13 Best WordPress Calculator Plugins for Cost Estimations in 2021

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Best WordPress Calculator Plugins for Price, Mortagage, Insurance

Are you looking for the best WordPress calculator plugins? If yes, then you’re in the right place.

Adding calculator plugins to your WordPress site allows cost estimation for insurance, mortgage, loans, selling products, and many more. Online calculator WordPress plugin helps you to append an attractive tool. 

With a calculator on your site, your customers can get the exact price or value of any specific stuff on your store. Hence, it provides a great customer experience.

There are different types of calculator plugins available in WordPress. Therefore, going through plenty of plugins is quite a hassle. 

Hence, we’ve brought a handpicked list of the best calculator WordPress Calculator plugins 2021 for you. With this, let’s jump into it.

Why Do You Need Calculator WordPress Plugins?

Undoubtedly, your customer will need a calculator plugin if you’re owning an eCommerce, insurance, mortgage, or loan services website. That’ll help them to do price and plan comparison to figure out the best products or plans for insurance, loan payment, mortgage payment, and more.

Price Calculator WordPress Plugin

In particular, if you have an eCommerce site, then a calculator plugin will help your users calculate prices for different products automatically.

They can track the amount they’re spending while adding or removing products to fit their budget. Therefore, it provides convenience to your customer.

Likewise, for insurance service sites, the calculator will help to get a clear idea of term insurance plans, how much to pay, yearly or monthly, and so on. The customer will receive an accurate estimation of the amount due and manage their financial budget accordingly.

By the same token, many real estate websites provide mortgage calculators. Before showing an interest in a home, customers can calculate the estimated amount of how much they owe. 

You’ll also find calculators on fitness websites to keep track of your nutrition. Hence, these calculators help you enhance customer engagement as people can interact with your site.

Now, you must be curious as to which calculator WordPress plugins will be best for your website. 

So, let’s move ahead to look at listing the 13 best WordPress calculator plugins for insurance, mortgage in 2021.

13 Best WordPress Calculator Plugins for Insurance, Mortgage 2021

In this list, we’ve included both free and premium calculator WordPress plugins. Go through the description, features, and pricing to decide which is right for your site.

1. Stylish Cost Calculator

Stylish Cost Calculator- best WordPress Calculator plugin

Stylish Cost Calculator is a flexible calculator plugin that allows you to build an attractive instant quote (estimate) form on your website. It allows your customers to see how much your products or services cost if they want to buy them. 

You can easily link to PayPal, Stripe, or WooCommerce to accept instant payments via the “buy now” button. Conversely, you can also remove payment buttons to encourage users to give their email. This way, you can collect information about the customers for marketing purposes.

Moreover, the plugin is entirely customizable. 

Key Features of Stylish Cost Calculator:

  • Real-time currency conversion provides a pricing based on the user’s location, or select static currency to convert to specific currency of your choice.
  • Bulk quantity discounts (price breaks) and sliding scale pricing to give your customers a price break when they purchase more, i.e., bulk discount feature.
  • Generate coupons and discounts to increase your sales and attract customers.
  • Change the text size, color, and font style. You can also change the color of your titles, sliders, checkboxes, and drop-down menus.
  • Allows users to switch between 5+ check-box and radio box designs.


Although the Stylish Cost Calculator is free to download from, you can purchase the premium version at $99.

2. Cost Calculator WordPress

Cost Calculator WordPress- online calculator WordPress plugin

Cost Calculator WordPress is a clean, basic quote/project pricing/estimation plugin for WordPress. It allows you to quickly create quotation or price estimation forms for your WordPress site. Quote, and price estimation forms provide your client with an estimate of the cost for your service or product.

You’ll be able to assign value to each element in the form. This automatically contributes to total value by adding or multiplying the assigned product cost. The slider control has a “price offset” feature that allows you to set a fixed price regardless of volume.

Key Features of Cost Calculator WordPress:

  • Tons of elements for your calculator form such as textboxes, numeric sliders, dropdowns, Boolean switch (lets to include/exclude from estimation).
  • The accent color feature in the calculator allows changing the color scheme as simply as possible.
  • PayPal integration of form to enable instant payment.
  • Connect with your users and collect their information via Contact Form 7 plugin.
  • Rejects spammer and internet bots by including ReCaptcha support.
  • Manage the appearance and functionality of elements (show, hide or reset elements).
  • Admin’s dashboard panel has a log of all submission forms. You can find the list of all form submissions from your cost calculator.


You can purchase the regular license of the Cost Calculator plugin at $29.

