35+ Best WordPress SEO Plugins & Tools for 2023 (Ultimate List)

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Best WordPress SEO Plugins & Tools

Are you trying to find the best WordPress SEO plugins and tools for your website? Then, you’re in the right place.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the #1 best strategy to increase website traffic and conversions. Yes, by ranking at the top of search engine results, you can drive genuine users to your site, and that too without paying a penny.

But how to optimize your website for SEO? Well, that’s where SEO plugins and tools come into play. They help you in creating quality content as well as making the website technically sound for search engines to easily find and crawl it.

Luckily, in WordPress, there are many SEO plugins that help you optimize your site easily. Plus, there are many online SEO tools you can use for additional tasks. Here, we’ve compiled the best of the best for you.

Check out the ultimate list of best WordPress SEO plugins and tools in 2023!

Why SEO is Important for your WordPress site?

SEO for Websites
SEO for Websites

So, before we go into the list of plugins, let’s talk about why you need SEO for your site.

  • Reach Target Audience: SEO helps you reach the target audience effectively as search engines display intent-driven results.
  • Long-term Marketing Strategy: With SEO, you’ll receive a continuous stream of visitors, unlike paid ads. Once, your site has secured good rankings, it’ll bring in visitors for months to years.
  • Boost Credibility: Higher ranking sites on the search engine are typically considered high-quality and trustworthy.
  • Build a Strong Brand: If you want to build a strong brand, then your site must be visible on the internet. Ranking on the first page for your desired topics is the best thing for your branding.

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How to Choose the Best SEO Plugins for WordPress?

If you search “best WordPress SEO plugins”, then you’ll come across a number of WordPress plugins that promise to help you rank better on the internet. 

That makes it quite overwhelming to decide on the best one, especially for beginners. But don’t worry! Just make sure to check the following things when choosing:

  • Powerful SEO Features: The plugin should have all of the features that are essential for the site to perform better.
  • Clear Documentation: Make sure that the plugin has clear documentation. Because it’s the only way you can understand how each feature in the plugin works.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: When working with the plugin, you’re likely to encounter an issue. Or you simply need help with anything. So, you should check how good support the plugin provider company offers.
  • Clean Code: Ensure that the SEO plugin you’ve selected has clean code. A plugin stuffed with lots of unnecessary features can affect your site’s performance badly.

For more details, see our complete guide on how to choose the best WordPress plugins for your site.

Now, let’s look into the popular WordPress SEO plugins and tools.

36 Best WordPress SEO Plugins & Tools 2023

To give you a clear idea and to get you where you would like to be, we’ve divided them into six separate categories:

  • Must-Have On-Page SEO Plugins and Tools
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Technical SEO Plugins and Tools
  • Off-Page SEO Plugins and Tools
  • Analytics Plugins and Tools
  • Local SEO Tools 

Let’s begin with must-have WordPress plugins for on-page SEO!

A) On-Page SEO Plugins for WordPress 2023

1. Rank Math

Rank Math is a fast-growing WordPress SEO plugin that helps to enhance your SEO and attract more traffic to your website. It has the power of multiple plugins that bring everything into one easy-to-manage plugin.

Rank Math SEO Plugin

Additionally, it’s user-friendly and comes with powerful features like an inbuilt 404 monitor, the option to fix broken links, rich snippets, local SEO, automated image SEO, etc. Also, creates an XML sitemap and connects to Google Search Console.

Actively used on more than 1 million websites, Rank Math is the best alternative to the Yoast SEO plugin. While most of Yoast’s advanced features are available only in the paid version, Rank Math offers many such features in the free version itself. For example, 404 monitors, redirection.

Key Features of Rank Math:

  • Allows you to optimize your posts for unlimited focus keywords per post (5 by default).
  • Provides “Content AI” that gives AI-generated suggestions to improve your content.
  • Keep track of your website’s position in the search engines throughout the last several weeks or months.
  • Offers advanced snippet previews to see how your post will appear in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).
  • Comes with an advanced SEO analytics module to view the keyword which you rank for, sitemap status, indexing issues, etc.
  • Integrates data from Google’s URL Inspection API into your WordPress site.


Rank Math plugin offers both free and premium versions. You can download its free version from Or install it directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Whereas the premium version comes with 3 pricing plans of Rank Math.

  • Pro Plan: $59/year and can be used on unlimited personal websites and can track up to 500 keywords.
  • Business Plan: $199/year and can be used in unlimited personal and client websites and can track up to 10,000 keywords.
  • Agency Plan: $499/year. It offers support for up to 500 client websites and lets you track 50,000 keywords.

Want to know more? Check our comprehensive Rank Math review.

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the best plugins for WordPress websites when it involves SEO. It’s a complete website optimization tool that helps you to easily optimize your website for a far better search engine ranking.

Yoast SEO - WordPress SEO Plugins

Yoast SEO has gained popularity over the years and has helped many websites to rank higher in search engines. It comes with a huge range of SEO features to help optimize your website for search engines and also for your website visitors.

Moreover, it’ll tell you the way to incorporate your target keyword in the best way. Similarly, it also suggests how to best optimize your title, meta description, and URL slug for the keyword. Further, it ensures that your web pages are always SEO-friendly.

Key Features of Yoast SEO:

  • Provides a snippet preview option that shows you how your post or page will look in the search result.
  • The readability analysis feature checks your content to ensure that it’s simple to read, and engaging for both visitors and search engines.
  • Its SEO analysis feature checks whether your writing is SEO-friendly and focuses on the right keywords too.
  • Automatically sets canonical URLs to help you avoid duplicate content.
  • Easy to create Google XML sitemap for better site indexing.
  • Also, provides a strong support forum with great customer support.


