15 Best WordPress Themes for Membership Sites 2024

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Membership Site WordPress Themes

Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for membership sites? If yes, then here we go!

A membership website is the most engaging way to receive recurring revenue. Whether you make an online class or an online community, membership sites give value to you and your members.

So, if you want to build an online membership site, then WordPress membership themes are ideal. Using these themes, you can add design features for discussion forums, webinars, chat, social sharing, etc. 

Nevertheless, choosing the best out of many WordPress themes can be overwhelming. Therefore, we’ve made a list of the best WordPress themes for membership sites to make things easier for you.

Let’s get rolling!

Things to Look for While Choosing WordPress Themes for Membership Sites

A membership website is widespread, with exclusive content accessible to its members. In simpler terms, all the site visitors can’t view the content on a membership site. It means it’s only visible to those registered to the site to gain access.

Let’s take some examples. Most membership sites like University at Buffalo and Onward State offer online courses, training, coaching, etc. For more inspiration, check the best membership site examples.

Before you get your hands down on your best WordPress themes for membership sites, there are a few things to look for. Such as:

  • Customization options: Look for a theme that offers a range of customization options so that you can tailor the appearance and functionality of your website to your specific needs.
  • Built-in membership management tools: Choose a theme that includes built-in tools for managing user accounts, subscription levels, payment processing, and other aspects of running a membership-based website.
  • Responsive design: Make sure the theme is responsive so that it looks good and is easy to use on mobile devices and desktop computers.
  • User reviews and ratings: Read user reviews and ratings to get an idea of the quality and reliability of the theme and to see if it has any known issues or limitations.
  • Payment gateways: Check whether the theme allows you to add various payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc. Also, supporting currencies lets users from different countries subscribe to your website. 

If you’re still confused about how to choose the best WordPress themes, then check out our detailed blog on how to choose a WordPress theme.

With that, let’s move forward!

15 Best WordPress Themes for Membership Sites 2024

We’ve narrowed down the best WordPress themes for membership sites in 2024. So, go through the description, features, and pricing of each theme to select the most suitable one for you!

1. Astra

Astra is a multipurpose WordPress theme designed to be highly customizable and user-friendly. It’s a popular choice that has pre-built templates for many types of websites, including membership sites.

Astra Best WordPress Themes For Membership Sites

Besides, it’s compatible with LearnDash and MemberPress to help you start selling courses online. Also, they have unique features like distraction-free learning, personalized profile images, etc. They let you create custom-designed sales pages for your online course and membership sites.

Key Features of Astra:

  • Let you customize and control everything related to your courses, progress bars, account pages, widgets, sidebars, etc. 
  • The distraction-free checkout feature removes unwanted links to let members focus on their purchases.
  • It gives you complete control over the global design options like color palette, header content, footer, layout, clone/delete elements, etc. 
  • Display your services in a responsive grid layout where you can control columns, button settings, and more.
  • Include client results and testimonials after using your services to build new customers’ trust. 
  • Capture members’ attention with trendy services and offer them discounts on specific events.


Astra theme comes with both free and paid versions. You can download its free version from the theme repository or its official website. Alternatively, you can directly install the theme from the WordPress dashboard.

Meanwhile, the premium version comes with 3 pricing plans in Astra with additional features: 

  • Astra Pro Plan: Costs $49 per year. Includes mega menu, sticky header, global color palettes, advanced blog layouts, custom layouts & hooks, etc.
  • Essential Toolkit Plan: Costs $79 per year. Includes everything from the Astra pro plan, Unlimited Addons for Elementor, and more.
  • Business Toolkit Plan: Costs $149 per year. Includes everything from the Essential Toolkit plan, SureFeedback, SureWriter, etc.

To learn more, here’s our complete review of the Astra theme. So, make sure to check it out!

2. Kadence

Kadence is a popular WordPress theme that falls under our list of the best WordPress themes for membership sites. This is a flexible and user-friendly WordPress theme that helps to create a wide variety of websites, including membership websites. 

Kadence Best WordPress Themes For Membership Sites

This theme also supports WordPress membership plugins like the Restrict Content Pro plugin. Using this plugin, you can add your specific memberships, create discount codes, and track your member payments on your website. 

