9 FastComet Alternatives & Competitors for 2022

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Best Alternatives to FastComet

Are you looking for the best alternatives to the FastComet hosting service? Or, do you want to host your website on another platform aside from FastComet? If yes, then you’re on the right hand!  

FastComet is a web hosting company that offers various types of hosting services. Such as shared hosting, cloud VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and much more. Along with that, it also provides other services like SSL certificates, domain, etc. 

However, before settling on a certain hosting provider, it’s always a great idea to look at the various alternatives of FastComet. Because changing hosting on a regular basis is inconvenient as hosting is something you’ll need for the long haul with your site.

So, in this article, we’ve enlisted some of the best FastComet alternatives for your web hosting.

Let’s begin!

What is FastComet Hosting?

As its name implies, FastComet is one of the fastest hosting companies that was established in 2013. It initially provided hosting and system administration exclusively for corporate clients. And now, it has become one of the best shared hosting providers.

FastComet Website Hosting Platform

Further, FastComet hosting also offers you a free CDN (Content Delivery Network) service. Therefore, you can distribute your content around the world. And, you get to locate your website closer to your visitors. This speeds up your website with better performance and the best loading times.

Moreover, its storage is based on the latest SSD. This has faster access to your files and database compared to non-SSD hosting providers. Hence, you’ll never have to worry about failed hard drives or data loss.

Besides, it also includes a site builder, which comes with purchasing shared hosting. For site building, you’ll get templates with beautiful and modern layouts. In addition, building a site also is easier as it has a standard drag and drop builder.

Key Features of FastComet:

Other features of the FastComet hosting service include:

  • Free, quick, and easy domain transfer and 1-year renewal with no charge.
  • Offers free daily and weekly backups of your data.
  • Powerful hosting control panels like cPanel and Softaculous are available for easy management of your hosting account with only a few clicks.
  • Delivers fast managed transfers on all plans which include the transfer of all your files, databases, and emails.
  • Allows you to install unlimited SSLs. It’s easy to use as it doesn’t require any special configurations and email validations.
  • Also, provides a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect your site from malicious attacks like SQL injection, DDoS attacks, etc.
  • Comes with 24/7 priority support for technical support as you might get stuck while hosting your site.

Doesn’t FastComet appear to be the ideal web hosting service provider? However, this may not be the case for everyone! So, let’s have a look at why that is.

Why Do You Need a FastComet Hosting Alternative?

Undoubtedly, FastComet is one of the best hosting service platforms available on the market. However, there are a few drawbacks and dissatisfaction to customers while using this hosting service. 

To start with, FastComet is definitely not the cheapest web hosting service. And it wouldn’t be reasonable to expect FastComet to give the lowest costs while providing most of the things for free. Yet, you can find cheaper hosts out there, so, you can certainly find less expensive options than FastComet.

In addition, here are the other points that state how you may need to look for FastComet alternatives:

  • Doesn’t provide information regarding its uptime or the availability of a minimum service level agreement. So, if you’re looking for uptime and compensate for failing to accomplish, then you might want to switch. 
  • Moreover, it doesn’t provide dedicated IP addresses to shared hosting users. As it only offers them on their VPS plans, which are more expensive. Also, it won’t let you pay for the dedicated IP address on their shared hosting plan so, you need to upgrade. 
  • Again, not all of its plans come to offer you full performance features, including the RocketBooster. Hence, they are available only in the highest plan. Therefore, you must properly check while purchasing. 
  • Furthermore, there can be some minor security issues such as downtime, DDoS attacks, spam blacklisting, etc. However, no host can block every single attack and needs some patience when dealing with these situations. 

Nonetheless, there’s no need to be really concerned! There are several great hosting companies that can meet your requirements. So, we’ll explore all of the FastComet alternatives and evaluate how they stack up against FastComet. 

Let’s dive into it! 

9 Best FastComet Alternatives for 2022 

In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the best FastComet alternatives and the features that distinguish them. So, go through the details of these hosting services to select the best one that meets your requirements.

1. DreamHost

DreamHost is one of the finest alternatives of FastComet that makes your website fast, secure, and always up. Similar to FastComet, it also offers you a DreamHost shared website hosting plan. Therefore, you’ll get everything you need to launch a website with its robust features.

DreamHost Website Hosting Company

Additionally, there’s no limit to the amount of bandwidth and storage space you can use for your website with shared hosting. That means you won’t have to worry about storage if your site becomes popular with more traffic. 

Besides, all of its plans include an in-built caching mechanism for better speed. Also, you can clear the cache to provide your visitors with the most up-to-date material. 