You can download the free version of the Yoast SEO plugin from Or directly install it on your WordPress dashboard. Alternatively, you can also download it from its official website.

However, if you want additional features, then you can upgrade to the premium version.

  • Yoast SEO Premium Plugin Plan: $99/year. It includes features like optimizing keywords, avoiding dead links, link suggestions, previews on social sites, and more.
  • Plugin Subscription Plan: $229/year. It includes 5 powerful Yoast plugins, online SEO training courses, a full year of updates, etc.

For more details, please check our detailed guide and review of Yoast SEO!

3. All in One SEO

All in One SEO is another popular SEO optimization plugin used to optimize your WordPress website. As the name suggests, it’s another “all-in-one” plugin for your SEO needs. It’s considerably easier to work with and has advanced features and an API for developers.

All in One SEO vs Rank Math SEO Plugins
All in One SEO Plugin

Further, it’s perfect for performing on-page SEO as you’ll easily add SEO titles, meta-tags, image sitemaps, canonical URLs, etc. Similarly, it automatically generates and submits sitemaps for popular search engines which helps to maximize your presence on the internet.

This plugin is an alternative to Yoast SEO and possibly most similar to it too. Hence, it’s the second-best WordPress SEO plugin in the market. 

Key Features of All in One SEO:

  • Automatic SEO generation, dynamic SEO smart tags, and more are all available with Smart Meta Title & Description.
  • Generates and submits your sitemap to Google and other search engines automatically.
  • TruSEO score provides detailed content and readability analysis.
  • Support from Google AMP and Google Analytics.
  • Boost your SEO ranks by avoiding duplicate content with automatic canonical URLs.
  • Well-integrated with WooCommerce to optimize your online store for SEO.


All in One SEO plugin comes with both free and paid versions. You can download its free version from the official WordPress plugins directory.

For the paid version, it comes with 4 different pricing plans:

  • Basic – $49.60/year for 1 site. It includes unlimited keywords, advanced SEO modules, WooCommerce SEO, powerful sitemaps, social media integration, TruSEO analysis, etc.
  • Plus – $99.60/year up for up to 3 sites. It includes a headline analyzer, smart schema markup, custom breadcrumbs, user access control, etc.
  • Pro – $199.60/year up for up to 10 sites. It includes priority support, local and image SEO modules, redirection manager, 404 error tracking, etc.
  • Elite – $299.60/year up for up to 100 sites. It includes premium support, client management, multi-site support, and much more.

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4. SEOPress

Similar to the above-discussed plugins, SEOPress is another powerful SEO plugin to optimize your SEO, boost your traffic, manage redirection 301, etc. Also, it offers features like meta titles, descriptions, open graph support, sitemap creation, etc.

SEOPress SEO Plugin

Further, this plugin also comes with all the features you need to optimize the SEO of your WordPress website. Hence, you don’t need to download and install the other additional plugins to manage XML sitemaps, redirects, and schemas.

Key Features of SEOPress:

  • Content analysis features with unlimited keywords help you to create optimized content for search engines.
  • Comes with Facebook and Twitter social preview options to see how your post exactly appears.
  • Built custom canonical URLs and XML sitemaps.
  • With Google Search Console, you can examine a URL and learn about crawling, indexing, mobile-friendliness, schemas, and more.
  • Quickly view all of your metrics without leaving your website.
  • Also, integrates seamlessly with all other popular WordPress plugins like WPML, Welgot, Elementor, Divi, and WP Rocket.


The free version of the SEOPress plugin can be downloaded from

However, for the premium version, there are different pricing plans for SEOPress.

  • SEOPress Pro Plan: Costs $49 (ex.VAT). It includes unlimited sites, import/export SEO metadata, Google Analytics stats, infinite schema, custom schema, Google Page Speed integration, etc.
  • Rather than the pricing plan, SEOPress Insights is a plugin that works on top of SEOPress for carrying out off-site. It costs $99 (ex.VAT) which allows you to track your website’s rankings, backlinks, and other elements directly from your WordPress dashboard.
  • SEOPress Bundle: Costs $128 (ex.VAT). It includes SEOPress Free + Pro (unlimited sites) + Insights (1 site per license). Its additional features are analyzing the rankings of your keywords in Google, exporting the keywords rankings, identifying backlinks, etc.

Need a detailed guide on how to use SEOPress? Check our comprehensive guide + review of SEOPress!

5. Semrush SEO Writing Assistant

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant is a popular SEO tool that gives instant recommendations for content optimization for creating better content. It checks your content as you type and then provides recommendations based on your keywords. 

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant - WordPress SEO Plugins

Likewise, it compares your content with the qualities of Google’s top-10 ranking page. To check whether your content meets various content-quality requirements in just a few clicks.

Key Features of Semrush SEO Writing Assistant:

  • Gives overall scoring to your article based on readability, text length, and target keywords.
  • A readability score evaluates your writing to see how easily your readers can read.
  • The tone of voice checks how well have you been able to convey your message to your audience.
  • Plagiarism compares your writing with other writers for plagiarism.
  • Recommends regarding the use of the target keywords, their volumes, and their difficulty.
  • Also, checks your links for any possible errors.


Semrush SEO Writing Assistant is available in the Semrush Guru plan which costs $229.95/month. The plan includes a bundle of amazing content marketing, keyword research, and competitor analysis features.

You can use this tool on the web by signing into your Semrush account. Or install the free WordPress plugin and connect your account with the WordPress site.

6. The SEO Framework 

The SEO Framework plugin is powered with full features that blend right into your WordPress website. It quickly optimizes your websites without the need for advanced SEO knowledge.

The SEO Framework

Moreover, it helps you avoid making major and common SEO errors. Because the plugin handles all SEO for you, there’s minimal room for you to make a mistake. For example, it enforces rigorous canonical rules to prevent duplicated content blunders.

