Neve WordPress Theme Review 2021 – Is it the Best Theme for Business?

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Neve Theme Review - Is it Best WordPress Theme for Business

Are you looking for a genuine Neve WordPress theme review? Are you confused about whether to use Neve on your site or not? If yes, then this article will clear all your doubts. 

Themeisle never fails to impress us, they created Neve and it has become a super hit in the WordPress industry. As we write this, the theme has been installed on 300K+ sites. Also, it has an impressive rating of 5 out of 5. 

In this Neve theme preview, we’ll go through its features, customization, ease of use, pricing, installation, etc. And after that, we’ll provide an answer to your most awaited question.

So, tighten the seat belts as we’re about to take you to the Neve ride.

A. Neve Theme Overview

Neve is a fast and lightweight multipurpose WordPress theme. Multipurpose meaning, you can use it to create different kinds of websites.

Neve WordPress Theme Free

The core theme is free, and you’ll find it on the theme directory. Also, it offers a premium license which is an addon plugin for more advanced functionalities.

Unlike other multipurpose themes, Neve keeps up speed as a top priority without sacrificing flexibility. There is no doubt that Google adores fast-loading sites, and Neve stands tall on that task.

The theme comes up with a minimal design which puts the primary attention on the content. Hence, it offers a good user experience. With the range of options in the WordPress customizer, you can achieve your dream design.

Furthermore, it works seamlessly with Gutenberg and all the popular page builders. So, it makes website building an easy task for everyone. 

The theme has an extensive library of starter templates so, you don’t need to start from scratch. You can import any likable demo with a click and replace the content with yours. It’s just easy like that.

B. Major Features of Neve Theme

Features are what make Neve a truly stand-out theme in the market. The possibilities are endless when it comes to building a professional-looking site. All right then, now let’s see those outstanding features in action.

1. Outstanding Speed

As mentioned above, Neve is a lightweight theme that’s primarily focused on speed and performance. According to the concluded speed testing results by Themeisle, Neve has a perfect 100-speed grade. Also, they confess that a default WordPress install is only 28 KB.

Neve WordPress Theme Performance

On top of that, it uses no jQuery, instead, it uses Vanilla Javascript for performance optimization. And as a result, Neve loads under a second.

A matter of fact is that everybody hates waiting and is the same when it comes to slow-loading sites. Thus, Neve ensures that your site loads fast. Plus, it puts you on the good side in the eyes of Google as well.

2. Custom Header and Footer

Another beauty of this theme is, it allows you to build the header and footer. It lets you tweak and redesign the header and footer via drag and drop. The cool thing is, you can create both mobile and desktop headers with it.

In the core theme, you can only add a limited amount of elements to your header and footer. And you also have the freedom to place those elements in any way you like.

The benefit of the Neve pro addons is you’ll get additional options. You can add some cool components like social icons, sticky and transparent menu, and many more. 

3. Highly Customizable

The customization possibilities it offers are far incredible as compared to others. You can use its WordPress customizer to customize every element with ease. And you can see the preview of the changes in real-time. 

Once you install the theme, you’ll be amazed by the number of customization options.

Neve WordPress Theme Customization options

4. Compatibility with Major Page Builders

For all those newbie friends, page builders are plugins of WordPress that allow you to build and edit pages via drag and drop. Drag and drop functionality makes website building accessible for anyone as you don’t have to code.

Themeisle team is well and truly aware of it, so they’ve provided a multitude of options to choose from. It works perfectly with Gutenberg, Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, and Divi.

Neve WordPress theme Page Builder Compatibility

5. AMP Compatible

If you’re unaware of the term, AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. In a simple sense, this technology makes your site load extremely faster on mobile devices. It’s an open-source initiation that aims to improve the performance of mobile sites on the internet. 

Google loves it, thereby creating an AMP page is worth it. Hence, keeping the performance in mind, Neve is fully compatible with AMP so the loading becomes instant.

Neve WordPress theme AMP Compatibility

To enable the AMP on your site and Neve to operate on full potential, you’re required to install the AMP for the WordPress plugin. It’s crucial for a fluid user experience and to drive more traffic towards you.