DreamHost Key Features & Advantages over FastComet:

  • Get complete admin panel access to everything you’ll need to run the website. You can perform tasks like creating email accounts, forwarding domains, adding users, etc.
  • In addition, it provides a free “Let’s Encrypt” SSL certificate to secure your site with HTTPS. Encrypting traffic and enhancing your Google rankings.
  • It comes with a free DreamHost Automated Migration plugin to migrate your site rapidly and efficiently.
  • You can claim your piece of internet real estate and give your site home with a domain name from DreamHost.
  • Back up your important data every day. Also, you can get a new backup whenever you want by using the on-demand backup option.
  • Its CDN duplicates your reliable content to servers across the world. Hence, individuals from all around the world can quickly view your website.
  • Secure Shell (SSH) Access, unlimited SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) users, WP-CLI, and more are some of its comprehensive developer-friendly features.
DreamHost Cons:
  • The control panel has a learning curve and might take time for beginners to get used to.
  • The server might not be enough for sites with a lot of traffic because of shared plans. Therefore, you need to upgrade to other plans to ensure a seamless, desirable user experience.
  • Also, you’ve to purchase your domain name in the monthly plan.


DreamHost comes with 2 shared hosting options given as:

Plan FeaturesShared Starter Shared Unlimited
Initial Cost (3-Year Term)$2.59/mo$3.95/mo
No. of Website1Unlimited
Free Domain YesYes
Free SSL Certificate AvailablePre-Installed
Site Storage50GBUnlimited
FTP/SFTP/Shell Users6Unlimited
WP Site BuilderYesYes
Automated Daily BackupsYesYes
24/7 Ticket and Live Chat Support YesYes

Support and User Reviews

When it comes to the support of DreamHost, it provides a pretty decent level of service to its customers. 

DreamHost offers 24/7 ticket support and live chat support in all of its plans. Along with that, phone support callbacks are also available in all of its plans. Whereas, there’s no free email support in this hosting service. 

DreamHost Support Page
DreamHost Support Page

In addition, there’s always a team of knowledgeable experts who lookout for any potential threats to the sites. Whenever any issue arises, they work on it quickly to resolve them. Henceforth, the customer service of Dreamhost is reliable and excellent.

Now, coming to the user reviews of DreamHost!


You can see that DreamHost has an aggregate rating of 4.8 out of 5 according to the Trustpilot user ratings. This is extremely impressive! Importantly, these reviews have been rated by 2700+ genuine customers of DreamHost. Hence, the reviews are genuine. You can check more recent reviews

G2 Reviews

Likewise, the overall rating of DreamHost is 3.7 out of 5 as per the G2 Reviews. This rating is based on the feedback of 75 customers, which is also fair enough. For more reviews, check recent reviews.

Review Signal

Similarly, the analysis of Review Signal shows that DreamHost has a 57% overall rating from over 22,518 users. This is considered decent and reasonable. It presents an 88% uptime rating, 80% pricing rating, and 65% support rating. Check here for more recent reviews.

Final Verdict

To summarize, DreamHost offers an excellent shared hosting experience. You can use its shared hosting if you’re starting your website and not expecting much traffic. This platform provides capabilities and resources that ensure your site has high uptime and loads quickly.

Moreover, every plan can have some flaws you might not want like the free domain is available only on the 3 years plan. But, if you look at the advanced features and functionalities it provides, then DreamHost is a way to go. Therefore, you can easily start your website whether it’s a blog, online store, business, etc.

Additionally, its pricing plans are quite flexible to purchase. You’ll be paying on a monthly basis for like 1 or 3 years of the plan. Not to miss out, DreamHost offers a 97-day money-back guarantee. This is more flexible than that of FastComet as you get only a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Not to mention, it also comes with other hosting solutions like DreamHost dedicated hosting and DreamHost VPS hosting.

Furthermore, its customer support is competent enough to support you when you’re stuck on any issues. Also, after exploring its user reviews and ratings, DreamHost is definitely worth a try.

2. InMotion Hosting

Yet another alternative to FastComet is the InMotion Hosting platform. It offers various hosting solutions like InMotion WordPress hosting, InMotion VPS, InMotion dedicated, etc. Apart from this, InMotion shared hosting is one of its most popular products. This is suitable for small to medium sites that don’t need server configurations.

InMotion Hosting Services

Since we’re on the shared hosting topic, you can easily host multiple separate websites from a single host account. Hence, you can run and manage different websites from the same account.

In addition, it includes the cPanel. This allows you to manage and grow your website from the central dashboard.

InMotion Hosting Key Features & Advantages over FastComet:

  • Create professional email inboxes and access them from any device to keep in touch with your customers.
  • Unlimited bandwidth allows you to bring as many visitors to your site without having to worry about data limits.
  • Enables you to secure your transactions and your customer’s data with free SSL
  • It gives you a fast 1-click installer to start installing WordPress and hundreds of other popular web apps.
  • Provides free InMotion domain service. Thus, you can either transfer your existing domain or get a new one.
  • You can make your website’s speed up to 20 times faster on UltraStack powered hosting with NVMe SSD storage.
  • Quickly transfer your website to InMotion Hosting with zero downtime, keeping your business running smoothly.
  • Other features like tools to begin selling products online for eCommerce, a WordPress website builder with drag & drop editor, etc., are available.
InMotion Hosting Cons:
  • The purchase process can be a bit tricky, as some add-ons are automatically added to your cart.
  • Renewable prices are expensive.
  • Uptime needs improvement though it’s definitely not the worst one.
  • Doesn’t include the backup feature. Therefore, you need to either purchase a backup add-on or use the time-consuming cPanel tool.