Key Features of Kadence:

  • It helps to boost sales and build engaged audiences with lightweight pop-ups, banners, and slide-ins.
  • Able to add social icons to your header and footer so you can connect your site with your community.
  • You can enable, style, and choose a location for a scroll to the top arrow for your membership site.
  • This theme is built with the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices for markup and schema where needed.
  • Easily enable breadcrumbs using the built-in breadcrumb generator engine.


Kadence theme is a freemium theme that comes with both free and paid versions. You can download the free version of this theme from or its official website.

On the other hand, the Kadence premium version comes with 2 pricing plans: 

For more detailed information, do check our Kadence review article.

3. Divi

Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes, and also the best WordPress theme for membership sites. This theme is the ideal choice for creating any type of website, including a membership site. Also, it comes with tons of pre-built layouts, which help you set up and start on your membership site quickly. 

Best WordPress Themes For Membership Sites Divi

Besides, Divi integrates well with the MemberPress plugin. Using this integration, you can display content to specific members based on their membership accounts. Also, create digital paywalls, sell courses, and create a custom membership experience for your users. 

Key Features of Divi:

  • It comes with 2000+ layouts and layout packs. 
  • Allows you to create hover effects using hover options that help to add interactive elements. 
  • You can also go through your entire editing history or undo and redo the editing. 
  • Easily control the appearance of your membership site with global elements and website-wide designs. 
  • Advanced display conditions allow you to hide or display elements based on a set of conditions. 


Divi is a premium theme that comes with 2 pricing plans: 

  • Divi Plan: Costs $89 per year. Including product updates, premium support, unlimited website usage, 300+ website packs, and more.
  • Divi Pro Plan: Costs $277 per year. Including Divi AI, hundreds of website packs, Divi Cloud, Divi VIP, etc.

4. Memberlite

Memberlite is an easy-to-customize and best WordPress theme for your membership site. This theme is designed by the team of Paid Membership Pro and especially for its members. Also, this plugin is integrated with key membership site plugins, like bbPress, WooCommerce, Event Manager, etc. 

Memberlite Best WordPress Theme For Membership Site

Moreover, this theme comes with many customization options that you can easily manage from your WordPress dashboard. For example, you can show login-member info in the header. You can also hide or display a search form in your main navigation menu. 

Key Features of Memberlite:

  • Easy to configure shortcodes available to add buttons, columns, icons, membership signup block, etc. 
  • Expandable banner options to add additional descriptive or teaser content. 
  • Easily customize the top banner area within the Memberlite element option meta box. 
  • You can create a block with expandable sections in an accordion style. 
  • Memberlite sets default CSS selectors or “class” names that control what elements are modified by Customizer colors and font settings.  


You can easily download the Memberlite theme from its official website for free. Also, it’s possible to install the theme on your dashboard or download it from

5. Binder PRO

Binder PRO is a publishing WordPress theme designed to let you build beautiful magazines, blogs, editorial, and membership sites. The demo template features a sleek design, perfect for beginners and professionals.  

Binder PRO Publishing WordPress Theme

It comes with essential features for your membership sites. For example, you can create interactive comment sections with social media sharing features for your users. Easily create interactive websites using modules like canvas, carousel, post sliders, authors, blogs, featured posts,  etc. 

Key Features of Binder PRO:

  • Let all your visitors get the best experience on your site on every device they browse.
  • Multilingual features to translate your website into the local language and connect with users worldwide. 
  • It also comes with contact form support, pricing tables, Google fonts, social media icons, etc. 
  • Icon font integrations to add some visuals to your membership site. 


Brinder Pro is a premium theme that comes with 3 pricing plans.

  • The Theme Package Plan: Costs $129 with Binder PRO Theme, Artisan Page Plugin, One-CLick Artisan Sites for Binder PRO, etc. 
  • The Deluxe Package Plan: Costs $389 with WordPress installation, theme installation, SSL implementation, automatic backup setup, and more. 
  • The Pro License Plan: Costs $439 and comes with the entire theme collection on unlimited sites and all the PRO features. 