Key Features of The SEO Framework:

  • Prevents SEO attacks caused by pagination exploits in WordPress. This instructs the search engine to look at the existing final page instead.
  • Discourages feeds and the sitemap from being indexed by search engines. This isn’t to say they won’t use them; it just means they won’t appear in their search results.
  • When sitemaps are enabled, it automatically notifies Google and the Bing network of website updates.
  • Redirects search engines away from the comment pages and back to the original post where the comments were made.
  • Monitors and keeps track of the SEO optimizations and statistics for your website.
  • Allows you to set up important local business information for search engines to consume.


The SEO Framework comes with both free and paid versions. You can download the free version from Or, you can download it from its official website as well.  

However, it comes with 3 different pricing packages for the premium version;

  • Pro Plan: $7/month, paid yearly. It includes all extensions unlocked on 2 websites, 500 API requests/month, and private level-1 support.
  • Business Plan: $17/month, paid yearly. It includes all extensions unlocked on 20 websites, 5000 API requests/month, and private level-2 support.
  • Agency Plan: $27/month, paid yearly. It includes all extensions unlocked on 200 websites, 50000 API requests/month, and private level-2 support.

7. SEO Plugin by Squirrly SEO

SEO Plugin by Squirrly SEO is one of the incredible WordPress SEO plugins that are AI-based. It gives you access to all the SEO tools and guidance you need to optimize and increase traffic to your websites. 

SEO Plugin by Squirrly SEO - WordPress SEO Plugins

Additionally, you can get one tool for keyword research, content analysis, SEO guidance, technical SEO, site audits, rank tracking, etc. It’s way easier, isn’t it?

Further, it’ll assess your website’s performance and provide you with a certain score based on its findings. Along with that, you can also get clear suggestions on how to improve in different areas where you’re lagging behind.

Key Features of SEO Plugin by Squirrly SEO:

  • Make it simple to track performance and see how effectively your SEO efforts are paying off.
  • Comes with Sitemap Generator and settings that help your site to get crawled and indexed by Google.
  • Quickly fixes your duplicate meta descriptions and titles by combining the power of automation with advanced customization solutions.
  • The briefcase feature bridges the gap between keyword research and strategy implementation, allowing you to take the steps you’ve been overlooking.
  • Squirrly’s Google SERP Checker tool allows you to analyze your position in different countries.
  • Learn how your website performs in terms of blogging, SEO, social media, authority, links, and traffic to improve your online presence.


SEO Plugin by Squirrly SEO is a freemium plugin. You can download its free version from the official WordPress plugins directory. 

However, you can upgrade to the premium version for additional features that comes with 2 pricing packages:

  • Business Plan: Costs $71.99/month for 7 websites.  It includes 300 keyword researches per month, new keyword ideas up to 1500/month, deep keyword research, top-ranking pages leaderboard, advanced analytics, etc. Also, all the features of the Pro Plan.
  • Agency Plan: Costs $75.99/month for 50  websites.  It includes 500 keyword researches per month, new keyword ideas up to 7500/month, Content Marketing Analytics, SERP Checker & Google Rank, etc.

B) Best Keyword Research Tools

8. Google Keyword Planner

Don’t wanna spend excessive money on a keyword research tool? Then, the Google Keyword Planner tool gives you keyword ideas from Google itself while giving insights into what people are searching for.

Google Keyword Planner

This is a free SEO tool designed for Adwords advertisers and anyone can use it. Its main idea is to show online advertisers the keywords that they’re bidding on for their businesses. 

Firstly, advertisers can enter words, phrases, or a URL associated with their business and begin searching. Secondly, you’ll now choose the proper keywords based on the search volumes, number of results, and difficulty level.

Key Features of Google Keyword Planner:

  • Once you’ve found the keywords, you can add them to your advertising plans and save them for future reference.
  • Allows you to make changes across your campaigns easily and quickly with its editor.
  • Choose the proper keywords based on the search volumes, number of results, and difficulty level.
  • Enables you to control multiple accounts from a single dashboard.
  • Provides you with suggested bid estimates for each keyword, allowing you to plan your ad budget.


Google Keyword Planner is completely free to use.

9. Google Trends

Google Trends is yet another online search tool. It shows you how often a specific keyword, subject, and phrase are entered into Google’s search engine over a specific period. It’s widely used for comparative keyword research and to see what searches are trending currently.

Google Trends

Similarly, it provides you with keyword-related data like search volume index alongside geographical information about search engine users. Most importantly, it allows you to compare different keywords at the same time.

Key Features of Google Trends:

  • Allows you to change geographical location, time frame, and category for more refined data.
  • Shows you the search volumes for some keywords based on seasonal trends, so that you can create or promote your content at the right time.
  • Able to plan your content calendar.
  • The related queries section helps you find new keyword ideas.
  • Lets you see where in the world your products or services are needed.
  • Also, allows you to refine your video SEO strategy by analyzing what people are searching for on YouTube.


You can use Google Trends without any cost, i.e., it’s free.

10. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is yet another free and powerful tool that helps you measure your website’s search traffic and performance. It also fixes security issues, and indexing problems, along with alerting you about errors. 

Google Search Console

Most businesses use it because it shows which keywords your website is ranking for an average position, and more. Besides that, you’ll use it to find keywords where you’ll easily rank higher just by optimizing your content. Also, using this keyword data you’ll come up with more content ideas for your website.

Key Features of Google Search Console:

  • Automatically submit a sitemap and index your new content.
  • Alert and fix malware and spam issues.
  • Finds low-hanging keywords where you can easily rank.
  • Fixes server issues and 404 issues.
  • Also, improves your internal linking to boost your ranking.
  • Helps to get more backlinks from third-party websites.