Here are the pricing plans of InMotion Hosting plans of shared hosting:

Plan FeaturesCore LaunchPower Pro
Initial Cost (3-Year Term)$2.29/mo$4.99/mo$4.99/mo $12.99/mo
No. of WebsiteUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free Domain NameNo1 Free Domain in the first year1 Free Domain in the first year1 Free Domain in the first year
Disk Space100 GB SSDUnlimited NVMe SSDUnlimited NVMe SSDUnlimited NVMe SSD
Email Accounts 10 Email AddressUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
UltraStack Optimized Performance2x Speed and Performance6X UltraStack Speed & Performance12X UltraStack Speed & Performance20X UltraStack Speed & Performance
Advanced CachingNoNoYesYes
Free SSLYesYesYesYes
SupportRegularRegularRegularPro Level

Support and User Reviews

For the support, InMotion Hosting comes with a team of hosting experts that are available 24/7/365. It offers over 5,000 articles and guides where you can find your answers related to hosting. It basically includes product guides, website tutorials, email tutorials, domain anime setup info, billing FAQs, etc. 

InMotion Hosting Support Page
InMotion Hosting Support Page

Also, if you can’t find anything useful in the articles and guides, then you can go to its customer community forums. There, you’ll be able to post your issues and the experts can respond to you. 

Moreover, you can have live chat or submit a ticket to report your queries. In addition, email support is also available.


There are limited statistics available to determine how good InMotion hosting is. As per the Trustpilot review, InMotion Hosting scores a 4/5 star rating. Based on the feedback provided by the 595 genuine users and this is wonderful. For more reviews, check here.

G2 Reviews

Likewise, G2 Reviews shows a 4.2/5 star rating for the InMotion Hosting which is based on the 51 reviews of users. Click here for more reviews.

Review Signal

Similarly, checking the reviews from Review Signal of InMotion Hosting, we can see a 47% overall rating. Also, it gives a 63% support rating, a 68% price rating with an 83% uptime rating. You can explore more recent reviews.

Final Verdict

Altogether, if you’re looking for a shared hosting that delivers exceptional performance, functionality, and up-sells to a minimum, then InMotion Hosting is for you. Some of its important functionalities are a free site staging area, CDN, free JetPack, BoldGrid website builder, spam experts, and much more. 

Most importantly, it really cares about its customers. As you can see it provides different support systems for its customers. They view your overall experience which is important and great.

The best part is it offers you a 90-day money-back guarantee which is far better than FastComet. You can test this service longer than FastComet.  

Moreover, regardless of having technical knowledge, you can use this hosting service. Because it offers you the knowledge base and decent support to assist you if you’re willing to learn.

3. Cloudways

Cloudways is another one of the most popular and incredible FastComet alternatives that’s available on the marketplace. It’s one of the best managed hosting service providers with a focus on the performance of your website.

Cloudways Managed Web Hosting Services

Moreover, this service includes all the necessary functions to improve performance. Such as, SSD disk outperforms older disks in terms of speed and reliability. This meets the demand of current websites.

In addition, it gives you the option to select among the best IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) providers. So, you can use either DigitalOcean, Linode, Google Cloud, AWS, or Vultr to host your WordPress website.

It also provides specialized resources for each Cloudways server, so, this helps to get the most out of your server.

Cloudways Key Features & Advantages over FastComet:

  • You can migrate your first websites into Cloudways for free. Also, it doesn’t lock you in with their services, i.e., you can freely use them without being tied up to any contract.
  • Provides a staging environment where you can test with application updates without affecting your live site.
  • Comes with a built-in caching system including Varnish, Memcached, and Redis to improve the speed of your site.
  • Secures the servers with the help of OS-level firewalls that filter out harmful traffic and attackers. 
  • Offers an auto-healing restart feature that will fix the majority of server problems. As a result, there won’t be any risk of your website collapsing. 
  • It has over 60 data centers. Therefore, you can find and select the one that is closest to your targeted market. 
  • IP Whitelisting feature lets you whitelist IP addresses and get unregistered access across various networks using SSH and SFTP.
Cloudways Cons:
  • Provides a 3 days trial period which is relatively shorter to test all of its features.
  • It can be a little technical for beginners because of its extensive feature set.
  • Any packages don’t include a free domain or email address as compared to other hosting services.


Cloudways offers 4 different premium plans when using the DigitalOcean host:

Plan Features1st Plan2nd Plan3rd Plan4th Plan
Initial Cost $12/mo$26/mo$50/mo$96/mo
No. of Website UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Processor1 Core1 Core2 Core4 Core
Free MigrationYesYesYesYes
Free SSL YesYesYesYes
CDN Add-onYesYesYesYes

Support and User Reviews

In the matter of customer service, the Cloudways hosting service provides excellent support to its customers. It offers outstanding 24/7/365 support and also its users claim satisfactory service.

So, basically, the Cloudways support is classified into 3 different levels. They are Standard Support, Advanced Support-Add-on, and Premium Support-Add-on.

Customer Support Options in Cloudways
Customer Support in Cloudways

Generally, the Standard Support would be sufficient for the majority of customers. Anyone from individuals to corporations can get assistance in this support. Here, they’ll offer support with the help of live chat, tickets, platforms, and infrastructure.

