23 Best Law Firm Website Examples & Designs in 2022

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Best Law Firm Website Examples

Are you looking for the best law firm website examples? If yes, then you’ve landed exactly on the right page. 

Law firm websites basically help people who want to seek legal support. Also, easier navigation, elegant design, and loads of helpful content make it quicker to gain more prospects. 

Today, there are several law firm websites that offer assistance in different types of legal matters. Thus, we’ve hand-picked the best law firm website examples that come with stunning designs and styles. 

So, check them out thoroughly to get valuable references for starting your law firm’s website. Let’s get into the business!

Why Do You Need to Build a Law Firm Website?

Before moving on to the examples of law firm websites, let’s check out the reasons we need law firm sites: 

  • Boosts Credibility: The law firm website showcases the work you do for the clients. So, even if you find potential clients, they are bound to check your sites for more information.
  • Control Over Content: You’ll have a platform to tell your firm’s story, which is an opportunity to share what services you offer. Consequently, this lets your client know you better.
  • Target ad Attract the Right Clients: With the law firm’s website, you can customize your services and offer them to your ideal client. As a result, this helps to reach more customers.
  • Saves Time: Get a number of handy features on your website that saves you time. Such as scheduling appointments, providing directions to your office, giving customers self-service, etc. 

Having said that, let’s dive into our list of the best law firm website examples in 2022. 

23 Best Law Firm Website Examples & Designs in 2022

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best law firm website examples and designs. Moreover, there are many awesome websites with extravagant designs, and it’s hard to cover them. Thus, we’ve tried to include the list of the best law firm websites. 

Now, without any further delay, let’s move on!

1. Oykhman Criminal Defence Law

Okyhman Criminal Defense Law

Oykhman Criminal Defence Law is one of the best law firm website examples that offer criminal defense teams. Along with that, it also offers articles on various cases of criminal category. 

Moreover, you can check out their successful cases and get free online consultations. Thus, you’ll be able to contact them via phone call, contact form, or visit their office using Google Maps. 

  • Services: Criminal defense for violent offenses, sexual offenses, property offenses, drug offenses, driving offenses, etc.
  • Target Audience: People suffering from those offenses. 
  • Successful Cases: Failure to Provide a Breath Sample, Refusal to Provide a Breath Sample, etc.
  • Visit Website: Oykhman Criminal Defence Law

2. Fasken

Fasken - Best Law Firm Website Examples

Yet another leading international law firm website is Fasken which offers more than 800 lawyers and 10 offices on 4 continents. Its website is easier to navigate. You can go through menus like people, solutions, marketers, and firms. Also, there are sections like our people where you can find details of their team. Moreover, it includes the latest news related to different cases. 

  • Services: Provides legal services for industries, mergers & acquisitions, taxation, litigation, etc. 
  • Target Audience: All industries seeking legal help. 
  • Popular Cases: Has experience with cases involving patent litigation, Successfully argued major labor arbitration cases, etc. 
  • Facebook: Fasken
  • Twitter: @FaskenLaw
  • Website: Fasken

3. Stanchieri Family Law

Stanchieri Family Law

Stanchieri Family Law is a Toronto-based law firm that is a trusted and reputable leader in the area of family law. So, anyone with family-related issues can quickly book a consultation which is at the bottom. 

Meanwhile, talking about the website design, you can find the header at the bottom of the website with menus like careers, team, etc. Further, there is a hamburger menu on the right side. 

  • Services: Child support, custody & access, child protection, family business, property division, spouse support, etc. 
  • Target Audience: Families, land owners, etc. 
  • Website: Stanchieri Family Law

4. Vaught

Vaught Law Firm - Best Law Firm Website Examples

Vaught law firm practices divorce and family law to provide clients with the most skilled legal counsel. Thus, you can contact them quickly via their website. As they offer phone calls, contact forms, and Google Maps to locate their offices. 

Also, to get a consultation, you can choose the area from their “Family Law” dropdown menu. Moreover, you’ll also get the attorneys’ details from their website. 

5. Taylor Janis

Taylor Janis - Law Firm Website Examples

Taylor Janis is another incredible law firm website that focuses exclusively on labor, employment, and related litigation law matters. Moreover, you can contact them from any of its 5 different locations. 

Alternatively, you can book a consultation directly from its website and select the matters to discuss. On top of that, you can make payments from its website for convenience. 

  • Services: Labor, workplace litigation, 3rd party insurance claims, shareholder disputes, etc. 
  • Target Audience: Employees, workers, or anyone seeking the above-mentioned legal help.
  • Website: Taylor Janis

6. Slinde Nelson

Slinde Nelson Law Firm Website

Slinde Nelson is a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective law firm. On its website, you can find its practice areas, an overview of attorneys via slider, and so on.

