds from the store wallet, So, you can free up your time to focus on other tasks.

Not to add, you can provide special deals to customers who pay with the WholesaleX Wallet to entice them to do so. With that, you’ll see a rise in the percentage of repeat consumers.

6. Built-in Messaging System

Another significant highlight of the WholesaleX plugin is that it comes with the Conversation addon for a built-in messaging system. 

This implies you can communicate with your wholesale customers directly from your WordPress dashboard. On top of that, you can do so via a private messaging system that’s integrated right into your WooCommerce store.

WholesaleX Built-in Messaging System - WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin
WholesaleX Built-in Messaging System

What’s more, you can personalize your communications with your wholesale customers by using their names and other information. Also, automate your communications by using templates and scheduled messages.

Consequently, this helps you track all of your communications with your wholesale customers. Also, you can easily refer back to them if needed.

7. Request a Quote Feature

Do you want to start negotiating prices with clients immediately? Well, WholesaleX’s ‘Request a Quote’ feature lets you do just that. You can easily enable the addon to display a ‘Request a Quote’ button on the cart page. 

With that, your wholesale customers can request a quote for products that they are interested in. Simply through a form that is integrated with your WooCommerce store. Then, you can provide potential clients with personalized offers to stop losing sales.

Request a Quote Feature - WholesaleX WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin
Request a Quote Feature

Additionally, while creating a special offer, you have the option of setting an expiry date and an expiry reminder mail date. As a result, the potential clients are informed when the deal expires.

And the best part is, WholesaleX makes it simple to tell if a logged-in user or a guest user requested the quote. As a result, you can quickly order the requests by priority and provide proposals accordingly.

8. One-Click Private Store

Another significant highlight of the WholesaleX plugin is that it offers you a One-Click Private Store feature. 

This implies you can create a private store for your wholesale customers with just a single click. All you’ve to do is create a custom link that you can share with your wholesale customers.

Create a Private Store With a Single Click - WholesaleX WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin
Create a Private Store With a Single Click

Precisely, the One-Click Private Store feature of WholesaleX can help you:

  • Create a dedicated store for wholesale customers to easily find your products.
  • Make your prices visible only to wholesale customers to protect them from the public.
  • Gain the ability to add and remove customers from the store to manage your wholesale customers.

Not to add, this feature comes quite handy particularly when you don’t want to share your store publicly. Or, say you want to control individual product visibility. Well, the WholesaleX plugin lets you perfectly do that with utmost ease. 

9. Other Core Features

Besides the above-mentioned highlights, WholesaleX comes with a handful of other core features. Such as:

  • Manage Payment Methods: Control available payment methods for users and products.
  • Control Product Visibility: Decide which products are visible to guests or registered users.
  • Implement Tax Exemptions: Apply tax exemptions to specific products and users.
  • Customize Registration Fields: Expand your B2B registration form with unlimited fields.
  • Set Up Tiered Pricing: Establish pricing tiers globally or for individual products.
  • Define Price Ranges: Specify pricing ranges for individual items or all items.
  • Manage Email Notifications: Enable or disable email notifications for customers and admins.
  • Enhance Security with reCAPTCHA: Safeguard your B2B store against spam and misuse.
  • Offer Free Shipping: Provide free shipping to all customers or selected groups.
  • Set Purchase Limits: Create minimum or maximum purchase rules for discounts.

So, you can see that its features and capabilities are tailored to meet the unique demands of wholesale businesses. 

With that, we conclude the list of features for this WholesaleX review. Now, let’s delve into learning how to create a WooCommerce wholesale website using WholesaleX. Are you ready?

C. How to Create a WooCommerce Wholesale Website Using Wholesale X?

Now, we’ll explore the steps involved in creating a WooCommerce website using WholesaleX. 

So, carefully follow the steps below and learn the process of creating an amazing WooCommerce website.

Note: You can use any popular WordPress themes compatible with this plugin. Here, we’re using Kadence. This theme works fine with most of the plugins and has a simple interface. 

Learn how to choose a theme and install the theme on your WordPress dashboard here.

I. How to Purchase and Install Wholesale X?

First, you must decide whether to go with a free or premium plan. Depending on that, go through the process of installing it on your WordPress website. 

Let’s see!

Installing the Free Wholesale X Plugin

Installing and activating the free WholesaleX plugin is similar to that of any other WordPress plugin. The easiest way is to install it right from your website.

First, log into your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the ‘Plugins > Add New’ menu.

 Go To Plugins And Click Add New Option
Go To Plugins And Click Add New Option

Here, search for the keyword ‘WholesaleX’ on the bar. So, click on its ‘Install Now’ button, as shown in the screenshot below.