However, if your company needs critical support where every second counts, then Advanced and Premium support are available. To use these supports, you need to pay $100/mo and $500/mo respectively. It’s required in case of urgent support where additional support is required. 

Now, talking about the reviews!


The user reviews in Trustpilot rate 4.7/5 to the Cloudways which is terrific. Furthermore, over 1250 real users have rated these reviews. For more reviews, check here.  

G2 Reviews

Whereas, the stats of G2 Reviews shows that Cloudways scores an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5. This rating is evaluated by over 280 genuine users which is amazing. To check recent reviews, click here.

Final Verdict

Overall, Cloudways combines the features of traditional hosting and enterprise-focused cloud hosting. Hence, its right blend of techniques provides you with the best-managed hosting solution. So that you can focus on expanding and growing your website rather than worry about hosting.

Moreover, this hosting service takes care of everything. You won’t have to be concerned about anything from your initial setup to ongoing maintenance. Such as backups, security, updates, or other technical issues. Hence, it can be the best alternative to FastComet.  

In addition, some of its other exciting features are that it provides SSH and SFTP access within a single click. Also, storage of 25 GB even in the most basic plan, free SSL certificate, CDN, free migration, etc. are some other features. 

Furthermore, Cloudways hosting seems to be a little more expensive than other hosting services. But undeniably, the features and functions it provides are worth paying for. Also, its pay-as-you-go approach makes you pay for the service that you utilize. 

Therefore, Cloudways’ hosting platform is worth giving a shot.  

4. Nexcess

Nexcess is definitely one of the good alternatives to FastComet. It’s one of the well-known hosting providers that has been in the business for nearly 2 decades. This hosting company has won users over with its reliability and performance. 

Nexcess Web Hosting Platform

Moreover, one of the things that set Nexcess apart from this market is its powerful servers that can handle a lot of traffic. Its auto-scaling monitors your website and triggers a scaling event when traffic begins to exceed. So, this helps to maintain speed, security, and customer experience.

Also, obviously, its popular hosting solution is managed WordPress hosting. Thus, it’s also a great choice for users looking for Nexcess WordPress, Nexcess WooCommerce, and Nexcess Magento hosting.

Nexcess Key Features & Advantages over FastComet:

  • Allow you to configure your PHP version through the Client Portal.
  • Provides dev and staging environment to practice the process for promoting changes on your website. Therefore, this lets you test results before punching some changes in the live site.
  • Your website will be faster with premium image compressions, and advanced caching
  • Further, it includes worry-free automatic plugin updates with visual comparisons.
  • There are no traffic limits or metered pageviews.
  • Built-in CDN comes with 22 server locations around the world improving the loading speed of your website.
  • Offers a variety of reliable SSL certificates to secure your hosting solution, ranging from single-site to the trusted SSLs and Wildcard SSLs.
Nexcess Cons:
  • The dashboard is not particularly user-friendly and is more suitable for tech-savvy users who know how to deal with such panels.
  • Only offers email hosting on its cheapest plan. However, if you upgrade beyond the cheapest plan, then you need to find separate email hosting.
  • Free domain is not included in its hosting plan. Instead, they provide you with access to an integrated Nexcess domain registration tool.


Nexcess has 7 different pricing packages for managed WordPress hosting as given:

Plan FeaturesSparkMakerDesignerBuilderProducer Executive Enterprise
Annual Cost$190$790$1,090$1490$2990$5490$9990
No. of Website15102550100250
Free SSL certificatesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Daily BackupYesYesYesYesYesYesYes

Support and User Reviews

Nexcess provides customer support through different channels to help with the setups. First off, it has a comprehensive knowledge base that answers the most frequently asked questions. It provides clear instructions on how to get started, manage your site, use control panel features, etc.

Nexcess Support Page
Nexcess Support Page

You can get immediate assistance by reaching out to its support team which is available 24/7/365. Also, you may request a support chat straight from your user panel. Or, create a support ticket via email or over a phone call.  


Nexcess scores 4.6 rating out of 5 according to the Trustpilot review which is great. There, 400+ real users have reviewed the hosting services of Nexcess. For more recent reviews, check here.

G2 Reviews

Similarly, according to the G2 Reviews, Nexcess gets a 3.6-star rating out of 5 which is fair enough. These reviews are done by 19 genuine users so you can trust the reviews. Check here for more reviews.

Final Verdict

To sum up, Nexcess is a great alternative for anyone looking to switch to a reliable managed WordPress hosting setup. Also, it’s compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce. In addition, it also offers a Nexcess StoreBuilder plan that makes building a WooCommerce store much easier.

Additionally, it doesn’t cut corners when it comes to speed, performance, or security on-site. Hence, it’s the ideal managed-hosting solution for large businesses, blogs, and eCommerce sites. It’ll take care of everything so you can focus on your website or business.

Moreover, it provides lots of features at an affordable price. And, you can go for the Nexcess hosting if you can afford it as it’ll not let you down at any time. Also, it’s easy to use and you won’t have to deal with any restrictions.