3. ez Form Calculator

ez Form Calculator- price calculator WordPress plugin

ez Form Calculator is an intuitive WordPress form builder that can be used for a variety of purposes. You can create form calculators, advanced cost estimators, and extensive contact forms for your website in a matter of minutes. 

You’ll be able to add form components like checkboxes, dropdown menus, and radio buttons. Each of those components can be assigned a value. Then, the plugin calculates the price or value automatically.

Furthermore, this plugin allows sending form submissions to both admin and customer. After that, the admin can create response emails and PDF files from submissions with ease.

Key Features of ez Form Calculator:

  • Able to generate forms with a visual drag & drop editor.
  • Advanced calculation performs multiple calculations with each form element.
  • Conditional logic allows to show, hide, and set values conditionally.
  • Offers discounts to their customers where the plugin modifies price by value ranges.
  • Creates summary tables before form submission as well as price requests.
  • Integration with PayPal or Stripe to accept payments.
  • Versatile usage as it creates forms to calculate for different streams such as media agencies, photography studios, event managers, real estate, savings calculators, charity organizations and many more.


You can easily purchase the ez Form Calculator plugin at $49.

4. Uni CPO

Uni CPO- Product Options and Price Calculation Formulas for WooCommerce

Looking for a WooCommerce product price calculation plugin? 

Uni CPO is a feature-rich plugin for woo-commerce options and price calculation formulas. It allows you to add custom options to your WooCommerce product. Also, calculate the custom price using any math formula. 

This form calculator plugin allows you to place two or more columns easily with custom colors, margins, text, and so on. You can customize your products by adding new options, displaying them conditionally, and allowing buyers to personalize them. Also, add dynamic information such as dimensions, custom labels, and comments. 

Key Features of Uni CPO:

  • Employ wholesale functionality for non option variables (NOV), with varying values for different user roles.
  • Option to add conditional logic formulas – use various formulas in different situations rather than just addition and subtraction. 
  • Ability to use conditional logic in fields to show/hide certain custom options dependent on the the values of other custom options and/or/ NOVs.
  • Integrate with ShipperHQ or Boxtal to obtain genuine shipping charges based on the calculated weight of the ordered item.
  • Matrix functionality to a price table, create or import existing matrices. Also, matrices can be used as a part of NOV as well as standalone options.
  • Minimum and maximum product prices – the ability to establish a minimum and maximum product price, with a custom message displayed when the calculated price exceeds the maximum price.


You can download the free version of Uni CPO from Also, you can buy a premium version to unlock more features at $49.99/year, and a Lifetime Plan at $149.99 which is a one-time payment.

5. WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin is yet another awesome calculator plugin for WooCommerce products based on measurement. The plugin takes the measurements based on length, area, volume, weight, and box from customers to calculate the price. 

With this plugin, you can sell variable sizes of products according to their dimensions. Therefore, it’s a perfect pricing solution for stores that sell wallpapers, liquids, floors, carpets, and other similar items.

Customers can purchase their products by entering their measurements and calculate the exact prices based on their input. Rather than constraining them to buy things in predefined size or quantity.

Key Features of WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin:

  • Set minimum or maximum order quantity for products and variations.
  • Allows you to manage and keep track of your product supply and variations.
  • You can configure measurement ranges and assign a normal and sale price to each. Prices will be displayed on the front end to encourage customers to buy in bulk to avail maximum discount.
  • For each product, the admin can set a distinct user input unit and output unit. Example: customers may enter measurements in grams, but the result will be in kilograms, and the price will be computed using output units.
  • Plugin is multilingual and translation ready as it supports the WPML (WordPress Multilingual) plugin.
  • Compatible with Woocommerce Product Addons Plugin.


Since the WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin, Price Per Unit plugin is premium, you can purchase it at $39.

6. Responsive Mortgage Calculator

Responsive Mortgage Calculator

Are you looking for a Mortgage calculator? If yes, then here we go.

Responsive Mortgage Calculator is designed to provide you everything you need for every real estate agent. This plugin allows visitors to your website to calculate their mortgage payments by entering certain things. Such as the total cost of the home, down payment amount, interest rate, amortization period (mortgage term). 

Visitors can also select their payment period, either monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. Moreover, it also shows a popup summary with a chart and amortization (initial cost of an asset) schedule.

Key Features of Responsive Mortgage Calculator:

  • Set the interest rate compounding period according to your region. Also, set default interest rate and fixed payment period.
  • Hide the down payment (initial payment made when something is bought on credit) field.
  • You can also set available mortgage payment period options.
  • Responsive plugin designed to fit into any theme, on any device at any size.
  • Set input values for the total amount, down payment, interest rate, and mortgage duration using attributes.
  • There are styling options, including a light and dark theme. Also, option to remove the styling totally.