This law firm focuses on business and commercial litigation. Furthermore, you can also talk to any of its attorneys to get their services. Most importantly, it comes with online payment directly through its website.

  • Services: Business & commercial litigation, business & corporate counsel, real estate & construction, etc. 
  • Target Audience: Business owners, real estate business owners, employees, technology victims, etc.
  • Facebook: Slinde Nelson
  • Twitter: @SlindeNelson
  • Website: Slinde Nelson

7. Gecic Law

Gecic Law

Gecic Law is the leading innovative full-service law firm in South-Eastern Europe. Also, this firm offers membership in 2 elite global alliances, TeraLex and TIAGLaw, their service extends globally.

Moreover, on their website, you’ll find a “Pro Bono” section. Furthermore, this section displays their work on solving clients’ cases with limited means in various areas of law. 

  • Service: Administrative and regulatory, banking and finance, chine desk, constitutional litigation, dispute resolution, environmental law, and more. 
  • Target Audience: General public, governmental offices, real estate agents, banks, financial institutions, etc. 
  • Facebook: Gecic Law
  • Twitter: @gecic_law
  • Website: Gecic Law

8. BK Law

BK Law-Firm Website Examples

BK Law is one of Southern California’s top trial boutique law firms. This firm claims to have litigated more than 100 complex trials and dozens of appeals in multiple jurisdictions throughout the US. In addition, you’ll find many publications that help you to get ideas, including changes in the training of lawyers. Besides, you can go through their blog section, which has been updated recently and has articles regarding everything law. 

9. Feinberg Mindel Brandt Klein

Feinberg Mindel Brandt Klein

Feinberg Mindel Brandt Klein is a law firm in Southern California known for its excellent legal representation. Founded in 1996, now a firm of 21 attorneys, including 10 certified family law specialists. 

Besides, on their website, you’ll find a “Media” section that displays their active participation in television, radio, etc. Also, there are various informative articles by their attorneys.

10. Carbert Waite LLP

Carbert Waite LLP

Carbert Waite LLP was founded in 1999 as a boutique firm focusing on litigation cases. Also, they have lawyers who have expertise in fertility, surrogacy, estate planning, and business law. 

Furthermore, you’ll find a lawyer section on their website. Whereby you’ll find the list of the lawyers based on their field of expertise, including employment law. Also, you can pay via their website from the invoice payment section. 

  • Services: Commercial litigation, condominium law, construction litigation, employment law, fraud law, and more. 
  • Target Audience: Companies, insurance agents, the general public, etc. 
  • Facebook: Carbert Waite LLP
  • Twitter: @Calgary_Lawyers
  • Website: Carbert Waite

11. Aulich

Aulich - Law Firm Website Examples

Aulich is a recommended DOYLES criminal law 2021 situated in Canberra. This firm consists of educated lawyers who serve and ensure you appropriately get the compensation. Moreover, you’ll find in-depth ideas about criminal law, personal injury, and civil law on the website. 

For example, if you go to the “Criminal” section, you can find a short intro to criminal law. Also, it has a FAQ section to get all the answers to common questions about criminal law. 

  • Services: Criminal law, personal injury, and civil law
  • Pricing: This firm mostly works hourly, delivering cost estimates as soon as your case is analyzed. 
  • Facebook: Aulich
  • Website: Aulich

12. Herrick

Herrick Law Firm Website Example

Herrick is one of those law firms that focuses on clients’ objectives. This firm helps to tackle your most complex cases with its 146 attorneys. Also, you can quickly look at their profile on the website and choose the attorney that best suits your case. Besides, you’ll also find podcasts available for streaming and downloading options.

  • Services: Employment counseling and risk management, real estate finance, title insurance, and more. 
  • Target Audience: Businessmen, corporate houses, general people, etc. 
  • Pricing: Subscription-based
  • Twitter: @herricknews
  • Website: Herrick

13. FBG

FBG Law Form Website Example For Your Business

FBG has been serving clients legal needs throughout Athens and Northeast Georgia since 1946. Also, attorneys from this firm are experienced in handling a wide range of legal matters, including business and corporate law. Moreover, this website allows you to choose your attorney for legal issues.

  • Services: Corporate and tax, real estate and finance, litigation and employment, trusts and estates. 
  • Target Audience: Corporate houses, real estate agents, and the general public. 
  • Popular Cases: Healthcare law, residential closing, etc. 
  • Pricing: You can “Request a Consultation” from the website by filling out a form and making a phone call.
  • Website: FBG

14. Becket

Becket Non-profit Legal Firm Website Example

Becket is a non-profit public legal and educational institution that defends religious liberty for all. Their cases span a wide range of beliefs and practices where they protect the rights free from government reach.

On this website, you’ll also find the list of US supreme court victories by Becket since 2012. Moreover, you can search for any case effortlessly by selecting the court and results.