Overall, Nexcess is the ideal solution for new or growing WordPress sites that need to be prepared for traffic surges. Along with, still having access to cutting-edge performance tools and optimization. 

Do you want to use Nexcess for your online store?

If yes, then you need to use the Nexcess managed WooCommerce hosting service. And for your ease, we have a full guide on it.

5. Bluehost

Bluehost being a popular web host company is an excellent alternative to FastComet for sure. It’s one of the oldest hosting service providers in the market. This provider gives you all the features, tools, and assistance you need to design and publish a truly impressive website.

Bluehost Shared Hosting-Best FastComet Alternative

Further, among its various types of hosting, it offers shared hosting plans most economically. It provides a lot of features protecting your resource even on the shared plans. Hence, your site’s performance is secured and unaffected even if there are other websites on the shared server. 

Moreover, it gives adequate scalability, security, and performance. This allows you to maintain a high-traffic website without experiencing any downtime. This makes it a suitable hosting solution for both the new and existing websites.

Bluehost Key Features & Advantages over FastComet:

  • Update, transfer, purchase, and manage your domains all in one location using its domain manager.
  • Provides SSL certificates so you can protect your personal information, e-commerce transactions, and other sensitive data.
  • Able to give your first campaign an extra boost with a Google Ads match credit of up to $150.
  • Transfer your website from any other host to Bluehost quickly and easily.
  • Allows you to back up your data on a daily basis and also, restore them with a single click.
  • Consists of a multi-layer caching system that boosts your site’s performance.
  • Further, it has an easy-to-use Bluehost WordPress website builder to make creating a professional-look website faster.
Bluehost Cons:
  • The Basic and Plus Plans of shared hosting don’t feature automated backup.
  • Unlike other services, you can only host your site in the United States. If your visitors are from other regions, then they may experience a slow website.
  • The cheaper plans have many limitations such as databases and email accounts you can create.


Here are the shared hosting pricing plans of Bluehost:

Plan FeaturesBasic PlusChoice PlusPro
Initial Cost$2.95/mo$5.45/mo$5.45/mo$13.95/mo
No. of Website1MultipleMultiple with added security and privacyMulitple with more power and optimized web resources.
Website Space50GBUnmetered UnmeteredUnmetered
MySQL Databases20UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Google Ads/Bing CreditsNot available$200$200$200
Spam ExpertsNo1 Domain1 Domain2 Domains
Free Domain1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year
Premium SSL CertificateNo NoNoPositive SSL
Automated BackupsNoNoIncluded in 1st YearYes

Support and User Reviews

The professional support team of Bluehost provides 24/7 support to answer your queries. It also offers chat support to its customers and phone calls are available as well. You can even chat with the Bluehost’s support team through the dashboard.

Bluehost Contact Support
Bluehost Contact Page

Moreover, it provides you with the resource center, knowledge base, FAQs, and blogs. There, you can find different guides, tutorials, and resources to help you with minor issues that most customers can face. Also, its blog provides you with updated information about Bluehost.


According to the Trustpilot review, it is rated 3.0 stars out of 5. The rating is based on the feedback given by the 2238 real users. For more recent reviews, check here.

G2 Reviews

Similarly, G2 Reviews rates 3.6 out of 5 the Bluehost which is evaluated by the 218 users. Here’s the link to check more recent reviews of Bluehost.

Review Signal

Likewise, ReviewSignal shows that the overall score of Bluehost is 42%, support rating is 35%, price rating is 58%, and uptime is 80%. Click here for recent scores.

Final Verdict

In summary, Bluehost gives everything you’ll need to get your website up and running successfully. It’s a completely user-friendly hosting service provider so you can easily get started. 

Also, with all the shared hosting plans, it gives you a free Nexcess website builder. Its site builder is integrated with WordPress’s drag and drop functionality and AI-Driven templates.

Moreover, it optimizes your site with creative design freedom, marketing tools, analytics, and scalable growth for the best results. Therefore, this also helps you to rank your site better along with getting your site connected to the internet. 

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about the server management or platform patches because Bluehost’s shared hosting plans are managed. So, while purchasing its packages, it consists of important features like SSL certificate, domain name, and so on. 

Thus, Bluehost is an unquestionably worthy alternative to FastComet and you must give it a try. 

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide on Bluehost?

If so, then we have a complete review on Bluehost. Check it out to get the full guide about it.

6. Namecheap

Namecheap is yet another one of the better FastComet alternatives with millions of live websites. It provides adequate security and speed features similar to FastComet for both personal and business websites. Therefore, you can maintain a high-traffic website without suffering any downtime.

Namecheap Web Hosting Services

We know, SSL certificates are mandatory now, Namecheap has got your back. Namecheap SSL includes 50 free PositiveSSL certificates that are automatically installed for a year in all of its shared hosting plans. 

Not to mention, it also includes the Namecheap domains and Namecheap domain generator services. So, the best option is to get a Namecheap domain hosting bundle.

Moreover, you can enjoy a domain-based email address of your choice to better manage communication and represent your company. Also, you can add email accounts, set up forwarders, enable auto-response, create a mailing list, and much more.