Additionally, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee on all the plans.

6. Neve

Neve is a straightforward WordPress theme that makes starting and expanding your membership website simple. It has more than 100 pre-made websites. You can easily import any of those website templates and get started.

Neve WordPress Theme Membership Site

Additionally, its LearnDash integration makes it easy for you to create your eLearning website and add membership options. Plus, this theme works well with all of LearnDash’s options, from colors to the most advanced options like Access Mode for courses. 

Key Features of Neve:

  • Pick the way you want the layout to look contained or full-width. 
  • Easily customize and redesign the header and footer via drag-and-drop components. 
  • Make the changes on your website and see the results in the real-time with a live customizer. 
  • This theme comes with a powerful mega menu that’s also easy to customize. 
  • Completely customize the layout of your blog with intuitive layout presets and flexible controls.


Neve is a freemium theme with both free and paid versions. Its free version is available to download from the official WordPress themes directory. 

Also, to get additional features, you can upgrade to the premium version, which has 3 pricing plans: 

  • Personal Plan: Costs $69 per year for unlimited site usage. Includes header & footer booster, blog booster, custom layout & hooks, etc.
  • Business Plan: Costs $149 per year for unlimited site usage. Includes WooCommerce booster, 110+ starter site templates, priority support, etc.
  • Agency Plan: Costs $259 per year for unlimited site usage. Includes access to Neve Cloud, white label, VIP support, etc. 

Thinking about choosing this theme? Then, read our complete review on Neve first. After that, decide to make your choice!

7. OceanWP

OceanWP is a popular and free WordPress multipurpose theme. Plus, it has several built-in demo websites, including membership site templates, which are ready to import. So, you can start your membership site simply by importing and customizing them quickly. 

OceanWP Membership Starter Site

Moreover, the layout comes with features like adding new levels such as gold, platinum, and silver, perfect for membership sites. Also, each level has its different feature lists where you can display unique offerings for individual memberships. 

Key Features of OceanWP:

  • It offers more than 210 modern Elementor and Gutenberg-ready full-website WordPress templates. 
  • You’ll have 7 customizable header styles, including a transparent header, or create a custom header.  
  • Choose among various Google fonts for your whole website or add different typography settings for sections and areas of your website. 
  • You can enable the top bar section for additional features like the social menu or an extra menu. 
  • Also, this theme comes packed with 3 different mobile menu styles. 


This theme comes with both free and premium versions. You can easily download its free version from the official WordPress themes directory. 

However, you can upgrade to the premium version for an additional feature which comes with 3 pricing plans: 

  • Starter Plan: Costs $35 per year for 1 website with premium features. It includes free local hosts, unlimited domain changes, a popup builder, and more.
  • Personal Plan: Costs $43 per year for 3 websites. It includes 7 free extensions, 14 premium extensions, 15 free demons, 210 pro demos, etc.
  • Business Plan: Costs $71 per year for 10 websites. It includes the Elementor sections library, Flaticon direct icon import, Freepik direct image import, etc.
  • Agency Plan: Costs $127 per year for 300 websites. It includes 12 months of VIP customer support, getting featured in the newsletter, and more.

8. BuddyX

BuddyX is an ideal WordPress membership theme to create your community website with BuddyPress. It’s also one of the best WordPress social networking themes that help to create social learning or social marketplace websites. 

BuddyX Community WordPress Theme

Being the best WordPress theme for BuddyPress, create public or private membership communities easily. It also comes with all the essential features like friend connection, user profiles, etc. Therefore, it comes under the list of our best WordPress themes for a membership site.

Key Features of BuddyX:

  • It comes with a professional layout for member profiles. 
  • With BuddyX, display activity streams with a clear reader-friendly layout.
  • You can allow your members to have private chats or group chats. 
  • Also, this theme supports BuddyPress Hashtags, BuddyPress polls, Giphy, and more to engage your members. 
  • This theme is fully compatible with LearnDash LMS to create online learning websites. 


BuddyX is a free community, membership, and social networking theme. You can easily download this theme from its official website. 

