25 Best Yoga Website Examples & Designs in 2022

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Best Examples of Yoga Websites

Are you looking for the best yoga website examples and designs? If yes, then you’ve landed precisely on the right page. 

Yoga websites basically help people to take classes or learn about yoga practices. Also, more straightforward navigation, elegant design, and helpful yoga techniques make it quicker to gain more prospects. 

Today, several yoga websites offer courses in different types of yoga practices. Thus, we’ve hand-picked the best yoga website examples with stunning designs and styles. 

So, check them out thoroughly to get valuable references for starting your yoga website. Let’s get into the business!

Why Do You Need to Build a Yoga Website?

Having a yoga website will help you organize the classes and manage schedules and the availability of the classes. And people can select between whichever classes they like without having to visit your physical yoga center.

Moreover, you’ll be able to upload videos and photos of your yoga classes, attracting more potential customers to your website. Also, ask for their feedback on your classes and their experience.   

Besides, there are more benefits to having a yoga website. Let’s check out some of them:

  • Gain credibility: A yoga website is a good idea for building credibility for your brand. Also, a website allows visitors to look at your experience, work, and dedication to yoga practices. 
  • Online classes: With the yoga website, you can start online classes and provide all the yoga classes through virtual mode. Also, record courses, upload them on your website, and ask users to pay a membership fee to access them. 
  • Reach a larger audience: Another benefit of having a yoga website is that it helps to expand your customer base. With the help of a website, people from around the world can get to know you and your brand. 
  • Network building: Besides, it’ll help you connect with other yoga instructors and join a yoga community. This way, you’ll be able to interact and learn from other like-minded people. 
  • Recognition: With a yoga website, you’ll get access to new opportunities where people will get to know you and your brand. Visitors can see why you are and what your service offers and may contact you for further information. 

Let’s dive into our list of the best yoga website examples in 2022. 

25 Best Yoga Website Examples and Designs

Here, we’ll look at some of the best yoga website examples and designs. Moreover, there are many awesome websites that have extravagant designs, and it’s hard to mention them. Thus, we’ve tried to include a list of the best yoga websites. 

Now, without any further delay, let’s move on!

1. Yoga International

Yoga International Website for Yoga Practice

Yoga International is one of the popular yoga website examples. This website is dedicated to providing various content for yoga, meditation, and mindful living. 

Besides, this website is perfect for yoga teachers, students, and those who want to expand their knowledge of yoga. Also, it provides classes for all levels with 500+ expert teachers specializing in different yoga styles. 

2. Alo Moves

Alo Moves Best Yoga Website Examples

Whether you’re a beginner or want to set up a yoga routine, Alo Moves provides studio experience yoga classes at home. Also, every course with classes is divided by time, style, and skill level. 

Moreover, choose your yoga instructor from the world-class instructor on this website. The best part is you can download the videos offline and start practicing anywhere. 

3. Yoga With Adriene

Yoga With Adriene Best Yoga Teacher Website

Adriene Mishler is an international yoga teacher, writer, and entrepreneur. And with her website, Yoga With Adriene, she offers high-quality practices on yoga and mindfulness for all age groups.

You’ll also find over 900 videos, including yoga and meditation for all levels, on this website. Also, with a monthly membership plan, you can access an entire yoga library without ads. 

4. Black Swan Yoga

Black Swan Yoga Online Classes

Black Swan Yoga is a donation-based yoga website where you can practice all yoga styles and philosophies. You can also join the yoga teacher training, simply choose the certification, cities, and date. Besides, the classes are available in Austin, Denver, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. 

Moreover, they also have a channel called BSY TV, where you can get online yoga with your favorite yoga teacher. Plus, the channels are available on multiple devices like Apple tv, Roku, android tv, fireTV, and Chromecast. 

  • Courses: 25hr Yin & Restorative Yoga Module, 200he 5-Month Evening Program, etc.
  • Classes: Ashtanga, Meditation, Candlelight Snow Flow, Hot Onnit, and more. 
  • Facebook: Black Swan Yoga
  • Twitter: @BlackSwanYoga
  • Visit Website: Black Swan Yoga

5. Kristin McGee

Kristin McGee Yoga Best Website Design

Kristin McGee is a celebrity yoga instructor, Pilates instructor, speaker, and mompreneur. You’ll find over 100 yoga videos on her website, including MTV workout videos. Also, you can easily download it from her shop section on this website. 

She also provides a 21 days yoga program for new moms with precise workout and food plans. Moreover, you’ll get email support during the program, a VIP discount, and access to a private Facebook group. 

6. Yoga Trade

Yoga Trade Job and Space Opportunity Website

Yoga Trade helps to connect instructors, students, and wellness professionals from around the world. Through this website, you’ll discover unique work and wellness opportunities worldwide. It also allows you to post the job you want to offer. 