Search And Install WholesaleX Free Plugin
Search And Install WholesaleX Free Plugin

This installs WholesaleX on your website, but you’ve got to activate it as well. So, you should click on the ‘Activate’ button when it appears.

Activate WholesaleX Free Version
Activate WholesaleX Free Version

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed and activated WholesaleX on your website.

If you want a more detailed guide, then read how to install a WordPress plugin here!

Afterward, you can find a newly added menu on the dashboard, i.e., ‘WholesaleX’. Here, you can see a notice about its updates.

Purchasing and Installing the Premium Wholesale X

If you want to get a premium plan, then you must purchase it from its website. Check out the steps below!

First, visit the WholesaleX site and click the ‘Pricing’ menu on the header.

On the Pricing page, you’ll find the 3 different pricing options. So, pick a plan based on the number of websites you want the plugin for. Then, click its ‘Buy Now’ button.

Following that, you’ll be directed to the checkout page. Then, enter the promotional code if you have one. Following that, enter your personal information, like an email address and name.

Purchase WholesaleX Plan - WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin
Purchase WholesaleX Plan

After that, select your payment method and fill out the payment information. 

Once you finish the purchase, you’ll get an email with your account and payment details. Also, it contains the download link for the premium plugin and the steps to follow next. 

So, download the plugin, and save its activation key.

Once done, open your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the ‘Plugins > Add New’ menu. There, hit the ‘Upload Plugin’ button.

Choose And Install The Premium WholesaleX Plugin
Choose And Install The Premium WholesaleX Plugin

Next, click the ‘Choose File’ button and upload the downloaded ZIP file. Afterward, press the ‘Install Now’ button beside it.

Following that, you must click the ‘Activate’ button.

Activate WholesaleX Premium Plugin
Activate WholesaleX Premium Plugin

Note: In order to use this plugin you need to install the WooCommerce plugin as well. 

Install WooCommerce Plugin
Install WooCommerce Plugin

With the activation, you’ll get the new ‘WholesaleX’ menu on your dashboard. There, you must insert the license key to activate the premium plugin. 

So, go to the ‘License’ option, add the license key from the email, and choose if you want to receive notice of new features and updates. Lastly, click the ‘Activate License’ button.

Install And Activate License Key
Install And Activate License Key

Following this process, the premium WholesaleX plugin is ready to use on your website.

II. How to Configure the Wholesale Plugin?

But before starting to use the plugin, let’s configure it so that it works how we want. For that, open the ‘WholesaleX > General Settings’ menu. 

Go To WholesaleX Settings And General Settings
Go To WholesaleX Settings And General Settings

Some of the options you’ll see are:

  • Plugin Status: Here, you can choose which type of store you want to create and manage with WholesaleX.
  • Show Tiered Pricing Table: Enabling this option will display the pricing tier table on a single product page.
  • Pricing / Discount Priority: Here, you can decide and select which pricing will be applicable if prices are set in multiple ways.
  • Disable Coupons: Enabling this option will hide coupon fields of the cart and checkout pages from the wholesale customer.

There are other multiple settings you can go through and then click on ‘Save Changes’ to make the changes. 

Other than them, WholesaleX also provides settings for your user roles, rules, detail page, and registration form. 

Let’s have a quick look at them!

Creating Wholesale User Roles

To get started, go to the ‘WholesaleX > User Roles’ option. 

Click on the User Role Menu Option
Click on the User Role Menu Option

There, you can add a B2B user role. So, start by adding a name, role ID, display prices, payment methods, shipping methods, and more. Once done, click on the ‘Save’ option. 

 Add B2B User Roles
Add B2B User Roles

Configuring Dynamic Rules

Likewise, open the ‘WholesaleX > Dynamic Rules’ menu. It lets you create a dynamic rule. To do so, click on the ‘Create Dynamic Rule’ option.

Click On Create Dynamic Rule Option
Click On Create Dynamic Rule Option

Here, you can add the rule title, and title type, and select the user role. Also, you can add conditions and add dates to limit rules. Once done, click on the ‘Save’ button.

 Add Dynamic Rule Details And Click Save
Add Dynamic Rule Details And Click Save

Creating Custom Registration Forms

Similarly, navigate to the ‘WholesaleX > Registration Form’ menu. 

Go To WholesaleX And Click Registration Form Option
Go To WholesaleX And Click Registration Form Option

There, click on the ‘Add New’ option and set these options for the registration form:

  • On the ‘Default User Field’ you can pick first name, last name, email, user name, password, website, user bio, and more. 
  • You can customize the form by adding ‘Extra Fields’ like text area, checkbox, date, file, etc.
Add Form Fields And Click Save Form Changes Option
Add Form Fields And Click Save Form Changes Option

Once you’re done, click on the ‘Save Form Changes’ button.