The Google Search Console tool doesn’t cost even a single penny. Thus, it’s free to get started!

11. Semrush

Semrush is a powerful SEO and marketing tool which focuses on SEO, paid traffic, social media, and content. Also, it’s known as an all-in-one marketing toolkit because it provides a comprehensive set of tools for growing your traffic.

Semrush - WordPress SEO Plugins

Further, you can use this tool for finding organic keywords and search terms which will easily help to rank. Similarly, it helps in comprehensive research to analyze which keywords your competitors are ranking for, and how to beat them.

Key Features of Semrush:

  • Optimizes your website for local searches in order to receive more customers for that area.
  • Allows you to track daily changes of your target keywords in your targetted location.
  • Provides you with personalized recommendations to optimize your content and drive more organic traffic.
  • Quickly assess your content performance to identify areas where you require improvements.
  • Enables you to track your rivals’ online presence as well as to build your brand’s reputation.


You can use the free version of the Semrush tool with limited features.

To get more features, you can upgrade it to the premium version by choosing your suitable plans:

  • Pro Plan: $119.95/month. It includes 5 projects, 500 keywords to track, domain and backlink analytics, and more.
  • Guru Plan: $229.95/month. It includes 15 projects, 1500 keywords to track, historical data, content marketing platform, Google Data Integration, etc.
  • Business Plan: $449.95/month. It includes 40 projects, 5000 keywords to track, share of voice metric, API access, and so on.

Check here to learn how to use Semrush for free. Enjoy pro features with a free trial.

12. Ahrefs 

Ahrefs is another powerful tool that’s also an all-in-one SEO tool as you’ll cover every aspect of your SEO needs. It’s also a well-liked alternative to Semrush because it offers tons of similar tools and features.


Moreover, you can use it to do keyword research which allows you to see organic search reports. And that report includes your top organic keywords, their position within the search results, their rank movement, and competing pages.

Key Features of Ahrefs:

  • Helps to identify the content of your competitors.
  • Suggests those subjects that get more viewers and exposure.
  • Detail analysis tool helps you to improve your content while targeting specific keywords.
  • Produce organic search reports.
  • Also, performs backlink analysis which helps you to check which websites are linking to multiple competitors.


Ahrefs is a premium tool that comes with 4 different pricing plans:

  • Lite Plan: $99/month. It includes an SEO dashboard, site explorer, keywords explorer, site audit, rank tracker, alerts, etc.
  • Standard Plan: $199/month. It includes all features of the Lite Plan. Plus, 6 months of history, the position of history chart, SERP updates, and more.
  • Advanced Plan: $399/month. It includes all the features of the Standard Plan. Also, 2 years of history, site structure, HTML source, Google data studio, dashboard folders, and so on.
  • Enterprise Plan: $999/month. It includes all features of the Advanced Plan. Also, unlimited history, access management, pay by invoice, directory listing, API, audit log, etc.

13. AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic is yet another free online tool that helps you to make SEO-optimized content. Here, you’ve to enter the 1 keyword, and it’ll offer you all the useful phrases and questions people are asking about your keyword.

AnswerThePublic - WordPress SEO Plugins

For example, if you entered, “chocolate” as a keyword. Then it’ll show you all possible questions and phrases ranging from “who invented the chocolates” to “can chocolates cause acne.”

Key Features of AnswerThePublic:

  • You can view your results in either visualization or data form.
  • Categorize your results based on topics like questions, phrases, comparisons, alphabetical orders, and more.
  • Without having to manually filter through specific keywords, you can find content ideas.
  • A perfect tool for finding long-tail and LSI keywords for your content.
  • Provides instant and raw search insights with the help of autocomplete data from search engines.


AnswerThePublic is free to use but also comes with a premium version including 3 different plans:

  • Monthly Plan: $99/month. Includes unlimited searches, up to 3 users, compare data over time, 5 search listing alerts, etc.
  • Annual Plan: $79/month, billed yearly. Includes unlimited searches, up to 5 users, hide branches and suggestions, priority customer support, etc.
  • Expert Plan: $199/month. Includes unlimited searches, unlimited users, 20 search listing alerts, CSV export, and much more.

14. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool that focuses on generating new keyword ideas. It was acquired by entrepreneur Neil Patel in 2017, significantly and has become a part of Neil Patel’s website.

Ubersuggest - Free Keyword Research Tool

You can use it to search for billions of keyword ideas for your blogs and websites. It’s straightforward to get started with as you only enter a keyword then it’ll show you many keyword suggestions. Likewise, it’ll also show you the number of search volumes, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, and CPC (Cost Per Click) monthly search.

Key Features of Ubersuggest:

  • It helps to improve your link profile and gives you an understanding of which link will have the most impact on your rankings.
  • Displays top 100 SERPs for every entered keyword.
  • Provides content ideas for your website that can get the most social shares.
  • Also, displays competition scores.
  • Comes up with hundreds of keyword suggestions, seasonal trends of each keyword, and so on.


You can quickly start the free trial of Ubersuggest and then upgrade to the premium version:

  • Individual Plan: $12/month. It includes 100 reports/day, 3 projects, 100 chrome extension search limits, 100/project tracked keywords, 1000 pages crawled/site audit, etc.
  • Business Plan: $20/month. It includes 300 reports/day, 7 projects, 300 chrome extension search limits, 150/project tracked keywords, 5000 pages crawled/site audit, etc.
  • Enterprise/Agency Plan: $40/month. It includes 900 reports/day, 13 projects, 900 chrome extension search limits, 200/project tracked keywords, 10000 pages crawled/site audit, etc.