Besides, it also offers a list of spaces where you can work, rent, and collaborate with others. On this website, you’ll be able to list your own space to help plan, connect, and coordinate yoga practices. 

  • Services: Yoga jobs, spaces, and events.
  • Featured Opportunities: Yoga teacher, Bodywork coaching, etc.  
  • Facebook: Yoga Trade
  • Twitter: @yogatradelife
  • Visit Website: Yoga Trade

7. Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga

Bryan Kest's Power Yoga Website

Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga will provide unlimited yoga, meditation, and live streaming from their yoga studio. It allows you to join this website for free, where you can get access to all the yoga classes. 

Moreover, there are Q&A and lecture sections. There, you’ll find everything you need to know about yoga practices. Also, you can send a ticket for any support from the instructor.  

8. Yogamaya

Yogmaya Online Yoga Classes

Yogmaya is a yoga website dedicated to sharing the study of yoga with its visitors. This website offers unique yoga classes in the tradition of Vinyasa yoga. 

Plus, it provides Yogmaya asana class that combines flow, yoga teachings, music, alignment, and exploration. Besides, they also offer an on-demand library of classes, special series, and wisdom talks.


SEVEN SENSES Best Yoga Retreat Website

Erica is the author of the website SEVEN SENSES and is a trained Naturopathic doctor. She is also a nurse practitioner, Reiki master, massage therapist, and vinyasa and kundalini yoga instructor. 

On her website, you can find where she will be providing training in the upcoming days. Also, get access to the different yoga classes. Plus, through her writing section, you’ll be able to learn everything about yoga practices and their benefits. 

10. Cristi Christensen

Cristi Christinsen Celebrity Yoga Instructor Website

Cristi is the owner of the website Cristi Christensen yoga website. She’s a former elite-level gymnast and platform diver. Through her website, she helps others improve their fitness level through personal training, pilates, core fusion, and yoga. 

Additionally, you’ll find the tarot reading section on the website, where you can book a reading of 60 minutes. Besides, the session includes meditation, breath work, card spreads, prayer, and Q&A. 

11. True Ayurveda

True Ayurveda Best Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Instructor

True Ayurveda is a yoga website owned by Julie Bernier, an ayurvedic practitioner. With her experience, she helps women struggling with hormonal imbalance, period problems, digestive troubles, skin conditions, etc.  

On top of that, she provides ayurvedic consultations online. You can book the session from this website, where you’ll learn about diet, lifestyle, herbs, self-care, yoga, and more. Besides, get to know about her upcoming workshop & events and join her online. 

12. Kia Miller

Kia Miller Radiant Body Yoga Practice Website

Kia Miller yoga website offers the radiant body yoga practice. The author of this website is a yoga teacher, writer, and founder of Radiant Body Yoga. Through this website, she aims to educate and inspire to share yoga techniques and experiences with everyone. 

Furthermore, you’ll know about the next event and join her retreats around the world. Also, you’ll be able to pick the length of time you want to practice and the level of classes from this website.

13. Meghan Currie Yoga

Meghan Currie Yoga - Best Yoga Website Examples

Meghan Currie Yoga is an incredible website that provides a space for playful yoga-inspired classes to deepen your practice. You can find the training classes based on hours. Also, you’ll be able to watch videos from its online studio. 

Additionally, there are blogs that keep their audience updated. Plus, it also sells bodysuits, yoga clothes, accessories, pants, outerwear, etc. with various gift cards & discounts. 

14. TINT Yoga


TINT Yoga is an online platform that connects top yoga teachers with dedicated students. You can check out its memberships and purchase the one suitable for you. It also provides an overview of the yoga teachers and their details. There are also yoga magazines categorized into yoga styles, health, lifestyle, teaching, mindfulness, etc. 


CHELSEY KORUS - Best Yoga Website Examples

CHELSEY KORUS website is owned by Chelsey Korus, who has taught yoga since she was 15. She offers retreats in addition to yoga classes. This means various events include practicing yoga on different islands and other refreshing activities. 

To participate in such events, there are pricing plans which you can check out. Further, you can also surf through its journal and connect on its social platforms directly via its website.

16. Yoga Off East

Yoga Off East

Yoga Off East is a remarkable yoga website example which is a US-based neighborhood yoga studio. It has seasonal or weekly classes and decides the number of classes you would take. Also, directly click on the “book classes” button for classes.

Moreover, you can check out its membership packages which are the drop-down option of the pricing menu. Plus, you can explore teacher training classes and rent out its studio.