  • Services: Individual freedom, religious communities, free speech, education, public square, etc. 
  • Target Audience: General public, religious communities, indigenous people, etc. 
  • Popular Cases: Diocese of Albany v. Vullo
  • Pricing: It’s a free subscription. You can also help to support their organization with a donation. 
  • Facebook: becketlaw
  • Twitter: @BECKETlaw
  • Website: Becket

15. Birken Law

Birken Charity Lawyer Website Example

Birken Law is founded by Jessica Birken, a non-profit and charity lawyer. Through this website, she wants to educate and entertain growing nonprofit lawyers through podcasts.

Also, this website is accessible to hearing, vision, or motor impaired users. For example, visually impaired users can use the contrast button to toggle between easier and standard versions.

  • Services: Non-profit startup lawyer and risk management. 
  • Target Audience: Beginner nonprofit lawyers and entrepreneurs. 
  • Pricing: Free subscription for lawyers where you can get monthly updates with insights, tips, tricks, and how-tos.  You’ll also get an e-book, “5 Rules to Improve Your Life and Your Law Practice”. 
    For a consultation, there are 3 plans: 
    • New Client Info Call: This is a free session of 15 minutes with a firm manager. 
    • Experienced Non-profit Session: This plan is for established nonprofits with a tax exemption for 1 hour at $450.
    • New nonprofit strategy session + founder roadmap course: Costs $450 an hour. This plan is suitable for people starting new nonprofit organizations. 
  • Facebook: Birken Law Office
  • Website: Birken Law
  • Twitter: @Jessbirken

16. Staver

Staver Personal Injury Lawyer Website

Staver helps you connect with accident injury lawyers from Chicago, Aurora, Elgin, Hinsdale, Joliet, Naperville, and Waukegan. You’ll also find articles about the causes of accidents and their cases on the website. As well as the result section displays the results of their client’s cases. Moreover, quickly sort the case by date and amount of settlements.

17. Rinehardt

Rinehardt Injury Settlement Lawyers Website Examples

At Rinehardt, you’ll find personal injury attorneys committed to helping you win the case. Also, all the attorneys specialize in various areas, including car accidents, etc.

Additionally, this website displays genuine client and peer reviews of their work. Also, you’ll find a FAQ section with answers to your most common questions.

18. Hollingsworth Kelly

Hollingsworth Kelly Attorneys Website Example

With 50 years of experience, Hollingsworth Kelly is one of Tucson’s top-rated personal injury law firms. On this website, you’ll also find the blog section with articles about accidents and what to do after the accidents. Moreover, the website also displays videos where attorneys discuss insurance, accidents, and safety measures.

19. Forman Watkins

Forman Watkins Environmental Law Firm Website Examples

Forman Watkins was founded in 1986 by Rick Forman, WG Watkins, and Fred Krutz. With over 30 years of experience, this firm emphasizes non-traditional approaches to the problems presented by its clients.

Besides, this website has a news and knowledge page. As a result, this page covers announcements, recent articles, and news about the Forman Watkins firm.

  • Services: Asbestos, toxic tort, litigation, sports-NCAA compliance, and risk management. 
  • Target Audience: Manufacturers, the general public, construction companies, etc. 
  • Pricing: This company utilizes many fee structures; such as:
    • Standard billing rates
    • Blended rates
    • Modified depending upon the stage of the case
    • Flat fees
    • Modifies fees coupled with hourly rates
  • Facebook: Forman Watkins & Kurts LLP
  • Twitter: @FormanWatkins
  • Website: Forman Watkins

20. Cuming & Gillespie Lawyers

Cuming and Gellispie Lawyer Firm Website Design Examples

Cuming & Gillespie Lawyers is one of the leading Calgary law firms. This firm assists its clients with personal injury and medical malpractice.

Also, they’ll help you locate and secure rehabilitation facilities. Furthermore, this website covers all the common questions about personal injury and medical malpractice in its FAQs.

21. GJEL Accident Attorneys

GJEL Accident Attorney Law Firm Example

GJEL Accident Attorneys firm is jam-packed with the best-rated personal injury attorneys with a 99% of success rate. With over 40 years of experience, they have recovered over $950,000,000 in compensation for their clients.

Additionally, this website has a case result section that displays all the cases they have dealt with. Also, you’ll find all the facts and results relating to every case.

22. Barr & Young Attorney

Barr and Young Attorney Law Firm Website Example

Barr & Young Attorney firm is a trust and estate litigation attorney serving all of Northern California. This firm represents trustees, beneficiaries, trust litigation, etc.

Moreover, on this website, you can find that the attorneys from this firm have tried, litigated, mediated, and settled various cases. Furthermore, you can request a free consultation about any legal issues from this website.