Check our article on Ubersuggest alternatives for better SEO & marketing

C) Technical SEO Plugins and Tools

15. AMP

If you want to make your website load faster and provide an excellent user experience, then try AMP. It helps you to create a user-first WordPress website meaning it’ll be fast, beautiful, secure, engaging, and accessible.

AMP - WordPress SEO Plugins

However, there’s a big misconception that it’s only for mobile sites. But actually, AMP is a fully responsive web component framework. This means that it can provide AMP experiences for your users on both mobile and desktop devices.

Hence, this plugin will help you to increase user engagement, and therefore, the success of your site.

Key Features of AMP:

  • Automates the process of generating AMP-valid markup, allowing users to stick to their standard WordPress workflows.
  • Provide effective validation tools to assist users in dealing with AMP incompatibilities.
  • Provides strong development support.
  • Easy to use and can be used by both developers and non-developer users.
  • Offers three template modes: Standard, Transitional, and Reader.
  • Provide a turnkey solution for WordPress creators to go from nothing to publishing AMP pages in no time.


You can download the free version of the AMP plugin from or from its official site.

16. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Nowadays, every website must have a mobile-friendly feature. So, to see whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, Google Mobile-Friendly Test is the best tool for it. This tool is very straightforward to use. Simply, enter the URL of your website and then run the test. 

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Hence, it becomes very easy to find how mobile-friendly your website is. Likewise, having a mobile-friendly website has become a critical part of an online presence. So, if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website then your ranking will suffer.

Key Features of Google Mobile-Friendly Test:

  • Provides other options to test a URL or a code.
  • Display a mobile preview of the tested URL.
  • Shows the loading issues.
  • Detects mobile-usability errors like incompatible plugins, viewport not set, content wider than a screen, etc.


Google Mobile-Friendly Test is completely free to use.

17. Google PageSpeed Insights

Having a very slow loading time can affect the user experience and can increase your website’s bounce rate. So, to check how fast your pages load, Google PageSpeed Insights is the best online SEO plugin tool. It provides reports on the performance of a page for both desktop and mobile devices.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Hence, this tool helps you tackle any website-related speed issues. So, that you can make changes to your website’s infrastructure to get better results.

Key Features of Google PageSpeedInsights:

  • Provides reports on the performance of a website for both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Suggest how to improve the performance of your website.
  • Uses Lighthouse to analyze the performance of a given URL on different metrics.
  • Includes data of the real-user experience and assesses the quality of experiences.
  • Gives score, summarizing the page’s stimulating performance.


Google PageSpeedInsights is 100% free to use and you start right away.

18. XML Sitemaps

Another very useful technical WordPress SEO plugin is XML Sitemaps. It’s open-source software that generates XML sitemaps for your website.

XML Sitemaps

Moreover, this plugin creates unique XML sitemaps to substantially boost SEO. Along with that, it helps search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., to better index your website.

Further, it makes it much easier for the bots to check the entire structure of your website and retrieve it more efficiently. Likewise, this plugin works perfectly with all the versions of WordPress. 

Key Features of XML Sitemaps:

  • Makes it much easier for the bots to check the entire structure of your website and retrieve it more efficiently
  • Translation-ready and hence, your website can reach out to a global audience.
  • Provides supports to all kind of WordPress-generated pages as well as custom URLs.
  • The XML sitemap it creates for search engines won’t break or slow down your website.
  • Suitable to use for your personal or commercial website.


XML Sitemaps plugin is completely free to use and can be downloaded from

19. Broken Link Checker 

Broken Link Checker plugin monitors and tests all internal and external links on your website for any broken links. It even helps you to repair those broken links without editing your posts.

Broken Link Checker WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools

Similarly, it does all the work from scanning those broken links through your pages to fixing them in no time. After the links are fixed, Google will see that you have maintained your website quite well.

Key Features of Broken Link Checker:

  • It monitors both external and internal links of your posts, pages, comments, and custom fields.
  • Detects broken links, missing images, and redirects.
  • Blocks search engines from following broken links.
  • Allows you to edit the links directly from the plugin’s page without having to manually update each post.
  • Also, you can search and filter links by URLs, anchor text, and more.
  • Notifies you about the broken link either via the dashboard or by email.


You can download the Broken Link Checker plugin from as it’s free to use.

Note: Another alternative to this Rank Math’s 404 monitor feature. So, you’re already using Rank Mathn, then you don’t need this plugin.

20. Redirection

Redirection is the most popular redirect manager plugin. It keeps track of 404 errors, handles 301 redirects, and tightens up any loose ends on your website. It’s a good option if you’re changing the directory of the WordPress installation or shifting pages from an earlier website.


Moreover, it creates and manages redirects faster and easier. Also, you won’t need to have any knowledge of Apache or Nginx.

Key Features of Redirection:

  • It can be used to redirect any URL if WordPress supports permalinks.
  • Provides full regulation expression support.
  • Automatically creates a redirect to the new URL if the permalinks for posts or pages are changed.
  • Allows adding your custom HTTP headers.
  • Also, comes with a fully-featured import and export system.


The Redirection plugin is really free to use and download from the official WordPress plugins directory.

21. WP Rocket

If you would like to enhance the performance of your website in no time then, use the WP Rocket plugin. It’s the most powerful WordPress caching plugin which generates static HTML files directly from your WordPress blog.

WP Rocket WordPress Speed Optimization Plugin
WordPress Speed Optimization Plugin ‘WP Rocket’

Following that, it’ll serve that file to your web server rather than the heavier WordPress PHP script. This makes your website super fast and provides a good user experience to your visitors.

Key Features of WP Rocket:

  • Easy to set up. Takes about 3 minutes to complete the setup an get a faster website.
  • Page caching, browser caching, and GZIP compression to make your site load faster on users’ device.
  • Remove unused CSS and minify.
  • LazyLoad to defer media loading until users scroll to that part of the screen. Improves site speed.
  • Helps to optimize your website for Core Web Vitals.