Namecheap Key Features & Advantages over FastComet:

  • Offers you the best control panel, cPanel, that gives you full control of your website via your browser. 
  • To help you with spam protection, it features Jellyfish Spam Protection to protect against any email threats or viruses.
  • AutoBackup is available that lets you turn back time and protect your site’s data.
  • Its Supersonic CDN on your hosting protects your website from DDoS on multiple servers across the world. 
  • Use SFTP to access your files and you can also set a time limit on access to safely share the credentials. 
  • Able to create and administer your WordPress website from one dashboard within a single login.
  • It has seamless integration with useful apps like Site Maker, Supersonic CDN, and Logo Makers.
Namecheap Cons:
  • Doesn’t include telephone support within its customer support package.
  • Setting up an SSL certificate is difficult and usually requires assistance.
  • Sometimes constant decreases in server performance make your site’s page load slowly. 


The pricing plans of Namecheap shared hosting are:

Plan FeaturesStellarStellar PlusStellar Business
Initial Cost Billed Annually$1.88/mo$2.98/mo$4.98/mo
No. of Website3UnlimitedUnlimited
Disk Space20GB SSDUnmetered SSD 50GB SSD
Free CDNYesYesYes
BandwidthUnmetered Unmetered Unmetered 
Hosted Domains 3UnlimitedUnlimited
Subdomains 30UnlimitedUnlimited
Backups Twice a WeekTwice a Week + AutobackupTwice a Week + Autobackup
Email Accounts 30UnlimitedUnlimited

Support and User Reviews

Talking about the customer support of Namecheap, there’s a team of experts that can handle and assist you with your issues. Its support includes 27/7 live chat and a help desk. 

Namecheap Support Page
Namecheap Support Page

In addition, it also offers you a knowledge base with lots of documentation and guides to help to answer common and minor queries. Also, its video tutorial assists you with getting started and related topics on hosting. 


Now, coming to the reviews, Trustpilot rates Namecheap as 4.4 out of 5 stars which is incredible. And, the rating is based on the 11,171 users. You can check the most recent reviews here.

G2 Reviews

Likewise, G2 Reviews also rate 4.3/5 to Namecheap which is also awesome. Here, the ratings are given by 58 real users. Check here for recent reviews.

Final Verdict

Beyond any doubt, we would like to recommend Namecheap as an alternative to FastComet as it gets you started with work immediately. Overall, it offers a more remarkable combination of performance, support, and speed than that of FastComet. 

Also, it offers other exciting features like free migration with daily backups. And, access to a library of 400+ apps to add functionality to your site is another interesting feature. Also, it offers domain services like the purchase or selling of a domain, transfer, and domain privacy. 

Plus, you can also rely on its uptime which means there’s less downtime for your site. It has a 100% service level agreement for uptime. So, you can instantly get your money back if 100% uptime isn’t achieved. 

Most importantly, Namecheap is definitely cheaper than FastComet as its name suggests. Therefore, you can get lots of features at an affordable cost and that’s the right reason for you to shift to the Namecheap hosting service.

7. Kinsta

Kinsta is another leading hosting platform that is an alternative to FastComet. You can host any website such as a personal site, online store, agency, enterprise, etc. It comes with a centralized administrative panel along with a comprehensive and specifically designed WordPress tool. 

Kinsta - What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Moreover, Kinsta gives the exclusively highest-end CPUs and global availability with the help of Google’s C3 machines. Hence, you can see that there are additional performance increases ranging from 30% to 200%.

On top of it, your site will be backed up by the Google Cloud. So, you may host your WordPress website in one of the 29 data centers available around the globe. As a result, your site’s content is delivered quickly and securely. 

Kinsta Key Features & Advantages over FastComet:

  • Includes free Cloudflare SSL certificates which adds an extra layer of security to your website.
  • Detects DDoS attacks and controls the attacks using an enterprise-level firewall
  • Improves and enhances site performance by fine-tuning MySQL database settings based on your site’s demand.
  • For lightning-fast performance, it includes complex technologies like LXD containers, PHP 8.0, MariaDB, etc.
  • Comes with a built-in Kinsta APM (Application Performance Monitoring) tool to detect issues in the performance of your hosted site.
  • Enables to quickly clone your website and test new features and modules in the staging area rather than disturbing your live site.
  • With a single button click, the MyKinsta tool handles the cache, debugs, configures redirects, geolocation, switches to CDN, and more.

Check out all the features from the Kinsta Features page.

Kinsta Cons:
  • It requires you to pay a monthly fee for domain hosting packages.
  • Doesn’t allow you to install other CMS besides WordPress.
  • Limitation to storage, CDN, and monthly visitors to your website. If any of these factors exceed the limitations, then you’ll be charged extra.


Here are the pricing packages of Kinsta with 5 different plans:

Plan FeaturesStarter ProBusiness 1Business 2Business 3
Initial Cost $35/mo$70/mo$115/mo$225/mo$340/mo
WordPress Installs1251020
Monthly Visits25,00050,000100,000250,000400,000
SSD Storage10GB20GB30GB40GB50GB
Free CDN50GB100GB200GB300GB500GB
Free Premium Migrations 12333
Multisite Support NoYesYesYesYes
Automatic Daily BackupsYesYesYesYesYes
Backup Retention14 days14 days14 days14 days20 days
Free SSL CertificateYesYesYesYesYes
Site CloningNoYesYesYesYes

Support and User Reviews

The experts of Kinsta from the support team assist you with troubleshooting, server maintenance, theme and plugin development, etc. They’re available 24/7 to help you with your queries quickly and appropriately.