Responsive Mortgage Calculator is a free plugin to use from

7. Loan Repayment Calculator and Application Form

Loan Repayment Calculator and Application Form

Loan Repayment Calculator and Application Form is another free calculator plugin that estimates the cost of loan payment. It’s ideal for payday loans, fixed-fee payments, regular payments, savings, comparisons. Hence, almost everything gets calculated from a variable amount and term. 

Your visitors can calculate multiple interest rates such as fixed, simple, compound and amortization. You can set the term to days, weeks, months, or years. Also, you’ll be able to set the max, min, initial and step values on the sliders. These elements show your visitors how much the loan will cost them at different rates. 

Moreover, the Bespoke version of this plugin is available for bank comparisons, quotes, full loan applications, and so on.

Key Features of Loan Repayment Calculator and Application Form:

  • Configure the interest rate changes with period and amount triggers.
  • Select from a range of different outputs and change the labels on all outputs.
  • Annuity (fixed sum of money paid to someone each year, typically for the rest of their life) and amortization repayment calculations.
  • Offer your visitors to select currency and foreign exchange to calculate repayments in different currencies.
  • Before calculating the interest and repayments, deduct a downpayment from the loan amount.
  • Add processing fee to loan amount. Fixed and percentage processing options are available, and they can be used before or after interest is calculated.


The Loan Repayment Calculator and Application Form is a free version to use but you can also upgrade it to the premium version.

8. Mortgage Calculator / Loan Calculator

Mortgage Calculator or Loan Calculator

Mortgage Calculator / Loan Calculator is yet another incredible plugin for any mortgage loan officer or real estate agent. It helps you to present visitors with effective, functional, and valuable mortgage content. 

This plugin is a great tool to use before shopping for a house or refinancing your budget. It’ll help you to figure out how much you can afford for a house and estimate your monthly payments. Hence, see your monthly payments and determine how they would be affected by various situations.

Moreover, the mortgage calculator plugin includes smooth sidebar integration.

Key Features of Mortgage Calculator / Loan Calculator:

  • Site owners can easily configure default parameters such as size, mortgage term in years, tax, property insurance, loan term in year, schedule and so on.
  • Allows you to select currency and estimate cost according to your country’s currency.
  • The default calculation is for loan but you can choose to calculate for mortgage or loan.
  • Choose calculation of amortization by year or by month.
  • Reach out to global customers as it supports different languages.
  • After visitors input all the parameters such as loan amount, loan term, interest rate and first payment date; they can get the estimated cost of principal, interest and balance.


The Mortgage Calculator/ Loan Calculator plugin is free to use and can be downloaded from

9. CC BMI Calculator

CC BMI Calculator

Wondering how to check Body Mass Index (BMI)? If yes, then we bring you the CC BMI Calculator plugin. CC BMI Calculator calculates the BMI for adults, youths, and kids. The calculation is done in imperial or metric units. But there’s a different parameter to calculate BMI for kids and youth (age: 5-19) in this plugin. 

CC BMI Calculator estimates BMI calculation in general based on WHO (World Health Organization) as if BMI is- less than 18.5: underweight body, between 18.5 and 25: normal body, between 25 and 30: overweight category, greater than 30: obese.

Key Features of CC BMI Calculator:

  • This plugin is extremely customizable. You can change the background, borders, and text colors to match your website’s theme.
  • It can be used as a widget in the sidebar. Change the widget title and default unit (imperial or metric). 
  • Add a calculator with a shortcode in posts or pages.
  • Visitors only need to enter their height and weight based on the unit they’ve selected. Once you’ve entered the value; your BMI appears on your screen.
  • For kids and youths, you need to enter age (years and months) along with height and weight.
  • You can reset the values of parameters you’ve entered.


The CC BMI Calculator plugin is an open-source and free WordPress plugin to use.

10. WP Insurance- WordPress Insurance Service Plugin

WP Insurance WordPress Insurance Service Plugin

Want to estimate your insurance cost? WP Insurance is the most suitable solution for your needs.

WP Insurance is a WordPress insurance service plugin that allows you to display your services regarding insurance. You can create an endless number of insurance services such as life, health, home, travel, car insurance, and many more. This plugin includes a service page and an archive page. 

The plugin is mobile-friendly and fully responsive. It also works with the Elementor page builder plugin. This allows you to quickly display services anywhere on your site by using Elementor addons. Moreover, it supports cross-browser compatibility. 

Key Features of WP Insurance:

  • Easily select any insurance service from the service detail page and estimate your cost.
  • You can hide or show related service options to make customers interested in related insurance options.
  • Display your service according to your arranged category.
  • Customize with service box background color options, background hover color option, border color and border hover color option.
  • Display your services in the carousel and control autoplay speed as well.
  • Hide or show featured images and also your title link option in the image of your services.