However, you need to buy the pro version to get access to some of its features. It has 3 premium plans:

  • Single Lite Plan: Costs $59 for a single site license, one-to-one support, one-year updates, etc. 
  • 5 Sites Plan: Costs $129 for five site licenses, one-to-one support, one-click demo installer, and more. 
  • Unlimited Site License Plan: Costs $199 for unlimited sites and includes everything from the 5-sites plan. 

9. Avada

Avada is the ultimate WordPress theme for beginners, marketers, and professionals. Also, this theme works well with the bbPress plugin. Therefore, you can quickly set up a place for discussion, subscriptions, and more.

Avada Multi-Purpose Website

Moreover, it has 90 pre-built websites that are easy to import with a few clicks and customize for your membership website. Also, there are various pre-built sections like showcasing your services, forum, call-to-action buttons, contact forms, etc. 

Key Features of Avada:

  • This theme is packed with 120+ flexible design elements for any purpose. 
  • You’ll have full control over your website width, content area, sidebars, and layouts. 
  • Create and save unique page layouts and use them on other posts and pages. 
  • It fully integrates with WooCommerce and allows you to add online stores within your membership site. 
  • Build unique pages and post layouts for your membership website with dynamic content functionality. 


Avada is a premium theme that costs $69 to purchase from It comes with future updates and 6 months of support. You can also get 12 months of extended support for an extra $21.38.

Moreover, we have a full guide on Avada. So, please read the Avada review article to learn more.

10. Aardvark

Aardvark is a WordPress membership community BuddyPress theme. Using this theme, quickly build a membership site where you can charge for access to certain content. Also, you can restrict content to specific members. 

Aardvark BuddyPress WordPress Theme

Moreover, it comes with some robust features, especially for the membership website. For example, reviews/ratings of posts and pages, custom pricing tables, social login support, and more. Therefore, you can design your membership website the way you want. 

Key Features of Aardvark:

  • You’ll be able to add unlimited membership levels. 
  • You can create a different homepage for each membership level. 
  • It comes with 200+ theme options to quickly create a great-looking membership site. 
  • Easily create courses, lessons, and quizzes with the ultimate 2-learning plugin, Selsei.
  • Also, every part of the theme is designed to look great with RTL (right-to-left) languages like Arabic and Hebrew. 


This premium WordPress membership theme is available at for $69 with 6 months of support. You can also get extended support of 12 months for an extra $21.38.

11. Ultra

Ultra is one of the most powerful and flexible WordPress multipurpose themes. Also, it supports major WordPress membership plugins that help to create a membership site smoothly.

Ultra Flexible WordPress Theme

In addition, it has multiple demo websites, fit for creating a membership site. Also, the demo site features multiple membership pricing, courses/amenities page, faq section, etc. crucial for membership sites. 

Key Features of Ultra:

  • It has 12 builder addons like a countdown, progress bar, pricing table, etc. 
  • You’ll have complete control over the header to the footer. So make your entire site the same or create a unique look for every page. 
  • It has 17 header/page design options, including no header option. 
  • There are 5 single post layouts like split, full width, slider, etc. 
  • Able to show or hide any elements in the header and footer like logo, menu, social links, search form, etc. 


This premium theme is available with 3 pricing plans from its official website. 

  • Standard Plan: Costs $59 with WP themes and 12 builder addons. 
  • Developer Plan: Costs $69 and comes with WP themes, 12 builder add-ons, and Photoshop files.
  • Master Club Plan: Costs $89 with access to all 42 themes, 24 builder add-ons, 5 PTB add-ons, support, updates, and more. 

12. Gwangi

Gwangi is a premium multi-purpose membership, social network, and BuddyPress community WordPress theme. It also has 100 layout options for your membership site to create unique and stunning headers, navigation, sidebars, homepages, etc.. 

Gwangi WordPress Social NetworkTheme

Besides, it includes powerful BuddyPress community features like members swapping like Tinder, and members can send messages. Also, some other features include member ratings, a site-wide activity feed, creating community courses, allowing members to upload media, etc. 