6. Ready to Import Starter Sites

Neve’s developers have put on serious efforts to make it the best in the market. The inclusion of tons of demo sites makes the theme stand true to the name of multipurpose.

They claim that they have 80+ starter sites covering up a wide variety of niches or industries. The difference is, some templates are dedicated to free users. And the rest remaining can only be accessed by premium purchasers.

Here, have a look at these ready-made templates that you’ll get with Neve.

Neve WordPress theme Starter Library

C. Installing and Customizing Neve

Alright, now we jump into the installation process of the Neve theme. Afterward, we’ll move on to the customization procedures. 

The installation process is quite simple and easy for both the free and paid versions. Follow along as we guide you into this.

I. Installing the Neve Theme

First and foremost, you’ve to log in to your WordPress website. Only then, from your WordPress dashboard, you’ll be able to install the theme. Once you get there, head into Appearance > Themes.

Going to themes in WordPress Dashboard
Go To Themes

Then you’ll be redirected to another page. From there, click on the ‘Add New’ button.

Adding New Theme in WordPress Dashboard
Add New Theme

After that, search for Neve, once it popups, click on the ‘Install‘ button.

Installing Neve theme in WordPress Dashboard
Install Neve Free

And lastly, click on the ‘Activate’ button to activate the theme to your WordPress site.

There you go, it’s that easy!

So, that was the installation process for the free version.

Similarly, for the installation of the pro version, you should use the upload method. For in-depth knowledge regarding it, you can check how to install a WordPress theme.

II. Customizing the Neve Theme

One of the main focal points that make Neve such a beloved theme is its customization. To customize, navigate to Appearance >Customize.

Go from Appearance to Customize
Customize WordPress Menu

We’ll be looking at each major one.


Neve WordPress Customizer
Neve WordPress Customizer

Inside of layout, you’ll be getting the settings like:

  • Container: From here, you can change your entire site’s content. For instance, you can set container width, you can change layouts of blogs, archives, and pages as well.
  • Content/Sidebar: You can choose sidebar layout, set content width of both blog/archive, single post, and others.
  • Blog/Archive: Change blog layout, set post pagination, post content order, excerpt length, and thumbnail shadow. Also, you can set meta order and separator of post meta.
  • Single Post: Set header layout, title alignment, page elements order, and spacing between elements. Plus, you can change post meta order and separator. Not to forget you can tweak the submit form section button, text, padding, background color, etc.
  • Homepage Settings: From here you can choose what to display on the homepage of your site. You can show your posts in reverse chronological order or on a fixed/static page.


Building your header is an easy job as it includes a header builder. In just a few minutes, you can create a stunning header. The header builder comes up with three rows(a top, main, bottom).

Neve Header Customize Options
Neve Header Builder

With a click on each row, you can change its layout and style. Layout options include full width-contained, full width, and contained. Whereas in the style, you can set row height, text color, and row background.

Also, you can tweak the sidebar for the mobile devices from the Mobile Sidebar component. In addition to that, you can choose presets from the multiple options by going to Header Presets.


Similar to header builder, you can create your likable footer with it. Just like header rows, it also has three rows(a top, main, bottom).

Neve Footer Builder
Neve Footer Builder

In each row, you can modify its layout and style. Layout options come with full width-contained, full width, contained. Apart from that, you can set several columns and a column layout. 

Similarly, in the style, you can change row height, text color, and row background.

Colors & Background

With the Global color option, you can create a stunning color palette. It includes Global colors (Base/Dark Mode), also it allows you to add a custom palette. You can pick any palette color with the option of resetting all to default with a click.

Neve Color and Background Options
Neve Color and Background Options


With a click on it, you’ll be getting typography options such as:

Neve Typography Options
Neve Typography Options
  • General: Set font family, font weight, font size, line height, letter spacing, etc.
  • Headings: This includes options related to headings(H1-H6).
  • Blog Archive: It has specific settings related to the blog/archive page as well as a single post layout.


From here, you can tweak the appearance of buttons.