Changing Store Mode

In order to change the store mode of your WooCommerce website, go to the ‘WholesaleX > Settings.’

Go To WholesaleX And Settings
Go To WholesaleX And Settings

There, go to ‘General Setting’ and click on the ‘Plugin Status’ option, you can change your store mode. It provides you with 3 options, ‘B2B, B2C, or B2B and B2C.’

Go To General Settings And Plugin Status
Go To General Settings And Plugin Status

Prioritizing Pricing and Discounts

Following that, you can configure pricing and discount settings. For that, open the ‘WholesaleX > Settings’ menu.

Go To WholesaleX And Settings
Go To WholesaleX And Settings

There, go to the ‘Price’ option. Now, you decide to show a tiered pricing table, change pricing and discount priority, display prices in the shop including or excluding taxes, and more.

Configure Price And Discount Settings
Configure Price And Discount Settings

Controlling Product Visibility

Moving on, to configure product visibility, first go to ‘WholesaleX > Settings.’

Go To WholesaleX And Settings
Go To WholesaleX And Settings

There, go to the ‘Design’ option. Now, you can change the tier table layout in the product single page.

Choosing Tier Table Layout
Choosing Tier Table Layout

Moreover, you can choose to enable/disable tier positions on the product single page. Also, you can customize the color for buttons, hover, text, and more. 

So, this ends our entire guide on working with WholesaleX for a WooCommerce wholesale website.

D. How Much Does WholesaleX Cost?

Are you wondering how much WholesaleX costs? Surprise! It’s a freemium WordPress plugin. This means there are both free and premium versions available.

You can download the free plugin from the plugin directory. Then, upload it to your website. Another way is to directly install the plugin from the dashboard.

Purchase WholesaleX Plan -WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin
WholesaleX Pricing Plans

If you don’t find the feature you want in the free plugin, then you can upgrade to its paid version. The following list shows the various premium pricing plans for WholesaleX.

  • Starter Plan: Costs $64 per year and $124 one time licenses for 1 site. It includes Request A Quote, reCAPTCHA, Wallet, Conversation, Subaccounts, and Bulk Order addons. 
  • Business Plan: Costs $99 per year and $199 one-time licenses for 5 sites. It also comes with add-ons like Request A Quote, reCAPTCHA, etc. 
  • Agency Plan: Costs $149 per year and $349 one-time licenses for 20 sites. It includes everything from the business plan, reCAPTCHA Integration, reCAPTCHA Settings, User Role Creation, etc.

Remember, the right plan for you depends on the size and scale of your eCommerce operations. Take advantage of WholesaleX’s feature-rich capabilities to transform your WooCommerce wholesale site efficiently.

It also has a 14-day money-back guarantee policy. So, you can figure out if you want to continue using it or not.

E. What are the Customer Support Options in WholesaleX?

Customer support is the cornerstone of any software solution. And WholesaleX pays meticulous attention to ensure that users receive prompt assistance when needed. 

WholesaleX Customer Support - WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin
WholesaleX Customer Support

At the core of WholesaleX’s commitment to customer satisfaction lies a robust support infrastructure. Users can tap into an array of dedicated channels to seek assistance and resolve queries swiftly. 

These channels encompass:

  • Email Support: WholesaleX offers a direct line of communication through email. Users can initiate support requests, report issues, or seek guidance on utilizing the plugin’s features effectively. 
  • Documentation: This treasure trove of information comprises detailed articles, guides, and tutorials covering every facet of the plugin. 
  • Ticket System: You can submit tickets detailing their specific concerns or inquiries. This system ensures that each query is meticulously documented and tracked. Ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

Besides, the WholesaleX community is a thriving hub of like-minded users, developers, and experts. Also, the forum serves as an invaluable resource for users to engage in discussions, seek advice, and gain insights.

Therefore, WholesaleX goes above and beyond to ensure that its users are equipped with the support they need. So you can make the most of this plugin.

F. Alternatives to the WholesaleX Plugin

Wondering if there are any alternatives to the WholesaleX WooCommerce wholesale plugin? Well, you can check out the few decent ones below:

1. Wholesale Suite

When considering alternatives to the WholesaleX plugin, Wholesale Suite emerges as a formidable contender. This suite of plugins is specifically designed to augment the capabilities of WooCommerce for wholesale businesses.