  • Services: Trust litigation, elder abuse, estate planning, trust administration, will contest, conservatorship, security arbitration, and litigation. 
  • Target Audience: General public and organizations.
  • Pricing: Get a free consultation from the website. For further processing, you need to pay $435 as the filing fee. Other fees will be charged as the course of the process progresses. 
  • Facebook: Barr & Young Attorneys
  • Twitter: @barryounglaw
  • Website: Barr & Young Attorney

23. Bend Law Group

Bend Law Group Attorney Website Examples

Bend Law Group is a San Francisco law firm of experienced small business attorneys and startup lawyers. As a result, their team of experts will also serve as the outside general counsel for small business owners. Furthermore, you can find the list of spotlight clients they worked with on the website.

  • Services: General counsel, funding and investment, intellectual property, workplace compliance, real estate broker service, etc. 
  • Target Audience: General public, real estate agents, companies, and more. 
  • Pricing: You need to fill out the form from the website to schedule an appointment and get more information. 
  • Facebook: Bend Law Group
  • Twitter: @DougBend
  • Website: Bend Law Group

How to Create a Law Firm Website?

Building a website from scratch is not tough to work, and you don’t need to hire a web developer. You can easily do it on your own with the help of a website builder. Also, many website builders are regularly updated and very flexible to work with. 

Therefore, building any website, including a law firm site, is easy. So, here we’ll briefly guide you through how to create a law firm website. 

Step 1. Choosing the Right Platform for Your Law Firm Site

As we discussed before, there are many popular website builders, and we love WordPress among all. It’s also one of the most powerful CMS (Content Management Systems) that powers over 40% of websites.

WordPress CMS Platform for Building Law Firm Website
Choose the Right Platform

To know more about WordPress, look at our article What is WordPress?

Besides, this platform is beginner-friendly, which helps you to create a website even if you’ve no experience. Moreover, you’ll have access to tons of free and premium plugins to add more functionality to your website. 

Step 2. Get a Domain Name and Web Hosting

Once you choose the platform, you need to get a domain name and web hosting. At the same time, a domain name is your website’s name. For example, ours is

Custom Domain Name Example (
Get a Domain for your Law Firm Site

Whereas web hosting is the location where all the files of your website are situated. 

If you’d like us to suggest, then our recommendation is Bluehost, one of the best web hosting companies in the market. 

Bluehost Web Hosting Service Provider
Get the Hosting from your Chosen Hosting Provider

When you’ve completed choosing a domain name, you need to provide your personal information like name, address, email, etc. Following that, you need to proceed with your payment information. 

Learn more about Bluehost from our Bluehost review.

Step 3. Set Up Your Law Firm Website on WordPress

Once you successfully complete the above process, you’ll be directed toward the login page of WordPress. Now, start by logging in to your WordPress dashboard

WordPress Login Page
Login to your WordPress Dashboard

Besides, Bluehost automatically installs WordPress for you. So you don’t need to do any hassle of installing manually. Following the installation, you’ll be able to access the WordPress admin dashboard. 

WordPress Admin Dashboard
Insight into your WordPress Dashboard

Design your Law Firm Website

Now, the fun part of designing your website begins. To design, you need a WordPress theme. Luckily, tons of unique themes are available in the WordPress theme directory. 

Astra is the best theme to get started with if you have a tight budget. Moreover, it’s one of the most popular multipurpose themes, ideal for creating any type of website. Furthermore, for detailed information, do check our Astra review

So, start by searching Astra in the WordPress theme directory, and install it from your dashboard. After installing the theme, you can start to customize your website as per your desire. 

You can check our article on how to install a theme for more detailed information. 

Adding Astra Theme
Install your Chosen Theme

Enhance the Functionality of your Law Firm Website

Additionally, get the contact form plugins to help build a contact form for your website. Also, you can easily install WPForms from the plugin section of your WordPress dashboard. Moreover, this plugin is simple to use, and most importantly, it comes with a free version. 

Adding WPForms Plugin
Install Necessary Plugins

Now you’re all set to start your law firm website! 

Step 4. Add Content and Publish Your Law Firm Website

Lastly, the final step is to create specific content for your clients and members. To do so, go to Posts>Add New, located in your dashboard menu. 

Add Content And Publish
Make your Law Firm Website Live

Afterward, start adding the content. Once you’re done, hit the ‘Publish’ button. And you’re ready to go!


And that’s a wrap! So, in this article, we’ve covered the 23 best law firm website examples and designs in 2022. Along with how to create one tutorial. We hope you like it. 

Building your law firm’s website is not complex if you follow the correct way. It’s definitely the best idea to help your client in legal matters online and earn money simultaneously. So, once you get the idea, vision, and strategy, you can create your dream website easily. 

Also, check out our articles on the best lawyer WordPress themes and best WordPress form plugins to build online forms.

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Still, if you have any queries regarding this law firm website examples article, then comment below.

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