Neve Button Options
Neve Button Options
  • General: You can set padding, button text, button weight, font size, line height, letter spacing, etc. 
  • Primary Button: It includes two styles for the button: Filled and Outline. Both features border radius, background color, text color, hover settings, etc.
  • Secondary Button: Secondary button features the same thing as included in the primary button.

Form Fields

Neve offers options for styling forms which you can add by using plugins like WPForms Lite, Contact Form 7, or even with Elementor.

It features settings for four areas:

Neve Form Fields
Neve Form Fields
  • Form Fields: Set field padding, field background color, border width, border radius, etc.
  • Input Text: You can set color, text-transform, text weight, font size, line height, etc.
  • Form Labels: Label transform, label weight, font size, line height, etc.
  • Button: You can customize the default button styles.


For the menus customization, you’ll see a primary and secondary menu. Also, it allows you to create a new one. Both of these panels feature settings such as Menu Name with the option of reordering and adding items.

Neve Menu Options
Neve Menu Options

Most importantly, you can set in which location to display the menu.


With the help of widgets, you can showcase important information like recent posts, testimonials, social icons, etc.

Neve Widget Options
Neve Widget Options

D. How to Import Neve Starter Sites?

With that, now let’s see how we can import the ready-made templates that Neve offers. Now, to import these demo sites, just make sure you have Neve installed and activated first. If all is set, then let’s proceed.

To successfully import any starter sites of Neve, you need to install a plugin named Cloud Templates & Patterns collection. You can simply download it from your WordPress dashboard. Firstly log in to your WordPress dashboard and head on to ‘Plugins > Add New’

Add New Plugin
Add New Plugin

Afterward, search for Cloud Templates & Patterns collection and install it.

Install Cloud Templates & Patterns collection
Install Cloud Templates & Patterns collection

Now you’ve to activate the plugin.

Once done, you’ll discover a new Starter sites tab inside the Appearance menu. Click on it to see all the available demos.

Go To Starter Sites
Go To Starter Sites

Each demo site is built specifically for a page builder. Pick your favorite page builder and click on the ‘Import’ button.

Import Starter Sites
Import Starter Sites

It gives you two options: either you can import a whole site or only a specific page. 

For the first option, it’s a straightforward process, you can simply click on the ‘Import entire site’ button.

Import Entire Site
Import Entire Site

Or, if you’re to import an individual page, then click on the ‘I want to import just the templates’ link.

Go to Neve Template
Go to Neve Template

And following that, you can import a specific page with just the same approach above.

Import a Specific Page
Import a Specific Page

See, you don’t have to sweat either you’ve to give too much time to import these sites!

E. Neve Theme Support

Support is something that’s taken as a high priority in every theme you look at. We say rightly so because if you’re using a theme chances are that you might get stuck at some stage. And this is where the technical support team guides and pulls you out of that problem.

Neve features a knowledge base, 300+ product docs, and 200+ video tutorials. Themeisle has also mentioned their support hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EEST.

Frequently asked questions are highlighted on the Themeisle page that might be helpful to you. Or, in another case, if your question isn’t on the FAQ, you can even ask a question by visiting their contact page.

Neve Theme Support
Neve Theme Support

Registered customers can log in to their accounts for technical support assistance. You’ll get priority support once you purchase its Business license. In its Agency license, includes both priority and live chat support.

F. Neve Theme Pricing

Now, it’s time to see Neve’s pricing. As mentioned earlier, it comes up in both the free and paid versions. 

Speaking of truth, the free version is sufficient for small business websites with its plentiful features. And no doubt you can build a great website with it. 

Premium plans come with advanced functionalities that’ll help your site to grow even further. And to your pleasant surprise, you don’t have to spend big money to get it either.

Neve Theme Pricing
Neve Theme Pricing

As you’ve seen by yourself, it includes 3 pricing plans.

  • Personal: $59(Header and blog booster, Elementor booster, Custom layouts, Scroll to top)
  • Business: $99(Above mentioned features of the Personal plan + Premium starter sites, WooCommerce booster, Priority support)
  • Agency: $159(All of the mentioned features + Template Cloud Access, White label, Priority, and live chat support)

Each plan provides you 1-year of support and updates for unlimited sites.