You can get WP Rocket Plugin from its official website. You can get it in 3 different plans.

  • Single: $49/year for 1 website.
  • Plus: $99/year for 3 websites.
  • Infinite: $249/year for unlimited websites.

22. Smush

Smush is the best WordPress image optimization plugin that will compress your images and turn on lazy load. This solves issues like taking up more storage space which ultimately slows down your website.

Smush - WordPress SEO Plugins

Further, it’s a complete deal when it involves image optimization. Because it not only optimizes your images but also improves your Google page speed.

Key Features of Smush:

  • Compress images without affecting image quality.
  • Free forever, optimize all of your images up to 5MB in size (no daily, monthly, or annual caps).
  • Incorrect image size detection feature quickly locates image that slows down.
  • With only one click, optimize and compress up to 50 pictures.
  • All of your image files whether files in JPEG, PNG, or GIF formats are optimized.
  • Set a maximum width and height for large images, and it’ll scale down when they are compressed with the image resizing option.


The Smush plugin has both free and pro versions. You can download and use its free version from

However, for the pro version, it costs $7.5/per month. It includes optimizing unlimited images, Ace Google PageSpeed, and much more.

23. TinyPNG

TinyPNG is another free online tool that helps you to reduce the file size of your PNG files. It uses smart lossy compression techniques and selectively decreases the number of colors in the images. In this way, fewer byte sizes are only required to store the data.

TinyPNG Online Image Compression Tool For Reducing Image Size

It’s a must-have tool if you want to shrink images for your websites. Hence, with a small file size, it’ll use lesser bandwidth and load faster.

Key Features of TinyPNG:

  • Resizes images automatically whenever you change the aspect ratio.
  • Doesn’t affect the quality of an image after compression.
  • You can compress up to 20 images or 5 MB in size at a time.
  • Crops out the dull part with its smart cropping feature. 
  • When cut-out images are detected, then API will, if necessary, provide more background.


You can use its free version from its official website.

Whereas, it costs $39/year/user for the premium users. It includes features like unlimited usage, drag-and-drop of more than 20 images, and more.

24. Wordfence

Nowadays, it has become mandatory to protect your website and users’ data from any misfortune like hacking and spamming. So, to keep your WordPress site secure, Wordfence Security is the one you can rely on.

Wordfence Security

It comes with an endpoint firewall and malware scanner which helps to protect your WordPress website from any security flaws. In real-time, it also keeps monitoring all of your traffic and stops you from getting hacked.

Key Features of Wordfence Security:

  • Scans all your core files, themes, and plugins for any malware like SEO spam, bad URLs, and code injections.
  • Limits login attempts to protect from brute force attacks.
  • Warns and alerts in case of any security vulnerabilities and issues.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) is easily available.
  • Enables login page CAPTCHA to stop bots from logging in.
  • Quickly repairs your files that have changed by simply overwriting them.


Wordfence Security plugin is free to use and can be downloaded from

D) Off-Page SEO Plugins and Tools

25. SEOquake

SEOquake is a powerful SEO browser add-on to assist you to get SEO-related information for any website. This is available for all popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

SEOquake WordPress SEO Plugin and Tool

With an easy click, it’ll perform a thorough SEO analysis of your website. And then, it’ll provide all the valuable data like age, page health, last update, Alexa ranking, and more. Hence, it’s one of the most downloaded browser extensions by SEO experts.

Moreover, this tool provides full information about your website. And constantly reminds you of the thing that you simply need to improve if you would like to rank better in a search result.

Key Features SEOquake:

  • Compatible with all major web browsers.
  • Performs detailed analysis of your website to get SEO-related information.
  • Conducts on-page SEO audits.
  • Examines internal and external links for any bad or broken links.
  • Also, allows downloading the information in CSV format for further studies. 


SEOquake is completely free to use and download browser extensions.

26. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a popular email marketing tool that gives all the features for creating and managing successful email marketing campaigns. Also, it offers you easy navigation, advanced analytics and tracking tools, email dynamic templates, email previewing capabilities, and a lot more.

Constant Contact

Likewise, its drag-and-drop editor tool makes it easier to use, even for a beginner. Additionally, it provides mobile-optimized email templates and a centralized platform for scheduling and sharing content on social media.

Key Features of Constant Contact:

  • Helps to manage your email contact list efficiently.
  • Allows you to easily transfer contacts from online management services.
  • Comes with more than 400 templates to choose from.
  • Easy to add calls-to-action function.
  • Enables you to instantly create surveys and polls.
  • Also, manage and engage in your social media campaigns.


Constant Contact comes with 2 different pricing plans:

  • Core Plan: $9.99/month. It includes customer list growth tools email marketing, 300+ email templates, store, organize, and view contact, etc.
  • Plus Plan: $45/month. It includes everything in the Core Plan. Also, additional list growth tools, automated emails, auto-generated segments, and more.

27. Ahrefs Backlink Checker

If you’re looking to rank your website on a search result then having good backlinks on your website is necessary. So, to see how good your backlinks and other information about, Ahrefs Backlink Checker is the best tool for it.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker

All you need to do is enter the URL of your website and check the backlinks of your website. Then, it’ll show you the domain rating, number of backlinks, and number of unique domains linking to your website.

Key Features of Ahrefs Backlink Checker:

  • Using the “Best by Links” report, examine your competitors’ most linked-to pages to find “link-worthy” pages.
  • Shows you the entire data of followed vs unfollowed links for any target.
  • Also, performs in-depth link analysis.
  • Allows you to view a complete breakdown of all of your outbound links.
  • Quickly download the report for further analysis and export your reports to a PDF or CSV file.
  • Enable to add spammy links to disavow files directly if you notice suspicious backlink activity.