Wholesale Suite Plugin

Moreover, it provides a comprehensive solution for pricing strategies, enabling tiered pricing, volume discounts, and minimum order requirements. This robust pricing system helps you to tailor pricing structures and cater to diverse customers.


The plugin, Wholesale Suite, is free. Hence, you can install it right from your WordPress dashboard. Or download it from the WordPress plugin directory and insert it into your website.

On the other hand, you can upgrade to its premium version available on its official website with two pricing plans. 

  • Growth Bundle: Costs $148.50 per year for a single site license. 
  • Business Bundle: Costs $298.50 per year for an unlimited site license. 

2. WooCommerce B2B

Another noteworthy alternative is the WooCommerce B2B plugin. This plugin facilitates the creation of tiered pricing, allowing businesses to offer different price points based on order quantities.

WooCommerce B2B Plugin

Unlike traditional B2C shopping carts, this plugin incorporates a “Request a Quote” feature. So, customers can submit inquiries for bulk orders, initiating negotiation and communication between the business and the buyer.


The WooCommerce B2B is a premium plugin. And the pricing structure of WooCommerce B2B may vary depending on your specific needs and the extent of customization required. 

Typically, this plugin costs $12.45 per month and $149 billed annually. It comes with 1-year extension updates, support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. Barn2 WooCommerce Wholesale Pro

Next alternative worth considering is the Barn2 WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin. It’s renowned for developing high-quality plugins that enhance the functionality of WooCommerce stores.

Barn2 WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin

Moreover, this plugin offers role-based access control. You can define specific user roles for wholesale customers. Granting them exclusive privileges while maintaining a user-friendly shopping experience for retail customers.


This premium plugin is available on its official website with multiple pricing plans.

  • Single Site License: Costs $99 per year
  • 5 Site License: Costs $179 per year
  • 20 Site license: Costs $399 per year

G. Final Thoughts – Is it the Best Plugin for WooCommerce Wholesale Sites?

As of now, you’ve explored all of the features and options that WholesaleX provides for your WooCommerce wholesale website. 

So, it’s time to answer the crucial question: Is WholesaleX Great Plugin for WooCommerce Wholesale Sites?

And, our answer is an absolute Yes! WholesaleX is a robust WooCommerce wholesale plugin designed to supercharge your wholesale website. It empowers you to effortlessly navigate the intricate landscape of wholesale eCommerce.

You get all the required tools you need to manage consumers well, improve your inventory, and personalize pricing structures. These are the exact traits you need to have if you want to succeed in the wholesale business.

Ultimately, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to expand and streamline their wholesale eCommerce operations.

Read our tutorial on creating a website if you’re a newbie searching for comprehensive guidance. Also, check our article on what makes a good website

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on WholesaleX

Q.1 What is Wholesale X? What Makes It a Good Choice?

A: WholesaleX is a WooCommerce plugin designed for wholesale eCommerce businesses. If you want to build a B2B, B2C, or B2B and B2C hybrid store in WooCommerce, then this is the easiest option for you.

Q.2 Can I include WholesaleX in my current store?

A: If you’ve built your store using WooCommerce and WordPress, then you can quickly add WholesaleX to your already-existing store. That too without much difficulty.

Q.3 Can I operate a B2B and B2C store simultaneously with WholesaleX?

A: Yes, you can operate a B2B and B2C store simultaneously with WholesaleX. WholesaleX allows you to create different customer groups for your wholesale and retail customers. You can then set different prices and permissions for each customer group.

Q.4 Is it permissible to utilize WholesaleX on my client’s websites?

A: No, you cannot use WholesaleX on your client’s websites. WholesaleX is a single-site license. This means you can only use it on one website. If you want to use it on multiple sites, then you need to purchase a separate license for each site.

Q.5 What occurs to my site when the 1-year site license expires?

A: When the 1-year site license expires, your site will continue to work. However, you’ll no longer be able to receive updates or support for WholesaleX. Also, you may lose access to the pro-add-ons. If you want to continue using WholesaleX, then you’ll need to renew your license.


And, that’s a wrap! We’ve come to the end of our comprehensive review of WholesaleX, the ultimate plugin for WooCommerce wholesale sites. 

Hopefully, we believe you now have a solid grasp of WholesaleX’s capabilities and potential. In a nutshell, WholesaleX is a versatile freemium WooCommerce plugin suitable for businesses of all sizes aiming to create an enhanced wholesale experience.

If you’ve any questions or require further guidance, then don’t hesitate to drop your queries in the comment section below. We’ll be happy to help you out.

Don’t mind sharing this article with your friends and family who are trying to explore the WholesaleX WooCommerce wholesale plugin.

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