It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you feel the theme isn’t up to the mark. All the plans are flexible, hence, you can cancel the service or even change the plan wherever you like.

G. Advantages and Disadvantages of Neve Theme

Till now, we’ve only spoken about how amazing Neve is. In this section, we’ll be exploring some of its limitations too. 

So, let’s check out some of the advantages as well as disadvantages of the Neve theme.

Advantages of Neve Theme

  • It’s a lightweight theme.
  • Includes a clean and modern design
  • Tons of customization options available.
  • It’s AMP Compatible.
  • Works seamlessly with all the major page builders.
  • The theme is regularly updated.
  • They provide a lifetime plan as well.

Disadvantages of Neve Theme

  • Support isn’t within easy reach 24/7/365.
  • The free version is limited in terms of customization options.

H. Neve Theme Alternatives

There are good themes out there that are a good replacement for Neve. You can opt for these themes if Neve didn’t stand up to your expectations. So, let’s get to know these alternatives of Neve.

1. Astra

Astra WordPress Theme Free

Astra is a top-class multipurpose WordPress theme that’s been used on over 1 million sites. It comes up with hundreds of demos allowing you to create any imaginable site. Plus, it works well with WooCommerce to build your online store in quick succession.

Similar to Neve, it also requires less than 50 KB of resources, offering you unparalleled speed. Another common thing is header and footer builder enabling you to create header and footer with ease. On top of that, it is made to work with all the major page builders.

2. OceanWP

OceanWP Popular WordPress Theme Free

OceanWP is another well-reputed highly extendable WordPress theme for building any kind of site. The theme is built with the best SEO practices, so you can get massive traffic. Apart from that, it offers amazing customization options to tweak your site as per your needs.

Similar to other WordPress themes, it also goes well with all the major page builders. Other key features include 3 mobile menu styles, custom page layout, 200+ starter sites, and much more. Plus, it looks stunning on all the devices.

3. Sydney

Sydney WordPress Business Theme

Created by aThemes, Sydney is an awesome business theme by which you can build a stunning online presence. It includes plenty of features like Google fonts, layout control, full-screen slider, header image, and much more.

Furthermore, the theme offers a span of options in the Theme Customizer, so you can tweak things on your site. Also, with the parallax backgrounds, you can entice your site visitors. Sydney is a 100% translation-ready theme. 

4. GeneratePress


GeneratePress is a marvelous WordPress theme that has emphasized speed and usability. With it, you can build every aspect of your site with a drag and drop component. Some of the key features are microdata integration, 9 widget areas, navigation color presets, etc.

It takes off the load from you as you can choose from an extensive library of ready-made websites. Also, it’s WooCommerce compatible allowing you to build an online shop in a hassle-free manner.

I. Is it the Best Theme for Business? – Our Verdict

All right then, your wait is over! Now, it’s time to answer your most awaited query, is it an ideal theme for business?

Yes, yes, and a big yes! And the big reason behind why we’re saying this is the availability of multiple demos that’s specific for business. We’ve counted it features only 68 starter sites only for business-specific purposes. So, no matter whatever business you own you can blindly trust Neve to get started with. 

And the presence of page builders makes your site-building even more exciting and easy. With the speed Neve offers, we’re pretty sure that you can build a top-notch business site. And we believe you don’t even require a premium plan for it, the free version is sufficient.


And that’s a wrap! So, in this article, we reviewed the Neve WordPress theme. We hope you liked it!

We tried our best to cover up Neve from every possible angle. As you’ve seen yourself, the theme is rich in features, even in the free version. And the possibilities it provides you are limitless. Neve benefits overshadow its few weaknesses, thereby without any doubt, you should go for it.

Check out our article on the best examples of membership sites. Also, you might want to look out for the best live chat WordPress plugins.

If you liked it, then follow us on Facebook and Twitter for similar types of content.

Still, do you’ve any questions? Then leave a comment below.

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