You can use the Ahrefs Backlink Checker tool for free.

28. BuzzStream 

BuzzStream is a comprehensive outreach platform that keeps you on track. It improves your digital PR and link-building efforts, whether you’re a one-person shop or a twenty-person operation.


Moreover, it helps you build lists and pitch influencers so you can get real distribution for your content. Along with that, you can track and manage your relationships with influencers and publications. 

Further, you can start conducting different campaigns. For that, simply select or create a template. And, this plugin will keep track of open rates, click rates, response rates, and much more.

Key Features of BuzzStream:

  • Compose relevant tailored messages based on your conversation history, notes, your contact’s recent post, etc.
  • Set up notifications to get notified when contacts don’t respond to your outreach. Also, you can use filters to see who’s lost touch.
  • Assign tasks to team members to divide the workload. Your team can exchange contact information, as well as tweets and email history.
  • Identify where contacts are going through your funnel as they should, and where they are slipping through the cracks.
  • Customize any report or widget to acquire the information and visualizations that are most useful to your team.


BuzzStream is a premium plugin with various pricing plans: 

  • Starter Plan: $24/month with 1000 contacts. It includes contact info discovery, clicks & reply tracking, email templates, email scheduling & reminders, automated follow-ups, link monitoring, etc.
  • Growth Plan: $124/month with 25000 contacts. It includes bulk email send, team template sharing, link reporting, customizable permissions, Ahrefs integration, project performance reporting, link monitoring, etc.
  • Professional Plan: $299/month with 100000 contacts. It includes team performance reporting, unlimited report customization, a dedicated account manager, prospecting searches, link monitoring, and more.
  • Custom Plan: Starting $999/month with 300000 contacts. It includes an implementation plan, onboarding for new team members, and so on.

29. Internal Link Juicer 

Internal Link Juicer is the most up-to-date tool for creating internal links within the post content. Thanks to automation, you don’t have to manually link your pages every time you write a new article. Links will be created automatically once your keywords have been selected.

Internal Link Juicer

Moreover, it gives you full control over linking the pages. As you can add the generated link to the blacklist if the individual post shouldn’t contain them. Also, you can whitelist those links which can be used in the post types.

Further, this plugin offers the best possible performance. You’re guaranteed fast-loading pages with a high-performance index structure. Hence, you don’t have to be concerned about delays in internal link building. 

Key Features of Internal Link Juicer:

  • Comes with the “set and forget” approach and automation. However, the filterable and sortable statistic dashboard ensures that you never lose track of what’s going on.
  • Link counts per page, links per target URL, and linking behavior for specific keywords can all be customized using the settings.
  • With the predefined template tags, you can totally customize the link output. 
  • Diversification in anchor texts and an increment in the number of possible links with its intelligent placeholder feature.
  • Internal and external pages that are not handled by WordPress can be linked. This allows you to link to affiliate links instantly.
  • Import keywords in bulk for your assets from internal resources like post titles and term titles. You may also import the already set “focus keywords” if you have Yoast SEO or Rank Math installed.


You can download the free version Internal Link Juicer plugin from or, from its official website

However, if you want additional features, you can upgrade it to the premium version as well. It costs $69.99/year and $209.99 for a lifetime purchase. It includes features like only link posts within the same category, considering manually linked targets, user-based access control, user-defined links, etc.

E) Analytics Plugins and Tools

30. Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a popular SEO analytic tool that gives you insights into how users find and use your website. It can also be used for tracking return on investment (ROI) for your online marketing.

Google Analytics WordPress SEO Plugin and Tool

Nowadays, we can see that nearly all companies are going online. So, it’s important to understand the inner structure of your website to see whether it’s achieving its purpose or not. Hence, this is often when this kind of tool comes in handy.

Key Features of Google Analytics:

  • Automatic collection of data.
  • Creates customized reports.
  • Well integrates with other popular tools and platforms.
  • The audience section provides a lot of data about your audience like their age, gender, interests, locations, and device.
  • Suggest to its users which social platform to focus on for their business.
  • Also, helps you to trace how much closer you are to your goals.


Google Analytics is free to use and you can start with it right away. You can easily add Google Analytics to WordPress using plugins.

31. Site Kit by Google

Site Kit is the official WordPress SEO plugin from Google which provides information about how people find and use your website. It provides you with powerful features which you’ll directly access in your WordPress dashboard.

Site Kit by Google

Further, it’s a one-stop solution for deploying, managing and analyzing important google tools to make your site successful on the web. Along with that, it provides you with the most reliable and up-to-date insights from multiple Google products.

Key Features Google Site Kit by Google:

  • AdSense keeps the track of how much you are earning from your website.
  • Search Console tracks how many people are searching for your website in search results.
  • Similarly, manage your tags using Tag Manager.
  • Use Analytics to see how users navigate through your website and track goals for your users to complete.
  • Also, provides an A/B test for website optimization.
  • Allows you to view how your pages perform compared to other websites. Also, comes up with actionable tops from PageSpeed Insights.


Google Site Kit by Google is free and open source to use. 

32. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is yet another best WordPress Google analytics plugin that easily provides the insights you need to enhance your website’s SEO strategy. It keeps the track of your website performance and user behaviors.


It keeps track of the number of visitors visiting your website, your top content, what users do on your website, etc. With that, you can make strategies to improve SEO and search ranking.

Key Features of MonsterInsights:  

  • Provides real-time stats inside your Google Analytics dashboard.
  • Keeps track of your WooCommerce SEO.
  • Similarly, tracks your affiliate links and helps to get better stats.
  • Automatically track your banner ads and other outbound links using link tracking.
  • Provides insights into how your users and search engines view your website.
  • Enables Google Optimizer for A/B testing.