Customer Support of WP Engine - Kinsta Alternatives
Support Options in Kinsta

You can contact its customer service by simply using Kinsta’s dashboard and you’re ready to chat with the support experts. You can also send about your issues via email. 

Moreover, it also offers a dedicated help center and knowledge base. There, you can find the answers to common problems and concerns. Or, you can also request a live demo before purchasing any plan. 


According to the reports of Trustpilot, Kinsta gets 4.4/5 ratings which are evaluated based on 485 users. Check this link for recent reviews.

G2 Reviews

Similarly, Kinsta receives 4.7 stars out of 5 which is good enough for you to try this platform. This stat is shown based on the 330 user feedback. For more reviews, click here.

Final Verdict

To sum up, Kinsta is the fastest-growing WordPress hosting service provider in the market. There are specialized strategies for each type of business. Such as Kinsta membership site hosting, Kinsta WooCommerce, etc. So, it’s a suitable replacement to host any medium to a large company. 

Besides, it gives you a plethora of unique features than that of FastComet. Some of its striking features are WooCommerce-optimized infrastructure, free migrations on all plans, global data centers, and many more.

Additionally, it includes features like speed-based infrastructure. For instance, the premium tier network of Google Cloud Platform and the finest C2 machines. 

Although Kinsta is more expensive than FastComet, comparing its features, it is worth going with it. Its service is focused on business and enterprise. Also, if FastComet doesn’t work out for you, then try Kinsta for sure to match your demands.

Are you confused between Kinsta and Cloudways?

To solve all your confusion, we have a full comparison of Kinsta vs Cloudways. So, choose the one that matches your needs the most.

8. Hostinger

Hostinger began as a free web hosting service in 2007 and has grown to become one of the best shared hosting providers. With Hostinger, you can create a website and obtain high-quality hosting at some of the lowest prices available. Hence, this hosting service provider can’t miss out on the list of FastComet alternatives.

Hostinger-FastComet Alternative

Moreover, usually, the poor speed score brings down to your website. And, it focuses on making your site faster and top-performing. For this, Hostinger offers HTTP/3, self-healing infrastructure, full SSD servers unlimited bandwidth, and more for the quickest surfing experience.

On top of that, don’t let your website become a target for cyber-attacks. Rather, you can get in-house developed WAF with Premium and Business web hosting plans to keep your site safe. 

Hostinger Key Features & Advantages over FastComet:

  • Free migration with ease which means you can transfer your website to Hostinger without any charge.
  • Access to WordPress production site staging to try out different layouts, content, changes, and everything else in-between, and publish your changes.
  • Offers data centers in different areas and lets you change data center location once a month to load the site faster.
  • With 1–click WordPress installations, managed auto-updates, and trained expert support, managing your site becomes easier.
  • Provides comprehensive features like WP-CLI, PHP version control, Git integration, MySQL manager, and more.
  • Comes with free SSL certificates for added site security.
  • Control Panel is powerful, easy-to-use, and optimized for WordPress where users with little or no experience can navigate all aspects.
Hostinger Cons:
  • Confusing renewal pricing as the renewal prices vary depending on the length of your initial agreement. So, pay attention to avoid paying up to 10X your initial monthly rate.
  • Only the expensive plan includes daily backups.
  • Provides limited support as the live chat feature is available only for the users who have an account with Hostinger.


You can find the Hostinger free hosting service for your single website. It supports 300 MB SSD storage and ~300 monthly visitors.

There are 3 plans for the Hostinger shared hosting solution, given as:

Plan FeaturesSingle Shared HostingPremium Shared HostingBusiness Shared Hosting
Initial Cost$1.99/mo$2.99/mo$4.99/mo
No. of website1100100
SSD Storage30GB100GB200GB
MySQL 2UnlimitedUnlimited
Free Domain RegistrationNoYesYes
Free SSL CertificatesYesYesYes
Daily BackupsNoNoYes
Email Accounts 1100100
FTP Accounts 1UnlimitedUnlimited

Support and User Reviews

Customer support of Hostinger is available 24/7/365. You can basically go through its knowledge base which consists of hundreds of tutorials and solutions to the most common issues. Therefore, you can easily search the term and find the results of the related terms. Also, the guides are fully understandable. 

Hostinger Support
Hostinger Support

Another support it offers is live chat support. You can discuss your queries and bugs with their expert teams on chat. Moreover, they also usually respond to the messages on their official social media.  


Trustpilot rates Hostinger 4.2 out of 5 stars. This score is based on the reviews of 3199 real users. For recent reviews, check here.

G2 Reviews

Similarly, according to the G2 Reviews, Hostinger receives 4.1/5 ratings based on the 141 genuine users. Click here for more recent reviews.