The WP Insurance plugin is a free version to use from the WordPress site.

11. WP Amortization Calculator

WP Amortization Calculator

WP Amortization Calculator is a high-quality, professional, and distinctly customizable calculator for mortgages, auto loans, and any other type of amortized loan. It’s a perfect tool for real estate agents and lenders. Your visitors will get information on the costs involved in obtaining a home mortgage. 

This plugin is easy to use. Simply, insert it on a page or use it as a widget multiple times. Since it’s completely translation-ready, it includes a translation package. Also, integrated with the Elementor plugin.

Key Features of WP Amortization Calculator:

  • Receive a Bcc (Blind carbon copy – allows the sender to conceal the persons in the Bcc field from the other recipients) copy of email and PDF sent to visitors and see the type of loan they’re interested in.
  • Use for any amortized loan and de-select mortgage related results if you’re not looking for mortgages.
  • Compatible with any standard WordPress theme.
  • Choose from 3 distinct money format choices and use any currency symbol (left or right side).
  • Amortization plan or schedule collapses vertically on small screens due to responsive design.


You can purchase the regular license of WP Amortization Calculator at $27.

12. fitness calculators plugin

fitness calculators plugin- price calculator WordPress plugin

Are you a fitness freak? If yes, then the fitness calculators plugin is the way to go.

The fitness calculators plugin takes care of your fitness and health by tracking different elements your body requires. This plugin estimates different factors such as water intake, protein intake, BMI, and BFP. This includes weight of the body, body fat, heart rates, and other intake factors that our body requires. 

The calculator asks for different parameters for different intake calculations. Then, it’ll calculate with given data. And, show you the exact water or protein intake one should have to take.

Key Features of fitness calculators plugin:

  • Like every other calculator plugin, it can be used as widgets in WordPress sites.
  • You can copy and paste shortcodes to set up the elements like water intake, protein intake, weight for your customers.
  • Site owners can configure each parameter for each intake and accept certain values.
  • For BMI, the calculator will ask you about height and weight and shows your BMI value according to classification based on WHO.
  • For BFP (Body Fat Percentage), the calculator will ask you to input age, height and weight and shows you your BFP value with different classifications according to BMP (heart Beats Per Minute).
  • Highly customizable plugin as you can change the color of your widgets with unlimited color options.


The fitness calculators plugin is a free version to use and download from

13. Calculated Fields Form

Calculated Fields Form- calculator WordPress plugin

Calculated Fields Form plugin lets you make web forms with calculated fields. The values are dynamically calculated based on the values of other fields in the form. You can make a financial calculation form, date operations to make a reservation form, and calculate product prices. This plugin includes text editing, translation, and advertising services. 

It consists of a form editor with multiple controls. The form editor also has a property bar to conveniently edit field properties, a dashboard. Here, you can design your forms and attributes for form configuration. 

Furthermore, it has integration with the WooCommerce add-on. This helps you to build a form for WooCommerce products to calculate their prices, dimensions, and weight at the runtime. 

Additionally, the PayPal add-on allows users to enter their credit card information directly on the website. Rather than redirecting to the PayPal website.

Key Features of Calculated Fields Form:

  • Comprises controls such as radio buttons, checkboxes, menu lists, date fields, slider controls, numeric fields, text currency fields, and more.
  • Incorporates powerful formula editor with syntax highlighting and error detection that is linked to the calculated fields.
  • Duplicate a form by pressing the “Clone” button associated with it from the configuration page. Cloning form helps to resume the work already done.
  • Allows to disable forms in the indexing process to optimize website’s speed.
  • Sage Payment add-on for a secure interface for receiving bankcard and virtual check payments using a secure SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) checkout system.
  • Includes a checkbox configuration that allows them to be hidden from public websites. Critical in areas that are used to calculate intermediate values or when we only want to reveal the findings in emails or thank you pages.
  • Hide or show form fields on the basis of options selected in checkbox, radio buttons, or result of calculated fields.


The Calculated Fields Form has a premium version to unlock more features where the Professional Plan costs €49.99. You can also purchase other plans such as Platinum Plan and Developer Plan at €149.99 and € 99.99 EUR respectively.


That’s a wrap! 

We’ve discussed the best WordPress calculator plugins for insurance, mortgage, loan, etc. along with their features and pricing. 

We hope this article helped you to find the best mortgage, insurance calculator plugins for WordPress. If you’re using any of these plugins on your website, please share your experience below in the comment section. 

If you have any more queries, then feel free to ask us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Also, share this article with your friends and colleagues. 

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