  • Courses: Yoga classes and yoga teacher training. Courses range from $16-$3200, which may vary depending on your requirements.
  • Facebook: yoga off east
  • Twitter: @yogaoffeast
  • Visit Website: Yoga Off East

17. Love Light Yoga

Love Light Yoga - Best Yoga Website Examples

Love Light Yoga website is the expression of yoga practice and creative interests both on and off the mat. Among the various services offered by this site are a Virtual Yin Studio, Yin School, Events, Custom Yin Sessions, and Mentorship programs. 

Apart from those services, you can also shop its various classes like tiny classes, Drop Yin, Personal Digital Yin sessions, etc. Also, you can select a date & time, quantity, and immediately purchase.



SHINE POWER YOGA is a small business that runs yoga classes in 3 studios, Medford, Maple Shade, and Online. From its website, you can explore the classes in all of its 3 studios.

Besides, there is a “Yoga Classes & Information” menu on its navigation menu with a drop-down option to get details on classes. Also, you can surf through its workshops and events and sign up for teacher training. 

19. Work With Elena Brower

Work With Elena Brower - Best Yoga Website Examples

Work With Elena Brower yoga website serves virtual teaching and practice at home, streaming high-caliber classes, programs, and sequencing. Besides, it offers mentorship and consultation in work, business, studies, household, relationships, progress, and wellness. 

Additionally, you can take a look at its practice books and podcasts to enhance your yoga practice. Plus, it also sells oils which you can explore from the “Oils” menu on its website.

20. Patrick Beach

Patrick Beach

Patrick Beach conducts online yoga classes in different countries. It has a Commune Yoga team with a library of over 700 classes. Its services include Vinyasa, Handstands, Mobility, Mellow Flow, and Yin.

Further, you can get yoga teacher training from the awakening yoga academy online course. Or, you get to join their commune online. Also, you can join them for upcoming workshops and training.

  • Courses: Offers commune online courses with flexible plans and prices like $30 – $275
  • Instagram: patrickbeach
  • Visit Website: Patrick Beach

21. Dagmar Spremberg Yoga

Dagmar Spremberg Yoga

Dagmar Spremberg Yoga offers live online yoga classes specializing in Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga for all levels. You can select between single classes and discounted class packages. 

Also, you can join the membership and participate in yoga retreats in Costa Rica, Sardinia Yoga, Mallorca Yoga & detox, etc. Further, you can check out its blog and Instagram for more details and purchase different class sessions.

22. Dylan Werner Yoga

Dylan Werner Yoga

Dylan Werner Yoga is the website of Dylan Werner, who is a yoga teacher. He shares the practice and love for yoga and advice on diet, training, starting, etc. You can find the list of past and upcoming workshops and retreats. 

Also, you’ll be able to train as a yoga teacher from its navigation menu. Along with that, The Illuminated Breath menu is the book that is available on different sites. Further, the SHVA menu is the music of “Mantra and Kirtan,” which you can listen to while practicing yoga. 

23. Margherita Dal Pra

Margherita Dal Pra

Margherita Dal Pra is an excellent yoga website that opens with a popup sign-in form and a message from a chatbot. From its navigation menu, you can learn about the owner and purpose of this site. Also, check the details of the yoga classes it offers and yoga retreats. 

Additionally, there is an Ayurveda-Wellness menu to stay fit and get consultation on Ayurved. Also, you can get different specific gift cards.

24. Adam Hocke Yoga

Adam Hocke Yoga - Best Yoga Website Examples

Adam Hocke Yoga is one of the stunning yoga website examples that offers online yoga classes through different approaches. Such as yoga audio classes, yoga video classes, and workshops on demand. Along with that, it comes with online courses that have 100+ lessons in yoga. In addition, you can also search for any classes you want to view from its search box. 

  • Courses: Yoga audio & video class, workshops on demand, and online courses which are free to cost £50 – £75.
  • Latest Articles: Simple Shareable Yoga
  • Visit Website: Adam Hocke Yoga

25. Hamsa Yoga

Hamsa Yoga

Hamsa Yoga is the last but not the least website that makes up the list of the best yoga website examples. It offers an online yoga service that allows users to practice from the comfort of their homes. 

You can purchase its online memberships and join various programs. To participate in its meditation and yoga programs, go to the “Book Now” button and contact them for inquiries.

  • Courses: It costs $49 to purchase its online membership, including daily yoga classes, unlimited live virtual classes, etc. 
  • Instagram:
  • Visit Website: Hamsa Yoga


That’s all, folks! We’ve arrived at the end of this article. 

We’ve discussed 25 yoga website examples, including some excellent designs for yoga sites in 2022. Along with that, there are details like training or course, social media accounts, and more.

We hope this article helped you to find the best yoga website examples. If you’ve more examples to add to our list, then please mention them in the comment section. 

In case you’ve any queries, then feel free to ask us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Also, share this article with your friends and colleagues. 

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