Key Features of Gwangi:

  • You can charge users a monthly, weekly, or annual fee with Paid Membership Pro
  • Also, charge users to get access to specific pages or features like members directory, profiles, etc. 
  • This theme comes with 9 starting demos to build your website. 
  • Allow mutual friends to display on members’ profiles & directories to increase your community’s connection.
  • Also, create awesome events with powerful features of The Events Calendar, like recurring events, organizers, and venues.


This premium theme is available at for $59 with 6 months of updates and support. You can also get 12 months of extra support for $17.63.

13. Olympus

Olympus is a social networking WordPress theme that helps to build robust community and membership websites. It also includes demo content that helps to create the same site as in the demo in a few minutes. 

Olympus Theme For WordPress social Networking Website

Moreover, use a pop-up form on the top bar and let users log in or register at any moment from your website. Also, select the fields to display on forms like login, register, or both and edit them. Similarly, you can use third-party login/register forms and combine them into one. 

Key Features of Olympus:

  • Find out what your visitors think about the content by allowing them to react to your posts with emoticons.  
  • It includes social sharing extensions that help members post without additional plugins. 
  • Add user email validation to approve the registration on your website. 
  • You can search users, pages, posts, events, and shop items on the top panel without page reloading with Ajax search. 
  • Experience excellent navigation with the main and left menu panels, which perfectly works in responsive mode. 


Get the premium Olympus theme from for $68 with 6 months of support and future updates. Also, add 12 months of extended support with an additional $21.

14. Vayvo

Vayvo is one of the popular audio and video streaming and membership WordPress themes. This theme comes bundled with the ARMember plugin and includes features to create subscription plans, user registration, user profile, etc. 

Vavyo WordPress Streaming Website Theme

Moreover, this theme has every feature that is essential for a membership site. For example, you can easily manage members with custom login/registration forms. Similarly, other features include member profiles, social network login/connect, exclusive coupon management, etc. 

Key Features of Vayvo:

  • Easily restrict content for the users who have not registered on your website. 
  • This theme is tablet- and mobile-friendly, so you’ll have complete control over your website’s appearance on mobile devices. 
  • Pay-per-post features to sell posts separately without creating pricing plans. 
  • It also has a built-in video player that supports locally hosted videos, YouTube, and Vimeo. 
  • Able to slide shows to any page using the built-in slider element. 


This premium WordPress membership theme is available for $79 on It comes with 6 months of support and future updates. Besides, you can get an additional 12 months of support for an extra $25.13

15. Cinematix

Cinematix is the ultimate BuddyPress membership and online community theme. It comes with 40+ carefully styled social pages for you to choose from. Some of the pages are group listings, private messages, activities, forums, registrations, etc. 

Cinematix BuddyPress Membership Theme

Besides, you can create an unlimited number of membership levels, free trials, and custom billing cycles. Also, add discount coupons on your website and accept payment through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, etc. 

Key Features of Cinematix:

  • This theme integrates well with the WP ULike plugin, which allows you to like a blog, posts, comments, activities, images, etc. 
  • You can create achievements for different activity types like daily visits, viewing content, publishing content, comments, likes, etc. 
  • Dynamic content loading feature helps to browse groups, members, posts, and activities without page reload. 
  • Also, let your members validate login credentials without the page reloading with a dynamic pop-up login. 
  • Easily create events, manage bookings, assign event locations, etc., with the Event Manager.


Buy this premium WordPress theme for $59 at with 6 months of a regular license. Also, get 12 months of extended support with an extra $17.63


That’s all, folks! We’ve arrived at the end of this article best WordPress themes for membership sites.

Here, we’ve discussed the 15 best WordPress themes for membership sites, along with their features and pricing. 

Among the listed themes, we’d like to recommend you, Astra. This multipurpose theme provides all the essential features for creating your membership site. Some built-in membership features are displaying services, user profiles, member directories, pricing tables, etc.

Also, we hope this article helped you to find one of the best WordPress themes for membership sites in 2024. If you’re using any of these themes for your website, then please share your experience in the comment section below. 

Plus, if you’ve any more queries, then feel free to ask us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. And, share this article with your friends and colleagues. 

In case you have an appetite for these types of content, then do check out our other articles. Like the best membership website builder platforms and the best membership site ideas that make money.

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