Final Verdict

Hostinger provides the most reliable solution. It’s still one of the low-cost and simple-to-use FastComet alternatives. Even the most basic plan is usable and not only for show. It can be great for personal websites as well as small commercial websites. Other plans offer great value as well.  

It uses hPanel, which is a modern, effective, and user-friendly control panel. When you use Hostinger, the initial installations assist you in launching your website, and other more advanced tools don’t appear to be as difficult.

Moreover, it also provides one of the best performances. To begin with, the servers are in perfect working order, with no significant downtime. The websites load quickly as well, which is surprising for such a low-cost host. More to add, the service stays fast even under intense circumstances.

Hence, with such generous server resources and good performance, you must try out Hostinger’s shared hosting to replace FastComet. Other solutions include Hostinger VPS, Hostinger WordPress, etc.

9. HostGator

HostGator is another one of the most feasible hosting solution alternatives to FastComet for shared hosting. It offers a ready-to-use hosting solution that makes the installation of WordPress much faster and easier.

HostGator-Best Alternative to FastComet

In addition, it comes with a CodeGuard that is a restore feature to secure your website. It backs up your WordPress site on a daily basis to protect your data. You can also monitor your website for threats, restore options from the most recent backup, and receive email notifications for suspicious activities.

Besides, you can also become a reseller and have your hosting packages. You’ll be able to manage cPanel and server setups as the HostGator provides a powerful WHM (Web Host Manager) tool. 

Note that, it also gives multiple hosting solutions such as HostGator dedicated, HostGator reseller, etc. Also, there’s a HostGator domain registration service.

HostGator Key Features & Advantages over FastComet:

  • All of its hosting plans come with unlimited email aliases as well as 25 mailing lists.
  • Shared web hosting customers can receive a $150 Google Ads advertising credit when they sign up for the service.
  • Integration with SpamAssassin detects and also prevents your website from unwanted spam and spambots.
  • It includes eCommerce features, allowing you to quickly set up an online store and begin selling your products and services. 
  • Provides a 99.99% of uptime guarantee, ensuring that your website is always available.
  • Hundreds of stunning ready-made WordPress themes are accessible to help you get started with WordPress quickly.
  • Get detailed statistics and insights to help you improve your search engine rankings. So, you can reach out to more audiences.
HostGator Cons:
  • Renewal cost is high even though starting cost is lower.
  • Doesn’t have any staging areas where you may test your site’s improvements. 


The pricing plans of HostGator are:

Plan FeaturesHatchling PlanBaby PlanBusiness Plan
Initial Cost$2.75/mo$3.50/mo$5.25/mo
No. of Website1UnlimitedUnlimited
Free Domain Registration for 1 YearYesYesYes
Bandwidth and disk spaceUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Free SSL CertificationYesYesYes
Free Upgrade To Positive SSLNoNoYes
Free Dedicated IPNoNoYes

Support and User Reviews

The customer support of Hostgator is available 24/7 and is included in all of its plans. You can also have access to live chat and phone call support. Additionally, you can state your issues and send them to their official email address.

HostGator Support Contact Page
HostGator Support Contact Page

Moreover, you can contact them via Twitter at HG Support for any guidance or help. They indeed have their own Help Portal where they provide quick access to a variety of knowledge bases and documentation. Also, you can get more updated information about HostGator by visiting their blog.


Coming to the review, Trustpilot scores HostGator as 3.7 stars out of 5 stars rating which is evaluated by 1789 real users. For more reviews, check here.

G2 Reviews

Likewise, according to the G2 Reviews, HostGator receives 3.5/5 stars and the rating is based on the 145 real users. Click here for the recent reviews.

Review Signal

Similarly, according to Review Signal, HostGator’s overall rating is 45%, support rating is 39%, price rating is 63%, and uptime is 85%. Click this link for recent reviews.

Final Verdict

For new users, HostGator is a great to start with a low-cost solution. But the renewals will become expensive though this isn’t unusual. The good news is that most of the essentials are already included without additional investments.

Additionally, it’s quite simple to use and also really quick. As a result, you’ll have no trouble hosting everything from blogs, and portfolios to small business websites or online storefronts.

Moreover, you can also create a professional website without even accessing the cPanel. It’s, however, also accessible for more advanced customizations. The only disadvantage is that some of the tools can be a little buggy at times, but customer service is there to assist you.

Furthermore, the performance of HostGator is outstanding. With 99.99% uptime, the site significantly outperforms the promised uptime. 

Hence, HostGator is a trustworthy hosting service provider that you can use instead of FastComet for more advanced features.


That’s all folks! 

We’ve arrived at the end of this article. We’ve discussed the 9 best alternatives to the FastComet hosting services for your website. We hope you’ll agree with our list of alternatives & competitors of FastComet for 2022. 

Although the decision is yours, we would like to recommend you to go with the DreamHost platform as an alternative to FastComet. As the DreamHost is faster, has more uptime, and loads quickly. Also, its pricing plans are flexible to purchase with indeed more features than FastComet. 

If you’re using any of these services on your website, then please share your experience below in the comment section. Feel free to ask us if you’ve any queries. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Also, share this article with your friends and colleagues. 

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