You can download the free version of the MonsterInsights plugin from

For the premium version, it offers 3 different pricing plans:

  • Plus Plan: $99.50/year. It’s suitable for small businesses and publishers. It includes usage on 1 website, unlimited pageviews, unlimited users, standard reports, full date range history, etc.
  • Pro Plan: $199.50/year. It’s suitable for eCommerce sites and businesses. It includes usage on 5 websites, advanced reports, advanced tracking, advanced integrations, and more.
  • Agency Plan: $399.50/year. It’s suitable for marketing and web development agencies. It includes everything in the Pro Plan and additional features like site management multisite support, advanced access control, etc.

33. Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster is a free Microsoft service that gives a set of tools for analyzing your website. Along with that, it also maintains your website’s performance in search results.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Just like what Google Search Console is to Google, Bing Webmaster Tool is to the Bing program. However, it seems that many people seem to be ignoring Bing. But Bing is the second most largely used search engine.

Key Features of Bing Webmaster Tools:

  • Evaluate your website’s performance and see what keyword you rank for.
  • Performs individual URL inspection which helps in diagnosing crawling, indexing, or content issues.
  • Site Explorer tools help to see how Bing crawls and indexes your website.
  • Removes any unwanted content that you simply don’t want to be indexed.
  • Also, look for any potential malware or spam issues and try to resolve them too.


Bing Webmaster Tools is completely free to use and get started with.

34. Analytify 

Analytify is another stunning analytics plugin that provides you with real-time stats. It gives complete detail of each current visitor you’ve on your website. Along with that, it offers beautiful graphs and tables that assist you to identify your live visitors.


Besides, your site can get traffic from social media, and campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, or another platform. Therefore, this tool also breaks down the number of visitors from each social media brand. 

Further, it allows you to set up eCommerce tracking in your WordPress. You can monitor how many people clicked “Add to Cart”, at what stage they’re leaving the cart, and much more. All that information in a single glance.

Key Features of Analytify:

  • Able to simplify the management of your marketing campaigns without leaving WordPress.
  • Organizes the metrics of every post and page under that specific post/page. And, you can view those stats from the automated email reports.
  • Allows you to integrate stats in your custom templates using shortcodes.
  • Tracks your custom post types like portfolio, gallery, testimonials, and so on.
  • Lets non-technical editors who manage your site’s sections view the traffic-related details with their posts. 


Analytify offers 3 pricing plans as it’s a premium plugin.

  • Pro Plan: Costs $59/year for 1 site. It includes all the pro-add-ons, automatic plugin updates along with priority support. Not to mention, all the features are available.
  • Conversion Plan: Costs $99/year that can be used for up to 10 sites. It includes all the premium-add-ons and automatic plugin updates with priority support. 
  • Developer Plan: Costs $299/year that can be used for up to 50 sites. It includes all the premium-add-ons and automatic plugin updates with VIP support. 

F) Local SEO Tools 

35. Google My Business

Google My Business basically improves the local search result of your website. As we know, users from different places will see different results. Therefore, it offers to regulate what information potential customers can see once they search for the business on a search engine.

Google My Business

Besides, being free to use, it allows you to personalize your profile in the most stunning way possible. You can add photos, offers, posts, videos, and unlimited stuff to your profile to attract targeted customers.

Key Features of Google My Business:

  • Provides detailed data on what percentage of people are connecting with your business on Google.
  • You can directly connect with your targeted customers by calling, messaging, or reviewing.
  • Allows you to include some offers and sales to point out what makes your business unique.
  • Also, you can easily sign up using your Google accounts.
  • Quickly manage your profile even from the search and maps.


You can start right away with Google My Business as it’s free to use. 

36. GeoRanker

GeoRanker is another local SEO tool that helps you to optimize your business’s SEO strategy by analyzing local search engine results pages. It checks how your website is ranking as a local user.

GeoRanker - Popular Local SEO

Moreover, it has a server connection to over 50,000 different locations around the world. And through this, it retrieves ranking data from different search engines.

Similarly, its rank tracker helps you to get the precise position of your website as a local user in real-time. Hence, this tool contributes to the growth of your business by providing local SERP research, and analysis.

Key Features of GeoRanker:

  • Helps you to identify all local competitors using the competitive analysis heat map tool.
  • Provides the list of the organic results of your competitors.
  • List out the competitors running PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns.
  • Its Citation Tool provides you with a list of the most important sources for specific industries and locations used by your competitors.
  • Comes with a keyword API to get all the keyword data, including keyword suggestions.


GeoRanker is a premium tool, that comes with different pricing packages:

  • Pro Plan: $99/month. It includes 50 projects, 100 keywords tracked, 10000 monthly credits, API, white-label, automated reports, live support, etc.
  • Agencies Plan: $249/month. It includes 100 projects, 500 keywords tracked, 50000 monthly credits, custom location, 3 training sessions, advertisers competition analysis, etc.
  • Enterprises Plan: $490/month. It includes 100 projects, 1500 keywords tracked, 120000 monthly credits, analysis, keyword density, citation sources, Google image rank tracker, etc.


That’s about it! These are some lists of the best WordPress SEO plugins and tools we have mentioned in this article which we have been using by ourselves too.

Also, remember that using lots of plugins simultaneously can result in slowing down the speed of your website. The best thing you could do would be to deactivate the plugins that you aren’t using frequently. 

If you’ve any further queries about the best SEO plugins for the website, then please leave a comment below. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. 

You may want to take a look at our step-by-step guide on creating a website from scratch and also have a look at the best WordPress speed optimization plugins for your website.

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